Corporate Lending The main objective of the Corporate Lending

Corporate Lending
The main objective of the Corporate Lending course is to provide CIMB participants
with the conceptual foundational understanding of bank financing and to apply its
principles specifically to corporate lending decisions in pursuit of CIMB’s mission to
become the leading universal bank in ASEAN.
The course begins with a broad overview of the importance of credit and corporate
lending that underlines the various banking activities of a universal bank and the
impact of credit loan quality and the bank’s capacity to mitigate credit risks in
contributing to the profitability of a universal bank. This is followed by an
understanding and application of the primer of key financial tools and techniques
used in corporate lending. This corporate lending course will be of interest to
bankers from the different parts of the CIMB Group in providing them with a better
understanding of the CIMB corporate lending franchise.
Course Outline:
The Importance of Credit in the World
Universal Banking Market and the Main Financial Product Families
The Importance of Bank Financing to Banks.
Understanding of Key Financial and Credit Concepts
Introduction to Basic Lending Rationales:
Asset conversion lending
Cash flow lending
Asset protection lending
Focus on SME Financing: Case Discussion on Butler Lumber Company
Credit Control and Loan Management.
Problem Loans and Loan Workouts
Case Analysis and Presentation on Garrett Pet Supplies Limited
Teaching Pedagogy:
A participant-centered teaching pedagogy based on interactive seminar-style approach
and supported by the relevant case discussions and real life industry illustrations.
Preliminary Readings Required
Introduction to Financial Ratios and Financial Statement Analysis Note.
Assigned Cases (Given Out as Hard Copies)
Case I: Travel Unlimited Agency
Case II: Butler Lumber Company
Case III: Garrett Pet Supplies Private Limited
Case IV: Giorgio Ferrari Furniture Manufacture Private Limited (GF)