AR (Accelerated Reader)

Guide for Accelerated Reader
What is AR?
In first grade all students will participate in AR (Accelerated Reader) all year long. AR is an
excellent program for young readers. 
Your child has completed a Star test to determine his/her independent reading level. (You will
be able to find your child's AR level on the AR log at the front of the agenda.) Your child will
check out a book from the library on his/her assigned reading level and then take an AR test
on the computer at school. The test questions are based on the content of the book.
When is my child ready to take a test?
Please encourage your child to read as much of the book independently as possible,
providing assistance only when needed. Your child will need to read each book with you two
to three times before he/she can test. It will help your child if you ask him/her questions while
reading the story and after the story.
When your child is ready to test on a book, write the title of the book on the AR log at the front
of the agenda. Your child will not be allowed to take a test on the computer, unless you have
recorded it in the agenda. Please write the name of the book, and the book reading level
(located on the spine of the book). Also on the log, write if the book was either “read to”,”
read with”, or “read independently”. After Winter break, all books will need to be tested on
“Read to”-You read the book to the student and the teacher will read the AR test questions and
answer choices to the student.
o “Read with”- The student read most of the book and you helped with unknown words. The
teacher will help the student read the test questions and answer choices, if needed, on the AR
o “Read Independently” The student read the entire book without help and the teacher cannot
help read the AR test questions or answer choices. (FYI…words that appear in the test
questions/answers may be words not found in the book and could be too hard for your child to
read without help.)
I will record your child's score and how many points were earned on the AR log. Please use
this to help you track how many points your child has during the nine weeks. If you are unsure
how many points your child has, please write a note in the agenda and I will let you know.
What Are the Goals and Rewards for AR?
Students will have two goals in AR:
1. Always maintain 85% correct for an overall average.
2. Students must meet their point goal for each 6 weeks. I will announce the point goal for the
6 week period in your child’s agenda. (Most books are worth 0.5 points for 100% correct.)
Students need to take a minimum of 3 tests per week.
At the end of the 6 weeks, all students who have met or exceeded their goals will get to
attend the dance party!
Please let me know if you have any questions about the AR program.
Thank you for your support!