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With MEGA Process BPMN you benefit from a powerful BPMN framework to
understand, streamline and optimize your business processes and easily
communicate them to other stakeholders.
BPMN2 framework.
MEGA Process BPMN provides value-added decision support through process
mapping and analysis capabilities for many types users and various goals.
Process owners, business analysts, IT architects and other stakeholders can take
advantage of the common notation of BPMN 2 to improve communication and
optimize processes.
Process modeling.
Organizations modeling.
Analysis of the information
Through our active participation in the Object Management Group’s (OMG),
MEGA supports the latest version of BPMN, the recognized industry standard for
business process descriptions.
Facilitate the
communication and
understanding of business
Link with the BPM tools.
MEGA Process BPMN Overview
In addition, Process descriptions produced with MEGA Process BPMN can be
reused for:
IT system specifications with MEGA System Blueprint
Data architecture with MEGA Database Builder
IS analysis with MEGA Architecture
MEGA Process BPMN > Features
MEGA Process BPMN is built on the MEGA Suite repository and benefits from its
robustness and scalability. Traceability and impact analysis are inherent services
of this tool.
This product is part of the underlying MEGA Suite modeling tools. These tools support
projects ranging from process analysis to risk and control mapping to application
analysis and design.
Business Process Modeling
System Modeling
Process structure of the organization
Products and offering of the
System process modeling
(BPMN flowcharts)
Relationships between org-units,
applications and processes
Cross analysis with systems
(with MEGA Architecture)
System specification and blueprinting
(MEGA System Blueprint)
Diagram initialization helps to ensure
this consistency by automatically
reproducing in the new process
diagram the specifications that have
already been made in a process
diagram of a higher level
Process contextualization based
on geographical location and
organizational structure
Support quality management
initiatives. Quality managers will be
able to complete process descriptions
with quality-specific elements
Organizational Modeling
Organizational chart
Relationships between org-units and
Cross analysis with systems
(with MEGA Architecture)
Quality and compliance managers
need to be able to track responsibilities
in processes through a RACI matrix
Organizational process modeling
(BPMN flowcharts)
Functional Modeling
Classification of enterprise skills
Relationships between skills and
Functional process modeling
(BPMN flowcharts) for value chains
MEGA Suite
The MEGA Suite is comprised
of four categories of products:
modeling tools, control tools,
transformation tools and
communication tools.
The modeling tools support
projects ranging from process
analysis to risk and control
mapping to application analysis
and design. The MEGA Suite is
modular, so each tool may be used
independently or combined with
other tools, depending on your
project context. All products are
based on a common repository and
share the same platform services.
The MEGA Suite also supports
standard libraries and frameworks.
Information Flow Modeling
Detailed description of BPMN
message flows, with message content
Diagrams initialization for consistency
between the different process levels
Business Data Modeling
Functional Business Data Models
Organizational Business Data Models
System Business Data Models
Reusable Data Sub-Models
Connection with BPM Tools
Design of requirements and
(with MEGA System Blueprint)
BPEL and XPDL export to feed a
workflow engine
MEGA Process BPMN is available in Anywhere version
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