guarantee extension application form

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The quality of the lighting fixtures that we manufacture is an extremely important matter for us. At ROVASI,
we are committed to total quality, and it is for this reason that the high quality of our luminaires stands out.
Always manufactured on our premises, with care lavished on every detail, our product line is made from the
finest materials and following the strictest procedures for the design and the lighting fixtures production.
Because we want to share the benefits of this commitment with all our customers, we place at your disposal a
guarantee extension for 5 years that cover all the luminaires in our ROVASI LED BOOK 14-15.
You must submit the guarantee extension within a month invoice date. Once you have completed the guarantee
extension application you will receive a registration code.
Registration Number *
Application petitioner
Company Commercial Manager
Company Technical Manager
Invoice Number
Project Location
Project Name
Special environment
characteristics (kitchen, high or low
temperature environment etc…)
Required attachments
Product installation sheet with your company stamp
Guarantee conditions with your company stamp
Thank you, in few days you will receive the guarantee extension registration number.
*Application petitioner signature with company stamp.
* The registration number will be given by ROVASI once we receive this application form correctly fulfilled with required attachments.
guarantee extension has validity only if it duly stamped with ROVASI, S.L. stamp.
ROV047 – Rev3 – 17/06/14
In order to be eligible for our five-year guarantee coverage
(depending on the product) it is necessary to register for
the extended guarantee period. This can be obtained by
completing the extended guarantee application form and
returning it within one month from the date of invoice.
Any incident must be reported during the month following
that in which it was discovered.
A period of two months should be allowed for revising the
installation, should the manufacturer deem this advisable.
A sample must be returned to the manufacturer, at the
buyer's expense, along with any such information as the
manufacturer may require with regard to the appliances in
To benefit from the extended warranty, payment of the
invoice must be completed on the due date.
The manufacturer shall be entitled to any of the following options:
Repair (the guarantee is not extended for a further 5
years but use of the appliance is extended until the end of
the guarantee period. The spare parts will not necessarily
be new).
Replacement (equivalent product in accordance with
technological progress). (The guarantee is not extended
for a further 5 years).
Reimbursement of the faulty product/component at
purchase price.
Faulty appliances are the responsibility of the customer (who must
ensure they are correctly recycled). The customer is also
responsible for uninstalling them and for subsequently installing any
Guarantee cover
Faulty material, design, construction and production.
Errors in excess of the nominal rate of errors (a drop of
0.2%/1000 hours of service is considered normal and is
not covered by the guarantee).
Guarantee limitations
Customer negligence. The temperature and voltage limits
given in the instructions for use/installation must not be
exceeded, and the appliances must not be subject to
mechanical loads, as stipulated in the guidelines for use.
Abnormal usage according to the instructions/installation
sheet/catalogue. The products should be used as
stipulated and their installation and commissioning must
be carried out by a professional, in accordance with the
installation instructions/catalogue.
Any manipulation or replacement of parts carried out
without the manufacturer's authorization, at any time after
the delivery of the goods. Also incorrect installation or that
carried out by a non-professional.
The buyer may not transfer, assign, or negotiate this guarantee with
any third party without the manufacturer's prior written consent.
ROV047 – Rev3 – 17/06/14
Any dispute arising concerning the guarantee must be
negotiated between the sales manager and purchase
manager within the term of one month. If no agreement is
reached, the companies' two CEOs will then have one
month in which to negotiate the matter. If there is still no
resolution, the matter must go to court or to arbitration.
Any notification, notice or communiqué must be made in
writing and in English, and must be delivered by hand or
via airmail or fax. It shall be addressed to the sales
manager or purchase manager. E-mail messages will not
be valid.
Subject to Spanish legislation. Incoterms may serve as a
guide but in case of doubt this agreement will take
This guarantee shall not apply in any cases other than the
aforementioned, or for any concept, whether express or implied,
other than those stipulated herein. No claim may be made for any
losses or costs collateral to the appliances.