Level D, Unit 5: Practice Vocabulary Workshop - Sadlier

Name: ____________________________________________________________ Level D, Unit 5: Practice
Choose the answer that best completes the sentence or answers the question.
1. During a debate, one team would do what to the
opposing team’s arguments?
A mimic them
B publicize them
C dismiss them
D rebut them
2. Eeyore, the gloomy donkey in A.A. Milne’s
Winnie-the-Pooh books, could be described as:
A jolly
B jaunty
C morose
D unstoppable
3. Which of the following is another word for
A rectify
B pinpoint
C usurp
D annihilate
4. In a mystery novel, which of the following words
would be used to refer to someone who helped
commit a crime?
A witness
B accomplice
C inspector
D victim
5. A talent that is present without being evident can
be described as:
A obvious
B latent
C insignificant
D hidden
6. Which of the following is the opposite of influx?
A exodus
B reduction
C delay
D exhalation
Almost everyone who has ever set out a bird feeder has had to deal with a certain incorrigible and fluffy-tailed
intruder. This unruly rodent makes no effort to sneak around or to remain in any way hidden. Instead, the
common backyard squirrel is a bold and brazen gate-crasher. When these uninvited guests arrive, they show
neither respect nor fear, so reprimanding them is a waste of time. Similarly, chasing them away is useless,
since they are sure to come back after giving the birds no more than a quick turn at the seeds that were set out
for them. The only sensible approach to the problem seems to be to give up. Backyard bird watchers will just
have to succumb and either take down their feeders or simply get used to the sight of snacking squirrels.
7. In line 1, incorrigible means:
A intelligent
B vicious
C intractable
D misunderstood
9. In line 4, reprimanding means:
A scolding
B capturing
C observing
D insulting
8. Which of the following words could not be used
to replace brazen in line 3?
A shameless
B deferential
C saucy
D impudent
Vocabulary Workshop, Level D
10. In line 7, succumb is used to show that:
A people have no choice except to learn to live
with squirrels
B people should protect squirrels
C people should make more effort to keep
squirrels away
D people should put out extra food for squirrels
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