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Global Supply Chain Management
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Theme and Objectives
This course focuses on the management of 4Rs: returns, responsiveness, resilience and risk in an increasingly
dynamic and competitive environment. The goals of this course are to facilitate students' understanding of
process and product design foundations and to provide the concepts and skills necessary for analyzing and
managing key processes centered on operations and the global supply chain under various sources and types of
risk. Moreover, software tools are provided for the analysis and the design of integrated supply chain networks
and the evaluation of (compound real) options, i.e., the evaluation of the benefit of operational flexibility and the
option value of managerial flexibility.
Description and Schedule
Part I: Managing the RESULTS (Value) of the Firm
1. Strategy Cascading & Execution
2. Fair Process Leadership
3. Project Management
Part II: Managing the RESPONSIVENESS of the Firm
4. Decision Trees and Monte-Carlo-Simulation with @Risk
5. Supply Chain Coordination and Collaboration
6. Supply Options and Portfolios of Contracts
7. Hedging Retail Promotions
8. Competitive Returns Management with Secondary Markets
Part III: Managing the RESILIENCE of the Firm
9. Hedging Supply Uncertainty with Backup Suppliers
10. Case Study I: Global Supply Chain Management (Online Simulation Game)
Part IV: Managing the RISK of the Firm
11. The Benefit of Limited Flexibility
12. Supply Network Management
13. Case Study II: Applichem
14. Operational Hedging
15. The OM-Finance Interface
Grades are based on class participation (10%), one group case assignment (15%), a global supply chain simulation
game (15%), and a written final examination (60%).
Information Regarding Preparation, Review and Related Subjects
This course is offered primarily to the students of SESAMI program, and any other students are required to obtain
an advanced permission from the administration of the Graduate School of Business Administration to register
this class.
Office Hour and Contact Information
By appointment only.
Assigned readings should be completed prior to the lectures to maximize the learning experience.
Improvements in Teaching
Reference Materials
See course outline which includes articles and cases
Classroom Language
English only
Strategy Cascading and Execution Sustainability, Supply Chain Coordination and Collaboration Retail Promotion
Management Returns Management, Operational Flexibility Supply Network Analysis under Risk Integration of
Operational and Financial Hedging Real Option Analysis & Monte-Carlo-Simulation