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Political Science
Political science is the study of
government and focuses on its
structures and function and the need for social order. Political science study provides
you with a better understanding of political
parties, interest groups, international relationships, public law, public administration,
liberty, freedom, justice and power.*
*From the UNCC Political Science Department
Sample Occupations
Lawyer (w/ graduate study)
International Business Specialist
Parole Officer
Planned Giving Specialist
Correctional Program Supervisor
Labor Organizer
Campaign Manager
City Manager
Community Administrator
Congressional Aide
Congressional Researcher
Program Director
Political Pollster
Urban Planner
Press Secretary
Marketing Manager
Sales Representative
Grant Writer
Types of Employers
Public Administration
Local Government
State & Federal Government
Judicial & Legal Firms
Peacekeeping Organizations
International Organizations
Corporate Foundations
Educational Institutions
Public Relations Firms
Nonprofit Organizations
Preparing for your Career in:
Government: Become familiar with government employment application and hiring processes, keep abreast on
legal issues and legislation by reading current event periodicals, consider pursuing graduate work for advancement
Law: Become involved in student government or a political
student organization, build strong written and oral communication skills, consider joining Toastmasters to strengthen
your public speaking skills, use the University Career Center resource library to learn about the various types of law
practiced by attorneys, learn about the law school entrance
requirements and prepare for the LSAT
Nonprofit Organizations: Volunteer with a nonprofit organization and seek opportunities to learn about its administrative structure; research the different needs served
through the nonprofit sector to select an area of focus; develop strong written communication skills; become proficient in word processing and database software for computers; consider taking electives related to public policy, advocacy, fundraising or nonprofit management to prepare for
administrative positions; earn a grant writing certificate
*Developed in consultation with the UNC Charlotte Dept. of Political Science
Journalism: Seek opportunities to write for student and
Charlotte-area publications to develop a portfolio, take elective courses in writing and/or editing, read political news
magazines such as Newsweek or U.S. News to study journalistic
writing styles
Gaining any of these experiences or skills, along with participating in a 49ership, co-op, or internship will enhance your
career development.
Career & Academic Planning Websites:
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Political Scientist
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Lawyers
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Reporters/Correspondents
USAJobs-Federal Government Opportunities
Professional Association Websites:
The American Political Science Association
American Bar Association
The American Federation of Government Employees
Society of Professional Journalists
American Criminal Justice Association
How can I know if a political science– related career is
right for me?
 Complete a career self-assessment such as the FOCUS2,
Strong Interest Inventory, or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to see how your interests, values, and personality match this major and related career fields. Visit the
UCC during drop-ins or talk with your career advisor for
information on assessments.
 Observe a professional in action by participating in the Job
Shadowing Program. Meet with your career advisor to
learn how to find and contact a sponsor in your field of