University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix
TRiO’s transfer
advisor can assist
you in:
- Map out academic
The following
Academic Core courses
at LWIT will transfer to
University of
- ENGL& 101 or higher
- MATH& 107 or
- CMST& 210 or higher
- PSYC& 100 or higher
SOC& 101 or
Transfer Up to 72 Credits to the
Bachelor of Science in Management
Bachelor of Science in
Management (BSM)
University of Phoenix will accept up to 72
transfer credits from LWIT into the BSM
degree (available online only). If students are
not interested in the BSM degree program,
University of Phoenix accepts up to a
maximum of 60-69 transfer credits that will
apply to all other available bachelor
The BSM is designed to develop the
professional knowledge and skills of general
managers in any organization. Students will
be taught to manage and apply professional
skills and knowledge in the BSM degree. Financial Planning
- Completing the
Application for
Federal Student Aid)
- Searching for
Student Support Services
For more information
on transferring to
University of Phoenix,
contact Tien Do,
transfer advisor
Phone: 425-739-8249
[email protected]
Once accepted to University of Phoenix, the
BSM may take 2 or more years to complete.
Frequently Asked Questions
 How long will it take to earn my
The time it takes to complete your
degree will depend on several factors,
including the number of credits accepted
for transfer and whether or not you take
time off between courses.
 What sort of time commitment will I
need to make?
Each course varies as to the length of
time you will spend studying, logging
in to the online library for research, and
preparing your assignments. Bachelor’s
students can expect to spend about 15-20
hours each week in class, working on
team and individual assignments.
Bachelor of Science in
Management Courses
The following Phoenix courses are required
for students completing the BSM degree:
 PHL 323—Ethics in Management
 COMM 470—Communicating in the
Virtual Workplace
 PSY 320—Human Motivation
 PSY 430—Team Dynamics for Managers
 FIN 324—Financial Analysis for
Managers I
 GEN 300—Skills For Professional
 MGT 330—Management: Theory,
Practice and Application
For a complete list of BSM required courses,
contact Tien Do
 How many courses can I complete
within a year?
Students enrolled in bachelor’s programs
can complete approximately 8 to 10
courses per year (max of 39 credits per
12 month period).
 Can I take a break from the program?
Yes, it is possible to take breaks in
between your courses. You must consult
with your Academic Advisor at the
University of Phoenix in order to do so.
 When do I have to be online for class?
If you’re in an online degree program,
you log in and participate four to five
days each week, depending on your
program. You can choose the days and
University of Phoenix
General Information:
Disability Services FAQs
 What if my condition changes and I need
 Largest private university in North America,
with nearly 200 campuses
 Online, on-campus, and hybrid degree
programs are available to students
to request additional accommodations?
Please contact Phoenix Disability Services
Coordinator. The coordinator will review
new documentation supporting your request
for additional accommodations.
 I can’t afford to see a doctor. Can I still
 More than 100 degree programs at the
associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral
~Jerry Blake
A student in the Bachelor of Science in Business/Management
“The education has already helped me perform as a manager. It has developed my people skills,
critical thinking skills and ability to identify and solve problems. I’ve already applied many of the
management techniques I learned to my job.”
University of Phoenix
 University of Phoenix has many locations in
Washington State—Spokane, Kennewick,
Vancouver, Bellevue, Tacoma, and Tukwila
 BSM program is only available on-line
receive accommodations?
Every disability accommodation requires
documentation from a medical professional.
 Is there a fee for accommodations?
No. it is the University’s responsibility to
provide reasonable accommodations to
eligible students with disabilities at no cost.
Tuition and Fees
Tuition (per credit)
Application Fee
Course Materials Fee (per
course) *
University Admission
Tuition and fees for Bellevue, Tacoma, and
Tukwila campuses
* To enable access to the university’s
internet-based course materials and services
- Completed application for admission
- High school diploma or GED equivalent
- Need to be currently employed or have
worked or volunteered before applying to
University of Phoenix
- Be a citizen or permanent resident of the
U.S. or hold an approved, valid visa if
attending a college or university in the
- Official transcripts from every college
and university attended
For application assistance, contact Tien Do
University of Phoenix’s Contact Information
Name: Kari Dickerson
Phone: (425) 572-1678 Email: kari.dickerson
Financial Aid
Name: Chadd Zamora
Phone: (425) 5672-1656
Email: chadd.zamora
Disability Support Services
Name: Amy Gingrich
Email: amy.gingrich