AIR Pastoral Visions

Saturday 6th - Sunday 8th February 2015
The Georgian House Hotel, Haslemere
5.00 Assemble and welcome
7.00 Aperitifs
7.30 Dinner
After dinner:
Beethoven: Piano Sonata in D major, Opus 28 ‘Pastoral’
Bartók: Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs
Smetana: From Bohemia’s Meadows and Forests
8.15 Breakfast
9.30 Britten: Suite on English Folk Tunes, ‘A Time There Was’
Finzi: Severn Rhapsody
Holst: Somerset Rhapsody
Delius: Brigg Fair
11.00 Coffee
11.30 The Landscape of Pleasure:
Giorgione, Claude Lorrain and the English Garden
12.30 Lunch
Free afternoon
4.00 Tea
4.30 Nature and the Modern World:
John Constable, John Everett Millais, Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer
7.00 Aperitifs
7.30 Dinner
After dinner:
Goldmark: Rustic Wedding Symphony
8.15 Breakfast
9.30 Mahler: Symphony No. 3
1. Pan awakes - Summer marches in
2. What the flowers of the meadow tell me
10.45 Coffee
11.15 Mahler: Symphony No. 3 (continued)
3. What the animals of the forest tell me
4. What Man tells me
5. What the Angels tell me
6. What Love tells me
12.30 Lunch
2.00 Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F major ‘Pastoral’
3.15 Tea and Departure
Saturday 6th - Sunday 8th February 2015
The Georgian House Hotel, Haslemere
Our weekend will explore the inspiration painters and composers have drawn from
Man’s relationship with Nature. The featured artists will include Giorgione, Claude
Lorrain, Constable and Spencer, with illustrations reflecting their development, while
there will be music by Beethoven, Holst, Delius, Mahler and others.
The elegant and historic Georgian House Hotel is situated in Haslemere High Street,
and is set in attractive private gardens. With well-equipped modern and period
bedrooms, it has its own car park, leisure spa and swimming pool.
Terry Barfoot is director of Arts in Residence, and writes widely on music for
Britain’s leading journals, orchestras, festivals and record companies. He lectures at
Oxford and other universities, and is Publications Consultant to the Bournemouth
Symphony Orchestra.
Tim Gwyther is an experienced art historian and practising artist who has exhibited
widely both in London and the regions. He has taken part in several Arts in Residence
Price: £289.00 per person (twin/double rooms), £315.00 (single rooms)
to include all meals, wine, beverages, course fees and accommodation.
Booking: Arts in Residence, 25, Mulberry Lane, Cosham, Portsmouth, PO6 2QU.
£50.00 per person deposit with booking. (Cheques payable to Arts in Residence.)
Enquiries: 02392 383356
Email: [email protected]
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