The QCC's Online Student Portal

Signing In to The Q
The Q is organized by major areas which are
identified by Tabs at the top of the page
(under your name)
Qmail provides official college communication to
you. It is extremely important that you read your
Qmail regularly (at least weekly). Some examples
of information you may receive by Qmail:
Updating Personal Info
(change your password, address & phone number)
• Class cancellation due to low enrollment
• Schedule changes due to unmet
• Your advisor assignment and your
advisor’s contact information
• Grade changes
• Financial Aid information
• Scholarship opportunities
• Book Voucher notification
• Communication from faculty
• Events on campus
• Emergency and college closure alerts
• And much more...
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Links to Sign on to Qmail on
The Q -Home page
Log in to The Q. On the Welcome Page select
My Emergency Contact Info.
Have a question about QCC and don’t know
where to get the information?
Email: for a response from
Review your schedule
Update your address
See your grades
& academic record
Check your
financial aid
Pay your bill
Waive your insurance
Sign up for the
payment plan
Access your Qmail
Access Online courses
Find out about
QCC events
Iris Godes in Student Services.
Visit and click on
For technical assistance, contact the
QCC Help Desk at 508.854.4427
or email:
Staff is available Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Emergency alerts
& announcements
Information about
student services
And more...
Signing In to The Q
• Go to the college web site
• Select Student & Faculty Portal at the top
of the page
• Enter your Student ID in the User
Name box
• Enter your Password (initially the first two
letters of your last name and the last four
digits of your social security number)
• Click the Login button
After logging in you will see “tabs” under where
you logged in. These are the major pages on
The Q. Under each tab are links and pages for
almost everything you need at QCC.
Take the time to explore the site.
Changing Your Password
• After logging in click on Personal Info
next to your name
• Select the Password tab
Signing In to Your Qmail
QCC uses Qmail to communicate important
college information. All students are required to
read their Qmail messages.
• On The Q home page, under My Places,
select Students Qmail Login and enter
your User Name and Password.
• You may forward your Qmail to another
email address. After logging in, select
Settings at the very top of the page.
• We recommend you keep a copy in your
Qmail inbox in case an email doesn’t reach
your external address. You are responsible
for reading all college emails.
What’s On The Q?
The Q is organized by major areas which are
identified by Tabs at the top of the page
Important information on financial aid and
paying your bill. Scholarship opportunities are
also posted here. Check this page regularly for
updated information.
(under your name)
The page you see when you first go to The Q.
Common links to important places are here as
well as latest campus news and a master calendar
of events and important dates.
This page comes up after you log in. Important
messages and announcements are here. Links
to your Personal Profile are also here so you can
keep your contact and personal information up
to date. If you are able to receive text messages
to your cell phone, sign up for emergency alerts
through the My Emergency Contact Info link.
This is an extremely useful page that provides
all your personal information at the college
including your academic information and financial
information. If your advisor clears you to register,
you can use this page for self-registration. Explore
this page to see all the information available to you.
This is a
useful page to
access information
you need to assist
you in being
successful at QCC.
On the left side, you
will see pages for:
Academic Advising
Academic Tutoring
Career Placement
Similar to the Student Services page, this page
has general information on its home page and
more pages on the left side. Check them out for
information on:
Athletic Center
Fuller Student Center
Ride Sharing
Student Life Activities
The Open Door student newspaper
... and more!
There is also a Discussion Board where you can
see what people are talking about or start your
own discussion. Check these pages often to
become involved at QCC outside the classroom!
After you log in, this page allows you to create
your own page. There is a calendar where you
can put your own events and reminders and a
Bookmark portlet where you can put your own
links to your favorite places.
Disability Services
Experience-Based Education
General Student Information
Transfer Information
Transition Center
Visit and click on