Two-Semester Project Contract

Summer 2010 Junior Justice Project Contract
This contract must be turned in to Mr. Broyles no later than April 14, 2010.
For the student:
By signing this contract, I understand that I am responsible for meeting all of the expectations of the Summer Justice
Project. I acknowledge that I have read all of the information posted on blackboard and the website, including the
expectations for grades and conduct. I understand that I will be held accountable to these standards, and that if I fail
to meet the expectations given, I will be subject to the named consequences. I understand that all notices and
announcements will be communicated via Blackboard and/or my Brophy email address and that it is my
responsibility to check these regularly. I also understand that by signing this contract, I am committing myself to
work at least 50 hours this semester at the named agency, and that I am not permitted to change agencies at any
point during the summer without written approval from the Office of Faith and Justice. Furthermore, I understand that
I am required to complete the reflection component of the project as well as the final integration paper.
Please PRINT:
Student (please print)
Cell Phone #
Student’s Signature
Student Email address
Parent/ Guardian’s Signature
Home phone #
In general, what is your schedule at your placement? (You don’t need to list every day you are going to work but just
give the general pattern of your hours.)
For the agency volunteer coordinator:
Selected Agency
Phone #
I acknowledge that the above student has committed to work 50 hours at the named agency. I agree to act as
supervisor for his hours, and will train him of the proper expectations in terms of attendance, diligence, and conduct
which the agency has of him. I also understand that should the student fail to meet those expectations, I reserve
every right to suspend or cancel the student’s schedule at any time, and will inform the Brophy Office of Faith and
Justice if such a violation of expectations occurs. Please be sure the student gives you a copy of the
“Information for Agency Directors/ Site Coordinators” letter.
Volunteer Coordinator (please print)
Note to students: This is to be given to your agency director when they sign your contract
Information for Agency Directors/ Site Coordinators
Dear Agency Director:
Thanks for agreeing to host one of our students as he completes his justice project, a requirement of graduation at
Brophy. Central to our mission at Brophy is the education of young men who, upon graduation, will be ‘committed to
doing justice.’ This project is central to that mission. Thanks for providing our students an opportunity to work
toward this goal. To fulfill the requirements for this project, students are required to work a minimum of fifty hours.
They have been told that they are volunteers and their purpose is to help the agency, not be a burden. Many of
them have busy schedules but they know that they are to try to coordinate these schedules with the needs of the
As students complete their hours, they know that they are responsible for keeping track of their hours. If your
organization has a mechanism for tracking hours, that is helpful but if not, the student has been given a time-sheet
he should use. If at any point you have questions or have concerns about a student’s work, please don’t hesitate to
call me. We view this project as a very important part of the student’s educational process and any feedbackconstructive or critical- that you can provide is very helpful to the student in the long-run. Thanks for hosting our
Timothy Broyles
Arrupe Office of Faith and Justice
Brophy College Preparatory
4701 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012
602-264-5291 X6434
[email protected]