ParaFlow:AsphaFlow - Unique Differences

ParaFlow.... Changing the Energy Industry.
Halbouty Energy offers a proprietary product called ParaFlow that is a paraffin crystal modifier,
polarity modifier and paraffin dispersant. One of its main benefits is that it works as a broadspectrum paraffin treatment across a wide array of crudes - every single one we have
encountered thus far. ParaFlow requires no introduction of heat and can be used in batch or
continuous injection scenarios at the wellhead or in midstream and/or downstream infrastructure.
Further, it is migratory and will keep waxes and asphaltenes in suspension from wellhead to
Additionally, ParaFlow acts as a flow-enabler and pour-point reducer, thus reducing costs
associated with slow moving product flow & transport and their side effects on tanks, pipelines
and production equipment. ParaFlow creates a simple and straightforward solution that can be
used at all locations and fields for any crude products in your system - production side, midstream
or downstream.
ParaFlow's unique befits and differences:
1. ParaFlow and it's complementary sister product, AsphaFlow, treat a broad spectrum of waxes
and asphaltenes (100% of the ones we have put it in front of to date). This means our solution is
a "one-size-fits-all" solution that can be used in any field throughout the globe. Other chemistries
require multiple formulations and constant reformulation in order to work both as a practical
solution and a cost effective one.
2. Our chemistries have been developed over the last ten years in order to treat all types of tank
and pipe sludges, plugs, heels and other fallout of the "heavy ends" of crudes. They are unique
and proprietary formulations and materials not used elsewhere in the industry.
3. Our solution was originally developed for extreme low temp environments and the cold.
ParaFlow and AsphaFlow do not require the addition of heat nor do they need special types of
pumps or other equipment. Also, it can be used in both batch treatment and continuous injection
without reformulation or re-blending.
4. Our chemistry is both a dispersant and a modifier of the paraffin crystal. ParaFlow creates a
wedge as a dispersant and then disallows for renewed separation or fallout by also modifying the
molecules to a like charge and making them repulsive. This is why the ParaFlow solution is
migratory and works from wellhead to refinery. Other products tend to experience failure when
environment changes occur like change in temp, pressure, etc.
5. Lastly, ParaFlow is different because it acts as a dispersant and modifier (as stayed above), is
migratory and a PERMANENT solution and, in addition to this, acts as a flow enabler and a pour
point depressant at the same time. There are a multitude of chemistries out there that may cover
one to two of these aspects but NOT ONE that covers a broad spectrum of paraffins and
asphaltenes while delivering this number of feature benefits and industry step-savers at the
refinery or midstream in the pipeline or transport infrastructure.
ParaFlow's proven results:
1. In the USA we have seen success in multiple basins including the Eagle Ford in Texas, the
Bakken in North Dakota and Canada, the Uinta basin in Colorado and Utah and the Marcellus in
the Pennsylvania area. We have seen ParaFlow work in all the above basins and shale plays with
100% effectiveness against the resident paraffins and asphaltenes. The key is that it works on a
broad spectrum of crudes and at a much smaller PPM concentration versus other dispersants
and diluents.
2. Specifically, we are working with Targa Resources, Kinder Morgan, Shell/Motiva, Chevron,
Exxon, BP (Thunder Horse field), Oxy, Newfield and Milagro Exploration; among a few others.
3. With respect to the Uinta Basin, we have seen issues with crude, yellow and black, that have
as much as a 25%> concentration of paraffins and asphaltenes. Not only have our products
worked on these crudes, we have found them much more cost effective than solutions offered by
others. Specifically, Baker Hughes and Halliburton have products for these types of crudes that
sell for $60+ per gallon and needed to see treatment rates upwards of 7-10,000 PPM In these
aforementioned crudes. Our proprietary solutions required only <2000 PPM in order to treat.
This makes our material economical and prevents fouling or other complications at the refinery.
4. With ParaFlow and AsphaFlow we see lower pour points (we have taken 140 degree
Fahrenheit pour point crude down to 73 degrees), increased flow while keeping the paraffins in
permanent suspension. Of note, our solution is also used in a low enough concentration as to not
degrade the API spec or benchmark while achieving these desirable traits.