Final Exam Study Guide

MIS5001 – Information Technology Management – Prof. Johnson
Spring 2012 - Final Exam Study Guide
Enterprise Architecture / Disruption
• Five forces
• Value chain
• Systems thinking
• Unexpected consequences of IT
• Disruptive technology
• Pricing information
• Business models (including free, open source, and crowdsourcing)
• Two-sided markets
• Impact of digitization
• Crowdsourcing
• IT and globalization
• Globalization
• Reliability of online sources
• Business process
• Business process management
• Priority setting
• Prioritizing IT investments
• System development lifecycle
• Centralization / decentralization
• IT governance
• Technology dependence
• Incident management
• Computer security
• Continuity planning
• Enterprise applications: ERP, CRM
• Service oriented architecture
• Cloud computing
• Social media (and information availability)
• Knowledge management
• Community of practice
• Business intelligence
Blog Discussion Questions
• See course blog (
Case Discussion Questions
• See syllabus.
Week 1: 1/17
Week 2: 1/24
Topics, Case, Blog DQ, In-Class Activity
Topic: Introduction to course goals and assignments
Activity: Asking questions
Topic: Strategic role of IT
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MIS5001 – Information Technology Management – Prof. Johnson
Spring 2012 - Final Exam Study Guide
Case: Google, Inc.
Blog DQ: Is Powerpoint Evil?
Activity: Identifying IT systems and components
Week 3: 1/31
Topic: Systems thinking and managing complexity
Case: STARS Air Ambulance
Blog DQ: unexpected consequences
Activity: systems in motion (stay equidistant from two classmates)
Week 4: 2/7
Topic: Enterprise Applications
Case: Cisco Systems Architecture
Blog DQ: getting the most from an ERP system
Activity: discussion of reading
Week 5: 2/14
Topic: Enterprise Applications
Case: Volkswagen of America
Blog DQ: priority setting
Activity: measuring organizational outcomes of IT implementations
Week 6: 2/21
Topic: Technology Innovation
Case: Apple Inc. in 2010
Case: eReading: Amazon’s Kindle
Blog DQ: pricing information services
Activity: two-sided platforms (digitizing a physical good)
Week 7: 2/28
Topic: Digital Disruption
Case: Kodak and the Digital Revolution
Blog DQ: impact of going digital (cameras)
Activity: digital difference (identified in objects in building)
Week 8: 3/13
Topic: Crowdsourcing
Case: TopCoder (A/B)
Blog DQ: tapping into the crowd
Activity: Crowdsource this!
Week 9: 3/20
Topic: Social Media / Drowning in Data
Case: We Googled You
Blog DQ: reliability of online sources
Week 10: 3/27 Topic: Knowledge Management
Case: Cognizant 2.0
Blog DQ: lessons learned database
Week 11: 4/3
Topic: Globalization and IT at a Global Scale
Case: Globalization of Wyeth
Blog DQ: IT and globalization
Activity: Globalization group activity
Week 12: 4/10 Topic: Ethics, Continuity Management and Technology Dependence
Case: We’ve Been Hacked
Case: CareGroup
Blog DQ: computer backup plans
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