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TCS Accelerated SAP BPM Framework
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Organizations need agile Business Process Management (BPM) solutions so that business processes can
be easily altered to meet changing regulatory requirements. Without a comprehensive framework and
accelerators, modeling and implementing business process applications in SAP BPM can incur substantial
time and costs. If an organization’s business process data is distributed across SAP, non-SAP and legacy
applications, it can be time-consuming to integrate all of them with SAP BPM. As a result, there is a need for
a framework that can rapidly model, integrate, implement, monitor and optimize business processes in
TCS Accelerated SAP BPM Framework is an agile, pre-designed framework that supports the enterprisewide deployment of SAP BPM. It enables you to rapidly model, integrate, implement, monitor and
optimize business processes while also securely exchanging information across distributed systems. With
our framework, you can develop innovative process applications — from simple workflows to complex
processes — which enable your organization to be more process-driven and less person dependent.
For organizations that have chosen SAP to manage business
processes, the implementation cost of an SAP BPM solution can be
high. Implementation timelines can be lengthy, with considerable
time and effort expended in automating business processes.
Additionally, there is the risk of fragmented business processes and
sub-processes even after SAP BPM is implemented. Further, if the
organization’s BPM solution is not agile, it may be unable to align
business processes with rapidly changing regulatory requirements.
Process optimization: Provides a unified view of organizational
Our Accelerated SAP BPM Framework allows rapid modeling,
executing and monitoring of custom process applications in SAP
BPM. It is an agile solution that helps you reduce operational costs
and meet compliance requirements by tracking business processes
and continuously optimizing them in SAP BPM. The framework
provides process visibility into the SAP BPM application by tracking,
perceiving, presenting and processing events; alerts and
notifications are broadcast by processes in the application.
Our pre-designed framework offers templates for SAP BPM across all
types of industries, incorporating global BPM best practices.
It also serves as a platform for demo and prototype solutions,
enabling you to visualize a solution before starting development.
processes, along with the capability to optimize them
Increased competitiveness: Helps create efficient and
responsive processes that can be quickly aligned with changing
business needs, enabling greater responsiveness to industry
Minimized risk: Effectively tracks business processes to help
build predictive process models that identify and minimize risk
Cost savings: Drives cost savings via an overall reduction in effort
and implementation cycle times of SAP BPM while meeting high
quality standards and following global industry best practices
Improved efficiency: Provides greater efficiency with control
over, and visibility into, business operations and reduced
implementation cycle times
Enhanced process development: Test scripts, strategy
documents, and super-user training materials are incorporated
into the solution package
Increased profitability: Helps analyze business process
performance and identify improvement opportunities
TCS SAP BPM Framework
Blue printing strategy
and physical
architecture guide
guide and strategy
Code library
Test script
Super user
Naming standard
Components of the TCS Accelerated SAP BPM Framework
The TCS Advantage
TCS has strong domain understanding of BPM and extensive
experience in SAP BPM engagements. We also have in-depth
knowledge in designing and implementing transformational BPM
measures. Our Accelerated SAP BPM Framework is a pre-designed,
agile BPM solution that supports enterprise-wide deployment. After
a business consulting exercise, we can help you choose an SAP BPM
configuration best suited for your organization. Our SAP BPM
services are backed by:
To know more about TCS Accelerated SAP BPM Framework, contact
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Accelerators: These include questionnaires, checklists, templates,
best practices, and SAP BPM-specific blueprinting, designing,
and configuration templates, enabling us to gather information,
map requirements, address strategy, verify data, and streamline
business processes
SAP BPM Center of Excellence (CoE): We have a dedicated CoE
that deals with SAP BPM usage and knowledge sharing,
and which tracks trends in this area
Model-based development: We model processes and
integration flows using the Business Process Model
and Notation (BPMN) standard
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follows industry best practices for data security and integration,
providing assets including a configuration and strategy guide,
a technical and physical architecture guide, and super-user
training materials
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