Prefix rap
Key Terms
 Root word: Base word with a simple meaning.
 Prefix: Part of a word, added to the beginning of a word,
which changes the meaning of a word. Flocabularyprefix
 Suffix: Part of a word, added to the end of a word, which
changes the meaning of the word.
 Affix: An additional element placed at the beginning or
end of a root, stem, or word, or in the body of a word, to
modify its meaning.
Latin numbers
 1= uni 2= bi-, di 3= tri 4= quad 5= quint-
 6= sex 7= sept 8= oct 9= nona 10= deca 100= cent 1,000= mill-
Let’s practice
1. Break it down
2. Identify PSR
3. Define parts
self/life/writing (about)
You try…
1. Subterranean
sub/ terr/anean
2. Hydrodynamics (hydro=water)
3. Psychologist
4. Democracy
5. Irregular
6. Zoologist
More practice…
7. Manufacture
8. Hyperactive
9. Bibliography
Review for CFA
To sum it all up… Review song!
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