present the
4th Annual Jazz 4 Justice©
The Great American Songbook
Henry N. Butler, Special Guest Conductor
James R. Carroll, Director
Darden Purcell, Director
Saturday, November 21, 2015 at 8 p.m.
Hylton Performing Arts Center
Merchant Hall
The Hylton Performing Arts Center gratefully acknowledges the generous
and ongoing support of the Friends of the Hylton Performing Arts Center.
This evening’s program will be taken from the following selections.
There will be one fifteen-minute intermission.
Frank Churchill
Denis Diblasio
Whistle While You Work
Hoagy Carmichael and Mitchell Parish
Arr. Tommy Newsom
Harry Woods
Arr. Billy May
What a Little Moonlight Can Do
Duke Ellington
Leonard Bernstein
Arr. Bill Reddie
West Side Story
I Needs To Be’d With
Quincy Jones
I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love With Me Clarence Gaskill and Jimmy McHugh
Arr. Darmon Meader
Danny Boy
Arr. Darmon Meader
In The Mood
Joe Garland
Sing Sing Sing
Louis Prima
James R. Carroll, Director
Luis Palacios, Alto I*
John Longbottom, Alto II
Chris Young, Tenor I
Parker Roth, Tenor II
Jack Irby, Baritone
Michael Ottaviano*
Emily Cissell
Chandler Comer
A. Tyler Thompson, Bass Bone
Joe Donegan*
Anthony N. Dass
Marc Anthony
Tim Fary, Jr.
Sarah Moyers
Rhythm Section
John Buck, Bass*
Marcelo Carrion, Guitar
Tomas Jackson, Piano
Angel Bethea, Drums
Sam Carolla, Drums
*Section Leader
Dr. Darden Purcell, Director
Brandon Boling
Ace Chapman
Markus Ellis
Clare Galvin
Adam Gambrel
Taewon “Johnny” Kim
Kyra Larson
Kori Long
Linnea Monson
Sarah Moyers
Huy Ngo
Khanh Ngo
Jazz 4 Justice© was the brainchild of Edward L. Weiner back in 2000 when he was
attending a recital at the George Mason University Department of Music. He was
impressed by the music, but distressed by the small audience. As a Past President of
the Fairfax Law Foundation, he saw an opportunity for the two organizations to work
together. Since then, he has also founded an Annual Law Day Weiner Roast, another
fundraiser for the Law Foundation. Ed serves as the National Fundraising Chairman
of the Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation (RRPF), is currently President
of the Virginia State Bar, participates in VDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway Program (and may
be spotted on weekends keeping our roads clean), and is involved in numerous other
community projects to make Fairfax an even better place to live. Ed will be quick to tell
you that all of his efforts are made possible by the love and support of his wife, Maura,
and two daughters, Maurissa and Brianna.
Our Jazz Vocal Director
Dr. Darden Purcell is a Washington, D.C.-based jazz vocalist. A multi-faceted musician,
Ms. Purcell is an active featured soloist with big bands and small ensembles, a band
leader, and a vocal instructor. She has collaborated with many of the world’s top jazz
artists, including Jim Pugh, Chip McNeill, Dana Hall, Don Heitler, Glenn Wilson, Chip
Stephens, Larry Gray, Stockton Helbing, Joel Spencer, Lisanne Lyons, Chris Vadala, Jim
Carroll, Anthony Maiello, The Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, and the Naval Academy Big
Band Next Wave, and has performed at concert halls and clubs throughout the nation,
including the Pops for Champagne, The Jazz Kitchen, The Blue Wisp, and The Kennedy
Center (back-up vocals for George Benson). Dr. Purcell is Director of Jazz Studies,
Instructor of Jazz Voice, and Founder/Director of the Mason Jazz Vocal Ensemble at
George Mason University.
Ms. Purcell is a former Washington, D.C., Air Force Band vocalist, performing with the
pop group High Flight and the jazz band The Airmen of Note. With both groups, she
performed nationally and internationally (Bahrain, Germany, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Oman,
Pakistan, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates). In addition to being a featured soloist, Ms.
Purcell has performed back-up vocals for nationally renowned recording artists Chaka
Khan, Bryan White, Janie Frickie, Freda Payne, Sherrie Payne, Gloria Loring, Melba
Moore, BeBe Winans, Lari White, and Rita Coolidge as well as for a nationally televised
performance behind Darlene Love on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Dr. Purcell is a sought-after jazz vocal educator and clinician. For three years, she was the jazz
voice instructor and director of the UIUC Jazz Vocal Ensemble at the University of Illinois.
This ensemble was invited to perform at the New York Voices Jazz Festival, Gold Company
Jazz Vocal Invitational, and the 2012 Jazz Education Network conference. She has served
as music faculty for the W.O. Smith Music Camp (Nashville), Illinois Summer Youth Music,
and the George Mason Summer Jazz Workshop, and her students have won “Outstanding
soloist” awards at collegiate festivals as well as Downbeat Student Music Awards.
Dr. Purcell received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vocal Jazz Performance at Virginia Tech,
a Master of Music in Jazz Performance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
and a Doctor of Musical Arts in Jazz Performance also at the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign. Purcell’s CD, Easy Living, was produced by Grammy Award-winning
saxophonist Chip McNeill and features McNeill, Shawn Purcell, Chip Stephens, Dennis
Carroll, and Stockton Helbing. Visit Darden at
Our Director
Professor James Carroll has a versatile background that includes tours with artists ranging
from Michael Jackson to Woody Herman and The Thundering Herd. Jim received both his
undergraduate and graduate training from Indiana University under the tutelage of David
Baker and Eugene Rousseau.
His travels have taken him to major venues in each of the fifty states, Europe, and
the Far East. He has performed at the Aurex, Nice, Bern, Concord, Montreux, Kool,
Monterey, Newport, North Sea, Perugia, and Pori Jazz Festivals. Active as an educator,
he has taught at Butler University, Capital University, and the Jamey Aebersold Summer
Jazz Workshops.
He has authored several volumes through Hal Leonard’s Artists Transcriptions series,
including a collaboration with jazz legend Sonny Rollins. His arrangement and
performance of The Ballgame can be heard at the main entrance of Nationals Park
in Washington, D.C. Jim was a charter member of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks
Orchestra, in residence at the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History. He performed,
recorded, and toured with the group until 1999, when he assumed the position as Director
of Jazz Studies at George Mason University.
Mr. Carroll is the founder and artistic director of the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra and the
Jazz Connection. He is passionate about spreading the word of the power of the arts to bring
people together, change lives, and do good in the world. Jim resides in Manassas, Virginia,
with his wife, Janette.
Our Special Guest Conductor
Henry N. Butler is Dean and Professor of Law at George Mason University School
of Law. Prior to his appointment as Dean, Dr. Butler was a George Mason University
Foundation Professor of Law and executive director of the George Mason University
Law & Economics Center. For over 20 years, he has led judicial education programs that
teach the basics of economics, finance, accounting, statistics, and scientific methods to
over 3,000 sitting federal and state judges.
From 2007 to 2010, Butler served as the first executive director of the Searle Center
on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth at Northwestern University School of Law.
He has held prior appointments at The Brookings Institution, Chapman University, the
University of Kansas, the University of Chicago, and Texas A&M University. From 1986
to 1993, he was a law professor at George Mason and during that period also served as
an Associate Dean and Director of the Law & Economics Center.
He received an M.A. and a Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
State University and a J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law He received a
Bachelor Degree in economics from the University of Richmond.
“God has wrought many things out of oppression. He has endowed his creatures with
the capacity to create and from this capacity has flowed the sweet songs of sorrow and
joy that have allowed man to cope with his environment and many different situations.
Jazz speaks for life. The Blues tell the story of life’s difficulties, and if you think for a
moment, you will realize that they take the hardest realities of life and put them into
music, only to come out with some new hope or sense of triumph.
This is triumphant music.
Modern jazz has continued in this tradition, singing the songs of a more complicated
urban existence. When life itself offers no order and meaning, the musician creates an
order and meaning from the sounds of the earth which flow through his instrument.
It is no wonder that so much of the search for identity among American Negroes was
championed by Jazz musicians. Long before the modern essayists and scholars wrote of
racial identity as a problem for a multiracial world, musicians were returning to their
roots to affirm that which was stirring within their souls.
Much of the power of our Freedom Movement in the United States has come from this
music. It has strengthened us with its sweet rhythms when courage began to fail. It has
calmed us with its rich harmonies when spirits were down.
And now, Jazz is exported to the world. For in the particular struggle of the Negro in
America there is something akin to the universal struggle of modern man. Everybody
has the Blues. Everybody longs for meaning. Everybody needs to love and be loved.
Everybody needs to clap hands and be happy. Everybody longs for faith.
In music, especially this broad category called Jazz, there is a stepping stone towards all
of these.”
Dr. Dennis Layendecker, Director; Heritage Chair in Music
Dr. Linda Apple Monson, Managing Director; Distinguished Service Professor
Administrative Staff
Molly Baldovin,
Assistant to the Directors
Andrew Dougherty,
Audition Coordinator, Recruitment Assistant
Bridget Higgins,
Operations Assistant
Nadege Noel, Operations and Business Manager
Katrina Sapp, Piano Technician
Melinda Wildman, Senior Academic Advisor
Academic and Performance
Area Directors
Dr. Lisa A. Billingham, Director of Graduate Studies
Jim Carroll, Director of Instrumental Studies
Dr. Stanley Engebretson, Director of Choral Studies
Dr. Jesse Guessford, Director of Music Technology
John Kilkenny, Director of
Percussion Studies & Recruitment Coordinator
Patricia Miller, Director of
Vocal Studies
Dr. Linda Monson, Director of Keyboard Studies
Dr. Michael Nickens, Director of Athletic Bands
Dr. Tom C. Owens, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr. Darden Purcell, Director of Jazz Studies
Dr. Glenn Smith, Director of Theory & Composition
Dr. Brian Wuttke, Director of Music Education
Matt Neff, Brass Area Coordinator, trombone
Dr. Stanley Curtis, trumpet
Dr. Dennis Edelbrock, trumpet
Andrew Hitz, euphonium/tuba
Dr. Amy Horn, horn
Mark Jenkins, euphonium
Craig Mulcahy, trombone
James Nickel, horn
Dr. Michael Nickens, tuba
Dr. Matt Niess, jazz trombone
Dave Porter, tuba
Kenneth Rittenhouse,
jazz trumpet
Phil Snedecor, trumpet
Jane Moore Kaye, accompanying
Dr. Patricia Parker, piano, accompanying
Dr. Elaine Rendler, organ
Michelle Richardson,
keyboard skills
Dr. Glenn Smith, Director of Dr. John Walker, organ
Theory & Composition
Kimberly Yi, keyboard skills
Mark Camphouse
Faith Zúñiga, keyboard skills
Dr. Jesse Guessford
John Kilkenny, Director of Dr. Lisa A. Billingham
Percussion Studies, percussion
Mark Camphouse
Jonathan Bisesi, percussion
Dr. Stanley Engebretson
Kenneth Harbison, percussion
Dr. Dennis Layendecker
Joe McCarthy, jazz percussion
Anthony Maiello
Jonathan Rance, percussion
John Spirtas, percussion
Jazz Studies
Harold Summey, jazz percussion
Dr. Darden Purcell, Director of Jazz Studies, voice
Jim Carroll, Founder of Jazz Dr. Elizabeth Adams, Orchestral Studies, saxophone
Strings Area Coordinator, Wade Beach, piano
Regan Brough, bass
Larry Snitzler, Guitar Area Glenn Dewey, double bass/ Coordinator, classical guitar
electric bass
Ignacio Alcover, cello
Joe McCarthy, percussion
Amy Frost Baumgarten, cello
Dr. Matt Niess, trombone
Elizabeth Blakeslee, harp
Rick Parrell, saxophone
Regan Brough, jazz bass
Victor Provost, steel pan
Philippe Chao, viola
Dr. Shawn Purcell, guitar
Glenn Dewey, double bass/
Kenneth Rittenhouse, trumpet
electric bass
Dave Robinson, traditional
June Huang, violin
jazz ensemble
Dr. Shawn Purcell, jazz guitar
Harold Summey, percussion
Matt Trkula, guitar ensemble
Rick Whitehead, guitar
Rick Whitehead, jazz guitar
Dr. Peter Wilson, violin
Keyboard Studies
Dr. Linda Apple Monson, Vocal Studies
Director of Keyboard Studies, Patricia Miller, Director of Vocal piano
Studies, mezzo-soprano
Dr. Anna Balakerskaia, piano, Dr. Kathryn Hearden, Associate chamber music
Director of Vocal Studies, Wade Beach, jazz piano
Dr. Lisa Bloy, accompanying
John Aler, tenor
Dr. Joanne Haroutounian, Lisa Berger, soprano
keyboard pedagogy, piano
Sam Bonds, baritone
Dr. John Healey, piano
Seong Won Nam, tenor
Dr. Yoonji Kim, keyboard skills, Dr. Darden Purcell, jazz voice
Joseph Walsh, opera coaching
Andrew Miller, keyboard skills
Debby Wenner, mezzo-soprano
Dr. Ina Mirtcheva, keyboard Dr. Mira Yang, soprano
skills, piano
Dr. Kathy Mulcahy, Woodwinds Area Coordinator, Clarinet
Dr. Lorrie Berkshire-Brown, oboe
Sharon J. Bonneau, clarinet
Jim Carroll, saxophone
Lora R. Ferguson, clarinet
Edward Fraedrich, saxophone
Dr. Tyler Kuebler, saxophone
Dr. Jennifer Lapple, flute
Julianna Nickel, flute
Dr. Margaret Owens, oboe
Rick Parrell, saxophone
Dr. Max Wharton, bassoon
Music Education
Dr. Brian Wuttke, Director of Music Education
Lisa Berger, class voice
Dr. Lorrie Berkshire-Brown, class woodwinds
Dr. Lisa Billingham, Choral Music Education
Mary Ann East, Art of
Teaching Music
Linda Gammon, supervision of intern teachers
Matthew Halligan, class percussion
Glen McCarthy, class guitar
Dave Porter, class brass
Joyce Stephansky, choral elementary methods
F. Wayne Taylor, string pedagogy and orchestral methods
Music History and Literature
Dr. Tom C. Owens, Coordinator of Music History & Literature
Dr. Hubert Beckwith, music history, world music
Carrie Ann Delaney, popular music in America
Steven Gerber, graduate research
Dr. Emily H. Green,
music history
Ed Knoeckel, music in film
Dr. Gregory Robinson, ethnomusicology, world music
Igor Sarmientos, world music
Theory, Aural Skills,
and Technology
Dr. Glenn Smith, Director of Theory & Composition
Dr. Rachel Bergman, theory
(on leave)
Dr. Kathleen Biddick-Smith, theory
Andrew Cote, aural skills
Michelle Fegeas, music fundamentals
Jeremy Freer, popular music arranging
Dr. Jesse Guessford, music technology
Dr. John Healey, music fundamentals, aural skills
Jeff Hudson, music fundamentals
Christopher J. Liotta, aural skills
Anthony Maiello, aural skills
Luis Palacios, music fundamentals
Laura Petravage, music fundamentals
Dr. Elaine Rendler, music theory
Adam Rothenberg, music technology
Ben Ryer, music theory
Afro-Cuban Ensemble:
Joe McCarthy
Baroque Chamber Ensemble:
Dr. Margaret Owens
Brass Ensemble: Phil Snedecor
Chamber Ensembles: Dr. Anna Balakerskaia,
Dr. Elizabeth Adams
Contemporary Music Ensemble: Andrew Cote
Flute Choir: Dr. Jennifer Lapple
Green Machine: Dr. Michael Nickens, Jeremy Freer
Guitar Ensemble: Matt Trkula
Healing Arts: Dr. Glenn Smith
Jazz Combos: Wade Beach
Jazz Ensemble: Jim Carroll
Jazz Workshop: Rick Parrell
Opera: John Aler, Patricia Miller, Joseph Walsh
Percussion Ensemble:
John Kilkenny
Steel Pan Ensemble:
Victor Provost
Symphonic Band: John Kilkenny
Symphony Orchestra:
Dr. Dennis Layendecker
Trad Jazz Ensemble:
Dave Robinson
University Chorale:
Dr. Lisa Billingham
University Singers:
Dr. Stanley Engebretson
Vocal Jazz: Dr. Darden Purcell
Vocal Sound Cheque:
Dr. Stanley Engebretson
Wind Symphony:
Mark Camphouse
The School of Music wishes to thank the Friends of Music at
Mason for their generous support.
(April 1, 2014 - October 15, 2015)
Includes all gifts to the School of Music, Friends of Music at Mason, Music Scholarship
Endowments, Green Machine Boosters, and ARTS by George! designations to Music.
Conductor ($10,000+)
Karen P. Arledge
Peter R. Barcher, Ph.D.
Drs. Ángel and Beth Cabrera
Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney O. Dewberry
Fairfax Law Foundation
Debra and Kevin McCarthy
and the McCarthy Family Foundation
Charles and Bobby Paturick
Peterson Family Foundation
Mr. Eric H. Singer and
Ms. Julie D. Begun
Bob and Pat Warakomsky
Diva ($5,000–$9,999)
The Beck Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Bennett
Dr. Barry and Velma Berkey
Barbara Jacksier and
Everett Chasen
The Presser Foundation
The PWC Bar Foundation
Dr. Peter N. Stearns and
Ms. Donna L. Kidd
Steinway Piano Gallery of D.C.
Soloist ($1,000–$4,999)
Rosalie Begun
Pat and Pat Carroll
Randolph and Lucy Church
Country Club of Fairfax
Joyce and Gary Grimes
Arthur and
Linda Hamerschlag
Dr. Joy Hughes and
Mr. Kenneth Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Kanyan
Edward T. and
Kathleen G. Kelly
Juliana and Howard Kuo
Richard and Ann Lee
Mr. John T. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Long
David and Joanne Lynch
Anthony and Susan Maiello
Brian H. Marcus
Kathleen and Charles Meyer
Drs. Keith and
Linda Apple Monson
Robert and Ida Portland
Richard W. Averill Foundation
Ray and Kay Rongley
Dr. Victoria N. Salmon and
Mr. John J. Salmon
Dr. Mary E. Schmidt and
Dr. Russell C. Libby
Al and Mindy Sims
Dr. Glenn E. Smith
Dr. Sharon W. Tiffany
Verizon Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen and
Sophy Weinroth
Dr. and Mrs. S. David Wu
Performer ($500–$999)
American Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
Ronald Baker and Ruta
Dianne and Gerard Blais
Dr. Mark Camphouse and
Ms. Elizabeth Curtis
Capitol Symphonic Youth Orchestras
James and Megan Davis
Joyce and John DeVoll
Rita and Dean Evans
Vincent and Clara Ferraro
Gardner and Stevie Gillespie
Roy and Charlotte Harrell
Fred and Alice Heyer
Jennifer Jean Lapple
Charles and Fae Ann Lawson
Donald and Jennifer Lee
Patricia and Evans Mandes
Kathleen and Charles Meyer
Denis and Joan O’Toole
Mr. John Paul Phaup
Claire Saret
Specialized Personnel
Locators, LLC
Annabelle and David Stone
United Way of the National Capital Area
Mr. and Mrs. James Wakeley
Performer ($200–$499)
Susan J. Aitel and
Jonathan Goldman
Barbara and Peter Alberse
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Allen
Anne De Laiglesia Anderson
Sylvia Auton
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Barnes
Dr. and William Bekenstein
Bias Recording Company, Inc.
Doris E. Bloch and
William D. Hunt
The Boeing Company
Michael and Christine Booth
Dr. Beth Bullard
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Burgess
Gordon and Judy Canyock
Paula L. Delo
Robert and Amy Foss
Foxwood Communications
Mary Jane Gabbay
Linda and Shelly Gersten
Mr. Jeffrey W. Gilliam and
Mrs. Adair Gilliam
Ms. Millie Hollis
Idaclaire and Thomas Kerwin
Ms. Lai-Lan Ko
Mrs. Nhunha Lee
Werner and Denise Lippuner
John and Maureen Longbottom
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy
Mr. James Mangi and
Ms. Kathleen Schmidt
Music Celebrations International
Norfolk Southern Foundation
Ms. Christine M. O’Hare
Ms. Patricia Parker
Jonathan D. Pavluk and
Donna G. Pavluk
Mary and Frank Presta
Betty and Frank Quirk
Mr. and Mrs. William Reeder
C. Carole Richard
Madelyn Ross and
Spencer Griffith
Gary and Sheila Spitzel
William and Sandra Takis
Ms. Stephanie Verga
Mr. John W. Warren
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Friend (up to $199)
Kathleen and Thomas Adams
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Mary and William Aldacushion
Larry and Sue Anderson
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Body, Mind and
Free Spirit!
Resident since 2012
Welcome to Westminster at Lake
Ridge. This is a community of beautiful
apartment and cottage homes nestled
among quiet tree-lined streets and
walking paths. Here you will find an
exciting, joyful and fulfilling experience,
shared with active and engaged friends
and neighbors who make our community
home, all with peace of mind that comes
with quality on-site health services.
Westminster at Lake Ridge is
accepting wait list reservations!
Call (703) 496-9946 today to
schedule your personal tour!
Hylton Performing art center ad1.indd 1
12191 Clipper Drive,
Lake Ridge, VA 22192
8/19/2015 1:49:55 PM
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John Stirrup, Vice Chairman
David Moore, Secretary
Sheyna Burt, Esq.
Ron Carmichael
Carlos Castro
Sean Connaughton
Carol Merchant Kirby
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Pat Pate
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Marda Robillard
Richard Smith
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Linda Beckman
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Shannon Baccaglini,
CVPA Alumni Chapter
Robert Bork, Jr., Computer Game Design Advisory Board
Cleopatra Burke, Potomac Arts Academy Advisory Board
R. Pat Carroll, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Marion Deshmukh, Chair, Faculty Arts Club
Jeremy Freer, Assistant
Director, Athletic Bands
Gardner Gillespie, Chair, School of Art Advisory Council
Lloyd Griffiths, Dance Partnership Council
Barbara Jacksier, President, Friends of Music
Mack Miller, President, Friends of Theater
Paulette Miller, President, Friends of the Center of the Arts
The Hon. Mark D. Wolfe
Amy Grant Wolfe,
Artistic Director
Catherine Grant Smith, President
Michael V. Paulson,
Vice President
Julie Waters, Secretary
Marie Schuler, Treasurer
Jan Alten
Haydn Davis
David E. Ebbecke, P.T.
John H. Foote
Barbara Ghadban
Bryan McEachern, M.D.
Col. Michael Riley, USMC, Ret.
Dani Rogero
Brig. Gen. Michael J. Squier, Ret.
Linda L. Wright
Wendy C. Ault, M.D.
Sheryl Bass
Linda H. Daniel, M.D.
Nancy Hersch Ingram
Harry Parrish II
Amy Grant Wolfe,
Artistic Director
Mark Wolfe,
Executive Director
Christina Brooks, Assistant to the Director
Patricia Richie-Folks, Production Manager
Warren Sallade, Operations Manager
Mary Somerville, Box Office Manager
Beth Rose Luna, Director of Publicity and Marketing
Shannon Stuckey, Publicity and Marketing Assistant
Josh Brooks, Financial Manager
Sara Gaydash Ordway, New Media Manager
Pamela Kubiak, Event Coordinator
Igor Sapatko, Vadim Slatvitskiy,
Ballet Masters
Christopher Hite, Music Director
Christina Brooks, Costume Mistress
Sean Ordway, Lighting Designer and Stage Manager
Tim Grant, Scenic Designer
Melanie Beus Photography, Photographer
Brian Foy
Kim Hill
Rich Improta
Kathryn Moore
Patrick Almazar
Robert Beecher
Harold Goldzung
Russell Tuck
Mark Cooke, President
Mimi Menzies, Vice President
Denise Almazar, Secretary
Greg Aleman, Treasurer
Rebecca Verner, Artistic Director
Jonathan Laird, Accompanist
Jennifer Blanchard,
Director of Operations
Cathy Carolla,
Concert Manager
Michael P. Murtha, Jr., President
Austin N. Harris, Secretary
Ronda Sprague, Treasurer
Loretta Baxa
Marianne Gesotti
Angela Knight
Dr. Andrew G. Loerch
Robert (Bob) L. Marsh
Tim Mauk
Eileen Roberts
Rev. C. Milton Rodgers III
James Villani, Music Director
Joan Van Doren
Dr. Molly Lynch
Dr. Roger Ramsammy
Joyce Zsembery
Susy Moorstein, President
Pam Cribbs, Treasurer
David Harback, Director
Pat McInereny, Director
Eric Trumbull, Director
Chrissy Mastrangelo, Director
Claudia Morales
Melvin Goodwyn,
Vice President
Amy Nickerson, Secretary
Robert Anastasio, Treasurer
William P. Gray
Thomas Mason
Shelly Reagan
Bruce Taylor
Taryn Wood
Claudia Morales
Anne Rupert, Music Director, Youth Symphony Orchestra Conductor
Robert E. Sturm, Executive Director
Robin Conrad Sturm, Artistic Director
Loretta Freeman, President
Alonzo (Lonnie) Wilson, Treasurer
Vernell Lewis, Secretary
Sheila V. Anderson
Janice Broome Brooks
Deidre Crawford
Gerry Griffin
Chalet Jean-Baptiste
Desirea Moore-Mitchell
Harriet Parker
Denise M. McPhail, Co-Founder/Executive Director
Jeff Limjoco, President
Savannah Burns, Secretary
Lindsay McCarthy, Treasurer
Carol McCarthy, Soprano Representative
Georgie Gallagher, Tenor Representative
Tom Meier, Bass Representative
Colleen Jabs, Alto Representative
Katherine Nelson-Tracey, Director
Dawn Whitaker, Company Manager
Lucetta Furr, Artistic Director
Krista Faulkner, Resident Choreographer
Shontal Snider, Resident Choreographer
Briana Williams, Resident Choreographer
Debbie Gilbert, Artistic Director
Lisa Sheldone, Assistant Director
The Hylton Performing Arts Center expresses its gratitude to the
2015-2016 Hylton Presents sponsor.
Novant Health
Hylton Presents Season Sponsor
Artist Accommodations Partner
Includes $75+ gifts to the Hylton Performing Arts Center
(as of November 2, 2015)
Novant Health
Insperity/Guy Hinkler
Eileen E. Kennedy
Donna Kidd and Peter Stearns
George and Irene Koleszar
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Leet
John O. Gregory
Carol Merchant Kirby and Peter Kirby Mary Jane and Dale Loy
Brian Marcus
Jim and Betty Mast
Leon and Sheridan McGlothlin
Azelea Charities
David B. Moore
United Bank
Anne Nordness
Buck and Julie Waters –
Paula and Michael Olejarz
The Waters Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Rexford G. Parr
William and Sandra Pate
Robert and Carol Perry
Apple Federal Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reeder
Randall and Anna Edwards
Eileen and Kara Roberts
Dr. Norman and Lorraine Rosenberg
Richard and Sheron Seraydarian
Youth for Tomorrow
Donn Smith and Jay Speer
Judith and Donald Smith
John T. Stirrup
City of Manassas
Leo and Linda Stoltz
Tricia and Haydn Davis
David and Kate Strand
John H. Foote and
Patrick and Kay Sullivan
Rosamond Tompkins
Virginia Commission for the Arts
Mary Ballard Postma
Ed and Maria Ward
Jerry and Mary Sherman
Rick Smith and Catherine Grant-Smith Michael and Janice Ward
John and Ann Wheeler
In memory of Owen A.Whipple
Durie and Donald White
Terry Aldridge and Patricia Thomas
William Grant & Sons
Mr. Robert Anderson III
Ed and Stephanie Wright
John and Debra Atkinson
Thomas and Nancy Zacharczyk
Barry and Deborah Barnard
John and Penny Barrows
Herb Bilewski
Helen and Bill Ackerman
Darold and Stephanie Brinley
Donald and Diana Akers
Bill and Leah Brogdon
Dee and Kathy Bailey
Andrew Bursten
Fred and Karen Baillie
Dr. Ángel and Dr. Beth Cabrera
Judith T. Bridges
Craig and Kris Campesi
Kay and John Ferguson
Coulter, Harris and Loftus PC
Jule Jewell
Margaret G. Covington
Sheldon and Deby Levi
Steve and Kate Danziger
Joseph Magalski, Jr. and
Rick Davis and Julie Thompson
Leanna Giancarlo
Barry and Betty Dean
Sherman and Caroline Mills
Peter Dickinson and Katie Largent
Dick and Julie Murphy
Michael and Alison Dixon
Melissa Peacor
Mr. Steve O. Dixon and
Edward and Marilyn Pratt
Ms. Vandy S. Dixon
John and Ann Pucci
Sue and John Farris
Doyle and Shelly Reagan
Dale and Robert Fisher
Diane Riffer
Craig Gerhart and Martha Reinhart
Joseph W. Snook
William Grant & Sons
Martha R. Sullivan
William and Jacqueline A. Gravell
Richard and Wenda Travers
Michael and Rhonda Troutman
Dr. John and Mrs. Arlene Hermansen
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Washington
Sam and Lillian Hill
Rachel and Jon Wist
Jesus Andino-Aquino
Don and Gloria Austring
Steven and Allyn Bamberger
Bennett, Atkinson and Associates, P.C.
Jud and Nancy Bireley
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Brickach
Willa Jane Brown
Rosemary Burton and Hugh Smith
Beverly and Norman Cherkis
Robert G. and Roberta H. Clark
Paula B. Compton
David and Jacqueline Connor
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Darnell
Linda D. Decker
Carol and Harry Dietrich
Jim Duffy
Robert and Elizabeth Fini
William and Lorraine Goldsmith
John and Erna Grzejka
George and Kathryn Hart
Daniel and Lynn Hobbs
Mark W. and Regina N. Jessop
Bill and Barbara Johnston
Ronald Knecht
Raelene Knieriem
Barbara and Bill Lidell
Steele and Patricia Lipe
Andy and Claire Loerch
Greg and Sherry Mason
Edward and Gina McGovern
Gary and Bernadette McGuire
Jackson H. Miller, Majority Whip,
Virginia House of Delegates
Charles and Caroline Mills, Jr.
Sharon Kay Moser
Tom and Linda Neel
Lt. Gen. and Mrs. Michael A. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. William J. O’Connor
George and Susan Parker
Lt. Col. Mary Jane Parrish, USAFR
Robert and Gail Petty
Shirley and John Rice
Ed and Mitzi Roman
Todd Scheerer
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Schornick
Terry and Ed Scott
Bill and Ann Sturm
Ms. Pauline Thompson, Tysons Realty
Charlotte Vedeler
Rochelle Westmoreland
Janet Wheatcraft
Woman’s Club of Manassas
Jane and Bruce Zatkowsky
Scott and Robin Albrecht
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Sheryl Bass
Doug and Helen Baumgardt
Ann and David Baylor
Ruth Ann and Bernard Berger
Sid and Caroline Billingsley
John and Terry Bisaga
Martin B. Blumsack
Bob and Peggie Bogstie
Tom and Carol Boland
Frank and Bert Boyd
Dee Brown and Glen Macdonald
Jim and Fran Buckler
John and Jane Busavage
Maria D. Cataneo
Arlene L. Childs
Dr. and Mrs. Clayton
Robert and Janet Conrad
Peter and Nancy Coughlan
Wally and Connie Covington
Wilbur D. Curtis, Jr.
Arthur and Anna May Davis
Thomas Deputy
Donna and Lawrence DiRicco
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dwyer
Phyllis M. Ebben
Miriam and Gregory Ellis
Marlene Epstein
Gerard and Judith Fisher
Spencer and Nancy Fisher
James J. and Ethel A. Fletcher
Scot Forbis
David and Jeannie Foster
Kathleen Fordham Franklin
Megan Gallagher
Karl and JoAnne Gansberg
Amelia F. Garcia
Binkie Gibson
Audrey C. Guarino
Ed and Brenda Hilliard
Jay P. Hochstaine
Jim Hogler
Joe and Betty Humenik
John and Deborah Hutton
Phillip and Pat Imel
Joe and Yvonne Jennings
Deb Jewell
Cynthia Kacer
Rod and Nancy Kastrup
Carolyn and Bert Kriebel
Michael and Eileen Lee
Ronnie and Lester Levay
Barbara Lucas
Claire Machosky
Ellie M. Marshall
Maggie McElhone
Samuel and Sandra Mills
Kirk Moberley
Jim and Jeri Monaghan
Dorothy S. Moore
Richard and Patricia Moore
Roy and Nancy Murray
Dale and Ellen Owens
David and Janet Peach
Joyce Pieritz
Potomac Nationals
Randall and Janice Rice
Curtis and Lynn Robb
Raymond and Karen Roberson
Thomas and Deborah Roberts
George and Nancy Schleh
Cynde Sears and John McGeehin
Dan and Gerri Sibbet
John H. and Margaret Lilley Smith
Don and Pat Sodo
Ann and Bill Stampf
John and Teresa Stewart
Rachel and Dale Strother
Ms. Page D. Styles
Elaine Trautwein
Daniel Tucciarone and Thomas Sabal
Helen Walter
Shirley and Jonathan Way
Helen and Woody Wells
Roger and Sonya Wichelt
George and Katheryn Williamson
Diane C. Wilson
Sondra L. Ahalt
Michael and Elaine Ahern
Michael Amowitz
Sara B. Anderson
Thomas and Joyce Andrew
H. K. Anne
Charles and Eileen Atwood
Adheer Bahulkar
Roy and Helen Baker
Susan M. Bardenhagen
Ann and Larry Bell
Walter and Mary Bell
Adrianna and Steve Berk
Mary Anne and Robert Billingsley
Art and Nadine Bishop
Dan and Lynne Black
Keith and Patti Black
Larry and Kathy Blair
Hazel Boyer
Daniel and Kirsten Bray
Suzanne and Evan Brooks
Ted Bean and Kathy Brown
Deborah Bruce and David Bruce
Liam Burke
Bob and Lorraine Busey
Kathe and James Carney
Eldon and Susan Charest
Edward and Wilma Connolly
Kelle Connolly and Glenn Conway
Belinda Cooper
Susan H. Coursey
William and Pauline Cratty
Jacqueline B. Curley
Curran & Whittington PLLC
Nancy Daugherty
In honor of Rick Davis
Stewart N. Davis
Leon and Marierose Delchambre
William and Janet Dennis
Normand and Arlene Desmarais
Ruth Eagen
Jeanene Ebert
Raymond Eck
Dr. Russell Farris
Helene Fenwick
Bob and June Foss
Trish and Randy Freed
Carol and Leigh French
Lisa Gables
Richard and Jean Gentry
Rits B. Geoghegan
Connie and Stuart Gilman
Gabriel and Irene Gluck
Bill and Marianna Gooding
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goodrum
Thomas and Welby Griffin
John and Judith Griggs
Lyle and Ruth Hageman
Lowell and Nancy Hagy
Hilde Halpern
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and
Shirley Hancock-Furgerson
Thomas and Diane Hannon
Patricia Hansen
Paula Hayes
Joe and Marianne Head
Larry and Jeanette Heath
Patricia Helwig
John and Jacqueline Herde
Carlos and Sonia Hernandez
Robert L. Higgins
Pam Horak
Janice and Terry Hufford
Will and Lorraine Humphries
Nancy Hersch Ingram
Jamie and Pam Jackson
Paul and Christina Jenkins
A. J. and Doris Jones
Mrs. Clare Keating
Bill and Jodi Kingsley
Gay Koerber
Gloria Krause
Peter and Patricia Kuch
Howard and Susan Landsman
John and Sandra Langknecht
James and Traute Langmesser
Charles and Marlene Lapierre
Ben and Celia LaPlaca
Joan Leggett
Max and Marie Louden
Gerhard Lukowsky
Timothy and Kathleen MacDonald
Jonathan and Sharon Maimon
Patricia and Evans Mandes
John and Patricia Marino
Bob and Kathy Marsh
Charlie and Liz Martorana
Michael and Carol Mattock
Jack and Rita McDonald
Thomas and Donna McDonald
Ken and Nancy McDowell
John and Nancy McInerney
Eugene and Mary Lou Meale
Marilyn and Patrick Meehan
Jane Methvin
Warren and Joyce Miller
Dr. Susan E. Mittereder, Ed.D.
George and Mary Moniuszko
Charley and Jean Motter
Eileen M. Murphy
Steve and Denise Napoliello
Ellen O’Brien
Richard T. Olin, M.D.
Lillian Orlich
Albert and Nancy Osborne
John and Janice Overman
Jeanette Perrington
Cheryl and Mark Piper
Lars and Anita Rasmusson
Gail A. Reilly
Laurie and Jerry Ries
Dan and Margie Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Riley
John and Emily Robinson
The Ron Abney Educational Fund
Melvin and Nanette Ross
Mrs. Mary Ruiz
Bob and Peggy Schilpp
John Schmeelk
Marilyn Scott
William and Lucille Selfridge
Hannah M. Senft
Karen and Larry Shankles
Kathleen and Randy Shelton
Patricia Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Soergel
Gloria and Herb Sorkin
Joann and Ed Spall
David and Annabelle Stone
Mr. Richard J. Talomie
Gordon and Ruby Tassi
Philip and Darlene Taylor
Dave and Agnes Terry
Charlene Thompson
Linda Travis-Plato
Dean and Alice Turner
Hon. Rollin and
Diana Van Broekhoven
Kathryn J. Van Der Kamp
Adolf and Doris Waizecker
Don and Cheryl Walker
Dr. Steven Walts
Bob and Pat Warakomsky
Betty Weimer
Jim and Barbara White
Ana S. Wilburn
Bettie Williams
Wine Shop at Home by Kelly Goff, Independent Consultant
Michael and DiAnne Wood
Woodbridge Woman’s Club
Jerry and Louise Worley
Lee and Ellen Yarborough
Alan and Sue Yates
Connie Young
We greatly appreciate our supporters at all levels and
strive to ensure that all are acknowledged correctly.
For corrections, please contact
Jacqueline Connor (703) 993-7150 or
Manassas Ballet
azz in
Photo by Rebecca Chase
w/the Kim Reynolds Band & vocalist Mark Luna
October 23-25, 2015
w/the Manassas Ballet Theatre Orchestra
December 17-23, 2015
at the Hylton Performing Arts Center
Buy tickets at
or by phone (888) 945-2468 703-257-1811
Manassas Ballet Theatre is funded in part by the National Endowment
for the Arts and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.
Tom Davis, Rector
Stuart Mendelsohn, Vice Rector
Kelly McNamara Corley, Secretary
Mahfuz Ahmed
Karen Alcalde
Stephen M. Cumbie
Kimberly O. Dennis
Claire Dwoskin
Anne Gruner
John Jacquemin
Robert F. Pence
David Petersen
Jon Peterson
Shawn Purvis
Tracy Schar
M. Siddique Sheikh
Charlene Douglas
Khushboo Bhatia
Justin Van Buren
David Gallay
Larry Kerschberg
Jill Nelson
Peter Pober
Keith Renshaw
June Tangney
Edward Douthett
Alan Abramson
David S. Anderson
Corey A. Stewart, Chairman At-Large
Maureen S. Caddigan, Vice Chair,
Potomac District Supervisor
Jeanine Lawson, Brentsville District Supervisor
Martin E. Nohe, Coles District Supervisor
Peter Candland, Gainesville District Supervisor
John D. Jenkins, Neabsco District Supervisor
Michael C. May,
Occoquan District Supervisor
Frank J. Principi, Woodbridge District Supervisor
Melissa Peacor, County Executive
Harry J. Parrish II, Mayor
Jonathan L. Way, Vice Mayor
Marc T. Aveni, Council Member
Sheryl L. Bass, Council Member
Ken D. Elston, Council Member
Ian T. Lovejoy, Council Member
Mark D. Wolfe, Council Member
William Patrick Pate, City Manager
Ian McDonald,
Chairman of the Board
Lovey Hammel, Vice-Chair
Sheryl Bass, Secretary
Rexford Parr, Immediate Past
Heather Aram
Michael Armm
James H. Bennett, P.E.
Kathy Bentz
James Bounds
Erin Brandt
Ronald Carmichael
Senator Charles J. Colgan
Rae Darlington
Rick Davis
Linda Decker
Randall Edwards
Michele Evans
David Feldman
John Griffin
Molly Grove
Dr. Sam Hill
Todd House
Nancy Ingram
Deborah Johnson
Debbie Jones
Don Jones
Jeff Kaczmarek
John Kim
Carol Kirby
Evan Kohn
Jeanine Lawson
Ben Lepene
Joanne Lustre
Dr. Catherine Magouyrk
Dr. Bruce McDade
Delegate Jackson H. Miller
Dr. Susan Mittereder
Jay Norman
George Nossaman
Mayor Harry J. Parrish II
Pat Pate
Steve Porter
Dr. Roger Ramsammy
Emily Robinson
Susan Roltsch
Richard Seraydarian
Zuzana Steen
Craig Stewart
Mike Vanderpool
Marion Wall
Bill Washington
Supporters of the Hylton Center’s 5th Anniversary Gala
Honoring Novant Health and Dean William Reeder
April 11, 2015
The funds raised from this event support the Senator Charles J. Colgan Community Arts Benefit Fund,
providing local arts groups with support that allows them to make the Hylton Center their artistic home.
Gala Committee Chairs
Randall and Anna Edwards
Rich and Sheron Seraydarian
Presenting Sponsor
John O. Gregory
Dinner Sponsor
Skip and Tridy Albrite
Platinum Sponsor
The Jacquemin Family Foundation, Inc.
Novant Health
Prince William County
Gold Sponsors
Hector and Karen Alcalde
The Beck Foundation
Compton & Duling, L.C.
Albert J. Dwoskin and
Claire Dwoskin
The Edwards Family
Harry and Barbara Ghadban
Carol Merchant Kirby and Peter Kirby
The Micron Foundation
Mr. Robert F. Pence
The Reeder Family
The Seraydarian Family
United Bank
Wall Foundation
Silver Sponsors
Bronze Sponsors
95 Express Lanes
BAE Systems
Reginald Brown and Tiffeny Sanchez
City of Manassas
The Colgan Family
Confucius Institute at Mason
The Honorable Thomas M. Davis III
The Fauquier Bank
George Mason University – Prince William
Campus Executive Offices
Gilbane Development Company
Northern Virginia Community College
The Parrish Family
Odin, Feldman, and Pittleman PC
Sentara Healthcare
Peter Stearns and Donna Kidd
Vanderpool, Frostick, and Nishanian, PC
Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh, P.C.
John and Ann Wheeler
Penny and John Barrows
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Boyd
Buchanan Partners
Creative and Performing Arts Center, Inc.
Devine Family Foundation
Steve O. Dixon and Vandy S. Dixon
Dale and Robert Fisher
Rick Davis and Julie Thompson
The Gillum Family
Anne Gruner
James W. and Sarah D. Hazel
Nancy Hersch Ingram
Chris and Caroline Leet
Una Murphy and Steve Levenson
The Honorable Stuart Mendelsohn
Mary Postma
Dr. John Schmeelk
John Shilling
Judith and Donald Smith
Rick Smith and Catherine Grant-Smith
Craig Stewart
Martha Sullivan
Todos Hispanic Super Market
Bruce D. Wardinski
Julie and Buck Waters
Tom and Nancy Zacharczyk
Dr. Ángel Cabrera, President
S. David Wu, Provost
Rick Davis, Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts and
Executive Director, Hylton Performing Arts Center
• Penny Barrows, Coordinator, Veterans and
the Arts Initiative
• Briton Camphouse, Gallery Coordinator
• Jennifer Decker, Office Manager/Executuve
Board Liason
• Carol DeVany,
Marketing and Special Projects Manager
• Susan Landess, Sales Manager
• David Baylor, Director of Operations
• Jacquelyn Browning, Operations Assistant
• Diane Burrell, Operations Coordinator
• Chris Burrell, Production and Facilities Manager
• Sean Ordway, Master Electrician
• Mark Ormesher, Audio Engineer
• Kevin Smith, Technical Director
Front of House
• Marit Majeske, Front of House Manager
• Sandra Adams, Assistant Front of House Manager
• Sandy Carrott, Front of House Coordinator
• Pam Pasquariello, Front of House Coordinator
• Tom Zacharczyk, Front of House Coordinator
• Erin Beckman, Usher Supervisor
• Blanche Cathcart, Usher Supervisor
• Arlene Higgins, Usher Supervisor
• Nancy Hopson, Usher Supervisor
• Lynne Johnson, Usher Supervisor
• Marian Ludlow, Usher Supervisor
• Marie Nelson, Usher Supervisor
Ticket Office
• Cassie Roberts, Ticket Office Manager
• Diane Hannon, Assistant Ticket Office Supervisor
• Robert Kirkpatrick, Lead Ticket Seller
• Alex Perez, Lead Ticket Seller
• Becky Scott, Lead Ticket Seller
• Jeremy Stern,
Event and Patron Relations Coordinator
Eileen Kennedy, Director of Development
Jacqueline Connor, Development Assistant
Emily Robinson, Assistant Director of Development
College of Visual and Performing Arts staff that assist in
the operation of the Hylton Center
Andrew Bursten, Director of Finance and Administration/CFO
Dawn Cassidy, Fiscal Assistant
Breanna Doyle, HR Assistant
Joan Fernandez, Financial Assistant
Kiki Greka, Publications Coordinator
Dan Hagedorn, Webmaster/Electronic
Communications Coordinator
Hyla Helsel, Associate Director of Marketing
Delia Johnson, Accountant
Peggy Kamin, Financial Supervisor
Jessica Hanna, Financial Assistant
Kenneth Lee, Chief Statistician
David Mattick, Program Advertising Sales
Jessica Pettit, Public and Media Relations Coordinator
Tom Reynolds, Director of Artistic Programming, Marketing, and Audience Services
Bruce Scott, Graphic Designer
Jane Singleton, Contracts/Print Ads/Playbills
Julie Thompson, Executive Director,
Center for the Arts
Catherine Winkert, Associate Director of Finance
and Administration