An open letter to our customers and propane suppliers from Lock

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An open letter to our customers and propane suppliers from Lock America, Inc.
We don’t need to tell you that an unusually cold winter, combined with propane distribution issues,
has created a crisis for many states in the west, south and Midwest. The situation has led many
governors to suspend the hour and mileage regulations for fuel delivery and suspend your right to
control who puts fuel in your tanks. We share your desire to keep your customers’ homes warm and
their businesses functioning.
Transport hour and mileage regulations were developed for safety reasons, and while suspending
them may be a solution in a distribution crisis, there is risk involved in disregarding safety.
Nevertheless, the industry has taken heroic steps to get supplies to market.
In states such as Indiana, the governor’s office and staff have expressed willingness to reach out to
suppliers on the customer’s behalf, especially with extremely cold weather back in the forecast, and
are working with the local gas association to monitor the propane supply to ensure that customers
are treated fairly.
According to a recent Indiana news report, “Customers usually have to get written authorization
from propane suppliers in order to allow another one to service their tank, but the attorney general
says there are exceptions. State law lets customers bypass the requirement in the event of a
weather emergency or if suppliers fail or can’t deliver on time.”
If your company and your drivers are pushing their limits to get fuel where it belongs, then you
should be assured that your customers get their fuel from you.
But if that’s not possible, when the supply arrives, you may want to minimize the risk of someone
else filling your tanks under the cloak of an emergency. Unauthorized dealers don’t necessarily
serve your community or the industry. So keep your tanks secure with a fill valve lock.
In an energy emergency, don’t ignore a liability and safety issue. Even if your customer might sign a
waiver that protects you against a liability for an accident, with a substitute delivery, you still need to
protect your investment in your tank and equipment.
We’d like to know if you agree, and get your opinions on the need to secure tanks with a fill valve
lock. If you would like to discuss this or any other related issue, call us at the number below during
business hours.
The Lock America Management Team
Lock America
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