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April 7, 2011
Vol. 85 No. 3407
Macedonian Tribune
MPO Convention 2011
Stephanie Georgieff is Grand Banquet speaker
You may think Slow Food
involves a crock-pot, but it doesn’t.
It’s a lot more than that.
Slow Food is a movement to
preserve and educate the world
about indigenous foods that have
survived the ages. Specifically,
Slow Food International is an
educational organization that
promotes the preservation of
heirloom culinary and agricultural
products across the globe in a
sustainable and just manner.
As Grand Banquet speaker,
Stephanie Georgieff will improve
our knowledge of how each of
us helps sustain this vital element
of our Macedonian culture, both
at home and abroad. Using a
Int’l Court
The Hague, Netherlands
– The International Court
of Justice is deliberating
testimony heard in late March
in Macedonia’s case against
Greece for violating terms of
the 1995 Interim Accord.
The Court’s judgment
will be rendered at a public
sitting, the date of which will be
announced. The decision could
ultimately decide Macedonia’s
name as well as its membership
in the EU and NATO.
Verbatim records of the
hearings are available at www.
Macedonia’s Slow Food products
Slow cooked Manja
Lake Dorjan fish
Stephanie Georgieff
PowerPoint presentation, she will
illustrate how people in Macedonia
are using age-old family recipes
and techniques to create a cottage
industry open to the world.
Stephanie is the founding
president of Slow Food Redlands
(Calif.) and was an educator delegate for Slow Food International
Terra Madre in Turin, Italy.
(See February 2011 issue of the
Today, she is the host of Real
Food Empire, a weekly radio talk
show about food and nutrition on
KCAA, an MSNBC radio affiliate
in San Bernardino, Calif. She is
traveling to Macedonia this month
to work with Slow Food producers.
“Food bonds the generations,”
she says, reminiscing about how
Thumbs Kashkaval
Sheep shearing
Goat cheese balls
she learned to bake banitsa (aka
zelnick), and prepare sarme (cabbage
rolls) and tolchene (pepper-eggplant
relish) from her baba, the late Dora
Georgieff, or how she learned to
make all kinds of food with her
aunt and uncle Zena and the late
Austin Mircheff.
Plank-cooked fish
“My sweet memories are of
my family. Cooking together is a
really beautiful tradition,” says the
daughter of Joyce and Dr. George
Georgieff, Santa Ana, Calif., both
of whom are active in a myriad of
activities, including the MPO.
“Cooking also is a very pow-
erful force globally,” Stephanie
says. “It helps solve world problems
and helps us re-think how we feed
ourselves. Sixty percent of food
costs go to agriculture (fuel &
chemicals) and food production.
Small countries without sustainable
See Georgieff on page 7
MPO’s Gotse Delcheff fund gives $3000
The Gotse Delcheff Foundation of the MPO donated
$3000 to the Macedonian Schools Project, which has been
active in the Ohrid-Struga area or several years. The schools
are multi-cultural, offering classes in several languages.
Coordinating with schools and youth organizations in
Macedonia since 2004, the project has installed 13 chalkboards
and provided maps, globes, science equipment, flashcards,
books, pens, computer equipment, first aid equipment and
sports equipment while building friendly relations with
“We plan to extend our efforts to assist in providing
classroom-to-classroom opportunities between Macedonian
and American teachers and students,” says Tom Lineham,
Vancouver, Wash., project coordinator, who visits Macedonia
each year and actively monitors the purchase and deployment
of each donation.
Dr. Leon Speroff, Portland, Ore., Evelyn Dinu, Detroit,
and James Stoynoff, Chicago, lead the Gotse Delcheff
foundation. It was developed through the generous donations
of these three and many MPO members.
See Delcheff on page 7
Children at Zivko Cingo School are proud of their new world globe.
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