December - Morton High School

Morton High School
Volume IV Issue 3
Exam Care Packages
Final exams are coming up—
January 17 & 18, 2008. To make
the process of studying more enjoyable for your student, the MHS
Student Council is selling Exam
Care Packages. These packages
will include items such as fruit,
granola bars, cookies, chips, soda,
hot chocolate packets, mints, hard
candies, highlighters, pens, pencils,
and best of all, a personal encouragement note from you. Orders for
the packages must be in by Friday,
January 11, and packages will be
delivered on the 16th & 17th. The
cost will be $10.00 for each package
ordered. If you wish to send a package to more than one student, the
cost will be $17.00 for two and
$24.00 for three. The profits from
the sale of these packages will support our service projects throughout
the year—St. Jude Week. If you are
interested in ordering an exam care
package, please fill out the order
form and attach your personal
note and return to the main office
of the High School.
Morton High school Student Council & Advisor (Nan Reynolds)
Name of Student:
Parent/Guardian Name:
December 2007
Counselor’s Corner—Mark Your
December 24-January 4, 2008—Winter Break
January 7, 2008—School resumes
January 17 & 18—Final Exams
January 21—No school– Martin Luther King Day
January 22—No School—Teacher’s Institute
January 25– Report Cards sent home with students
January 25– Junior Class meeting for registration
January 25—Deadline for Consumer Ed. Proficiency Test
January 28 & 29—MHS Family Orientation (Bertha Frank)
6:00– 7:00 p.m.
January 29—Consumer Education Proficiency Test at
Bertha Frank
February 1—Sophomore Class meeting for registration
February 8—Freshman class meeting for registration
February 9—ACT National Test (NOT at Morton)
February 15-Final date for accepting no weighted class forms
February 18—No school—President’s Day (Tentative
Emergency Day Make Up)
March 4- Local Scholarship information available
March 6, 11, 13 & 18– ACT Review at MHS ( 6:00—9:00 p.m.)
March 20—End of 3rd 9 weeks
March 20-Deadline for Local Scholarships
March 21-28—Spring Break
April 1– Preliminary to PSAE (Juniors only ) 8 a.m. at
Bertha Frank
April 2– ICC Placement Tests in MHS Library at 8:00 a.m.
April 4—Report Cards sent home with students
April 12 –ACT National Test (not at MHS)
April 16—Josten’s Senior Delivery (Bertha Frank Lobby
11:45 a.m.—1:15 p.m.)
April 23 & 24—Prairie State Exams (Junior Only)
Scholarship information can be found online at http://
Girl’s Basketball
First Game:
December 26, 2007
10:00 a.m.
Normal Community High
Varsity Wrestling
January 5, 2008
Morton High School
(15 teams)
Boy’s Basketball
First Game:
December 27, 2007
10:30 a.m.
Pekin Community High School
Hard copies of the information are available in the Counseling Office.
Cell Phone Policy Reminder
As a reminder, portable electronic devices (I-Pods, MP3 players, handheld gaming devices) and cell
phones are to be stored in a student’s locker and turned off during the course of the school day. Students possessing these items are subject to an AM detention. If these devices are used during the school
day this will result in a Saturday detention.
Phone Number:_______________
Amount Enclosed:_________
Please return this form along with
your check to the Main Office at
MHS by January 11, 2008.
Students needing to contact their parents should use the student services office phone. Parents needing
to urgently reach their student should call the office of student services. We will notify the student immediately if there is an urgent need for them to contact home.
Inappropriate cell phone use and text-messaging is on the rise. The use of cell phones in class and during the school day causes unnecessary disruptions, increases the chances for cheating via textmessaging, and is rude. Please help us in our efforts to enforce these policies by emphasizing them with
your students at home.
following Fall Sports/Band Programs
on their accomplishments:
**Boys GolfSectional Qualifiers:
JC Cole
Pat Schmitz
Kyle Pavlik
Austin Wharram
Dustin Sailors
Ryan Lynch
**Girls GolfSectional & State Qualifier:
Keegan Ryan
**Girls TennisQualified for State
Amy Unzicker
Ashley Martin &
Paige Clayton
**FootballFirst Round State Playoffs
**SoccerRegional Champs
**Boys Cross CountryRegionals—4th Place
Qualified for Sectionals
**Girls Cross CountryRegionals—3rd Place
Qualified for Sectionals
**Marching BandClass 2A State Championship at ISU
Grand Champions:
Chicago Land Marching Band Festival
Pekin Dragon Classic
Danville Viking Invitational
U of I Show
Phantom Regiment
**National Merit Semifinalist
Grace Lillard
**National Merit Commended Students:
Katherine Austin
Linda Li
Brian Weick
The freshman, sophomore and athletic
physical education classes at MHS completed the Presidential Physical Fitness
testing. Tests performed included sit-ups,
shuttle run, sit and reach, pull ups/flex arm
hang, and the mile run. Students who
scored at or above the 85th percentile on
all five tests earned a Presidential Fitness
Award. Those students who scored at or
above the 50th percentile earned a National Fitness Award:
Presidential Physical Fitness
Award Winners:
Brianna Brewer, Beau Bonham, Alex
Blunier, Austin Collins, Ashley Coon,
Nicole Dyer, Kellie Elbert, Kayla Gray,
Taylor Hartseil, Taylor Hartman, Maci
Hatch, Kathryn Hess, Vanessa Kazmer,
Paige Maurer, Lydia Nace, Lauren Simpson,
As part of the Morton High School Century of Excellence Celebration, a garden has
been created in front of MHS in honor of all
ALUMNI. This garden represents a retreat
for our students to talk about the classes of the
day, the memories created and to consider
what contributions they would like to make to
the future.
Brick pavers engraved with personal messages are being set in the garden. You may
purchase a brick for $50.00 each. These engraved bricks make unique gifts for birthdays,
anniversaries, graduations or as thank-you
gifts. They also serve as a unique lasting
memory for a special loved one.
You are encouraged to stop by and enjoy
the garden as well. If you are interested in
purchasing a brick, please fill out the form
below and return to the MHS office.
(Use a maximum of 18 letters and spaces per
line & maximum 3 lines.)
BJ Tittle, Vinny Vo
National Physical Fitness Award
Jessica Armbruster, Nathan Austin, Sam
Aupperle, Brittany Burk, Kevin Carver,
Tyler Cooper, Lisa Byard, Kaeli
Chenoweth, Caitlin Closner, Megan
Collins, Jennifer Crandall, Megan Daniel,
Codie Dickson, Monica Disberger,
Melissa Doan, Jamie DuBois, Zach
Deaton, Pat Durst, Nathan Eigsti, Todd
Evelsizer, Cali Fox, Chelsey Funk, Adriana Garcia, Jenni Gunderson, Nick Gonzales, Marty Grawe, Russ Hansard, Mason
Hansen, Tate Hohulin, Greg Householter,
Austin Huntemann, Savoy Hangartner,
Taylor Harrison, Sierra Hasler, Sarah
Hendricks, Katie Heppard, Allie Hufford,
Katelyn Ifft, Grace Jankowski, Monica
Jones, Lizabeth Kaeb, Elizabeth Kennell,
Emma Knepp, Dakota Klein, James Larson, Andrew Lindell, Sam Losey, Nicole
Lacy, Rachel Land, Alyssa Lauer, Peyton
McAtee, Kelly McCorkle, Alex Monferdini, Ryan Magana, Richard Marks, Joe
Naab, Mariah Nimmo, Emily Ogden, Rachel Ogden, Tess Overcash, Amanda Pribble, Jillian Risinger, Derek Reiman, Gerson Rodriguez, Tyler Sniff-Jones, Levi
Stephens, Jenna Schick, Kelly Schick,
Heidi Schoenbein, Megan Simpson, Julia
Spiller, Sarah Tooley, Austin Voeller,
Austin Walschaert, Ashley Walker, Brennon Williams, Carly Yingling
Please fill out one form for each brick
Amount enclosed: ___________
Please return this form along with payment to
the main office at Morton High School,
350 N. Illinois Ave., Morton, IL 61550
For those who paid only the first semester fee
at school registration in August, your second
semester fee of $71.00 is due by January 18,
2008. Make checks payable to MHS and send
them to the main office of the high school
(350 N. Illinois) or have your student drop
your check off at the main office. Remember, your payment is due by JANUARY 18,
Parents and Guardians:
Lately, we have been hearing more and more about the threat of a
serious staph infection known as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant
Staphylococcus Aureus). Although, thankfully, we are not aware of
any cases of MRSA in our schools, this clearly warrants a swift and
proactive response.
Therefore, we are taking action to reduce the spread of all germs as
well as to educate students and teachers about infectious diseases and
ways to prevent them. For example, we know that hands should be
washed thoroughly and often with soap or sanitizer, and any open
wounds should be covered. Teachers and coaches will continue to
promote these practices with our students.
In addition, custodial staff and others are thoroughly disinfecting areas
of common skin contact such as doors, restrooms, locker rooms, classroom furniture, computers, phones, athletic equipment, and many
other items and areas in our schools. Although our custodial staff
keeps our facilities exceptionally clean, the use of specially prescribed
disinfectants will greatly reduce the risk of the transmission of various
viruses and infectious bacteria.
As a part of our strategy, we are also planning to provide disinfecting
wipes to the classrooms to further reduce the risk of infection. I assure you that all school personnel will be working diligently to keep
students, staff, and the public as safe and as healthy as possible.
To become more educated about MRSA, and to help prevent it and
other illnesses in your home, you may want to visit the website, and search for “MRSA in schools” or go to . This site contains very
helpful advice on how to reduce the risk to you and your family.
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please do not
hesitate to contact me or your building principal. Working together,
we can greatly minimize our risk to both serious diseases and minor
Thank you for your attention and cooperation,
Craig Smock
Assistant Superintendent, Morton Unit District 709
New Law for Driver's Education Students
The law goes into effect January 1, 2008, and includes the following provisions:
-Extends the permit phase from three months to nine months. This proposal will give the
novice driver more time to learn under the watchful eye of parents through a variety of
weather conditions common throughout Illinois.
-Shifts the nighttime driving restriction from 11 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and from
Midnight to 11 p.m. on weekends for all drivers under the age of 18 and those who fail to
graduate from the initial licensing phase.
-The nighttime driving restriction includes exemptions for teens that are
traveling to and from school activities and work.
-Doubles the period—from six months to 12 months—that restricts a new driver to a
maximum of one unrelated teen passenger in the vehicle.
-Requires drivers under age 18 who are ticketed for traffic violations to appear before a
judge with a parent or guardian to receive court supervision. This legislation also requires the attendance of traffic school as a requisite for court supervision for drivers
under the age of 21. This ensures that the parent or guardian is fully aware of the minor’s traffic violation and understands the requirements and ramifications of court supervision.
-Tickets the passengers ages 15 to 20, in addition to the drivers, who violate the passenger restriction law. White’s task force felt that a teenager’s actions are often motivated
by consequences or lack thereof. This proposal places responsibility on both the passengers and the driver to abide by the passenger limitation provision.
If you have any questions regarding the new law which takes effect January 1, 2008,
please feel free to contact one of our Driver Education Teachers here at Morton High
Semester Finals
January 17, 2008
8:00 - 9:15
9:25 - 10:40
10:50 –12:05
12:05 –12:55
1:00 - 2:15
1st period
3rd period
5th period
Lunch for all students
7th period
January 18, 2008
2nd period
4th period
6th period
Make-up Exams
No early exams will be given. Report cards will be sent home with students on
January 25, 2008.
It’s not too late to join PPP. Activities include promoting our Pride Cards which are now available for purchase in the main office of MHS
with new businesses and more discounts. We distribute teacher grants. We have a teacher appreciation committee that works hard to show
our teachers and staff how much we care for them. We have a discipline committee that works with students and administrators to review the
handbook every year, working on issues such as the dress code, student conduct, and cell phone policies. We also have specific committees for
one time events such as the homecoming pep rally concession stand, the “Welcome to the Real World” simulation for the freshman class,
the staff appreciation luncheon, and breakfast &/or snacks for the junior class on test days (Prairie State Achievement tests). Some of the
committee work is done in the evenings or by phone, so there are opportunities for working parents to be involved also.
Meetings are held once a month (the second Tuesday of the month) at 1 p.m. at Bertha Frank. At our monthly meetings, we receive a report
from an administrator as well as a report from the resource officer at the high school. We are informed of events, classes, teacher and student
achievements and any problems that might be occurring at the school. We are able to give feedback on any concerns we may have a this time as
well. By being involved you are also sending a message to your students that their education is important to you and you want them to
have a successful high school career. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Maureen Compton (263-8670).
YES— I would like to become a PPP Member and become involved in my student’s high school experience.
Please mail or bring this registration form along with your $10.00 membership fee to the office at the High School or mail
to 350 N. Illinois Street, Morton, IL 61550. Please make checks payable to Potter Parent Power.