Pakistan's Inclusive Education Future Has Arrived

Pakistan’s Inclusive Education
Future Has Arrived
Beaconhouse School System’s New
Vision In Action
Beaconhouse School System has launched the first two inclusive education schools within Pakistan.
TNS Beaconhouse and Beaconhouse Newlands schools have each employed a Special Needs
Coordinator (SENCO) and are in the process of building two new state of the art schools that reflect an
understanding of the requirements of students with special needs.
Students with special needs within Pakistan have, until now, been unable to access quality, needs
focused education within mainstream schools. The Beaconhouse School System vision is to ensure
special needs students, with appropriate supports, partake fully within the mainstream environment.
To bring this vision into fruition the SENCOs co-ordinate, with parents, staff, and other professionals to
identify students with special needs and to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that reflects the
strengths and needs of these students and the specific steps that will be put in place to support the
students teaching and learning. These steps may include: the provision of a Special Needs Assistant
(SNA); a differentiated programme; specialised equipment; adjustments to the student’s timetable. The
IEP is a living document that is a collaboration between school and family. To facilitate this
the IEP is reviewed on a regular basis, as part of this ongoing review the student’s
family receive a weekly report that anecdotally records progress against the IEP and makes comment
on behavioural, social and emotional issues.
The SENCO role, which was started in October 2011, is a rapidly evolving one as
policies, strategies, and procedures are formulated and put into place. Staff training is
part of this remit and Beaconhouse School System is supporting staff to up-skill within
the disability education field, including support up to Masters level degree courses.
Beaconhouse School System has committed to inclusive education with the current
building of two new purpose built schools. These schools provide a range of facilities
with the needs of all students in mind, these include: elevators and wheelchair access,
including disabled toilets, for those with mobility issues; suites of rooms that cater for
a multi-disciplinary team including SENCO, School Counsellor, Careers Advisor, and
support staff; provision of a range of extra-curricular activities including horse riding
and public speaking.
Understandably Beaconhouse School System is proud of their initiation of this vision
and excited as to where it will lead them, and their students, in the future.
TNS Beaconhouse
1H Jail Rd, Gulberg II, Lahore 54000
SENCO – Karen Stockwell
[email protected]
Beaconhouse Newlands
Plot No. 632/1, Block J Phase IV DHA, Lahore
SENCO – Rafia Amber
[email protected]