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My best MOOC ever - Experience with the Berkeley
SaaS course
Friday, 4 April 2014 10:12 (0:06)
In autumn 2013 I took the Software as a Service free Massive Open Online Course (CS169.1x and
CS169.2x in the platform) by Berkeley CS people. This course gives an overview of Software
Engineering with emphasis on Agile methods. It introduces Software as a Service and Service
Oriented architecture with examples based on Ruby on Rails as well as a bit of JavaScript (the good
parts). The material was state of the art and the teaching was first class with lectures combined
with programming assignments and quizzes with automated correction. This makes me think that
MOOCs are going replace a lot of offline computing courses rather quickly...
Presenter(s) :
Mr. REGUERO, Ignacio (CERN)