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Sometimes she's too big. Or much too small. Sometimes things are
backwards. And there's always too much pepper in the soup! Nothing
is quite right since Alice chased a very unusual White Rabbit and
stumbled into an adventure that grows curiouser and curiouser. One
of the greatest childhood fantasies ever is captured in a colorful
production adapted from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in
Dylan Francis
Marshal VandenOever
Hayden Francis
Madison VandenOever
Amorette Aryee
Ryan Clark
Jennifer Behret
Haley Holmberg
Bekah Ragsdale
Professor Charles
Harry Hackett
Ludwig Dodgson
Andy Hoeckele
Caleigh Derreberry
Annie Hope
Katherine Lambert
Aryn Melton
Edith, Alice’s Sister
Linzi Prpich
Hannah Twiggs
White Rabbit
Ashley Barone
Heather Whitfield
Cheshire Cat
Elizabeth Parmer
Paige Shuffler
Dylynne Dodson
Kaitlin Killeen
Rachel Wagner
Queen of Hearts
Monique Leaphart
Tory Pugh
Katie Van Laningham
King of Hearts
Nathaniel Gesualdo
Matthew Mulkey
Chris Suddeth
Mad Hatter
Trip Collins
Chris Heraghty
March Hare
John Bates
Gabby Beteag
Jessica Biddy
Gabrielle Peer
Laura Peer
Blair Rector
Second Cousin to the Jerry Oberholtzer
Queen, twiceremoved, 3 rows back
Mock Turtle
Fish Footman
Frog Footman
Young Crab
Mama Crab
Jessica Ezell
Cecily Tartaglione
Heather Turner
Noelle Barrett
Tyler Holt
Sarah Killeen
CJ Parmer
Rebecca Twiggs
Ashley Dawson
Javier Prusky
Emily Arvidson
Allison Garner
Alessa Walle
Justina Wells
Will Medina
Van Laningham
Carter Mills
Nicole Encardes
Maggie DuVall
Casey Burns
Ethan Jones
Conner Behret
Liam Collins
Symone Boyd
Abigail Clancy
Allie Jones
Amara Ede
Taylor Foster
Walt Gaines
Karrah Schuster
Ashley Taylor
Philip Dohn
Jacob Parmer
Ian Merrill
Teagan Merrill
Grayce Rector
Megan Spangler
Kathleen Stewart
Halle VandenOever
Amoretta Aryee (Lorina) is thirteen years
old and has been performing speeches and
acting for six years. This is her first time
acting at NLT.
Emily Arvidson (Cook) has been a part of
countless shows here at NLT. She'd like to
thank the best boyfriend in the world, Sean
Anderson, for loving her even though she
never gets to see him.
Laura "Noelle" Barrett (Gryphon) would
like everyone to know that Alice in
Wonderland is her favorite book and she is
thrilled to be able to call this her third
production at New London Theatre. <3
John Bates (March Hare) has been active in
the theatre world for seven years and was
most recently seen in a role as 'Freddy' in
"King Grizzlebeard". He'd like to thank his
girlfriend for her support.
Conner Behret (Eaglet) is 5 years old and
this is his second NLT production. Thank
you and enjoy the show.
Jennifer Behret (Robin) is 15 years old and
this is her seventh play. She would like to
thank her friends for supporting her.
Gabby Beteag (March Hare) is appearing
in her tenth show at NLT. She is glad to be
back working amongst some of her closest
friends. When she's not acting, she enjoys
playing guitar and singing.
Jessica Biddy (Dormouse) is appearing for
the first time in a play. She enjoys singing
and dancing at home in front of her family
and loves cheerleading.
Abigail Clancy (Young Crab) is appearing
in her theatrical debut! She is in 5th grade
and enjoys photography, reading and
creative writing.
Ryan Clark (Lorina) has been acting for
over 3 years, but this is her first time acting
at NLT. She is also interested in dancing.
Liam Collins (Eaglet) is making his
theatrical debut in NLT’s 2010 production
of “Alice in Wonderland.” Away from the
stage, he is a cub scout and martial artist,
and he loves eating candy.
Trip Collins (Mad Hatter) was discovered
by NLT outside under a Hello Kitty
comforter, listening repeatedly to the 2nd
movement of Mozart’s 20th piano
concerto. This is his first show with NLT
and he looks forward to more shows and
sleeping outside.
Ashley Dawson (Knave) is appearing in
her fifth show here at NLT, and she's
extremely excited to be a part of Alice.
Enjoy the show!
Caleigh Derreberry (Alice) is appearing in
her eighth play with NLT, it is the first time
she's found anything but dirt at the bottom of
a rabbit hole. She would like to thank her
Dylynne Dodson (Duchess) is 12 years old
and is extremely excited about being in her
first production with a ton of great cast
members. Thanks!
Philip Dohn (Pigeon) is ten years old and in
4th grade. His favorite food is tacos.
Amara Ede (Dodo Bird) is a Senior at
Brookwood High School. She is elated to be
in this show. She thoroughly hopes you
enjoy the show and come again next
Nicole Encardes (Pat) has been in two plays
with New London before and is happy to be
back! This show is amazing, so enjoy it!
Jessica Ezell (Mock Turtle) is 13 years old
and is thrilled to be in her 3rd production
with New London Theatre. She thanks you
for coming.
Dylan Francis (Lewis) has been acting for
about 7 years. His favorite sport is
Hayden Francis (Rose) is so excited for her
first production at NLT. She wants to thank
her mom and dad for taking her to rehearsals
and her aunt for helping her with her
Walt Gaines (Puppy) is in the third grade.
He found a passion to be on stage while
doing a few skits at church. He loves to
make people laugh and enjoys baseball and
hockey. This is his first time at NLT.
Nathaniel Gesualdo (King of Hearts) is
appearing in his third play with NLT. He
would like to wish his fellow cast members
good luck and thank God and his family for
their support and love.
Chris Heraghty (Mad Hatter) has been in
several shows at NLT. He hopes to be in
many more shows and thanks his family, his
friends and God for their support.
Andy Hoeckele (Professor Charles Ludwig
Dodgson) is appearing in his 5th production
for NLT. He has previously appeared in
“Fools”, in the One Act Plays, “Why do we
Laugh?” and “The Sandbox”, then in “A
Slight Case Of Murder”.
Haley Holmberg (Robin) is so happy to be
a part of the New London family and can’t
wait to be in more shows with New London!
Tyler Holt (Gryphon) is appearing in his first Will Medina (Frog Footman) is appearing
play with NLT and is grateful to Teagan and in his first play at New London Theatre. A
everybody else for this opportunity.
Sophomore at Central Gwinnett, he enjoys
Annie Hope (Alice) is a Senior at Brookwood photography, skateboarding every now and
High School and loves chorus! Shout outs to then, movies and hanging out.
her BFF Amara Ede!
Aryn Melton (Alice) is SUPER excited for
Allie Jones (Duck) is appearing in her first
her first NLT production, and wants to thank
show at NLT and wants everyone else to
Teagan for casting her. She has loved
know that she is THE DUCK. The Mighty performing forever and also wants to thank
Ducks have nothing on her!
her family for supporting her.
Ethan Jones (Executioner) is eight years old Carter Mills (Bill) has never been in a play
and this is his fifth play at NLT. He really
before. He can't think of anything to say
likes acting. Enjoy the show!
so...yay Teagan and Robyn and thanks Mike
Ezra Jones (Card/Flower/Juror) is six years for your inspiration!
old and is performing for the second time at Matthew Mulkey (King of Hearts) is
NLT. He attends Kindergarten at Gwin Oaks appearing in his very first performance since
he was six where he was a butler with no
Kaitlin Killeen (Duchess) has been in two
speaking parts! He is very excited and
other plays, Cinderella and Charlotte's Web. thanks everyone that encouraged him to be a
She is very glad to be in this production!
king! :)
Sarah Killeen (Gryphon) has been in
Cinderella as the evil step sister. She is in
acting class in school. Acting is the love of
her life and she hopes you enjoy the show.
Katherine Lambert (Alice) is acting for the
first time at New London Theatre, but she has
been acting for about four years now. She
wants to thank Teagan for being absolutely
Jerry Oberholtzer (Second Cousin to the
Queen, twice-removed, 3 rows back) is
making his debut performance on the New
London Theatre stage. As Mayor of
Snellville, Jerry is a staunch supporter of
CJ Parmer (Caterpillar) is ecstatic to be in
his fourth show at NLT. In addition to NLT,
he has also performed with On Stage
Monroe and Master's Academy of Fine Arts.
Jacob Parmer (Pigeon) is 10 years old and
has been homeschooled all his life. This is
his second production with NLT. He has
also done shows with MAFA and On Stage
Elizabeth Parmer (Cheshire Cat) is a
homeschooled Junior and is uber excited to
be a feline in her fourth show at NLT.
Enjoy your adventure through Wonderland!
You are AWESOME, Teagan!
Robyn Parmer (Stage Manager) is a
homeschooling mom of four. This is her
fourth show with NLT and she is really
enjoying working behind the scenes for a
change. Enjoy the show!
Gabrielle Peer (Dormouse) is in the fifth
grade and enjoys reading, piano, and
horseback riding. This is her second play
with NLT and she is very excited.
Laura Peer (Dormouse) is in kindergarten
and loves ballet and singing. This is her first
NLT play and she loves the theatre already!
Linzi Prpich (Edith) is 13 years old and has
been dancing for 9 years. She enjoys just
having a good time. She is so excited to be
a part of her first play this year.
Javier Prusky (Knave) is excited about this
production. According to Kaitlin, he is the
best person in the world. He agrees.
Anyways Javier loves acting. Disfruten el
Bekah Ragsdale (Robin, Frog Footman)
has been with New London Theatre for
quite some time now. She loves having this
and dancing as her outlets! Thanks Teagan
for casting me! Peace!!!
Grayce Rector (Card/Juror) goes to
McConnell Middle School. This is her 4th
show, She plays 5th card. I love NLT!
Shout Outs
Philip you are awesome! We love you!
Your Family!
Ms. Teagan is the best! I can only dream
of being like her! Love, Kaitlin Killeen
We love you so much and are so proud of
you! Love, Mom, Dad & Lexi
'Now is the winter of our discontent,
made glorious summer by this son of
Momma, Daddy, G-mama, G-daddy, Nana
and Papa.
Love ya.
Eat some noodles and be healthy. Break a
leg Grayce & Blair Rector.
Love, Mom & Dad
Break a leg Katie! I know you will enjoy
playing the Queen of Hearts. I love you
sister! - Kimberly
Break a leg Abigail! We love you!
Mom, Dad and Aidan
Once more into the breach my fellow New
Londoners, once more.
Gabrielle & Laura Peer
You two are the cutest Thespians we
Amorette, We love you! Break a leg! Mom know. We are so proud.
& Dad
Love, Gamce & Poppa
Jessica, The cutest little dormouse in the
house. We love you!
Mema, Pop & Mom
To Our Mad Hatter: Keep up the crazy.
You are our shining star in a family full of
glistening squares! Let us be corny for a
moment, we love you, break a leg, and
whatever you do, don't say McB! Once
again, keep up the crazy!
Love, Mommy, Nikki, George & Colin Bug
Congratulations to the cast & Crew!
Thanks for everything you do to keep the
arts alive in Snellville, and for making
acting in 'Alice In Wonderland' such a
wonderful experience. Love, Caleigh
Gabrielle & Laura:
Break a leg little Dormouse! We love you
both so much,
Mommy & Daddy
Break a leg Madison, Marshall, and Halle!
Love, Emma & Cooper
We are so proud of you Mad, Mars, & Hal!
 Mom & Dad
Congratulations Ashley Taylor! We are so
proud of you! You are so special to us and
we love you so much. You did an
awesome job!
Love, Mom & Dad
Haley, We're so proud of you! Great job
in everything you do. Love Mom & Dad
A big shout out to Kaitlin and Sarah Killeen
and the Killeen family. You guys are
amazing! Thank you!
Will Medina
Cecily, We are so proud of you! Break a
Break a Leg Nicole
We Love You!!!!!!!!
Stage Manager
Asst. Stage Manager
Costume Supervisor
Set Design
Lighting Design
Light & Sound Operator
House Manager
Leah Smith
Teagan Eley
Robyn Parmer
Mike Twiggs
Miss Mary
Elizabeth Parmer
Mark Holt
Maegan Holt
Tyra Holt
Tyler Holt
Deedee Spangler
Anne Simmons
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Teagan Eley
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John Berlo
Set Construction
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Aryn Melton
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The Clark family
Nathan Gesualdo
Paula VandenOever
Amanda Gaines
Jennifer Peer
Blair Rector
Grayce Rector
Jay Rector
Sally Rector
Panee Larksukthom
Satya Kamdar
Geneva King
Imani Smith
Sharon Smith
Karrah Schuster (Lory) would like to
thank her grandparents for driving her to
rehearsal everyday and thank Teagan for
making this show great.
Paige Snuffler (Cheshire Cat) is 16 years
old. This is her first show at NLT. And she
loves Glee!
Deedee Spangler (Duck) is thrilled to be in
another New London production. Thanks
for coming to see the show.
Megan Spangler (Card) would like to
thank her friends, family, dog named
'Sparky', and Director Teagan for casting
Kathleen Stewart (Card) has been in the
music program for the duration of middle
school and high school. Now she is trying
acting so that one day she will be a voice
Chris Suddeth (King of Hearts) is
appearing in his twentieth show and is very
excited to be in Alice. Kudos to all his
family and friends who come see it.
Cecily Tartaglione (Mock Turtle) Cecily’s
sights are set for Broadway, but until she
can save up enough money to go to NYC,
she’s having fun doing shows here at NLT.
This is her 6th show.
Ashley Taylor (Mouse) is in seventh grade.
She has done dance and gymnastics for
7 1/2 years and has always wanted to act.
Heather Turner (Mock Turtle) has met
new friends and had a lot of fun! Her
favorite part was probably working with
different age groups. She is so excited;
hopefully, we’re able to alter your world!
Halle VandenOever (Card) is in the first
grade and her favorite subject is phonics.
She's awesome!
Madison VandenOever (Rose) is in the
fifth grade and enjoys reading and
scrapbooking. This is her fifth NLT play
and each one is more fun than the last.
Marshall VandenOever (Lewis) is
enjoying his fourth appearance at NLT. He
is in the third grade and learning to play the
guitar in his free time.
Katie Van Laningham (Queen of Hearts)
is appearing in her sixth show at NLT and
nineteenth overall. Much love to cast, crew,
and loved ones. It has been tremendous funlaugh or heads will roll.
Kimberly Van Laningham (Frog
Footman) is appearing in her second show
at NLT. She loves doing shows and is glad
to be a part of Alice in Wonderland. Thanks
for coming! Enjoy!
Rachel Wagner (Duchess) is in the eighth
grade. She is excited to work with NLT
again. Please, enjoy the show!
Alessa Walle (Fish Footman) has been
performing since she was 6 and is very
excited to be in her first play at NLT.
Justina Wells (Fish Footmen) is an
amazing stage manager and has been doing
plays for the last year or so. She plays
soccer and is pretty much an amazing
person! You'll love her!
Heather Whitfield (White Rabbit) wants to
dedicate this show to her family and
boyfriend. They have always encouraged
her to chase her dreams in Wonderland.
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