Berkeley College

Berkeley College
Berkeley College's transfer page
The Berkeley College in White Plains is housed in a contemporary building incorporates a traditional
academic setting with cutting-edge technology. Students enjoy all the advantages of college life in one
location—classrooms, student services, library, Academic Support Center, theater, student lounge, and
computer labs. All facilities are designed to accommodate the physically challenged. Established in 1945,
the White Plains location now serves more than 700 students in day, evening, and online courses. The
Larry L. Luing School of Business accounts for the majority of the programs of study. The School of
Professional Studies has courses to give students the in-depth knowledge and latest skills required to
excel as professionals in criminal justice, interior design, legal studies, graphic design, and health
services careers. The School of Liberal Arts has courses in humanities, mathematics/science, social
sciences, English, and foreign languages add value to the specialized, career-focused training.
WCC Programs:
Business Administration
Criminal Justice Police/Corrections
Fashion Merchandising
Global Business
Marketing AS, AAS
Berkeley College 4 year majors:
Business Administration
Justice Studies
Fashion Marketing &
International Business
General stipulations at a glance:
WCC AS degree in Business Administration and with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 will be
granted junior status at Berkeley College
Upon transferring, WCC graduates will be awarded up to a maximum of 65 credits(92
quarter credits) earned at WCC as applicable to The BBS in General Business or
Management degree requirements at Berkeley College