Marjana 8th July 2s 2

Year 2 Music Learning Journey
9 July 2015
Name: Marjana
Vocabulary Word Bank: Pitch, Rhythm, Crotchet, Minim, Semibreve, Stave, Mouthpiece, Djembe,
Round, Call and Response
1. The musical word for high and low is: Pitch
2. The musical word for the number 1 is: Crotchet
3. The musical word for the number 4 is: Semibreve
4. The top part of the recorder is called the: Mouth piece
5. The musical word for long and short sounds: Rhythm
6. The musical word for the number 2 is: Minim
7. The ladder of 5 musical lines is called the:stave
8. A song when two groups sing the same music at the same time is called a:round
9. A song with a leader and a group of followers is called a:call and resones
10. The special African drum is called a: Djembe
Yes or No
1. I can use my voice expressively to sing songs and speak chants no
2. I can listen carefully to music yes
3. I am good at playing instruments yes
4. I liked playing the drums yes
5. I liked playing the recorder yes
Short Answer
1. My favourite thing about music was:
2. In music, I am good at:the rocorder
3. One thing I would like to improve is:my singing
4. During Year 3, I want to learn:the piono