Using the O*Net & OOH after the Kuder Journey

Using the O*Net & OOH after the Kuder Journey
Step #1 Go to:
Step #22In the pull-down menu under “FIND OCCUPATIONS” select “CAREER CLUSTER”
Step #3 Choose your top Career Cluster (listed on your Kuder Assessment Summary)
Step #4 Review the list – click on the careers that you either (A) have an interest (B) unknown or unsure about it
Step #5 From the above list – Create a list of each career you researched and/or have an interest
Step #6 Narrow down your top careers by going to the link at the bottom of each career you are interested in – the
Link will take you to the Occupational Outlook Handbook
Step #7 You can also go directly to the Career Cluster website on the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) and search directly through the links