Project Opportunity Statement:

Property Unit
Educating Professionals • Creating and Applying Knowledge • Serving the Community
Project Proposal
Project Description:
Preferred completion Date:
Submitted by:
Contact Name & Details (Project Initiator):
Project Location:
Space currently occupied by:
Project Opportunity Statement:
What problems or needs will this initiative solve?
Project Objectives & Deliverables:
What does the project need to deliver and when is it to be completed by?
Description of Project:
What is the project scope?
Links to Corporate Plan:
How does the project link to UniSA Corporate Plan Objectives?
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Frome Road
Adelaide SA 5000
GPO Box 2471
Adelaide SA 5001
Telephone: 8302 2762
Facsimile: 8302 2708
What business benefits will flow from the project?
Related Projects:
Are there any other projects either current or future that relate to this proposal?
Key Risks & Assumptions:
What are the project risks and risks of not doing the project?
What is excluded from the project scope?
Will Division/School/Unit provide any funding or other support to the project?
Please forward the Project Proposal Form and any supporting documentation to the Property Unit,
clearly marked “Minor Capital Works Project 2004” by no later than 5th September 2003
Office Use Only:
Cost Indication:
Supported/Not Supported:
Applicant advised of outcome:
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