May 2014
Hello from the Bupps in KC!
A Year Already!?!
In a month we will cross the one
year mark since we packed up
that moving truck and moved
from Minnesota to Kansas City. It
is amazing to consider how fast
the past year has gone and how
many changes there have been in
our lives. The Lord uprooted us
from our ‘secure’, comfortable
and predictable lives to plant us in
a place where we are only secure
in Him – rooted and grounded in
His Strong Love.
full of life and energy. He’s a
great big brother to Lucas. Claire
is 6 and finishing up Kindergarten
while Miriam (7) is in 2nd grade.
They are growing up to be sweet
and beautiful little girls. Marjolein
continues to homeschool the girls
and they are involved in a local
homeschool community that
meets once a week. This has
been going well and this
community has given Marjolein
and the kids the opportunity to
make some new friends in KC.
The Kids Buppdate
A Very Happy Reunion
Our little Lucas who was only 3
months when we moved
celebrated his first birthday back
in March. He’s not walking yet,
but he is pulling himself up and
practicing. Luc also talks up a
storm to keep up with the
constant conversation of his
sisters and brother! Justin is a
very opinionated 3 year old and
After a three month support
raising trip Nathaniel returned to
a very happy family reunion at the
end of April. During the trip our
vision for ministry was shared
with many, and we have 45% of
our monthly budget pledged. A
big thank you to all those with
whom we shared with during this
time. God is faithful and good!
Safe Families
We’ve completed all of our
paperwork to become a host family
with Safe Families! So we are ready
for our first placement which could
happen anytime. The whole family
is looking forward to having a little
boy or girl living with us for a short
term stay. It will be a challenge at
times for sure, but this is an
amazing opportunity to make a big
difference in a needy child’s life.
Joseph Company
Nathaniel started on May 1st with
the Joseph Company and jumped
right in getting ready for the May
15-17 conference on Partnering
Well in the Prophetic. For more
info on the conference click HERE.
There has been a big learning curve
with the new ministry job, but it has
been a good experience so far! The
Joseph Company is poised to grow
in influence and impact this year.
Pray for Us!
 Pray for the child that will
be placed in our home
with Safe Families.
 Pray for the Joseph
Company conference that
many would be impacted
and would in turn impact
their workplace with God’s
 Pray that we would pursue
the Lord as our first
priority as we engage in
ministry individually and
as a family.
Drop us a line sometime
and keep in touch!
[email protected]
Skype: natmar832
Here is a happy Lucas playing at a park on his 1st birthday
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The Joseph Company
Until Next Time!
Nathaniel, Marjolein
Miriam, Claire, Justin & Lucas