3 - Broward College

Broward College and the Nursing Specialty Consortium
Broward Health, Holy Cross and the Memorial Healthcare System
Hospital Partner - Scheduling Meeting
August 4, 2011
Welcome &
Kathy Jackson welcomed all and introductions ensued:
• Debra Hauss - BC/MHS
• Sonia Kaiser - BC /(BH/MHS)
• Kathy King - Broward College
• Suzanne Luongo - Memorial Health System
• Chrissy Marrero - Holy Cross
• Barb Perra - Broward Health
• Jean Seaver - Broward Health
• Linda Swartz - Memorial Health System
• Evy Warmbier - BC/BH
Critical Care Course by
Evy Warmbier
• The October (2010) course had 28 students who successfully passed.
• Two Critical Care Courses have occurred to date (2011). This had a
total of 50 students. The August 8 class has 30 currently enrolled.
• The implementation of BlackBoard improves communication with the
students, saves on printing and ability to work on any internet
computer and facilitates dissemination of materials
• An “Open Lab” for skills was initiated. This assisted those students
with minimal clinical experience.
• Discussion ensued on the students lacking Basic Arrhythmia prior to
entry, while not often, is challenging for all concerned.
• There was discussion regarding students who CLEP the Basic
Arrhythmia and those who take the Basic Arrhythmia Course.
• Most students are weak in arrhythmia recognition, with AV Blocks
being the primary rhythms missed.
• A suggestion from Chrissy Marrero to perform a needs assessment
prior to class.
• The needs assessment
would continue to be
completed by the
hospital systems, prior
to class.
Report: Emergency
Nursing Course by
Debra Hauss
• Debbie Hauss stated that she had attended an ED conference in
Orlando and plans to attend the ENA National Conference this year.
• The focus of the course is to engage the students using a fast-paced
Emergency Department format. This is accomplished through tools,
games, critical thinking, lecture and simulation.
• The challenges that were discussed :
o Equipment: is expensive but changes quickly and outdated
making it no longer useful
o Students continue to request more time for
o Code Blue Management Day is challenging but students
want more.
o Blackboard: continues to be interactive and going well
o Number of Courses: Do we need the number of courses
that have a small number in each? Are hospitals hiring?
With such small numbers had to limit faculty. Difficult to
build a teaching team as there has been a turnover of
Kathy Jackson
Report: Total courses
CY ’11 by Barb Perra
TNCC – Pilot
o Broward College has offered ENA’s TNCC Program as an
adjunct to the hospital’s courses. TNCC is a canned course,
similar to ACLS, no deviation, students have to be prepared.
ED, ICU and Ortho students have benefited from the class.
o ENA is not flexible wanting information 30 days ahead of
course. Issues with accountability and keeping track of
textbooks at $65 each
o Cannot overbook course. Students needs to return book, if
they don’t attend
o Sharon Cohen was the past Course Director and now it will
be Debbie Hauss.
o We were paying for the course in advance but will be able
to pay after the course in the future.
o The quality of the instructors is excellent.
o Slots will be held until six weeks prior to the course date.
Currently, MHS has 15 and BH 5 slots.
Critical Care Contract AACN
o Kathy Jackson discussed that the Critical Care Contract with
AACN is due January 13, 2012.
o The last renewal was $5000 for the site license.
o Cleveland Clinic has shown interest in partnering with the
consortium. If that is current information then the division
of cost would be 4 instead of 3. They bring faculty and pay
for slots. They usually send 2-4 per course.
o Critical Care for the community pay more for a slot
o Chrissy Marrero stated she needs to check the budget at
Holy Cross
o Needs to be finalized in September so new AACN contract
can be reviewed by college attorney.
Critical Care - 4
ED Nursing - 4
Basic Arrhy - 28 + 2
Hemodynamcis - 3 (Free-standing)
Vent Mgmt - 4
12 Lead - 3
o CE Course , not a consortium course
Discussion ensued
o Two 12 Lead ECG Courses were not enough. However, it
was decided to reduce to 2 and if necessary add a course.
 A 12-Lead Brochure is distributed at the end of
every Critical Care Course to participants,
encouraging them to attend after they gain some
o Hemodynamics (separate) was never intended to be a
freestanding course, but for those who have completed a
Critical Care Course and were held to attend
Hemodynamics at a later date, after gaining experience.
o Hemodynamics as a topic is incorporated into the current
Critical Care Course (1 day).
o Ventilator Course
 Has always been separate, following the Critical
January 2012 Debbie
will relook at
distribution of slots
& start a waiting list.
Meeting to be
scheduled with
Cleveland Clinic
Follow-up: Cleveland
Clinic has agreed to
join the Consortium,
currently w/BC
attorneys. AACN fees
will be divided by 4.
Approved Courses 2012
• Critical Care - 4
• ED Nursing - 3
• Basic Arrhy - 26
• Hemodynamcis-3
Vent Mgmt - 4
12 Lead -2
Same number as
Care Course.
It is held at Broward College-North Campus.
The Ventilator Course is incorporated within the
ED Course.
Basic Arrhythmia offers 3 formats of 32 hrs:
 1 day per week
 2 days per week
 4 days per week
 The format has had no significance in outcome.
 Suggest that with the complexity of the course and
the level of student current attending to offer
more traditional courses (face-to-face) and reduce
the computer (blended) programs. Re-evaluate at
the end of 2012.
Significant discussion ensued regarding ACLS and the
purchase of books.
 A library system was discussed and the variables
pertaining to that were discussed at length.
 Broward Health employees – lending library
 Memorial System employees – receive their own
book from Education; not using a lending library
system currently.
Job Market
Kathy Jackson asked what the job market was like in the community.
The following discussion ensued:
o Jean Seaver stated that turnover is currently low
o Telemetry nurses are not being put through courses to
advance to critical care.
o Last year hired 460 nurses (240 new grads)
o Chrissy Marrero stated that new grads cannot find jobs.
o Suzanne Luongo stated that nurses have requested to come
to courses on their own time, but then why do that when it
cannot be used on the job. MHS has tuition reimbursement
but have requests from people who apply for scholarships
which pay for everything. It makes more sense to bring
people into courses who already work at MHS.
Kathy King discussed the Advanced Stroke Life Support Course
o The course is currently advertised on the BC website.
o BH has 6 slots
o MHS has 10 slots
o Discussion ensued regarding the NIH criteria to be added.
o All were reminded that both the Critical Care and
Emergency Department Courses offer stroke hours.
o Bring the Stroke Coordinators back to review and
incorporate the NIH standards. (Norma, Cheryl, Robert,
o Can this new course be done in 1 ½ days?
Simulation Center
Kathy Jackson discussed the current status of the BC Simulation
o The college has appeared to change directions and have
now wanted to add classrooms. The architect has stopped
all activity.
o If the Simulation Center is not started by November the
monies will have to be returned to the State of Florida.
ACLS books will be
ordered by BC and
the ACLS lead
instructor will collect
the textbooks and
the scholarship
coordinator will
return them to
Broward Health.
No action
Set up meeting for
Stroke Coordinators
to discuss adding
NIH criteria to ASLS.
No action
Follow-up: Ground
breaking ceremony
will be December, 6,
Simulation Workshop
Kathy King discussed Simulation
o MHS is hosting an Open House on Simulation
o 2-day Simulation Workshop can be scheduled based on
type of mannequins (SimMan, VitalSim series, Noelle, 3-G
wireless SimMan).
o It is very costly to purchase and not utilize the mannequins.
o Laerdal has a Sim Store that programs can be purchased
and downloaded into the computer
Hospitals can
request workshop
based on need.
Debriefing Workshop
Kathy King discussed Debriefing
o Instructors are having difficulty with the Debriefing Process
as it is not intuitive.
o They tend to want to coach, which should be done during
o Debriefing is done after testing
o AHA Advanced Courses: ACLS/PALS need to incorporate
debriefing at some level (2010 Guidelines)
o Advantages of a Webcam (inexpensive tool), student can
see how they performed
o Would like to see a debriefing course for CC/ED Faculty
Would like to have CC/ED/BA faculty meetings for 2012.
All requested
meetings were
approved by hospital
Level 3 Evaluation
Susan Luongo initiated a discussion on Level 3 Evaluations regarding
both CC/ED Courses
o Can we coordinate a group and place a timeline?
o Meet before October 31
o Discussion of performance gaps, keeping Blackboard open
longer and keep certificate until completed. This has a
potential issue as the timeframe may cross semesters.
Debbie Hauss will
coordinate this
AACN Manager
Chrissy Marrero initiated a discussion regarding AACN’s Nurse
Manager curiculuum.
o It is a structured program with an opportunity to grow
nurses into managers.
o Holy Cross wanted to launch and purchased seats last April
o However, after purchasing 5 seats the program was placed
on hold.
o The seats are available for $2500 to hospital partners.
o The course is on the BC system
o There were no takers at this time.
No action
The meeting was adjourned.
No action