Oregon State University: Department of Mathematics

Oregon State University
Department of Mathematics
Minimum Requirements
Other factors
The University requires a 3.0 overall GPA
for regular admission. Math grades should
We expect entering students
be higher. With a lower GPA, conditional
GRE general and math
Research experience,
admission is possible, but applicants are subject recommended for to have taken proof intensive summer math programs,
courses in linear algebra and
not eligible for support.
applicants requesting
or advanced courses all
advanced calculus or real
enhance an application.
For application instructions and a list of
analysis .
required materials, visit the web site below.
Current Practice on Application Fee Waiver:
Financial Support for Master’s Students:
Before starting an application, Alliance Scholars should write
for instructions to: [email protected]
Yes. Same stipend as PhD students entering with BS.
An Alliance Scholar who is also a McNair Scholar should
write instead directly to the graduate school at :
[email protected]
Website: http://www.math.oregonstate.edu/grad_programs