Endowment History and Performance

Annual Report
August 2013
Report of the Foundation President –
Richard Lucas
The main responsibility of Huron University
College Foundation Trustees is to receive, invest
and manage the endowment of the Foundation
and to manage the funds held in trust for Huron
University College.
The Investment Fund
I am pleased to report that the Foundation’s
capital fund balance as of December 31, 2012
is $15,218,186, an increase of 15% from the
previous year’s result of $13,230,656.
We have also strongly rebounded since the
downturn of 2007-2008, with an increase
of 81% over the past four years from $8.4
million to $15.2 million.
Donations to endowments in 2012 of $1.8
million contributed to the increase over the
year from $13.2 to $15.2 million, along with
positive investment growth. The ROI for the
year was 5.6%.
Investment results
The investment policy of the Foundation
Endowment Fund is a balanced one with
exposure to bonds, Canadian equities and foreign
equities. It is intended to provide, over the longer
term, a balance between investment returns and
an acceptable level of risk.
The current policy asset mix is 60% equities and
40% fixed income. The Investment Committee
reviews risk and returns in the markets on a
regular basis. Within the policy constraints, the
manager is able to exercise some discretion in
weightings of different sectors of the portfolio.
The total return (income plus capital
appreciation) for the portfolio for the year
ended December 31, 2012 was 5.6%, caused
by a rebound in equity markets. Foreign equity
markets were particularly strong, returning
13.3% in Canadian dollars. The Canadian stock
market was decent, returning 7.2%. For once
the bond market was a laggard, returning 3.6%
– not much different than its coupon.
The portfolio’s relative performance has
improved since the middle of 2011 with our
new investment manager, Guardian Capital.
Longer term, we have been underperforming
our benchmark.
Longer term returns continue to disappoint.
The 5-year average annual total return of the
portfolio to the end of December 2012 was
a meagre 1.6% (estimated). A key factor over
this period was the bear market in equities
following the financial crisis of 2007-2008.
However, the four-year return for 2009-2012
was 8.6% (estimated). And going out 10 years,
average annual returns have been a more
respectable 6.0% (estimated).
Investment outlook
Overall, we are positive about the outlook for
the economy and financial markets, though
it’s not without its perils. I will quote our
investment manager, Guardian Capital:
We expect the U.S. to muddle through with modest
positive growth. Three years of Fed easing should
be getting some traction. Pent-up demand may
also begin to work in the economy’s favour.
We remain constructive in the longer term,
expecting stocks to have more potential over the
next decade than bonds, given today’s starting
point for bond yields.
Dividend yields continue to exceed government
bond yields in most countries with the added
bonus of providing inflation protection in the
long term, which bonds do not. In fact, the yield
advantage over government bonds continues to
be sustained at levels not seen in several decades.
The Foundation decided that the Annual
Grant to Huron for the 2013 calendar
year for scholarships, bursaries, and other
programs and student services would remain
at 4% and that the payout to the Foundation
Office would be 1%. In dollar terms the
Annual Grant for 2012 was $578,666.
The Foundation reviews the amount of the
grant to the College annually. The grant
calculation is based upon a rolling 3-year
average of the capital in the Foundation for
endowments with a payout. (Payouts for some
recently established endowments have not
yet begun.)
I would like to report that the 2012 audit and
management letter prepared by Deloitte LLP
reported no issues.
Respectfully submitted,
Stricter mortgage criteria, an overly indebted
consumer, a tightening fiscal policy, and the
headwind of Europe are likely to keep Canada’s
growth modest, at best.
U.S. and Canada nominal and real interest rates
are extremely low by any historical measure and
interest rates will remain low due to financial
repression through significant central bank
Richard G. Lucas, CFA
Huron University College Foundation
[email protected]
Report of the Foundation Executive
Director – Ken Andrews
Huron values and appreciates the example and
commitment of individuals and organizations
who, through their generous gifts, support the
educational experience which Huron offers,
one which provides a distinct advantage for its
students throughout their lifetime.
Through focused stewardship programs, Huron
seeks to maintain strong relationships with
its donors, communicating regularly with
respect to a long-term view that is inherent
in endowment funding and performance.
Continuing and consistent communication in
times of both good and unfavourable market
performance is a key factor in positive donor
Our annual and customized report for each
donor provides details and background on
their individual endowment together with
additional information on the work of the
Foundation. One hundred and seventy-three
individualized reports have been prepared for
this year’s report.
Many endowment holders continue to support
their endowments each year with a donation
to Huron. Many also consider a planned gift
such as a bequest or life insurance policy which
can be directed to their endowment. If I can
provide any information in this regard, I would
be pleased to be of assistance.
Huron has a strategic growth objective in
its endowments, with a goal of $30-million
in assets by 2016. Ultimately, Huron’s goal
is for its endowments to be 2.5 – 3 times its
annual operating budget, so that the annual
payout from the Foundation to the College
contributes to ongoing financial stability.
In the calendar year 2012, we are pleased to
report, donors made record gifts totalling
$1,885,836 to Huron endowments. Huron, its
faculty and students are most grateful for this
generous support of the educational experience
which Huron offers its students. As indicated
in an industry survey, Huron ranks eleventh out
of 67 Canadian university institutions in terms
of percentage growth of endowment assets from
December 31, 2011 to December 31, 2012. This
increase is based on a combination of donations
and investment growth. In addition, the survey
indicated that Huron continues to rank in
the second quartile of Canadian university
institutions in terms of endowments per FTE
student, specifically $11,321. This represents an
11% increase over the previous year.
In 2012, Huron hosted a series of special events
for alumni and friends in Canada and the
United States, attended by Principal Stephen
McClatchie and the Executive Director,
including Vancouver, Ottawa, London, Toronto
and New York. These events provided an
opportunity to thank donors personally for their
support of Huron.
Huron also invited endowment donors to
its Arts and Social Science and Theology
graduation ceremonies, at which donors were
thanked by the respective Deans for their
support of Huron students during the course
of their studies, helping them achieve the
success they have earned. Copies of graduation
ceremony programs were mailed to donors
unable to attend. In addition, endowment
donors who supported arts and social science
scholarships and awards were invited to
Scholarship and Prize Day in October to
present students with their awards and to meet
students at the reception afterwards.
Endowment holders also receive Huron’s annual
alumni and friends newsletter, which includes
a listing of all endowments, and a copy of
the Principal’s annual letter, which is mailed
to members of the 1863 Society comprising
individuals and organizations who have made
gifts of $500 or more in their lifetime.
Huron also maintains extensive background
on its website (www.huronuc.ca) with respect
to the work of the Foundation, in the Alumni
and Friends section. This includes information
on how to establish an endowment, leaving
a planned gift to Huron, the Foundation’s
Statement of Investment Policy and Guidelines,
Endowment History and Performance,
Financial Statement, and a listing of Huron
endowments and Foundation trustees.
The Foundation benefits from 21 voting trustees,
including 18 volunteers who are selected for
their expertise and background in the work of
the Foundation including managing its fund
assets. We are saddened to report the passing
of John Middlebro’ of Owen Sound in April,
2013. John, a 1965 Huron graduate, had been a
Trustee of the Foundation since 1997.
At its May 16, 2013 meeting, the Foundation
approved the nomination of Chris Jones Harris
as a Trustee. Chris has an excellent record of
service to Huron, including the position of
Chair of the Executive Board.
Huron is most grateful for the commitment,
leadership and service of all its volunteers who
serve on the Foundation, and whose names are
included later in this report. I also wish to thank
my Huron staff colleagues Kristina Stankevich
and Karen Otto, and Neil Carruthers and
Jeff Malone, for their contributions to the
administration of the Foundation.
Our very best wishes from Huron. Thank
you for your belief in Huron and its students
through your endowment, which makes such a
positive difference to the educational experience
and support which Huron can offer its students
as they prepare for the future.
Respectfully submitted,
Ken Andrews
Executive Director
Huron University College Foundation
[email protected]
519.438.7224 ext. 271
Key Statistics 2012
Endowment Assets 2008-2012
Asset Mix
n Bonds – Canadian
n Canadian Equities
n Foreign Equities
Key Statistics 2012
Return on Investment 2008-2012
Unitization Values 2008-2012
The unitized value at inception on January 1, 2002 was $10.00.
Donations 2008-2012
Key Statistics 2012
Areas to which Huron alumni and friends directed their gifts in 2012:
n Scholarships and Bursaries for Arts and
Social Science students (31%)
n S
upport for Theology students and the
Chapel (45%)
n Silcox Memorial Library (2%)
n Facilties (6%)
n Unrestricted donations (11%)
n Other (e.g. for Lecture Series, CommunityBased Learning, Student Volunteer
Service) (5%)
Support for Huron programs and services, segmented
by percentage of endowment assets:
n Arts and Social Science Scholarships
and Awards (27%)
n Arts and Social Science Bursaries (18%)
n Theology Scholarships and Awards (1%)
n Theology Bursaries (17%)
n Faculty Chairs (22%)
n Silcox Memorial Library (4%)
n Campus Preservation (2%)
n International Study (2%)
n Volunteer Service (1%)
n Chapel (0.5%)
n Community-Based Learning (1%)
n Faculty Research Fund (0.5%)
n Teaching Awards (4%)
Condensed Statement of Revenue,
Expenditure and Capital
Donations to Foundation endowments
Donations to Huron annual operations
Investment income/(loss)
Total donations
Grants to Huron
Donations disbursed to Huron University College
Total Foundation disbursements
Increase/(decrease) in capital
Capital Fund Balance, beginning of year
11,496,193 Capital Fund Balance, end of year
13,230,656 Unitization:
Effective January 1, 2002, the Foundation unitized its fund balances based on the value
of the underlying investment portfolio. The purpose of the unitization is to facilitate
improved reporting of fund performance to interested stakeholders. The initial unit value
was deemed to be $10 per unit.
The unit value at December 31, 2012 was $16.24.
For more information, please contact:
Ken Andrews
Executive Director, Huron University College Foundation
1349 Western Rd., London ON N6G 1H3
Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 271
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (519) 438-5226
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As of August 14, 2013
Huron University College Foundation
left to right: Neil Carruthers (Treasurer), Bob Rubinoff, Ken Andrews (Executive Director),
Steve Wilson, John Leitch, Rea Godbold, Lana Phair-Sutherland, Mary Thomson,
Keith Sumner (Past President), Darcy McKeough (Past President), Dr. Stephen McClatchie
(Principal), Kelly Hansen (Chair, Investment Committee), Jim Thompson, Richard Lucas (President
and Chair, Nominating Committee), Bill Stewart, Dan Amadori, Peter Fullerton (Chair, Audit
Regrets: Bishop Robert Bennett, Jim Carr, Don Letton, Brian McGorman, Doug Raymond,
Stuart Smith (Past President), Peter Theophilos
Huron University College Foundation Trustees
Ex-officio Trustees (voting members)
Richard Lucas, President and Chair,
Nominating Committee
Principal – Dr. Stephen McClatchie
Kelly Hansen, Chair, Investment Committee
Peter Fullerton, Chair, Audit Committee
Dan Amadori
James E. Carr
Rea Godbold
Chris Jones Harris
John Leitch
Brian McGorman
Doug Raymond
Robert A. Rubinoff
William R. Stewart
Chair of the Corporation – The Rt. Rev.
Robert F. Bennett
Chair of the Executive Board – Don Letton
Honorary Trustees (non-voting)
Presidents Emeriti:
W. Darcy McKeough
Stuart Smith
Investment Committee
Community Members
Ian Jeffreys (ex-officio)
Andrew Mitchell
Fred Negus
Michael Schaab
Ex-officio (non-voting)
Keith Sumner
Executive Director – Ken Andrews
Peter Theophilos
Treasurer – Neil Carruthers
James G. Thompson
Mary Thomson
As of May 16, 2013
Steve Wilson
H uron U niversity C ollege foundation
1 3 4 9 W estern R oad , L ondon , O ntario N 6 G 1 H 3