Biology/H. Biology/AP Biology Prefix/Suffix List

Biology/H. Biology/AP Biology Prefix/Suffix List One of the major challenges in the class is the amount of vocabulary that you will need to learn. Having a good working understanding of common word parts used in science will make most of the year easier. Bring able to interpret/break down a term will increase your scores on standardized tests. Prefix/Suffix Definition Word Example a-­‐ amphibi-­‐ ante-­‐ anth-­‐ anti-­‐ aqua-­‐ arth-­‐ -­‐ase audi-­‐ auto-­‐ bio-­‐ -­‐blast carcino-­‐ carn-­‐ cata-­‐ centr-­‐ cephal-­‐ chlor-­‐ chrom-­‐ -­‐cide without abiotic both amphibian before, preceding anterior flower anther opposite, against antibiotic water aquarium joint arthritis enzyme lactase to hear auditory self autoimmune life biology to germinate blastula cancerous carcinogen meat carnivore degenerate catalyst center centriole head cephalic green chlorophyll color chromatic to kill pesticide Prefix/Suffix Definition cnid-­‐ cocc-­‐ contra-­‐ cyano-­‐ -­‐cyst cyto-­‐ de-­‐ -­‐derm di-­‐, bi-­‐ -­‐duct dys-­‐ exo-­‐, ect-­‐ epi-­‐ eu-­‐ -­‐fer galac-­‐ gastro-­‐ gen-­‐ gest-­‐ glyc-­‐ Word Example stinging cell cnidarians seed, berry coccus against, opposite contraceptive blue cyanobacteria pouch oocyst cell cytology removal deforestation skin ectoderm two disaccharide, bivalve to lead bileduct away, negative dysfunction outer upon exoskeleton ectoderm epiglottis true eukaryote carry conifer milk galactose stomach gastroenteritis birth generate produce gestational sugar glycogen Prefix/Suffix Definition Word Example gymn-­‐ hemo-­‐ herb-­‐ hetero-­‐ homeo-­‐ hyper-­‐ hypo-­‐ inter-­‐ intra-­‐ -­‐ism -­‐itis kin-­‐ (kinesis) leuko-­‐ -­‐logy -­‐lysis macro-­‐ -­‐mere meso-­‐ -­‐meter micro-­‐ naked gymnosperm blood hemoglobin plant herbaceous different heterozygous same homeostasis beyond, more than hyperactive under hypodermic between interphase within, into intramuscular characteristic quality autism inflammation appendicitis motion cytokinesis white leukocyte study of biology break down glycolysis large macroevolution part, segment centromere middle mesoderm measure perimeter small microscope Prefix/Suffix Definition Word Example morph-­‐ mov-­‐, mot-­‐ multi-­‐ mut-­‐ necr-­‐ nemat-­‐ nephr-­‐ nom-­‐, nomen-­‐ omni-­‐ -­‐osis osteo-­‐ para-­‐ -­‐pathy -­‐phage -­‐phase -­‐phil -­‐phore photo-­‐ -­‐phyll phys-­‐ shape metamorphosis mobile motion many multicellular change mutation death necrotic thread like nematocyst kidney nephron name nomenclature all omnivore condition cirrhosis bone osteoporosis beside parallel disease neuropathy to eat bacteriophage stage prophase love hydrophilic carry, bear chromatophore light photosynthesis leaf mesophyll body/nature physiology Prefix/Suffix Definition Word Example phyt-­‐ pino-­‐ -­‐plasm, -­‐plast -­‐pod proto-­‐ -­‐rrhea, -­‐rrhage rhin-­‐ rhiz-­‐ sacchari-­‐ sapr-­‐ -­‐stasis stom-­‐ sym-­‐, syn-­‐ therm-­‐ -­‐tic -­‐troph uni-­‐, mono-­‐ uro-­‐ -­‐vore zyg-­‐ plant phytochrome drink pinocytosis forming substance plasmolysis feet podiatrist first prototype flow diarrhea nose rhinoplasty root rhizome sugar saccharine decay saprophyte stable homeostasis mouth stomatitis together synthesis heat thermometer pertaining to diabetic nourish autotroph one urine unicellular, monotype urea eat herbivore union zygote