AUD HW 8 Acc 406 Blackboard Homework, Due October 14 Read

Acc 406 Blackboard Homework, Due October 14
Blackboard Instructions: Complete the following homework assignment and answer the questions on
the Blackboard assessment found in the Online Homework folder. Morning sections must access the
assessment by 7:00 am on October 14. Afternoon sections must access the link by 11:30 am on October
14 (the links will not be available after this time). Once you open the link, you will have 29 minutes to
submit your answers. You must time yourself to make sure you submit your answers on time (a timer
will appear in Blackboard with some, but not all browsers). Submissions after the time limit will not be
Information Sharing for this Assignment is GREEN. This means that you are encouraged to discuss
the assigned reading and problems with anyone prior to opening the assessment link on blackboard.
Once you open the blackboard assessment, you are on your own.
NOTE: You must select the single best answer in the blackboard assessment. Answers submitted in the
wrong format will not be accepted. All questions on the assessment are based on the following
Read Messier Ch 8 pp271-279
Read Messier Ch 9 pp311-314
Read Sampling Handout
Carefully complete and discuss the following problems from the Messier text:
RQ 8-1,5
MC 8-11,17; 9-12,13,14
Prob 8-21,22
The only evidence of your completion of this assignment is the blackboard assessment. No
additional hard copy needs to be prepared for scoring.