The Goat Industry

The Goat Industry
Sheet 3
Objective 15:
Research market considerations for raising goats.
oats can be a profitable business. As with any livestock business,
you should start by researching the opportunities in your area.
Knowledge of what you will need to raise the animals, harvest the
product, and the market for your product is vital for success.
Equipment and Supplies
■ Pen or pencil (or computer)
■ Paper
■ Resources on commercial goat production
American Meat Goat Association
Mohair Council of America
Cashmere America
American Dairy Goat Association
National Goat Handbook
Langston University Goat Research Extension Fact Sheets
Research the viability of a commercial goat operation in your area. In
your report, address the following questions:
■ What type of commercial goat operation is most viable in your area?
■ What type of goats would you raise?
■ How many?
■ What type of production system would you use?
■ What facilities would you need?
■ What is the market for your product?
Write your report following the guidelines given below.
■ The length of your report will vary, but it should be at least two pages.
■ Include the address of at least one association connected with the type
of operation or breed of goats you select.
■ Use at least one visual component with your report.
EXAMPLES: Charts, posters, models
■ List references used for your report.
■ Check your report for proper grammar and spelling.
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Unit 9 - The Goat Industry