Enough is Enough Video Questions

Risk Prevention Program
Hazing Prevention Module
Enough is Enough Video | Guided Questions
Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders.
After the group has viewed the video facilitate a conversation centered on the following questions:
1. What is your initial reaction to the video and why? What stands out to you and why?
2. You heard in the video the statement “traditions can be broken,” how do you react to this statement? Do you
know the origins of the traditions you or your chapter continue to embrace?
3. Unfortunately, Alpha Kappa Psi has seen its fair share of risk management issues. How do we remain relevant to
the collegiate experience if we, too, have these same problems?
4. Thinking about what we just discussed, what is it that makes Alpha Kappa Psi different from the groups depicted
in the video?
5. How are these and other types of hazing activities (e.g., intimidation, degradation) in contradiction to Alpha
Kappa Psi’s values and our vision statement of developing principled business leaders?
6. Are there activities or events in your chapter that could be construed as hazing, realizing that hazing doesn’t
always take the extreme examples shown in the video?
7. What can you as a member do to ensure this type of behavior doesn’t filter into your chapter (or a chapter you
8. What activities can we put in place to show brotherhood to the pledges and help them bond with each other
and the chapter that don’t include elements of hazing?
9. Will you stand up against hazing? Will you take the pledge?
a. Have facilitator access the webpage to take the pledge.
b. http://nationalhazingpreventionweek.com/hazing-prevention-pledge-form
c. Ask everyone to take HPO Hazing Prevention Pledge by a particular date and follow up.