Loaded Language— Desert Landscape

Loaded Language— Desert Landscape
Deserts cover almost a
Deserts make up a fifth of
Deserts encompass almost
fifth of the Earth’s land
the Earth’s land surface.
one fifth of the Earth’s land
surface. Tons of brown,
Light brown and bright
surface. Vast stretches of
densely packed sand lie
gold sand shifts with the
empty sand stretch over a
in dunes and bottom-
winds, forming graceful
barren, secluded landscape.
lands that stretch out
eddies and patterns across
The endless sea of sand
for miles in some places.
the landscape. Cacti wait
shifts constantly with the
Thorny cacti dot the land-
ready to bloom at the first
wind over the solitary scene.
scape. Poisonous snakes
sign of rain. Seeds lie ready
Scarce foliage inhabits the
and horned lizards hide
in the ground; roots wait
stark environment. The
throughout the day in
to send up shoots with the
desolate land supports little
what little shade or dark-
possibility of rain. Snakes
life. Solitary snakes and liz-
ness they can find. During
and lizards bask in the sun
ards seek out enough food
the day, the full heat of
or find cover under rocks in
to exist. The extreme heat
the sun bakes the land. At
the heat of the day. The sun of the day withers the land,
night, extreme cold sucks
warms the desert by day.
making it barren and dry.
the heat from the land and
The nights are cool and
The night is cold and deso-
its inhabitants. With little
offer respite from the day’s
late. With little or no water,
or no water, chances of
heat. With little or no water, survival is rare.
survival are minimal.
desert animals find moisture hiding in the plants.
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