WeBWorK Information Sheet Math 2263: Multivariable Calculus

WeBWorK Information Sheet
Math 2263: Multivariable Calculus
WeBWorK is an online homework program available through the U. You will have WeBWorK
homework due each Sunday, for a total of seven assignments throughout the course. WeBWorK assigns
each student an individualized problem set. This means no two students will have the exact same
homework assignment, although everyone will have the same type of problems. You will have unlimited
attempts to answer each problem correctly so, unlike conventional homework, you have the opportunity
(and are expected) to retry each problem until the answer is correct. This gives you immediate feedback
and improves the overall effectiveness of homework as a tool for student learning.
To access WeBWorK, go to oak.math.umn.edu. (Depending on the web browser you are using, you
might get a security warning. This is a secure website even though it is not always recognized as such,
so proceed to the site even if you get a warning.) Select math-2263-s1-summer-11 to get to our course.
An account is set up for you with your x500 as the username and your 7-digit student ID number as the
VERY IMPORTANT: After logging in the first time, select “Password/Email” from the menu on the left,
and follow the directions to change your password.
To find the homework assignments, select “Homework Sets” from the menu on the left. Select the
appropriate assignment, and you’re ready to get started!
If you have problems, feel free to email Erin at [email protected] Alternatively, you may select “Get
Technical Help” to send an email to Erin through WeBWorK. (This is generally preferable because in
addition to your message, Erin will be sent information about the problem you’re working on.)