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Creating Hyperlinks in Blackboard
-A tutorial for UH College of Education students-
Blackboard Vista—
Blackboard Vista is the Learning Management System supported by the University of
Houston. Whether you are teaching a traditional course or totally online you will be able
to use Blackboard Vista to deliver your materials electronically to your students.
Students rely on anytime-anywhere environments for their classes. Blackboard Vista can be used
for putting your syllabus, notes, or handouts online. There is no limit to how much information
you can provide for your students.
Use Blackboard Vista as a supplement to your traditional class, as a means of the electronic
portion of your hybrid class, or as a way to teach totally online.
Requirements— Blackboard login credentials, Access to a Blackboard course, Internet access,
Internet browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer).
What do you want to do?
I am currently enrolled in a College of Education course at the University of Houston. I have a
course in Blackboard and I would like to submit an active hyperlink for a course assignment or for
discussion posting.
Log into Blackboard by visiting,
Click on the appropriate course.
Navigate through the folders on
the “Home Page” or the left
navigation of the Blackboard
course to add an active
hyperlink (to an assignment or
discussion posting).
Once the assignment or
discussion posting is open, a
content text box will be
In the content text box, an
“Enable HTML Creator” button
will be located on the top right
of the field.
Click on it to open the
WYSIWYG (What You See, Is
What You Get) HTML editor.
Created by, Velvette Laurence 2010
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Creating Hyperlinks in Blackboard
-A tutorial for UH College of Education students-
A small Java application will
load. Once the WYSIWYG editor
is loaded, click on chain link
to insert an active
An “Insert Link” window will
Option A:
To add a link to a document
(such as a Microsoft Word
assignment) click on the
“Browse” button and search for
the document on your
Option B:
To add a link to an external
website (such as, copy
and paste the “URL” in the
second text box.
Click “OK”
Created by, Velvette Laurence 2010
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Creating Hyperlinks in Blackboard
-A tutorial for UH College of Education students-
The link to the document or URL
will now be listed in the
“WYSIWIG.” The link is blue
and underlined to signify an
active hyperlink.
Click “Submit” or “Post”
(depending if it is an
assignment or discussion
A “Confirmation” page may
appear. If so, click “OK.”
Congratulations! You have
successfully created an active
hyperlink that is linked to a
document or website URL.
If you have any questions regarding the content of this tutorial please contact
Blackboard ( or the CITE Lab Help desk (713-7439833 /
Created by, Velvette Laurence 2010
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