Balloon Rocket Cars

Balloon Rocket Cars
Lab Table Copy- Please do not write on this paper!!!
1. Cut out the body of the car from cardboard.
2. Tape 2 straws to the underside of the body.
3. Thread the skewer stick through the straws.
4. Thread the bottle cap onto each of the four ends
of the skewers to make wheels.
5. Inflate the balloon a few times to stretch it out a
bit. Attach it over the end of the straw nearest the
bend. Seal it so the balloon can be inflated by blowing
through the straw.
6. Tape the straw to the car as shown in the picture.
7. Blow up the balloon through the straw.
8. Pinch the straw closed.
9. Put the rocket car on the ground and release the straw.
10. Copy the data table and complete it.
Measure distance in centimeters
Measure time in seconds
calculate speed in cm/sec.
(total distance ÷ total time)
11. Lab questions: Copy these questions on your binder paper
and answer them:
1. Draw a picture of your car- explain how it works.
2. Does gravity have any effect on the car? Why or why not?
3. All three of Newton’s laws affect the car. Explain each law
and how it applies to the car. Be as specific as possible.