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Merchandising Activity Tracker (MAT) allows Wholesalers, Distributors, and Service Companies to gather and track accurate
information in the field, using mobile data collection computers. This data is then uploaded to your network at the end of the day
to help generate reports at the office, and streamline day-to-day activities.
MAT Mobile: enables your Sales Representatives,
Technicians, and Managers to utilize Windows Mobile
handheld devices in the field to complete tasks that have
traditionally been paper-based using the following tools:
• Account Manager: Field Personnel can view and edit the
profiles for each of their accounts. Changes made will be
reflected in MAT Manager upon synchronization, thereby
eliminating additional data entry.
• Message Center: Field Personnel can receive messages
and alerts from Management and can send messages to
selected individuals.
• Scheduler: Field Personnel can schedule their day by
assigning accounts to specific times, to include recurring
• MAT Activity: Field Personnel can complete activities for
their assigned accounts, such as marketing and display
• Order Entry Manager: Enables Field Personnel to conduct
inventories and complete orders for individual accounts.
Orders can be placed using route cards, by manually
entering package codes, or through a quick order entry
system. Orders can also be viewed, modified, or deleted
prior to synchronization.
• Price Survey: Field Personnel can complete price surveys
by account for specific brands and packages.
• Distribution Survey: Field Personnel can complete
distribution surveys by account for specific brands.
• Promotion Sheet: Field Personnel can view Sales
Promotions by date.
• Sign Request: Field Personnel can order signs and enter
specific copy for individual retailers.
• Calculator: For convenience, Field Personnel can access a
calculator from within MAT.
• Work Order: Enables Field Personnel to create and
submit work orders for individual accounts, to include due
date and copy information.
• Task Manager: Enables Field Personnel to view and
assign tasks to accounts as well as create new tasks.
Tasks that have been completed will be reflected in MAT
Manager upon synchronization.
• POS Manager: Field Personnel can complete POS
Deliveries and POS Requests, assign due dates, enter
applicable notes, obtain customer authorization, and
submit information to Management. - 888.860.SCAN - [email protected]
MAT Manager is a Microsoft® Windows based application that runs at the office / warehouse allowing Wholesalers, Distributors,
and Service Companies to manage their business more effectively and efficiently. This desktop application contains the following
• Messages and Alerts: Management can create, assign,
and send timely information to one or more individuals or
• Scheduler: Enables Management to view the schedules
of Field Personnel, stay on top of schedule changes as
they occur, and monitor individual goals.
• Team Manager: Management can assign Field Personnel
to Teams, identify Team Leaders, and adjust Team Players
as needed. In addition, teams can be renamed or deleted
and new teams can be created.
• Task Manager: Ability to manage and assign specific
tasks to individual contacts, entire teams, or by date
• Marketing Plan: A calendar tool enables Management to
view and manage promotional events.
• POS Manager: Management can track and maintain
accurate information for POS merchandise. This includes
adding, deleting, or updating items, changing the cost of
items, and knowing into which accounts POS items have
been placed.
• Order Entry Edit: Provides Management with the ability
to view orders by salesman as well as add, edit, or delete
orders, as needed.
• Administrator: Enables Management to enter and
maintain accurate information for their company, to
include contact information for each member of their
organization. Also enables Management to assign roles,
usernames, and passwords to individuals.
• Reports: A report based on the information gathered
in the field is generated for each tool found within MAT
Sync Manager: The Sync Manager allows MAT Manager to perform smart synchronizations with
MAT Mobile using Batch, Wi-Fi, or Wireless connection options. Smart synchronization means
only changes are synchronized.
SQL Server: MAT Manager requires Microsoft® SQL Server. This comprehensive database
management solution provides secure and reliable data storage.
Mobile Device: MAT Mobile requires a handheld device running Pocket PC 2003 or higher such
as ruggedized devices from Intermec.
Dell Server: SQL Server requires a Microsoft® Windows Server. We recommend the following:
• Windows Server 2003 Operating System
• Windows Server 2003 – 5 Client Access License Pack
• 3-Year Basic Support Agreement (4 Hr. Onsite, M-F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.)
Wireless Provider: MAT Mobile (Anywhere Wireless Version) requires a wireless provider (such as
Verizon, Cingular, or T-Mobile). - 888.860.SCAN - [email protected]