8th Grade
Welcome to the Swamp!
Jan 25-29
Gator Student News
Upcoming Events
Jan 21
Report Cards went home
PTA Spirit Night January 21st @ El Charro on the Ridge
Girls Basketball 7th Grade 4:30– 8th Grade 5:30 @ TLMS
Boys Basketball 7th Grade 4:30 – 8th Grade 5:30 @ Hubbard MS
Jan 29 Boys and Girls Basketball Pictures During Athletics
Jan 29 & 30 Choir Solo Ensemble @ REL
Jan 30 Boys Basketball Tournament in Lindale – Leaving @ 6:45AM
Feb 4
Jan 28
Pep Rally - 2PM
East Texas Food Bank (Souper Bowl)
Sponsored by our NJHS and Student Council to help support East
Texas Food Bank by collecting food. There will be a competition between the grade levels, all students are asked to bring in
canned soup. The winning grade will receive a movie and popcorn party during the school day. The last day for collection will be
Friday February 5th. Please turn in all can goods to Mrs. O’Farrell in the Library.
What are Gators learning this week?
**Tutorial Times for 8th Grade**
Monday- 7:50-8:20 & 3:45-4:15 in room 106;
Wednesday- 7:50-8:20 in room A106, Thursday- 7:508:20 in room A106 & A108; Friday- 7:50-8:20 in room
A106 & A108
Grade Students will continue working with
transformations. They will focus on rotations around the
coordinate grid.
Algebra 1 students will describe characteristics of
exponential growth and decay function and graph and
analyze exponential growth and decay functions.
Geometry- students will describe the relationships
among the side lengths of special right triangles and apply
relationships in special right triangles to solve problems.
Students will explore the causes of day, night, and the
Don’t Forget!
 Friday’s Afterschool Pizza $1
 Yearbook order forms have been sent home Students can pay in front office. Or you can Order
Online @ Code # 12679316
On Level/ESL Students will address skills of procedural
texts, and complete demonstration speech. Students will
make inferences and connections across texts.
PAP and GT Students will conduct research for a
persuasive essay.
Social Studies
Students will continue a new standard this week,
Industrialization and Reform – Innovation brings
Change. This is where students learn about inventions
like John Deere Steel Plow, Samuel Morse – Telegraph,
Eli Whitney – Cotton Gin and Inter-changeable parts, just
to name a few. Also; the students will learn about Social
Reform Movement that includes “Temperance
Movement” – against alcohol , “Prison Reform” – better
conditions, educating inmates, “Education Movement”
– public schools, colleges for all genders and cultures,
and Women’s Rights Movement – where women started
to protest about jobs, wages, hours and suffrage (right
to vote). / / 903.952.4400