Estee Lauder Strategic Message Planner

Strategic Message Planner: Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Client and Product
Estēe Lauder is a cosmetics company that offers a wide variety of luxury cosmetic products. The
company provides professional quality makeup and a wide range of skin care products, including a well
known line of anti-aging products. Founded with the belief that every woman should have high quality
cosmetics that enhance her natural beauty and make her feel more elegant. Estēe Lauder was founded
in 1946, and is headquartered at 767 Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York. Estēe Lauder products are
sold in over 135 countries and territories in department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms,
and Carson Pirie Scott; and are also available online at
Advanced Night Repair is one of Estēe Lauder’s most notable skin care products. The serum is a “Best
Anti-aging Skincare” award finalist for the 2010 CEW Beauty Awards. Advanced Night Repair is proven to
repair environmental damage, continuously hydrate the skin, and visibly reduce the signs of aging.
Advanced Night Repair retails for $47.50 for 1 oz., $74.50 for 1.7 oz., $120 for 3.4 oz.
Target Audience
The target audience for these ads is woman aged 20-30 who are concerned with the overall health and
appearance of their skin. These women are interested in preventing the signs of aging in their skin long
before the signs could show up. These women are upper middle class to upper class. They are either in
college or are college educated. They shop at department stores where the product is sold. These
women are at least familiar with the Estēe Lauder brand already, and are loyal to the brand. The target
audience is mixed between 60% single and 40% married, and 15% have children. These women have a
strict skin care regimen dedicated to preventing the signs of aging and making their skin look as healthy
and youthful as possible. The target audience also values overall bodily health in addition to the health
of their skin.
The target audience work good jobs that pay well. Estimated yearly income $60,000. They are young and
wish to continue to look young. They are very fashionable and keep up with current trends in fashion
and technology. They are willing to pay a higher price for a better quality product that has proven
results. These women are interested in using this product in order to preserve the youthfulness of their
skin, and to avoid the need for plastic surgery in the future.
Product Benefits
Advanced Night Repair fits easily into any skin care regimen; it hydrates and protects the skin giving it a
healthy and youthful appearance in addition to preventing the signs of aging and preventing the need
for plastic surgery later in life.
Current Brand Image
The current brand image is that Estēe Lauder is a luxury brand that supplies professional quality
cosmetics to women who are concerned with getting the quality that they pay for in their makeup and
skin care products.
Desired Brand Image
The desired brand image is the Estēe Lauder is not just for older women who have been using the
products for a long time, but that the company is fresh and youthful and the products are high quality
and worth the investment.
Advanced Night Repair SMP-2
Direct Competitors and Brand Images
Direct Competitors are other high end makeup companies that have anti-aging skin care lines:
Lancôme:The target audience has a positive image of this brand. They are known for their antiaging skincare line. They are also available in department stores. Overall, this brand is thought of
as youthful and high quality. The target audience has given their products great reviews and feel
the products do what they promise. Anti-aging products range from $60-$100.
Kinerase: The target audience has a positive image of this brand. Some have switched from
Estee Lauder to Kinerase. Products generally do not disappoint customers. Respected brand
with a wide range of skincare products. Retail $30-$150
Philosophy: The target audience likes this brand. This brand is thought of as young and eco
friendly. The brand does not use parabens , GMOs, synthetic dyes or fragrances. Retail $25-150.
Indirect Competitors and Brand Images
Indirect competitors include the desire to save money, at home treatments-masks,etc., diets that
promote skin health. Members of the target audience are willing to spend a greater amount of money
on a skincare product that is proven to work and deliver results. The target audience also lacks the time
to create more at home treatments and would rather have a readymade product that works. The target
audience also appreciates the quick fix of a serum or cream rather than a change in diet because the
products are more convenient for their busy lifestyles.
Advertising Goal
To convince members of the target audience that Advanced Night Repair is the most effective anti-aging
skincare product to add to their prevention methods for an affordable price.
Strategic Message
Advanced Night Repair is the perfect night time anti-aging skincare product to prevent the signs of aging
at an affordable price.
Supporting Benefits
Protects against pollution
Prevents signs of aging
Hydrates skin
Meg Zimmer
PRAD 256
Skin looks healthy
Won’t need plastic surgery later in life
Skin looks and feels smooth and youthful