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Dermot O'Connor was educated at University College Dublin and is one of Europe’s leading authorities on Emotional
health, Chinese Medicine, Holistic nutrition, Acupuncture, and Mind/Body medicine. Dermot is a specialist consultant
in acupuncture, patent herbal medicine and advanced Medical Qigong. Dermot has studied oriental medicine in
Ireland, China, Canada, the UK and the US with some of the world's leading authorities on health and well-being. In
addition to running his successful Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, Dermot has written and lectured
extensively on the benefits of Chinese Medicine and his work has featured in several national and international
magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, Woman and Home, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Irish
Times, Ireland on Sunday and The Sunday Express.
Dermot lectures internationally on the psychology of health recovery and Mind/Body medicine and is regularly
invited to contribute to TV and radio on programmes including; Channel 5’s – The Wright Stuff, RTE’s - Open
House and The Marianne Finucane Show, TV3’s Ireland AM and Newstalk’s The Wide Angle.
Dermot’s book “The Healing Code” is published by Hodder Mobius and is the resident expert on the Sunday Times
associated website -, now the UK’s leading complementary health website.
Dermot's new book THE FERTILITY CODE is out now and published by Y Books.
The Fertility Code
The Immortality Code
The Healing Code
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Y Books
The Fertility Code program delivers a powerful and practical step-by-step
approach for those who wish to give themselves the best chance of starting a
family As many as 500,000 couples in the UK and Ireland actively seek help
with fertility, such as IVF treatment each year. While some are legitimate
candidates, many have been proven to just need proper lifestyle and fertility
advice and assistance in order to conceive. The Fertility Code is designed for
these people, and for those who need more serious intervention, to optimise
their fertility. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to preventing a
couple from having a baby. This is why it is important that a fertility plan
should address as many of these potential issues as possible. Through many
years' experience of helping thousands of couples to become parents, Dermot
O'Connor knows that such a plan must be easy to understand, easy to
implement and genuinely effective. The Fertility Code combines the best of
both Eastern and Western medicine to provide a comprehensive guide to
conceiving successfully and carrying a baby to full term. It details the optimum
plan to enhance fertility, and delivers a proven strategy, incorporating the key
elements consistently utilised by the couples Dermot has helped: -Fertility
Awareness Strategies -The psychology of fertility -optimum nutrition for
conception and -pregnancy -The importance of detoxification
Hodder & Stoughton
Dermot, the bestselling author of The Healing Code, developed his unique
medical approach after he was diagnosed with a life threatening illness eleven
years ago. Rather than accepting a dire prognosis, he set about healing
himself, which led him to the study of many aspects of both Eastern and
Western medicine – nutrition, the Mind/Body connection, acupuncture, herbal
medicine and ultimately led to the development of his unique system of healing.
Hodder Mobius
After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Dermot O'Connor dedicated his
life to discovering the key ways in which you can not only live with, but also
recover from, life-threatening illness. His unique and brilliant system combines
Eastern and Western approaches to illness, and includes the psychology of
recovery, subconscious and emotional healing, optimum diet and nutrition,
detoxing for regeneration, and exercise for health recovery. Six years after his
diagnosis, Dermot is in the best health of his life - and in this inspiring,
practical guide he shows how you can achieve the same thing.
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