Aspirago Supply Chain Food Safety and Product Quality Software

Aspirago Supply Chain Food Safety and Product Quality Software –
Backed by 70 Years of Expertise – is Now Available to the Global
Food Industry
Software enables global retailers and manufacturers to identify issues and implement proactive supply
chain quality measures
Costco Wholesale adopts Aspirago food safety software to better manage their global food supplier
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (July 1, 2013) – Next generation software applications developed by Aspirago to
help manage supplier food safety auditing and product quality testing data are now available to the
global food industry. Aspirago applications include supplier food safety, product quality, auditing and
certification management. Aspirago’s supply chain food safety software was built by food safety
experts for the food safety industry and is the culmination of more than ten years of in-field use with
major retailers and food suppliers worldwide. A subsidiary of NSF International, it is also backed by NSF
International’s nearly 70 years of global food and product safety expertise.
Costco Wholesale, which manages thousands of suppliers worldwide, has adopted Aspirago’s food
safety software solution. Costco announced the transition to Aspirago to its suppliers last week.
“Ensuring food safety and quality across the global supply chain is more complex than ever,” said
Christine Summers, Director of Food Safety & Corporate Quality Assurance at Costco Wholesale.
“Aspirago offers complete end-to-end functionality specifically designed for our needs as a global
retailer to ensure our food safety expectations are met worldwide. For example, Aspirago gives us the
ability to compare detailed data across multiple facilities and over time. The analytic tools help us gain
deeper insight into supplier audit findings, compare suppliers and proactively identify potential
problems to better protect our members.”
Aspirago helps retailers, manufacturers, standard owners and audit companies effectively manage
product quality and food safety from suppliers worldwide by providing secure, collaborative Webbased software that aggregates and analyzes their third-party auditing and testing data. This includes
multiple audit schemes and requirements consistent with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
benchmarked food safety standards as well as customized retailer specific audits, while ensuring each
customer’s data is secure within their firewall.
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“Currently, the Aspirago system manages more than 650,000 audits conducted by hundreds of auditors
in more than 120 countries,” said Sireesha Mandava, Director of Aspirago. “By providing an intuitive
and robust global software solution, Aspirago assists companies in shifting their resources away from
administrative tasks to focus on implementing proactive food safety measures that provide real brand
protection. With preset analytics that are specifically built to monitor food safety and quality issues,
global retailers can go beyond basic compliance to truly promote food safety and help reduce costly
Aspirago features include:
Supplier compliance document management with alerts and reminders to keep documents up
to date
Smooth information flow between retailers, service providers and suppliers with end-to-end
food and nonfood product quality management
Closed-loop Corrective Action management ensuring problems are documented, addressed and
resolved quickly
Detailed audit, test and inspection results tracking with flexible checklists, scoring and grading
Detailed auditor competency and profile management to enforce auditor qualification
Information portals and communication tools that make it easy to inform suppliers and service
providers of changes in policies or procedures
Executive dashboards and a unique snapshot feature allowing users to find and compare critical
information over time
To learn more about Aspirago or to schedule a demonstration, contact Sireesha Mandava at
[email protected], +1-888-943-0277 or visit
Editor's note:To schedule an interview with an Aspirago representative, contact Kelly Nichols at
[email protected] or +1 734-827-6850.
About Aspirago: Aspirago is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSF International offering supplier food
safety, product quality, auditing and certification management software. NSF International is a public
health and safety organization with nearly 70 years of global food and product safety expertise
789 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105