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Volume 43, Issue 11 • November 2015 •
10.........1966 Grand Prix: “A GTO on Steroids”
14.........Mean Time 2007 Solstice GXP
22.........Tale of the Totem
24.........Astre by Pontiac
28.........Home Run in Louisville: 2015 POCI Convention in Review
34.........1929 Oakland: Made in Canada
44.........Roundport Racers: 455HO GTOs
50.........1979 GMC Street Coupe
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5.........Editor’s Note
6.........Ridin’@ Random
52.........President’s Message
53.........Vice President’s Message
53.........POCI Club History
54.........Chapter News
57.........Member’s Bulletin Board
58.........2016 Convention Update
67.........Classified Ads
18.........Converter Conundrum
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40.........Modern Gasoline & Your Vintage Pontiac
In a recent article published in Autoweek magazine, famous car collector Jay Leno
highlighted a serious problem that classic car owners are now facing regarding
the volatile ethanol content found in today’s fuel. Noted was an increase in car
fires stemming from gasoline leaks caused by ethanol-damaged gaskets and rubber
hoses. Learn more about this timely topic in our tech feature beginning on page 40.
page 18
“Making new friends and keeping the old.”
That was Oakland-Pontiac’s slogan in 1931 as the Oakland was being phased out. I
think it serves us just as well today during this changeover of Smoke Signals staff.
Rest assured that I fully understand the diversity of the Pontiac-Oakland-GMC
hobby within our club. Providing high quality, entertaining and informative content to an audience that is made up of people interested in so many things — from
Brass Era Oaklands, Silver Streak Pontiacs, high performance GTOs and Firebirds,
full-sized cars, performance modifications and racing, trucks, custom cars and “Rat
Rods,” plus a few other categories — is a challenge in anyone’s book!
Throughout the history of our club’s publications, each editor has done their best
to provide a quality publication while making the most of the technology, personnel
and budget available to them. I will be no different.
The POCI Board of Directors, as well as those on the advertising and publications committees, have been working with me to make positive changes while honoring the magazine’s legacy.
While many of the stories in this issue were generated by me, you can look
ahead to a greater diversity of contributions from others. I encourage each one
of you to submit stories, photos, and items that might be of interest to our diverse
group. (After all, it is your club!) If for some reason it can’t be published as submitted, I will do my best to work with you to get it squared away so it can be published.
There are many areas within the magazine that you could contribute to, from a
picture with a brief note for the Member’s Bulletin Board, a news item for Ridin’@
Random, or even a full-blown feature story! Drop me a line and let me know
whatcha got!
I want to thank the contributors to this issue and I look forward to working with
many “new friends” in the future.
Tim Dye
RIGHT: This is the April 1975 issue of
Smoke Signals magazine. My, have we
come a long way! It measures 6¾” x
8½” and has 8 pages. John Gunnell,
who is now a POCI Director, was just
getting ready to take over as editor. The
Silver Streak News mentioned on the
cover was a separate publication which
later would be combined with Smoke
Signals. We have brought back the Silver
Streak News name to identify the club
business portion of today’s magazine.
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Contributors to this issue
Thom Sherwood, Scott Scheel,
Derik Olfield, Rick Kaiser, Steve Fleury,
Paul Prinzing, David Silarski
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is published monthly as a benefit of membership
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$39.00 per year (Canadian rate $40.00,
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Smoke Signals, P.O. Box 68. Maple Plain, MN 55359.
LEFT: Most every piece published by
the Oakland Motor Car Company in
1931 had the “Making New Friends
and Keeping the Old” slogan printed
on them. There was no company name
published, just the GM logo.
Articles, letters and editorial comments found in
Smoke Signals represent the views and opinions of
the individual authors and are not necessarily those
of POCI or any of its officers or staff.
The Pontiac/Oakland/GMC Trademark(s) are used
with the permission of General Motors.
The story “Mean Solstice,” beginning on page 14, references
Mr. Donald Trump and his TV show “The Apprentice.” It
was written before he announced his presidential candidacy
and is in no way intended to be an endorsement of him by the
Pontiac-Oakland Club or by the Smoke Signals staff. —Editor
WHAT’S GOING ON IN OUR HOBBY WORLD! News - New Products - Literature - Trivia - Information and More
If you have material for Ridin’@ Random, send it to [email protected]
New Book • Pontiac Convertibles 1953 - 1967
Don Narus provides readers with sun-worshiping entertainment and Vitamin D information as he chronicles the drop-tops from Pontiac during this period. This includes full-size,
compact, intermediate, pony, and muscle ragtops. You know their names: Chieftain
Deluxe, Star-Chief, Bonneville, Catalina, Tempest (Custom, LeMans, GTO), Firebird, and
Grand Prix. The drive through time is delivered through a picture-and-caption format
within a 93-page soft cover book. Detailed 155 black and white photos generously highlight front and rear ends, dashboards, seats, and trim. The author’s intriguing insights
compliment his discerning eyes. Chapters end with an overview of models, wheelbases,
engines, and prices. Order a copy from for $18.95 plus
$3.99 shipping.
DVDs • Republic of Doyle
Republic of Doyle was a Canadian comedy/drama
TV series that few people in the United States are familiar with. The series, which debuted in 2010, recently
ended after six seasons. The series was filmed in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland.
Actor Allan Hawco stars as private investigator and
former police officer Jake Doyle, but the real star of the
show for us Pontiac fans is his car, a 1968 GTO hardtop.
Unlike most current-day television series which feature only newer vehicles, Doyle’s classic GTO plays a
major role in every episode. The producers went out of
their way to give this GTO lots of airtime. And —
unlike some other shows we may watch just for the cars
— this is truly a well-written and well-cast production.
It is always fun to watch what kind of trouble Jake gets
into with both the women and the bad guys he comes in
contact with.
The viewer is struck by the colorful buildings and
vivid blue water. Most of the actors are from Newfoundland and you will quickly notice their unique local
accent. Every once in a while an actor will pop up that
you’ll recognize, such as Stuart Margolin (“Angel”)
from The Rockford Files.
Like any Pontiac Geek, I paid particular attention
to the car and soon noticed there were at least two
different GTOs being
used for filming. One
of them had a dealer
trunk plate and the
other did not. In one
episode, there was a closeup shot that I could freeze-frame the DVD to make out
what was on it...”Jarman.” I searched the internet and found a little history on this particular Pontiac dealer — or at least enough to learn
it was once located in Baltimore, MD.
I thought that was the end of it until I was
scrounging around the swap meet at the Ames
Tri-Power Nationals at Norwalk earlier this
year and stumbled upon a “Jarman” dealer
trunk plate. I chuckled to myself thinking that only the
Canadian folks attending the show and myself might ever
make the connection!
Most, if not all six seasons of Republic of Doyle are
available at —Editor
New Book • Blood, Sweat & Gears
In 1971, could a little group of unknown automotive engineers independently design and build a race car from an old 1964 Pontiac sedan and really compete against professional, factory-backed racing teams? Blood, Sweat
& Gears is based on the true story of a small group of GM Pontiac Division
engineers who did just that. They independently created a race car in 1970
from an old 1964 Pontiac LeMans with 80,000 miles on its odometer. Without factory support and on a shoestring budget, they seriously competed in
the 1971 televised Trans-Am road racing circuit against professional, wellfinanced, factory-backed racing teams and won the hearts of fans and the
press, who dubbed their car the “Gray Ghost.” The following year they did
it again, starting with a wrecked Firebird from a junkyard, and shocked the
racing world at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Blood, Sweat & Gears is
an inspiring, fact-based underdog story of hard work, ingenuity and competitive American grit that has never before been fully told.
The book may be purchased in paperback on, and all other major online book retailers for $9.99.
EBook versions are also available for $3.99 at,, and
New Products
2004 GTO exterior badges,
2005 - 2006 exterior badges
and badge kits in silver,
chrome and black finishes are
now available. Shown here
is the 2005 - ‘06 GTO Silver
kit. For more information, visit or call
Rare Appearance!
At the September 20, 2015 All Pontiac Cruise &
Show, the legendary Paul Goldsmith — now 90 years
old — made a rare public appearance at the annual event
held in Pontiac, Illinois. Pictured here with engineer Herb
Adams (left), Paul was involved in many kinds of racing from his days with Harley Davidson to Indy Car and
NASCAR. Perhaps his greatest victory and what makes
him so memorable to Pontiac fans was his February 1963 win at Daytona.
Driving a 1963 Pontiac Super Duty Tempest, Goldsmith lapped the field twice
on his way to a commanding victory. Soon after, his car was sold overseas
and never seen again. A yet-to-be-completed project to re-create Goldsmith’s
Tempest, currently underway thanks to the efforts of Roger Rosebush and Jim
Luikens, was also on display at the event.
New Product
DCI MOTORSPORTS LLC New Ram Air 5 cylinder heads available NOW.
The Ultimate and Legendary Traditional Pontiac cylinder heads.
Special features:
- Will bolt on to a factory block with a 4.150” or larger bore
- Will accept up to a 2.400” intake valve and up to a 1.75” exhaust valve
- Fully CNC-machined super efficient 85 cc combustion chambers that can
easily be opened up to 95 cc’s or reduced to 60 cc’s
- A thick 3/4” deck surface for superior head gasket seal
- Stock appearing external features including the number 44
- Will accept early and late model accessory brackets
- Cast in air foils for the push rod tubes
- Will accept stud mounted or shaft mounted rocker arms
- Capable of 500+ intake CFM with porting
- Manufactured with High grade 356A T6 aluminum
- Machined with Diamond tooling for super accurate CNC-machined coordinates
- 10 degree valve incline for improved air flow
- Raised intake and exhaust runners for improved air flow
- Super efficient 1.875” round exhaust ports capable of 300+ CFM after porting
- Flow as cast with 2.19” intake and 1.65” exhaust valves. 380+ CFM intake and
260+ CFM exhaust at 28” of H2O
Contact info: DCI Motorsports LLC • 2477 State Route 44 • Atwater Ohio 44201
330-850-5050 shop
330-628-3354 cell
1966Grand Prix
by Steve Fleury
GTO on steroids!” Or at least, that’s how I now
respond to people at car shows wanting to know
what my car is. Of course the folks who do know the difference get a chuckle out of the comparison. In 1966, the Pontiac Grand Prix was as close as it got to mimicking the lines of
the same year GTO from just about every angle.
So why did I purchase the Grand Prix instead of a GTO?
Have you ever compared the rides? The Grand Prix, with its
7” longer wheelbase (one would have thought even bigger)
rides like a dream.
My Pontiac enthusiasm starts back in my high school days
when I owned a Pontiac Tempest Sprint coupe. While it was
an interesting car with an overhead cam engine and a 4-bbl
split manifold exhaust and 4-speed, the real clincher was a
friend’s 1964 Catalina. I was young, and that car’s eye-catching dashboard alone shouted “Buy a Pontiac”!
Eventually, I purchased a 1966 2-door chrome post Catalina from its original owner —a little old lady, no less. That was
back in 1982. I really liked the Catalina but it just did not have
that “sexy” look, so after a couple of years it was sold and the
hunt was on for what I really wanted: a 1966 Grand Prix.
With the help of Smoke Signals I located my Grand Prix.
Only one problem — I lived in Dayton, Ohio, and this
car resided just one block from the famous intersection of
Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles.
The car did have some issues, but I agreed by phone to
purchase it anyway. (I would never recommend that anyone
consider purchasing a car long-distance based on pictures
alone, but I sure lucked-out!)
A co-worker friend who’d never been out West jumped at
the chance to help me bring the car back home to Ohio. The
plan was for the two of us to fly to Los Angeles on a Friday af-
ter work, meet with the seller, pick up the car, and attempt the
2,500 mile drive home together over the weekend. Knowing
full well there would be risks driving an unknown car over
such a long distance, our office mates even placed bets on if
we‘d be back to work as planned Monday morning.
It turned out this was the drive of the century for the two
of us! It was 1985, we had just turned 30, and were cruising back to Ohio in a car that we weren’t certain would
even make the trip. But it did, and on Monday morning the
folks back at work begrudgingly had to pay up on their bet!
Back home in Ohio, the Grand Prix, with its faded
silver paint (California Sun) and virtually rust-free body,
fulfilled my Pontiac ownership dreams.
A couple of slight modifications were in order, though.
I immediately removed the
smog pump, and the car
drove even better. I also replaced the original hub caps
with a set of 8-lug wheels…
What a difference! The car
had a whole new look, but it
was still not quite there yet.
Another ten years with
occasional cruise nights and
pleasure drives would pass
and it was finally time for a
complete mechanical overhaul. My buddy, the late Ron
Panzer (R.I.P.) took the ‘66
and really turned it around.
Everything was worked on,
including the engine. The
only non-stock addition was a
Buick rear sway bar that certainly improved the GP’s cornering capabilities.
So now its 2004, the car
runs great but still wore this old silver paint. What to do?
One day an all-black ’55 Chevy drives past the office and
inspiration strikes. With all the chrome accents on my GP,
black it will be! My painter’s only comment was, “That’s a lot
of real estate.”
When it eventually rolled out of the shop 4 months later,
the end results were stunning. The quarter panels never came
out of Detroit that straight!
Just two weeks later, the GP was now ready for another
cross-country adventure. So, off we went to join 40 other
members from POCI’s Grand Prix Chapter on a tour of Route
66. (We’ll save that story for another time. What a blast!)
Today, the car never complains when I start it up. Routine
maintenance such as batteries and plugs are easily tended to.
Above: Obvious styling cues the Grand Prix shares with the GTO
in the front include the stacked headlights and parking lights in
split grilles. The rear of the Grand Prix also shares some characteristics with the GTO including the tail light treatment and a
flared panel on the ends. However, one stylish feature unique to
the Grand Prix is the curved rear window glass.
The 1966 Grand Prix interior with bucket seats is both sporty and
elegant. Standard features include center console, clock, padded
dash, walnut paneling on the console and instrument panel, and
seat belts front and rear (not standard on all cars until 1968).
Cosmetically, after just one round of light buffing, the paint
looks just as good as it did the day it rolled out of the paint
booth 12 years ago.
I truly love my GP and I especially appreciate the rarity of
the 1966 models. Imagine how special it was to be amongst a
chance meeting of six of ‘em at the Woodward Dream Cruise
back in 2008! Other than that, I just do not see many of these
anymore, as most enthusiasts went for the smaller GTO sibling.
Speaking of rare, you will notice in some of the pictures a
second, newer Grand Prix. This was a car design that also spoke
to me. I could not afford one when
new, but found this red 1992 coupe as
a second-hand car at a Pontiac dealership in the Detroit area in 1993. After
22 years, it is obvious that it has become part of my collection.
How rare? I wanted one with a
5-speed manual transmission and, out
of roughly 120,000 GPs produced that
year, only two percent had a stick! In addition, this particular car was equipped
with the expensive (and consequently
uncommon) Head-Up Display option.
The 3.4 DOHC engine is unfortunately a bit underpowered, but on a
road course, look out. The Grand Prix’s
Wide Track stance really shines! Truly a
fun drive.
Those familiar with this generation
of Grand Prixs are often shocked to
find the ’92 still running due to the 3.4
double overhead cam motor being such
a difficult powertrain to maintain. Yes,
their rarity is increasing daily! Hence,
BELOW: Our 1992 Grand Prix SE in Bright
Red wears 16”x 8” aluminum Crosslace
wheels. These wheels were standard with
the B4U Aero Performance Package also
found on this GP. Other features include a
power sunroof.
BELOW: In sharp contrast to the chrome,
wood and other textures found in the ‘66
Grand Prix, the ‘92 is mostly made up of
plastics in various shades of gray. What the
newer GP. lacks in class and quality materials
found in the ‘66, it makes up with high tech
features such as a multi-speaker stereo system, digital clock, steering wheel mounted
controls and Head-Up instrument display.
Grand Prixs of the 1990s sold very well
for Pontiac. The 1992 in the background
is one of 119,319 produced. It shares
its legacy with the 1966 seen here of
which only 36,757 were sold. However,
other than the signature Pontiac split
grille, the 1966 and 1992 Grand Prix
have little in common.
my 1992 GP is relegated to occasional
“sunny day” driving duties only.
As for its future, at some point I plan
to donate it to the Pontiac-Oakland Museum in Pontiac, Illinois. Meanwhile,
for all I know, it just may be the last
5-speed ’92 still on the road.
This Mean Yellow 2007 Solstice GXP was worth the wait!
Story & Photos by
Thom Sherwood
he classic definition of a Sports Car describes a lowslung roadster or topless 2-seater with a respectable
horsepower-to-weight ratio and rear wheel drive. It seemed only
natural for a combination like this to be included in Pontiac’s
broad portfolio of performance-oriented offerings. So why did it
take so long for Pontiac to finally produce a true sports car?
Pontiac’s first attempt came over half a century ago with the
exotic sounding concept “Club de Mer.” Though shown prominently at Motorama events across the U.S. in 1956, it was never
taken seriously as a possible production car during the excessive
fin and chrome years when “large was in charge.”
Another attempt came in the early 1960s with the roofless
Tempest “Monte Carlo” (yes, you read that right, as this was prior
to Chevy’s usage of the name). Seen as merely a racy styling exercise, the Monte Carlo concept saw little promotion and quickly
faded into obscurity.
Pontiac Engineer-turned-General Manager John Z. DeLorean
knew the importance of catering to auto enthusiasts and cornercarving boy racers. In the mid-’60s, he personally pitched two
different “Banshee” prototypes worthy of carrying the Pontiac
badge. Despite his relentless devotion to the Wide-Track marque,
the prototypes were eventually shelved when GM brass rea-
“Why did it take so long for Pontiac
to finally get a true Sports Car”?
soned that another GM-built 2-seater would pick-away at important sales of the Chevrolet Corvette. Thus, the lesson welllearned for the next couple of decades was that any attempt
by Pontiac to threaten Corvette’s sales domain would be immediately shot down.
A glimmer of hope came again in 1984 with the release of the
revolutionary 2-seater Pontiac Fiero and a one-off roadster version. The P-car platform, though, was only approved for production as a coupe after being relegated to “commuter car”
(read: underpowered) status which — once again — wouldn’t
undermine hallowed Corvette sales. Plus, a roadster would
require costly tooling changes to the Fiero’s unique “space
frame” construction methods and was deemed simply too expensive for production.
Things were looking much better in late 2001 when GM’s
Board of Directors perhaps finally saw the light. Sensing that
dramatic company-wide product changes were in order, GM
hired visionary car enthusiast Bob Lutz as the new Chairman of
GM North America.
One of Lutz’s first challenges was to review each of GM’s
divisions and tweak their product offerings. He recognized immediately what the automotive cognoscenti had long wondered
GXP option package includes:
•2.0 litre (122cid) I-4 all aluminum Ecotec engine
with direct fuel injection and a dual-scroll turbo
rated at 260hp (2.1hp per cubic inch!)
•Stabilitrak traction control
•Unique exterior trim and seat stitching
•Car & Driver magazine test results:
14.2 sec quarter mile ET at 98 mph.
The 260-hp turbocharged GXP engine option added $5,000 to the base model bringing the total to
$26,515. Of the total 22,613 Solstices produced in
2007, 8,822 were ordered with the GXP option.
and the GM bean counters never dared ask: “Why wasn’t
GM building a classic, nimble roadster which could compete
against the ubiquitous Mazda Miata?” Was the cruel wait for a
Pontiac sports car finally over?
He reasoned that the “untouchable” Corvette had literally
grown — in both size and expense — into its own legendary niche with a cult-like following. An all-new, small, lightweight open roadster could fit right into Pontiac’s lineup
without cannibalizing Corvette sales and instead capture
some of the lucrative Miata segment sales. Duhhhh!!
Even before his first official day on the job, Lutz implored
GM stylists to sketch-up a roadster with classic, tight proportions that could compete directly with the Miata. It was Fritz
VonHolzhausen’s drawings of both a roadster and matching
swept-back coupe version that won Lutz’s attention. “Let’s
build it!” he commanded.
In a seemingly unheard of time frame, both a prototype
Pontiac Solstice roadster and coupe were assembled for a
public unveiling a mere 18 weeks later at the North American
(Detroit) Auto Show in January of 2002. Needless to say, the
mocked-up cars were a hit.
Flash forward to 2005, when the production-ready Solstice
was finally given the green light. Pontiac’s marketing team
knew they had to go “all in” with a flashy introduction. They
chose the popular reality TV competition show The Apprentice to deliver their message in what was essentially an hourlong commercial for a sporty new convertible to be released
later that year.
Randy and Virginia Rogers of Tucson, Arizona already were
die-hard Pontiac enthusiasts when they first saw the Solstice
prototypes back in 2002. They anxiously, but patiently, followed its progress and awaited the 2006 model introduction.
“It was a long wait, and it seemed to be the right car for us.
But, when I finally got a test drive, I felt the standard 177-hp 2.4
liter engine still needed a bit more power,” Randy conceded. “We
later learned the 260-hp turbocharged GXP option would become
The Rogers have personalized their Solstice by adding Drag
DR19 Extreme Alloy 18x7.5” wheels, a luggage rack by Kappasphere, and an acrylic wind deflector with a GXP graphic
and amber light kit by WindRestrictor.
Pontiac’s desire to
make a big, splashy introduction for their new
Solstice sports car required a big plan. Enter Donald Trump and
primetime TV’s The Apprentice.
In early 2005, Trump’s
reality competition program was in its third
season and had already proven to be a ratings juggernaut
for Fortune 500 companies like Home Depot, Domino’s,
Pepsi and others. On April 12, 2005, Pontiac stepped-up
to “buy the task” to bring what was essentially an hourlong commercial for their upcoming roadster to the show’s estimated 12 million viewers.
In this memorable episode,
Trump challenged his two
teams — now whittleddown to three candidates
each — to design and create a printed sales brochure
for a brand new sports car
within 24 hours.
He, along with three attending executives from Pontiac, then
officially unveiled the Solstice. A collective gasp of excitement and fascination
available in its second year, so we decided to wait.”
And wait they did.
When it finally came time to fill-out the dealership’s order
form, the Rogers learned of a new paint color choice, “Mean
Yellow.” That bright exterior, together with a Camel soft top
and an Ebony interior, would create a made-for-their-tastes
2007 Solstice GXP.
And so the waiting began... again!
“Our Mean Yellow GXP initially arrived in Tucson after
7 long weeks, but, for some unexplained reason the dealership delivered our car to another customer who also wanted
a GXP in that color!” Randy recalls.
An exasperating 11 weeks would pass before their “replacement” car would finally arrive from the factory in Wilmington, Delaware.
Today, the Rogers certainly feel they’ve added a true sports
car to their Pontiac portfolio and look back at the long wait
with humor. “We like to think that the name of the paint was
most appropriate, as it was only “mean” to have to wait all
these years and weeks to finally get our car. But, in the end,
we love our Solstice... It’s all we hoped for and more!”
could be heard across
Trump implored the
two teams to discover
and convey the true essence and soul of the
car in their brochure
submissions. He also announced that his new apprentice (to be selected
at the end of the 16-week
series) would ultimately
be presented with a new
Solstice — as well as a Season Three Apprentice winner Kendra
six-figure salary. Smiles Todd was responsible for developing the
winning brochure for her team, and was
all around!
awarded a new Solstice during the season’s
It became obvious
finale. (Photo courtesy NBC-Universal)
within the first ten
minutes of the show that Pontiac had a hit on their hands.
America had just been teased with the Solstice and we found
ourselves suddenly punch-drunk in love. The final knockout came during the program’s first commercial break
when viewers were hit by a sultry, sexy 60-second
spot pitching the Solstice “Early Order Program.”
Sequentially-numbered First 1,000 Edition roadsters would soon be available to order at your local
Pontiac dealership. All you had to do was log-on
to Pontiac’s website and register to learn more!
Gauging the success of the show (and the car
itself), Pontiac later reported a 1,434% bump in
web traffic. The First 1,000 Edition Solstices soldout within 41 minutes of the program’s official
starting time, with orders coming from 650 dealerships in 47 states.
During the official ten-day Early Order Program, a total of
6,116 cars were wait-listed or ordered.
Converter Conundrum
Story & Photos by Scott A. Scheel
hen General Motors added catalytic
converters to all of its 1975 passenger
car models, many performance purists mourned the death of the American performance car
for good. Early converters flowed poorly, had a
finite life and were very expensive to maintain
causing many people to illegally remove them,
often subjecting vehicle and exhaust shop owners to prosecution by the EPA. Emissions control technology improved over time and with
the advent of fuel injection and electronic ignition, power increased while exhaust emissions remained relatively low. In 1996, federal
law required all new vehicles sold in the U.S.
to utilize a standardized drivetrain control system known as “OBD II” (On Board Diagnostics,
type II). The system consists of several sensors
sending information to an engine management
computer (ECM) which governs fuel delivery
and ignition events while monitoring exhaust
emissions. If emissions fall outside of prescribed
parameters, the computer adjusts fuel and ignition advance to keep emissions within the limits
set my manufacturers. If the adjustments made
by the ECM fail to correct the emissions issue, it
will then illuminate the “Service Engine Soon”
light to alert the vehicle owner that the car is in
need of repair.
Modern catalytic converters are not serviceable, but rather replaced as a unit. Federal law
requires any car originally fitted with a converter from the factory to have a new one installed
should the original one be damaged or ineffective. If your Pontiac is beyond 8 years old or
has over 80,000 miles, the original converter
is out of warranty and an aftermarket converter
may be used. When the factory exhaust system
in our project 1999 Grand Prix GTP sedan was
ready for replacement, we contacted Kooks
Headers and Exhaust and ordered an Ultra High
Performance Green Converter. Follow along as
Kent Applegate of Kent’s Automotive Service in
Noblesville, IN expertly installs our new performance exhaust system.
1- The Kooks Ultra High Performance
Green Catalytic Converter is ideal for any
high performance application that must
meet 49-state emissions laws. Made in
the USA of high quality stainless steel,
Kooks converters are available in 2.5”
and 3” sizes.
2- Inside, the Kooks Ultra High Performance Green Catalytic Converter features a
rolled stainless steel substrate coated with
platinum, palladium and rhodium. These precious metals are highly effective at converting harmful byproducts of the combustion
process (oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons) into far less
harmful water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
3- Cheaper converters use a ceramic substrate which is highly susceptible to physical
damage, cracking and melting. A sunk carburetor float or a leaking injector will ruin one
of these in a hurry. If your Pontiac makes a
strange whistling or howling sound at high
RPM, this may very well be the reason.
5- Out with the old. Since some custom
fabrication and welding will be required
in our case, Kent expertly removes the old
converter from our GTP with a cutting
torch. Many newer vehicles have converters bolted directly to the exhaust manifolds
or part of the manifolds themselves. This
is because converters are more efficient at
higher temps.
4- Our GTP had exhaust wrap installed to reduce
temps and silence noise. As muffler shop owner Kent
shows us here, exhaust wraps can also trap moisture
and accelerate corrosion – even on stainless pipe!
7- Kent fabricated a short length of 3” pipe
with an oxygen sensor bung and a flange to connect the Kooks converter and resonator to the
back half of the GTP’s exhaust system.
6- Front wheel drive Pontiacs with the
3.8 V6 use a resonator aft of the converter
to reduce noise ahead of the mufflers. Kent
prefers to replace originals with a Magnaflow unit. As seen here, it features a straightthrough design which increases performance
and efficiency while still controlling noise.
8- The completed assembly tucks
nicely under the car within the factory
tunnel, sounds absolutely stock, but
flows better than the original components. A new oxygen sensor was
also installed.
10- We took the GTP to the dragstrip to see how well it performed with the new
exhaust components installed. The 94 degree air temperature was far from ideal, but the
Grand Prix turned a 15-flat in the quarter-mile, identical performance to when it was
new. With cooler temperatures and better traction, we’re confident our GTP would post
a mid-14 second pass while still returning 27 MPG and seating 5 comfortably. Not bad
for a 16-year-old Pontiac with 270,000 miles!
9- The final step is
to clear previous trouble codes and road-test
the car to verify proper
function of the newly
installed components.
Kent’s scan tool gives
us the “all-clear” indicating everything
is functioning within
From the staff and
Board of Directors at the...
& Resource Center
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list at
Phone your order to (815) 842 - 2345
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in Four
Red Wing
of the
by Tim Dye
hose of you who are serious collectors, no matter what
that it was out in the van, if I would like to see it. I rushed
it is you collect, know that there are certain pieces that
to get my camera!
are ultra rare. So rare in fact, you have considered the possibilWe went out to his van, opened the back, and there it was,
ity that you may never own one. Such a piece for me was the
an official Pontiac totem pole. Wrapped in blankets were four 3´
Pontiac Motor Division totem pole. I had seen them only in
sections making up the 12´ piece. I don’t know that I had ever
pictures, but had never laid eyes on one in person.
put a lot of thought into what the circumstances might be when
I would find the first totem pole I could see, touch and possibly
Having never seen a real Pontiac totem pole, I knew little
buy. But, I don’t think standing at the back of a van looking like
about them. When I had had the good fortune to find, but could
I might be making a drug deal with a Pontiac tattooed guy from
not buy, other rare pieces, I had settled for pictures and notes to
Sweden was any part of my vision.
document them in hopes that my day of ownership would come.
It’s not like you think about it every day, but it is there in the back
It was clear after seeing it, that this was a companion
of your mind, this short list of pieces you would skip a few meals,
piece to the Chief Pontiac statue I had been lucky enough
or take decisive financial action to obtain.
to acquire several years earlier. It was
Here is my tale of acquiring such a piece,
made of the same material (horsehair
an official Pontiac Totem Pole.
plaster, painted to look like wood). I
I was standing in the Pontiac-Oakhad always considered the Chief statue
land Museum one day visiting with
rare, but not nearly as rare as the totem
Ryan and Kirsty Turner, a young couple
pole. It is my theory that the 12´ totem
from Australia. They were restoring a
pole may have been too tall to fit in
1926 Pontiac that had been handed
many dealership showrooms; therefore,
down through Ryan’s side of the fammany totems were probably placed
outside. As a result, they deteriorated
ily. They had come to the museum to
and were disposed of in much greater
use our research library, and we just
numbers than the under 8´ Chief Ponhappened to have a 1926 Pontiac on
tiac statue. Also, official paperwork on
display that they could examine. As
the pair, such as a dealer order form or
I was talking to them, another gentleman walked in. He was sporting Chief
brochure, has eluded me all of my years
Pontiac and 1958 Pontiac tattoos on his
of collecting.
arm, so I knew he was a serious PonAs I was taking pictures, I was quiztiac fan. He was from Sweden, and his
zing Lars about how he had discovered
name was Lars Elofsson. Lars joined in
this rare item. He had found it through
our conversation, and it struck me just
the Internet. After visiting with him for a
short time, I figured out he was a serithen how awesome it was to be standing in Pontiac, Illinois, at the only Ponti- An official Pontiac Motor Division totem ous collector like me, and there was no
pole donated to a Boy Scout troop in 1957.
way, after going to the great lengths that
ac museum in the world, talking Pontiac
cars with a couple from Australia and a guy from Sweden!
he had to get this rare piece, that he would ever consider sellThe Turners went to look around the museum, and Lars
ing it, so I didn’t even ask.
and I continued the conversation. I asked Lars how he was
He went on to say that the parents of the fellow he bought
doing (I recognized his name as a current Pontiac-Oakland
the totem pole from in Virginia had owned a Pontiac dealerClub director) and what brought him to the United States.
ship at one time and that they had bought two of the totem
He said that he had just come from Virginia where he had
poles for their dealership, but the guy would not make a
picked up a totem pole. This got my attention, and I asked if
package deal, so he left the other one. Just to be sure I had
it was a real Pontiac totem pole. He replied that it was and
heard him correctly, I asked him to repeat the part about the
guy having another one. He did, indeed, have another one.
I asked what he wanted for it, and the price sounded reasonable to me. I asked Lars,
since he had already built up
a rapport with this person,
to please call right away and
tell him the totem was sold. I
would have it picked up.
He made the call, and I
immediately called my Pontiac buddy Rocky Boyles who
lives near there and told him
I needed a favor. After telling
him the story, he reminded me
that Bruce Edelman, another
Pontiac friend, lives even closer. I called Bruce, and he went
over the very next day, paid the
man, and picked-up the pole in
his Pontiac station wagon. Bruce
Lars Elofsson of Sweden, a se- was excited and disappointed at
rious Pontiac enthusiast.
the same time. He later told me
that he drives by that building almost every day and wished
he had known what was inside. Tyrone Mount, another friend
who lives in North Carolina, was planning a trip to the Midwest, so he picked-up the totem pole from Bruce and delivered it to the museum.
We stored the totem for a time, all the while figuring
out how we could restore it. Just as we have seen on some
of the Chief Pontiac
statues, the paint
tends to flake off
Museum Director Tim Dye
(left) with Tyrone Mount who
delivered the totem pole to the
over time, and because
of the weight and bulkiness of the piece, there
is usually some damage.
In this case it looked like
a car had backed into it
and pushed in the nose of
Top section of the totem pole in one of the bottom figures.
Bruce Edelman’s station wagon. I contacted Lars and had
Careful handling is a must for the 60
him take pictures of his toplus year old artifact.
tem pole in the same area,
so we knew exactly what it was supposed to look like.
We showed the totem pole to a couple of our friends.
David Amess and Jan and Dean Keeley were excited about
the project and wanted to
help with the restoration.
With their help we took it
to Diaz Sign Art. The very
talented Diaz family own a
sign shop here in Pontiac.
They had done a wonderful job of restoring both our
Chief Pontiac statue and
our horse mannequin for
display. As time allowed,
I would drop in with my
camera to see
how the project
was progressing.
They first cleaned
and stripped off
any lose paint.
After that, all
the necessary repairs were made,
and then a base/
primer coat was
TOP: Bill Diaz with a totem pole section he is
Next a
working on. BOTTOM: Sections of the totem
pole in mid-restoration at Diaz Sign Art.
was applied, followed by the detail colors and highlights.
As with the other pieces Bill Diaz and family have done
for us, the totem pole looks fantastic and is now on display
in the museum. Luckily we have 14´ ceilings, so the only
decision remaining was
where to display it. The
camping display seemed
like a good fit. With the
help of Mayor Bob Russell, we assembled the
pole. The top piece (6´
span) is the scariest to
handle, because you
have to be on a ladder to
reach its proper location,
and you must balance
the piece until you get it
set in place. At the same
time, you are constantly
thinking about how rare
the piece is and how
much time and money
are now invested in it.
Everyone sighed with
enormous relief after we
finished the setup, since
no damage was incurred
On display in the camping scene at the
by either the artifact or
Pontiac-Oakland Museum.
the installers.
That is my story of how we acquired a super rare piece
of Pontiac memorabilia. Many thanks to everyone who
helped make it possible. Now, not only will I get to enjoy
it, but the thousands of visitors who come to the museum
each year will see it and learn about it as well.
bout every other week, you’ll find me on eBay
Motors checking out what collectible Pontiac and
GMC vehicles are listed. Many are placed in my “Watch List”
just to see if they sell and what they go for. In October of
2010, I was looking through the listings when I came across
this 1976 Astre Safari wagon.
I was surprised at the condition. I couldn’t help but show
it to my wife Marjo, who agreed that it indeed was a neat and
story & photos by
Paul Prinzing
cute little car. Then I realized that the auction on this item was
to end in just three days. This gave me very little time to ask the
owner any questions or to check on the background of the car.
First off, I sent an email to the owner. I got the following
response: “It was owned by a hardware store in rural Pennsylvania. It was an older couple, he bought it for her, and from
what I can tell when I did the bodywork on the battery tray,
had a fender bender, repaired it and parked it. Last receipt
I found showed 9k miles in
Total production for the 1976 Astre
1979. They repaired it and
Safari topped out at 13,125 units. Base
parked it. I bought it from the
price was $4,164, curb weight 2,635lbs.
man who bought the shuttered hardware store and he
wanted it gone. I’ve been enjoying it since then; hate to see it
go, but I need the cash.”
So, I then phoned the seller, Tony, and we talked for quite
a bit about the car and the condition. One drawback is when
the man who bought the hardware store attempted to have the
Astre pulled out of the garage, they put a dent in the right rear
quarter panel. Fortunately, this wasn’t enough to dissuade me
to put in a bid and I won the auction. The biggest problem of
the entire sale was now getting the transport company to actually deliver the Astre to me. It took over a month with numerous
screw-ups along the way.
When the car finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised
to find the entire glove box filled with paperwork on the car.
There was even the original order sheet! One of the last repair
receipts I found was for a muffler repair in 1992 when the
odometer read just
16,504 miles.
It did appear
that after the fender bender that the
whole car had been
repainted and the
vinyl siding and Safari stripes had been
to Paul Bergstrom, I
was able to get a set
of Safari stripes that
have since been put
back on the tailgate.
The first car show
we attended with
the Astre was the
Widetrackers Dust
The base engine for the Astre was the 140 Off in 2011 where
cubic-inch L-4 four-cylinder which delivered we were awarded
78 HP with the single-barrel carb and 87 HP the John Sawruk Mewith the optional 2-barrel. Both came stan- morial Trophy. We
dard with High-Energy electronic ignition.
continue to enjoy
taking the Astre to
local cruise nights and are always amazed at how many people
didn’t realize that Pontiac had this vehicle available during the
1970s. The original mileage now reads 28,011.
Ron & LeeAnn Laird of Sebring, Florida
brought this beautiful 1910 Oakland
(shown here on display in the lobby of
the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center) to Louisville. Their Oakland won the coveted
Pre-War, Best of Show award.
2015 POCI
Home Run In Louisville
story by Rick Kaiser • photos from various sources
President of the Louisville Pontiac Club I would
like to thank all of you who attended this year’s
POCI Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Our devoted club
members, friends, & family all worked very hard to make this
event enjoyable for everyone and I believe most folks who
attended would tell you they had a great time. For those that
were unable to make it I would like to let you know what we
did during the week-long event.
The weather was outstanding for July, with no rain, plenty
of sunshine, and temperatures ranging from low to upper 80s.
Tuesday, July 21st kicked-off the week with our first bus
trip to the Jim Beam Distillery where we learned about Kentucky’s Bourbon making history. A tour of their facility included a tasting of some of the different Bourbon varieties. Each
person took home a souvenir Bourbon snifter and was treated
to a delicious boxed lunch.
By Wednesday, we had the majority of the Chapter Displays set up along with the Model Car Contest and Coloring Contest. We had approximately 15 Chapter Displays, 20
model cars, and several artistic entries all in the same room.
The Sawruk family once again brought some fantastic
Pontiac Memorabilia to display. Included was fascinating
corporate build information, advertising & literature, and GM
prototype information. Most of the items were one-of-a-kind
pieces that may possibly never be shown again.
Marge, John Jr. & Jeff Sawruk set up a wonderful display of rare and
unique artifacts from the late John Sawruk’s collection.
Over 30 vendors began setting up their booths both
indoors and outside with a slew of used, NOS, and remanufactured parts as well as other Pontiac-specific literature, clothing, and
also featured a bus
tour to the Kentucky Derby Museum. Participants
visited Churchill
Downs where they
could learn about
its history and tra-
dition and also
ride a “thoroughbred” on a horse
simulator. This tour
also featured the
360-degree high
Race.” Finally,
Once again, the All American Oakland Chap- participants enter’s Breakfast Cruise proved to be a popular
joyed two floors
event. This year’s destination was the Farmington
of displays and
House, an historic home built in 1816.
with a visit to the Churchill Downs Grandstand, Clubhouse, Finish Line, and Winner’s Circle.
Wednesday evening featured the POCI “Welcome
Night Bash.” Many thanks to Ames Performance Pontiac
Parts for providing the funding for this great event. We had
over 200 participants come to the Executive Strike & Spare
Bowling Alley directly across from the host hotel
to eat and bowl. I was told by many that this event
was at the top of their list for the most fun they’ve
ever had at a car show!
Thursday was a busy day, which began with the
All American Oakland Breakfast Cruise. Nearly 80
participants drove to the Farmington House — a
14-room Federal-style home built for John Speed
and designed from a Thomas Jefferson plan that
was completed in 1816 using Slave labor. The
house is newly restored with original paint colors,
historic wallpaper and carpets, and furnished with
Kentucky furniture and antiques from the period.
Abraham Lincoln, a close friend of John Speed’s son
Joshua, spent about three weeks at Farmington in 1841. No
house in Kentucky more gracefully embodies Federal architecture than the Farmington House. Striking Jeffersonian features of its perfectly proportioned rooms include two octag-
Alan Mayes’ 1961 custom has a lot of interesting features. Particularly
eye-catching is the paint work in the sculpted body cove.
There were some outstanding early Pontiacs shown at the convention.
Tom Schweikert took home Gold in the points judged class with his 1928
Landau Coupe. It’s been in his family since new. Look for a complete list
of Points-Judged winners in next month’s Smoke Signals.
onal rooms, an adventurously steep and narrow “hidden”
stairway, and fanlights between the front and rear halls.
Exquisite reeded doorways, carved mantels and marbleized baseboards add special elegance to the interior. Most
of the structure, including the woodwork, glass and brass,
are original to the home are still in excellent condition.
Thursday was also the start of the many different Chapter Meetings and the opportunity to attend seminars by two
of our guest speakers, former GM Assistant Chief Designer
David McIntosh, and former GM Chief Designer Bill Porter.
Thursday’s final bus tour headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Participants learned about the
company’s history with baseball, saw many vintage bats
used by some of the game’s greatest players, and enjoyed
a tour of the factory where we could witness a blank piece
of wood being formed into a finished bat.
Back at the hotel’s indoor Vendor Room, kids (and kids
at heart!) were able to participate in the fun 1/64 scale die
cast downhill racing challenge. Hot Wheels, Matchbox,
and Johnny Lightning-brand cars all raced on the four-lane
32’ track. Winners from each division won a custom convention-packaged Hot Wheels 1967 GTO with Real Rider
Tires and then competed for full size trophies.
Thursday’s activities wrapped-up with the annual
POCI Chapter Banquet where many chapters, members,
and newsletter editors were recognized for
their efforts.
Friday was a continuation with many
Chapter Meetings and the opportunity to attend seminars by two additional guest speakers, Milt Schornack of Royal Pontiac Fame,
and Tim Dye from the Pontiac-Oakland Museum in Pontiac, IL.
from some very fast Pontiacs. Special thanks go out to
event sponsors Butler Performance and Firebird Central.
Saturday was the day of our main show. All remaining show cars were positioned indoors by 10:00am so
that everyone could enjoy a comfortably cool display.
We had close to 400 cars registered and approximately
350 cars made it onto
the show field.
was the Awards Banquet. Popular Vote
Class winners found
their “Most Outstanding” and “Outstanding” trophies were
Special Awards
Above: Randy Condon received the Post-War, John Sawruk Award
with his 1973 Ventura. Left: Lou Calasibetta, who is no stranger
to winning awards took home the Post-War, Best of show with his
1957 Transcontinental Wagon. Below: Arnold Landvoigt, president of the Early Times Chapter was the proud recipient of the
Pre-War, John Sawruk Award with his 1942 Pontiac, Model 2519.
While nearly all convention activities during the week
originated at or were held in
the host hotel, our Indoor Car
Shows were instead held at the
Kentucky Fair & Expo Center
(KFEC). The KFEC is located directly across the street from the
hotel and provided the trailer
parking for the event. Points Judged Cars were arranged
inside the KFEC early Friday, with judging completed by
a talented team of volunteers.
Friday also saw approximately 60 Pontiac “Road
caravan to the Claudia
House (named after Colonel Sanders’ wife) for a
lunchtime cruise.
were in Popular
Vote and Road
were able to move
Several GMCs were shown at the convention. into the KFEC later
One of them was this 1948 model owned by
on Friday.
Ron Van Zytveld of Hudsonville, MI.
The POCI Drag
Race was held Friday evening at Ohio Valley Dragway.
Participation was low, but those who went had a great
time and got to see some nice burnouts and wheel stands
Popular Vote
actually full-size custom Louisville
Slugger Bats!
Overall, the 43rd Annual Convention was a success for both
POCI and the Louisville Pontiac
Club. We provided more activities
for the members than the time to do
them! As with any event of this size
we had a few issues that we were
able to work through, and I thank
you for your patience. Overall, I
would definitely recommend to any chapter within POCI
considering hosting a convention to “go for it.”
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of the
POCI members and volunteers who assisted our club as
well as our chapter members for all of their hard work
and dedication. If it weren’t for them, we would not have
these great events to look forward to each year!
An indoor show is great whenever there is the threat of bad weather. However, with the many rows of strong lights, taking good pictures becomes a
bit of a challenge. The one place you could catch the show cars (like this
beautiful ‘69 Judge) under the sun was as they exited the building.
2015 POCI National Convention Popular Vote Winners
Black = Outstanding Award
Blue = Most Outstanding Award
Red = Special Awards
(Look for the Points Judged results in the December issue)
Ronald Laird.................1910 Oakland 24 Runabout........................... All Oaklands
Jay Van Altvorst...........1928 Pontiac 4-Door Sport Sedan............... 1926-36 Pontiac all models
Thomas Cox, Jr............1941 Pontiac Deluxe Torpedo Sedan Cpe 1937-48 all models
Jerome Lynch..............1940 Pontiac Business Coupe..................... 1937-48 all models
Ron Van Zytveld...........1940 Pontiac2527......................................... 1937-48 all models
Peter Heydon...............1953 Pontiac Custom Catalina.................... 1949-54 all models
David Luken.................1950 Pontiac 4-Door Model 2569D.............. 1949-54 all models
Daniel Bishop...............1954 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible........... 1949-54 all models
Tiffany Huston.............1955 Pontiac-................................................ 1955-57 all models
John Krempasky..........1956 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible........... 1955-57 all models
Don Bisson...................1956 Pontiac Custom Safari........................ 1955-58 Custom Safari only
Noel Evans...................1957 Pontiac Custom Safari........................ 1955-58 Custom Safari only
Alvin Hedges................1958 Pontiac Super Chief............................. 1958 all models
Lawrence Allen............1958 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible.......... 1958 all models
Larry Engele.................1961 PontiacBonneville............................... 1961-62 Fullsize, except GP, SD
Bruce Shatto................1961 PontiacVentura.................................... 1961-62 Fullsize, except GP, SD
Brach Seitz...................1961 PontiacVentura.................................... 1961-62 Fullsize, except GP, SD
Bob Lefferts.................1964 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible.......... 1963-64 Fullsize, except GP, SD
Jim Black......................1964 PontiacBonneville............................... 1963-64 Fullsize, except GP, SD Rod Schwieterman......1964 Pontiac Catalina 2+2............................ 1964-70 2+2 US & Canadian
Gary Lukehart..............1965 PontiacBonneville............................... 1965-66 Fullsize, except GP, 2+2
Ralph Carbone.............1965 Pontiac Catalina Conv......................... 1965-66 Fullsize, except GP, 2+2
Ray Stoeck...................1965 Pontiac Station Wagon........................ 1965-66 Fulsize, except GP, 2+2
Tim Doonan..................1965 PontiacCatalina................................... 1965-66 Fullsize, except GP, 2+2
Robert Walker..............1977 PontiacBonneville............................... 1971-2005 Fullsize, except GP, 2+2
Bryan Hartley...............2004 Pontiac Bonneville GXP...................... 1971-2005 Fullsize, except GP, 2+2
Shelley Condon...........1975 PontiacGrandville............................... 1971-2005 Fulsize, except GP, 2+2
Verne Howard...............1977 Pontiac Can Am................................... 1977 Can Am Only
Arthur & Dee Barrett....1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible.................... 1964 GTO
Larry Skillern................1966 PontiacGTO......................................... 1966 GTO
Gary Minnick................1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible.................... 1967 GTO Bill Kirk.........................1967 PontiacGTO......................................... 1967 GTO
Marty Patterson...........1967 Pontiac GTO......................................... 1967 GTO
Michael Martin..............1969 PontiacGTO......................................... 1968-69 GTO, except Judge
Frank Chapman...........1970 Pontiac GTO Judge.............................. 1969-71 Judge Hdtp & Conv.
Russell Graves.............2005 PontiacGTO......................................... 2004-06 GTO
Stanley Coomer...........1966 Pontiac Grand Prix.............................. 1965-66 Grand Prix
Phi Lamb......................1969 Pontiac Grand Prix.............................. 1969 Grand Prix
Ronald Maurer.............1969 Pontiac Grand Prix ............................. 1969 Grand Prix
Robert Wolf..................1969 Pontiac Grand Prix.............................. 1969 Grand Prix
David Folmer................1970 Pontiac Grand Prix.............................. 1970-71-72 Grand Prix, Hurst, SJ, SSJ
Scott Mancini...............1970 Pontiac Grand Prix............................. 1970-71-72 Grand Prix, Hurst, SJ, SSJ
Mark Pataluch..............1970 Pontiac Grand Prix ............................ 1970-71-72 Grand Prix, Hurst, SJ, SSJ
Doug Trotter.................1973 Pontiac Grand Prix.............................. 1973-87 Grand Prix, GP 2+2
John (Jack) White, Jr... 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2....................... 1973-87 Grand Prix, GP 2+2
Homer Baldwin............1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP...................... 1988-2010 Grand Prix
Bob Roehm..................2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Pace Car.............. 1988-2010 Grand Prix
Jim Whitmer.................2009 PontiacSolstic..................................... 2006-11 Solstice
Justin Laclair...............2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP........................... 2006-11 Solstice Kenneth Hanna............2009 PontiacG8............................................ 2006-11 Pontiac G5, G6 and G8
George Richardson.....2009 PontiacG8............................................ 2006-11 Pontiac G5, G6 and G8
Mark Roget...................2009 Pontiac G8 GXP.................................... 2006-11 Pontiac G5, G6 and G8
Ron Van Zytveld...........1948GMC FC253...................................... 1920-2015 GMC all models
Steven Cook.................1957GMC Suburban................................ 1920-2015 GMC all models
2015 POCI National Convention Popular Vote Winners
Damon Smith...............1969 Pontiac Firebird Sprint........................ 1967-69 Firebird, except TA Ron Vaseleski..............1968 PontiacFirebird................................... 1967-69 Firebird, except TA
Douglas Kamphuis......1978 PontiacFirebird................................... 1970-81 Firebird, except TA
Rick Schwartz..............1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula ................... 1970-81 Firebird, except TA
Brian Beckort...............1991 PontiacFirebird................................... 1982-2002 Firebird, except TA
Mary Ann Koller...........1979 Pontiac Trans Am................................. 1974-81 Trans Am
Randy Kerns................1975 Pontiac Trans Am ................................ 1974-81 Trans Am
Nick Parker...................1988 Pontiac Trans Am ................................ 1982-92 Trans Am
Kenny Madden.............2002 Pontiac Trans Am................................. 1998-02 Trans Am
Rick Kaiser...................2002 Pontiac Trans Am................................. 1998-02 Trans Am
Gary Firch.....................1999 Pontiac Trans Am................................. 1998-02 Trans Am
Bob Roehm..................2006 PontiacMontana.................................. 1990-2010 Vans, Aztek, SUVs
Stephen White..............1957 Pontiac Chieftain 4-Door..................... 1949-64 Modified Roberto Ponce.............1957 Pontiac Super Chief............................. 1949-64 Modified
Eddie Gumm................1955 PontiacChieftain................................. 1926-57 Semi-modified
Gary Schwieterman.....1964 PontiacLeMans................................... 1958-64 Semi-modified
Robert Peterson...........1958 PontiacBonneville............................... 1954-64 Semi-modified
Jim Treutel....................1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible............... 1965-70 Semi-modified Mark Briddick...............1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport......................... 1965-70 Semi-modified
Jon Havens..................1968 PontiacVentura.................................... 1965-70 Semi-modified Wilf Kaszanits..............1965 Pontiac Bonneville Wagon.................. 1965-70 Semi-modified
Craig Stein....................1967 Pontiac Tempest Custom Sprint......... 1965-70 Semi-modified
Roger Moreau..............1998 PontiacFirebird................................... 1971-10 Semi-modified
Dale Baggett.................1975 Pontiac Trans Am ................................ 1971-10 Semi-modified
Eric Emmerich.............1965 PontiacGTO......................................... 1964-67 GTO Semi-modified
Richard Lacavich.........1965 PontiacGTO......................................... 1964-67 GTO Semi-modified
Curt Roehm..................1966 PontiacGTO......................................... 1964-67 GTO Semi-modified
Ron Cozzo....................1964 PontiacGTO ........................................ 1964 GTO documentation req’d
Jim Fautsch..................1970 PontiacGTO......................................... 1968-74 GTO Semi-modified Robert Woolsey...........1968 PontiacGTO......................................... 1968-74 GTO Semi-modified
Gary Lisk.....................1991GMC Syclone................................... 1920-2015 GMC Semi-mod & mod
Dave Huber...................1971GMC -................................................ 1920-2015 GMC Semi-mod & mod
Rick Last.......................1967 PontiacGTO......................................... 1964-74 GTO Modified
Clark Walter.................1966 PontiacGTO......................................... 1964-74 GTO Modified
Don Miceti....................1966 PontiacGTO ........................................ 1964-74 GTO Modified
Ryan Reddick...............2006 PontiacGTO......................................... 2004--06 GTO Modified Kenneth McGough.......1932 Pontiac 2-Door Sedan......................... 1907-48 Modified
Gene & Diane Marshall 1932 Pontiac - .............................................. 1907-48 Modified
Robert Deal..................1932 Pontiac 4-Door Sedan......................... 1907-48 Modified
Larry Crider..................1958 PontiacChieftain................................. 1949-64 Modified
Jim Bowers..................1957 Pontiac Custom Safari ....................... 1949-64 Modified
Lou Calasibetta............1957 Pontiac Transcontinental Wagon....... 1949-64 Modified
John Barr ....................1998 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.................. 1965-2015 Modified
Kevin Wilburn..............1979 Pontiac Firebird Formula.................... 1965-2015 Modified
Robert Thomas............1969 PontiacFirebird................................... 1965-2015 Modified
Bridget Jeffries............2008 PontiacG8............................................ 1965-2015 Modified
Gib Vance, Jr................1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport......................... 1965-2015 Modified
Jerry Miller...................2009 PontiacG8-GT...................................... Custom (Pontiac Bodied)
Alan Mayes...................1961 PontiacVentura ................................... Custom (Pontiac Bodied)
Linville Krebs...............1961 Pontiac Ventura ................................... Factory Experimental, SD, RA-V
Kevin Fautsch..............1966 PontiacGTO......................................... All Race
W. Arnold Landvoigt....1942 Pontiac Model 2519............................. John Sawruk Award Pre-War
Randy Condon.............1973 PontiacVentura.................................... John Sawruk Award Post-War
Ronald Laird.................1910 Oakland 24 Runabout........................... Best Of Show Pre-War
Lou Calasibetta............1957 Pontiac Transcontinental Wagon....... Best Of Show Post-War
1929 Oakland
Made in Canada
Story by Tim Dye
Photos by the author and previous owners
Most of the population today have never heard
of an Oakland. Here at the Pontiac-Oakland
Museum located in Pontiac, Illinois we find ourselves introducing the Oakland brand to many of our visitors. We are
fortunate to have had this wonderful 1929 Oakland Sports
Roadster donated to the museum by the Redford family. Most
agree it is a beautiful example of the marque.
The 1929 Oaklands are considered to be a superlative example of the marque. Changes were few from the previous
year, but included a larger carburetor for added horsepower
to the L-head six cylinder engine, larger wheels, tires, and a
new 4.36 gear ratio for the rear axle. According to John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland” there were a total
of 50,693 Oaklands produced between September of 1928
and October 9, 1929. During this period Oakland production reached the one-million milestone. But, just 20 days after
the last Oakland was assembled, the American stock market
crashed, signaling the beginning of a world-wide depression,
and ultimately, the end of the Oakland.
There is no breakdown of production by body style for
American-built Oaklands, roadster
production for all U.S. auto brands
accounted for about 7 percent of vehicles built in 1929. Using this formula,
we could estimate production of this
particular model at 3,584.
However, our featured Oakland
Sports Roadster is not an American-built
car, it was assembled in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. And fortunately, we do have
production numbers from them. There
were just 178 Oakland Sports Roadsters
built in Canada in 1929.
According to documentation found
with the car, it sold new in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Just across the St. Mary’s river
is the United States and the city of Sault Ste.
Marie, Michigan, the most northern point of Interstate 75. The
two cities are joined by the International Bridge. It was here
at a General Motors dealership located on Bay Street that Dr.
McCrea purchased this car.
Dr. McCrea drove it until January, 1931, until he traded it
in at the local Chrysler dealer (also located on Bay street) reportedly because “it was too cold to drive in the winter time.”
On average Sault Ste Marie has 24 days below minus 20 degrees. I am surprised he kept it as long as he did!
At this point General Motors was nearing the end of producing the Oakland. Their slogan “Making new
friends and keeping
the old” was aimed
at moving the Oakland buyers over to
Pontiacs. The ‘29
Oakland did not sit
long at the Chrysler
dealer’s used car
lot, it sold later the
same month. But
while the Oakland
was there someone
stole the bottom of
the rumble seat.
The next owner,
ABOVE: Oakland shield
in the center of the bumper was a decoration that
added a touch of class.
Right: Step plates were
another decorative item
that also served a useful
purpose... knocking the
mud off of your shoes.
Look closely for two tell-tale markings
which reveal its Canadian heritage: the
word “CANADA” along with an embossed maple leaf motif can be found on
both the radiator shell emblem (below)
and the grease caps (left).
Chris Wells, drove the car regularly until 1942. During this
period Mr. Wells claims the car gave him very little trouble as
he ran the odometer up to 77,000 miles. He did have to work
on the fuel pump and the rumble seat handle.
In 1942, Wells placed the car on blocks in a garage and
there it would sit until 1966. I feel it was this period of time
(24 years) that the car went from being a regular daily driver
to an antique collectible vehicle. When the car was sold in
1966 to a Mr. Ray Rienes, it never left the garage it was in. It
was his intention to start a museum and he wanted the car
for display there. That is kind of ironic in a way: The museum
Wells wanted never materialized, yet many years later the
car would end up in a museum.
In 1967, the Oakland was advertised for sale in The Reflector (an old car magazine) and was purchased by a Mr.
George Brown of Gorrie, Ontario. It appears that soon after,
he re-listed the car in the Fall issue of that same magazine
where it changed hands once again. The new owner, Mr.
Greg Smith would keep it much longer.
In early November of 1967,
George Brown sold the Oakland to Greg Smith. These
receipts document the transaction. It was noted that the
car was “unrestored” and
not roadworthy.
Up to this point in its history the car had never traveled
far from its place of origin, Oshawa, Ontario, or where it was
sold new, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. However, in 1998, Smith’s
failing eyesight caused him to reluctantly sell the car. It was
not an easy decision for the family, but from an ad placed
in the Pontiac-Oakland Club’s Smoke Signals magazine they
attracted an interested party. Although it was all in good fun,
one of the photos shows Smith pretending to be engaged in
a tug-of-war over the car with the new owner. I think it was
a reflection about how he really felt about letting the car go.
Purchasing the car was Leonard (Joe) Redford of Alta Loma,
California. Joe decided to make the 2,409 mile trip himself,
picking the car up with his van and enclosed trailer. Joe and
his family had a long history with GM’s Oakland and Pontiac
brands. Both Joe’s father and grandfather worked for General
Smith would keep
the car for 31 years
— eleven of which
would be spent giving
it a total restoration.
He would take it back
to the original body
color, Atoka Cream,
returning the car to its
original beauty and style. Upon
completing the restoration, the Smiths enjoyed showing the
car and even took it to the Pontiac-Oakland Club’s national
convention in Niagara Falls, NY, in 1983. Wayne Koffel of
the Oakland Owners Club, remembers seeing the car that
year and recalls it received a first in its class. The car was very
much part of the Smith family, so much so that it was given
the name, Annie Oakland.
Not many photos exist of the eleven year restoration, but this one
shows the roadster just after the top and interior were finished in
July of 1978. In the car is Greg’s son Shane, age 5; outside is son
Brock, age 2.
At some point the Oakland Roadster had been painted gray.
Shown here in storage, this was the condition of the car just after
Greg Smith purchased it.
Motors and his dad would go on to own a Pontiac dealership
in El Monte, California where Joe would work. Although this
Oakland was assembled in Canada, a different branch of the
company, Joe probably still felt a connection to the car and
his family history.
Joe enjoyed showing and driving the Oakland and his
other antique cars—all Pontiacs. He was an early member
of the Pontiac-Oakland Club; his membership number was
#54. He held on to the Oakland until his passing in 2010, just
after GM dropped the Pontiac brand and just as the PontiacOakland Museum was starting up.
And it was this series of events that led to Joe’s daughter Sally contacting the museum about donating the car. We
could not have been happier about the donation as this is a
beautiful example of a rare Canadian-built model. Sally felt
that with her family’s history and connection to the Oakland
and Pontiac brands that the car should be here at the museum
to share with other enthusiasts and visitors to the museum. On
December 14, 2011, the Oakland arrived in Pontiac, Illinois.
Considering this was an older restoration, it still appeared
to be in very good condition. There was a little crazing on the
fender’s black paint, but the Atoka Cream on the body was
still in excellent condition, taking in account how long ago
it was painted. The chrome needed polishing and the interior
was just dusty. Overall, it just needed a lot of good cleaning.
The car had not been driven for quite a while, so we set about
In the spring, we received a call from someone
associated with the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) in the Bloomington-Normal, Illinois area. They
were looking for a 1929 vehicle to display with a 1929
Ford Tri-Motor that they had coming in
for a day at the airport. I had a previous engagement and could not attend
so one of the museum’s volunteers, Jim
Adams (who just happens to be a pilot)
trailered the car there. He reported that
the 1929 pair were a hit with visitors.
Then we were contacted by the
museum’s insurance company as they
needed a car to display in their booth
at the Pontiac-Oakland Club’s national
convention to be held in St. Charles, Illinois. A representative of the company
who had been to the museum decided that the ‘29 Oakland was just the
type of car they were looking for. We
brought the car and placed it under the
tent they had set up.
One evening a storm came through.
ABOVE: This is the Smith family with the restored 1929 Oakland
Roadster they named “Annie Oakland.”
evaluating what it needed. After replacing the battery
and checking all of the fluids we attempted to start it.
After several tries it took off, but right away we could tell
there was something wrong with the carburetor. We also
noticed a significant exhaust leak and found a crack in
the exhaust manifold. After removing and making some
adjustments to the carb it was running good enough to
take for a short spin. No major issues popped up, so
overall, we were in good shape.
The car remained in storage as we continued to clean
and get the paperwork processed. It would be pressed
into service quicker than we would have imagined.
Because of an earlier visit by the state tourism director, the museum and the City of Pontiac was offered a
space at the Chicago Auto Show. We took three cars: a
1967 GTO, a 1994 Grand Prix that artist Tang Dongbai
had airbrushed with a Chief Pontiac/Indian theme, and
the 1929 Oakland Roadster. I wondered to myself if the
1931 auto show was the last time an Oakland had been
displayed. The mayor and his wife, the city administrator,
tourism director, and others all pitched-in to help at the
show. The Oakland and the other cars were a big hit with
the tens of thousands of people attending the show and
was a great promotional vehicle for that event. This was
a ten day event and people we had talked to on the first
weekend of the show were already visiting the museum
by the second weekend.
Both of these pictures were taken in Canada, July 1998 when ownership of the Oakland was transferred from Greg Smith to Leonard
(Joe) Redford. Top: All in fun Greg appears reluctant to let the Oakland go. Bottom photo shows a proud Joe Redford just before loading
the car in his trailer.
High winds caused the tent to damage the Oakland’s
paint on the edge of the passenger side fenders. Fortunately, there was no major damage, but any time something happens to a vehicle you care so much about preserving it is disappointing. The insurance company was
very apologetic and promised to take care of any repairs
needed. Over the course of working out the details for
the repairs, I brought up the fact of how odd the car
would look with freshly-painted fenders on one side but
not on the other. They agreed, and approved re-doing all
four. Since I was new to the area I encouraged them to
go ahead and pick the place to do the work. That way if
there were any problem with the quality of the work or
the cost it would not fall on me for picking the place to
do the work.
I ended up taking it to a restoration shop of their
choosing and they did a very good job. The insurance
company was true to their word and the car looked a lot
better, the crazing on the fenders was now gone. This
was one case where the storm clouds really did have a
silver lining. And if there is a moral to the story it would
be that if your car is going to be damaged by a tent it is
best if your insurance company owns the tent!
The ‘29 Oakland being delivered to its current home, the Pontiac Oakland Museum in Pontiac, Illinois.
Soon after, the car went on display in the museum,
since it was not going anywhere for a while, museum
volunteer mechanic Alan Finkenbinder and myself removed the Oakland’s exhaust and intake manifolds and
sent them off for repair. The future looks bright for this
rare Canadian-born Oakland. Minor repairs (including
carburetor and manifold issues) are being addressed.
Once completed, we see no reason the car can’t be driven when needed. We intend to take the car to several
events in the future and look forward to getting it out to
promote the museum.
I am sure that the previous owners—all the way back
to Dr. McCrea—would be proud to know that this Oakland still survives and is being put to such good use. As
museum director, I want to thank Sally for her generous
donation, providing a beautiful educational tool
with which we can proudly introduce museum
visitors to the Oakland story.
ABOVE: Shown here is the Oakland at
the Chicago Auto Show. I wondered if
1931 was the last time there was an Oakland at the show. This was a huge promotional opportunity for both the museum
and the city of Pontiac.
LEFT: The largest Route 66 shield in the
country is located in Pontiac, Illinois behind the Route 66 Museum. The car looks
wonderful no matter where you park it!
LEFT: Promoting the museum at the Bloomington-Normal airport with
the Oakland beside a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor airplane are John Dennison
(left) with museum volunteer Jim Adams.
BELOW: Page from 1929 Oakland brochure. Image courtesy Pontiac-Oakland Museum Library.
Modern Gasoline Your Vintage Pontiac
The Impact of Gasoline with Ethanol
As much as gasoline stations and the service they
once provided have changed over the decades so has
the gasoline we now use in our vintage vehicles.
David Silarski is a chemical engineer and Pontiac
enthusiast who lives in the Houston, Texas area.
ver the last several decades,
gasoline has changed dramatically. With the evolution of automotive engines, gasoline is no longer just a simple blend. Multiple
changes have occurred starting
with the removal of lead from the
gasoline. Then, the next major
change was the reformulation of
gasoline primarily for the reduction
of both evaporative and exhaust
vehicle emissions. Controversy
arose over the effects of the 1990
Clean Air Act amendments, which
instructed EPA to develop a reformulated gasoline program to help
improve air quality in the nation’s
most polluted cities. EPA unveiled
its reformulated gas program and
promptly mandated the use of what
it touted as cleaner-burning oxygenated fuels in 39 metropolitan
areas. Other jurisdictions could
voluntarily participate in the program. The latest result is to now
oxygenate the fuel with ethanol
primarily made from corn.
These changes in reformulated
gasoline may or may not be a good
idea. Since this modern gasoline
contains less energy than it did in
the past; it may actually cause a
loss in power, fuel efficiency and
drivability unless the engine is
properly tuned for these new gasoline blends.
Gasoline with Ethanol
Seeing the dozens of gas tanks from cars,
trucks, tractors, and lawn mowers being
repaired on a recent visit to a radiator shop really
opened my eyes to the damage ethanol was
causing. Not really knowing the how and why
of it prompted me to ask David to write this
story to help us understand . - editor
The addition of ethanol to the
gasoline is causing problems with
many fuel system components in a
vehicle’s fuel system if they were
not designed with ethanol in mind.
Ethanol has several chemical properties and corrosive effects which
render it to be incompatible with
several conventional engine parts
used in the fuel systems of older
vehicles. Ethanol at 10% (E10) is
also inconvenient because the shelf
life is only about 2-3 months in
by David Silarski
ideal environmental conditions.
EthyI alcohol (ethanol) is an
excellent solvent that will attack
any component it contacts.
Ethanol will dissolve plastic, rubber, certain types of fiberglass and
even aluminum. Typical components found in vehicles made
from plastic or rubber compounds
(such as the fuel hoses, pump diaphragms) will degrade. Because it
is a drying agent, ethanol will
cause cracking and dissolving
damage to any non-alcohol resistant parts, especially rubber
and plastic parts and components. Many engine hoses of
older engines are not resistant
to alcohol.
Ethanol can dissolve and disintegrate just about anything that
has accumulated in a motor
engine from grime, sludge, gum,
or varnish. Ethanol will create a
black sludge that coats and travels
through the engine, causing
engine stalling and complications, including clogged fuel filters and carburetor jets in vintage
vehicles. There are many parts
made from brass, copper, pot
metal and aluminum that can also
become corroded over time if
they were not given proper surface treatment. Additionally,
another factor that affects corrosion is heat. Since our vehicles
generate significant heat; this will
increase the rate of degradation
more quickly on any fuel system
rubber or plastic component
under the hood or on the engine.
All alcohols attract and combine with water. Petroleum and
most other oil-based compounds,
like MTBE and lead (since banned
for gas use) were not soluble in
water nor have any affinity for
water. Gasoline absorption of
water is problematic (gas becomes
contaminated and must be discarded). Ethanol will absorb
water. It actually combines with water,
and the combined molecules are greater than the sum of each separate molecule, known as a hygroscopic substance. It can happen simply from the
absorption of the moisture that is in the
air inside the fuel tank. It takes as little
as one tablespoon of water per gallon of
gasoline to cause the ethanol to phase
separate from the gasoline.
The risks increase even further,
because vintage vehicles are often driven less, so fuel in their gas tanks is kept
there much longer, which is more prob-
the engine through the carburetor or
fuel injectors.
Modern Gasoline
and Vintage Engines
These blends of reformulated gasoline with oxygenates are quite different
from the gasoline that a vintage carburetor- equipped engine was designed
and tuned to use. The main differences
between today’s gasoline and the leaded gasoline of days past are the burn
time of the fuel and the distillation profile of the fuel. This will result in
decreased fuel efficiency and
mpg due to lower energy. E10 is
111,836 BTU/gallon, non-ethanol Gasoline is 114,000 BTU/
Gallon, while Diesel and
Kerosene Jet Fuel are about
129,000 BTU/gal. It actually
ABOVE: Cutting this tank in half revealed a solid coating of rust from
E10 gasoline. There was also a lot of
loose rust in the bottom. The loose
rust floating in the gas was undoubtedly the cause of the 1986 Pontiac’s
problems this tank came from.
RIGHT: Close-up of rust inside tank.
lematic because of the relatively short
life span previously mentioned.
Although newer car fuel systems tend to
have better seals, (tightly closed gas
caps, pressurized tanks), this is not the
case in the vintage unsealed fuel tanks.
Combine that with limited fuel turnover
and more usage often during the most
humid (summer) months. Moisture from
humidity will be absorbed into an
unsealed fuel system. Ethanol’s waterabsorbing qualities can be managed
when fuel is stored properly and
replaced often.
Then the ethanol-water mixture will
separate from the gasoline and drop to
the bottom of the fuel tank as a separate
layer since it is denser than gasoline.
This phase separated ethanol-water
mixture is extremely corrosive to anything it comes in contact with. Plus, it
will also cause engine performance/
drivability problems as it flows into
goes deeper than that. The composition
of today’s gasoline is very different
when compared to the gasoline of the
‘60s because of the removal of lead, the
change in aromatic content, the addition of ethanol and the modern fuel
additives that are in the fuel.
Ethanol drivability Issues include
engine performance problems (often
due to the lower energy of ethanolblends upon engine compression), hard
starting and operating difficulty due to
the gasoline vapor pressure, hesitation
and lack of acceleration with incorrect
jetting/accelerator pump shot affecting
the fuel-air mixing, and lastly stalling,
especially at low speeds with higher
under hood heat impact on air density
and subsequent air-fuel ratios. The older
vehicles can begin to experience issues
in some fashion with as little as the current (E10) ethanol in the gasoline.
If you are experiencing any of these
issues with a carburetor-equipped
engine, it will need to have the air fuel
mixture and ignition spark advance
curves retuned for these new blends of
“cleaner burning” gasoline if it is
expected to perform its best. The ethanol content of gasoline will cause the
air-fuel mixture of a non-computer
controlled carburetor engine to be
leaner, which will often cause a loss in
drivability and throttle response.
Tuning a Vintage Engine
for Modern Gasoline
It’s important to understand that a
modern, fuel-injected, computer-controlled engine is a very different animal
than a carbureted engine. The computer of a modern, fuel-injected engine
continually adjusts fuel and spark to
adapt the engine to today’s ethanol and
reformulated gasoline blends. A 1997
or newer fuel injected vehicle has an
ECU/PCM (computer) that should be
capable of making the necessary air/
fuel mixture and ignition spark timing
adjustments necessary for gasoline
with up to 10% ethanol (E10).
Accordingly, most vehicles manufactured after 2005 should be able to
handle up to 15% ethanol (E15) content in the gasoline. Flex-Fuel vehicles
are capable of handling 85% ethanol
(E85). However, the vintage carburetorequipped engine without any computer control simply cannot do this by
itself. The cure is to be able to tune the
ignition spark advance and air-fuel
curve for these modern fuel blends.
Today’s gasoline burns somewhat faster
than the older gasoline of days past,
but it needs a hotter spark to ignite it.
Then, should ethanol content be
increased (like to E15) this retuning
must be done yet again, assuming your
cam, carb, compression and distributor
are suitable.
However, none of this retuning
should be performed on a carburetorequipped engine until items like rubber
fuel hoses, the accelerator pump boot,
fuel pump diaphragm, the nitrophyl
carburetor float and even the gas gauge
tank float are made to be compatible
with ethanol gasoline. These must be
addressed before one can adjust the
engine for better performance on the
older carburetor-equipped engines.
The Science of Modern Gasoline
Reformulated Gasoline
(RFG) with Ethanol
Gasoline is a blend of hundreds of
hydrocarbons refined from crude oil.
Hydrocarbons are those molecules consisting of only hydrogen and carbon.
Since gasoline is blended to achieve certain properties related to how gasoline
performs, the mixture of hydrocarbons
used is not a specific recipe. But rather, it
is left to the refiners to achieve those
properties based on whatever crudes
they have available to refine. Should
the refined crude product hydrocarbon
be lacking in a certain property, they
can add other hydrocarbons to achieve
that property.
In addition to hydrocarbons, the refiner can add other chemical compounds to
the gasoline. These compounds can add
properties to improve cleaning of fuel
systems (like detergents), viscosity, lubrication, vapor pressure, color, knock, run
on, byproducts and octane. One common example from the past was the addition of lead as TEL (tetraethyllead) to
increase octane. Lead and other heavy
metals in the combustion of gasoline
offered reduced knocking and an increase
in engine performance without buying
expensive crude oils that had high octane
hydrocarbons to blend. However, these
additives can also affect other engine
characteristics. With lead, it was determined that lead would be exhausted out
into the atmosphere which could cause
respiratory health effects in children and
the elderly. As automotive technology
improved and air quality was important, lead would foul-out catalytic converters, making them ineffective and
plugged. Thus, lead had to be removed
from gasoline in the interests of health
and clean air.
Meanwhile, the refiners were looking
for other means to help the automobile
manufacturers meet Clean Air Standards
while producing a good quality, inexpensive gasoline that could work in all vehicles. The EPA was involved and it was
agreed that in certain regional areas
where air quality was below standard,
something had to be done to improve the
situation. The states where these areas are
located committed to cleaning up the air
by use of “reformulated gasoline” which
limited what could be blended to make
gasoline. Now RFG has a certain recipe.
This recipe was developed based on
actual engine testing, refiners’ ability to
use available crudes to achieve RFG
without substantial costs, and emissions
monitoring of the exhaust and its effects
on the overall local air quality. The result
is a formula that can be handled in the
existing gasoline marketing system (pipelines, terminals, tanker trucks, service
stations), operated in any automotive
vehicle as well as other applications
where gasoline engines are used, and
without substantial gasoline price
increases to the consumer (<$0.10/gal).
Now this is quite a recipe ... To develop a
gasoline that burns cleaner while being
able to be used in every engine ever
made and at a reasonable cost.
The particular details for the recipe
are many, but in general there is less sulfur, benzene, aromatics, metals, VOCs
(volatile organic compounds), and more
oxygen. This is a gasoline having fewer
known carcinogens like benzene, produces less sulfur oxides (rotten egg smell),
less NOx (nitrogen oxides), and reduced
VOCs which are the precursor to ozone
degradation. To achieve this, an oxygen
content of at least 2wt% is required.
The oxygen level can be obtained by
adding any number of compounds (called
oxygenates) from either the alcohol or
ether family. These are chemicals that
have oxygen atoms along with various
hydrocarbons. Examples are ethanol
(grain alcohol), methanol (wood alcohol),
isobutanol and MTBE/ETBE/TAME (ether
compounds made from alcohols). The
current RFG fuel uses ethanol as the oxygenate of choice with a minimum amount
of 10% ethanol (E10) added to unleaded
gasoline to meet RFG standards.
These compounds have been targeted
as sources of problems with engine performance including leaks, plugged fuel
systems, fouled injectors/carb jets, bad
mileage, etc.
Because of pipeline considerations,
ethanol must be blended at the terminal
or in the tanker truck or worse case at the
station. This is because pipelines are not
allowed to handle these gasolines if
blended at the refinery and then later
distributed to other terminals by pipeline.
Ethanol blending, if not done properly,
causes water in the system to be adsorbed
and separate out — usually in the automobile gas tank. This can also happen in
vintage vehicles where fuel in gas tanks is
allowed to contact moisture from air in
the vented tank. Then the engines get a
slug of water/ethanol instead of gasoline.
Also, ethanol is a good solvent which
strips rust, sludge, gasoline gums/varnishes off metal surfaces to eventually
plug injectors and carb jets. It is also a
good solvent with any older rubber products that were not formulated to resist
alcohols. So gaskets and hoses will start
to leak. All newer rubber products are
compatible with oxygenates now, but it is
likely that older carburetor and fuel pump
kits, etc., will not be acceptable with E10.
Now in terms of performance, since
the fuel now has some oxygen in it, the
old fuel/air mixture will be off (actually,
too lean). On non-computer adjusted
vehicles, the mixture screws would be
adjusted to richen it. This will cause gas
mileage to decrease slightly because of
the mixture change and there is less
hydrocarbons in the gasoline to burn
(98% with 2% oxygenates). However, all
the oxygenates by themselves have a
higher octane number than the unleaded
fuel they are blended in. This results in
the refiner being able to use a lower
octane content fuel (poorer crude) since
the oxygenate will raise the octane number better than most of the hydrocarbons
available. (For years after lead phase-out,
oxygenates have always been used for
octane boosting at refineries.)
Likewise, if you bought octane booster at the store to add to your gasoline, it
was usually one of these ethers or MMT.
This can cause another problem. You buy
good gasoline and add boosters thinking
you are helping performance (increasing
octane). But the gasoline already has
appreciable oxygenates in it (unknown to
you) and you just add more. Well, the
effects are not additive after a certain
level. That booster could push the octane
number higher, but that higher oxygen
content in the fuel means the fuel/air ratio
is actually getting leaner, so the net effect
is poorer performance. As stated, today’s
newer computer controlled engines can
adjust somewhat for this since the fuel/air
is monitored along with oxygen in the
exhaust. But, our older vehicles are left to
suffer the effects. Just as we adjusted for no
lead and lower octane, we again must
handle this. It’s a pity we aren’t driving the
old Model A ”Tin Lizzies” which could run
on everything from coal oil to kerosene.
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on a variety
of subjects
their areas
of interest.
By Tim Dye. Features over 500 pieces
of Pontiac-Oakland
About the author memorabilia with
stories and history. One of a kind
book. Measures 8 1/2” x 11” with
130 full color pages.
e Collecto
The Extreme Collector #1
Pontiac - Oaklamne Collector
d Memorabilia 1
Besides bei
ng an extrem
Pontiac &
e collect
Tim has exte land literature and mem or of
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Museum &
the Pontiac 2011 he
Center in
Pontiac, Illin
d Memorabilia
Pontiac - Oaklan
$29.95 plus shipping
Posters & Pr
Model Kits
Promo Item
& Much Mo
A publica
tion of the
Pontiac Vin
tage Press
The only
Pontiac’s Indian Heritage Prints
book dedic
ated to Po
by Tim Dy
ntiac & Oa
kland Me
This hobby guide by Tim Dye takes an in depth look at the wonderful Indian
Heritage Prints created by Paul Roupp Studios and the Pontiac Motor Division.
It features all 71 of the prints, explaining their complete history. This book
measures 8 1/2” x 7” with 40 full color pages.
$14.95 plus shipping
Top 50 Pontiac Magazine Covers
covers is strictly the opinion
of the publisher and not based
)1/+%Bg`fK[`af fÚjklYhh]Yjk
1967 1968 1969
1970 1971 1972
1973 1974 1975
)1/1L]fl`9ffan $-((
1976 1977 1978
1979 1980 1981
)$+,1;gmh]k k
The Pontiac Vintage Press
)111+(l`9ffan [gfn]jlaZd]k
- Pontiac, Illinois 2015
Top 50 Pontiac Model Kits
)10+<YqlgfYHY Zaj\k
Featured hood ornaments
1987 1988
1984 1985 1986
*(()JYe9ajLjY 1.
)10,>a^l]]fl`9 jg\m[]\
1982 1983
)1/+%)1/,%Hgfl kYfghlagf
,--K<]f_af]Y 9k%,+>gjemdYk
)$--(hjg\m[]\ .
^Y[af_[YjZmj]lgj c]jk[ggh
Pontiac Hood Or
1926 - 1956
on any facts or poll
Cfa_`lJa\]j^]Yl Zaj\
)1./>aj]Zaj\;g A
Top 50 Pontiac Magazine
Cars - April 1973
Motor Trend - Sept.
Cars - May 1974
Cars - Feb. 1976
Hot Rod - March
Motor Trend - June 1978
Road & Track - Sept. 1979
Car and Driver Hot Rod - Feb. 1979
Thunder Am - 1979 1980
Car Collector - Feb. - Sept. 1980
fmeZ]jg^Yhh]Y Kcq:aj\$J]\:aj\
=khjal[Ydd]\l`] aj\
Car Craft - Dec.
- Feb. 1968
Sports Car Graphic - March 1968
Popular Hot Rodding
Hot Rod - March 1968
Super Stock - May
Car Life - May 1968
Car Life - Feb. 1968 1969
Super Stock - March
Drag Strip - April - Aug. 1969
Stock Car Racing
Hot Rod - Feb. 1970 1970
Motorcade - March
Motorcade - April
Motor Trend - Feb.
March 1965
Car and Driver Car Life - May 19651965
Super Stock - June
- Aug. 1965
Popular Science
Motor Trend - Sept.
Car Craft - Dec.
Car Life - May 1966
March 1967
Car and Driver Cars - March 1967
Car Life - March
Super Stock - Oct.
of the Ornament
Beautiful 18” x 24” full color
posters; four different designs
to choose from. Perfect for
1967 - 2002 FIREBIR
framing and displaying in your
den, garage or shop.
• Firebird Fanatic
• Top 50 Pontiac Model Kits
• The Art of the Ornament - Hood Ornaments
• Top 50 Pontiac Magazine Covers
>aj]Zaj\Újklg^^] 1./
Motor Life - April - Nov. 1954
Popular Mechanics 1955
Motor Trend - Aug. 1956
Motor Trend - April
Hot Rod - June 1957- 1959
Motor Trend - April
Hot Rod - Dec. 1959 1961
Motor Trend - March
Car Life - March
Car Life - Nov. 19621963
Motor Trend - Aug.
March 1964
Car and Driver Car Life - June 1964
1954 - 1980
Pontiac Posters
HgflaY[ >%Zg\q! lan]$GeY`Y$F=
L]pYk$;Yda^gjfaY$F]o fn]jlaZd]k
1989 1990 1991
1992 1993 1994
#1 - 1972 GTO, MPC #1-7211-250 -
#7 - 1965 GTO, Aurora #664-79 - 1/32
from the Les Linn collection
on permanent display at the
Pontiac - Oakland Museum
#14 - 1965 GTO, AMT #5615-150 -
ans ebird ns Am
turarand P nnevil
r The Pontiac Vintage Press - Pontiac, Illinois 2015
MPC ARII Auror Revel
Fujim Palm Doyus Lindbe
Tr um
#21 - 1965 GTO, AMT #2600-170 -
#28 - 1966 GTO, MPC #12-149 - 1/25
#35 - 1976 Ventura, Lindberg #374
- 1/32
#42 - 1963 Bonneville, Palmer #M02-159
1995 1996 1997
#8 - 1969 Grand Prix, MPC #2169-200
#2 - 1979 Trans Am, Fujimi #037813
- 1/25
#15 - Monkeemobile GTO, MPC #605-200
#43 - 1960 Bonneville, AMT #(4052)C105-100
- 1/25
#22 - 1965 GTO, AMT #T286 - 1/25
#29 - 1967 GTO, MPC #1167-200 -
#36 - 1967 Firebird, MPC #1567-200
#44 - 1964 Bonneville, AMT #6624-150
1998 1999 2000
#9 - 1968 Firebird, MPC #1568-200
2001 2002
- 1/25
#16 - 1965 GTO, AMT #T187-225 -
#23 - 1972 Firebird, MPC #1-7215-225
- 1/25
#30 - 1969 Bonneville, MPC #1069-200
- 1/25
#37 - 1971 GTO, MPC #1-7111-200
#45 - 1964 LeMans, AMT #5614-150
- 1/25
#17 - 1968 GTO, MPC #1168-200 -
#24 - 1968 Firebird, AMT #5768-200
- 1/25
#31 - 1974 Firebird, MPC #1-7415-250
- 1/25
- 1/25
- 1/25
#3 - 1971 GTO, Doyusha #NH-7-1200
#10 - 1969 Trans Am, MPC #727-200
#38 - 1963 Bonneville, Palmer #6304-98
- 1/25
#46 - 1968 Firebird, Palmer #57139
#4 - 1971 GTO, Doyusha #A-3-800
Order by phone 815-844-0282
#11 - Firebird Wagon, Lindberg #6507
#5 - 1960 Bonneville, Trumpeter #02502
#18 - 1970 GTO, MPC #1170 - 1/25
#25 - 1969 GTO, MPC #1169-200 -
#32 - 1969 GTO Judge, MPC #719-200
- 1/25
#39 - 1969 Firebird, Palmer #6922
#47 - 1966 GTO, AMT MINI Trophy
#3510 79 - 1/43
#48 - 1968 Firebird, AMT MINI
#M788-79 - 1/43
- 1/25
#12 - 1966 Bonneville, MPC #9-200
The Pontiac Vintage Press
Pontiac, Illinois
- 1/24
- 1/25
#19 - 1969 GTO, MPC #1269-200 -
#26 - 1967 Bonneville, MPC #967-200
#40 - 1969 Firebird, Palmer #844
- 1/25
#33 - 1966 GTO, MPC 311-200 - 1/25
#49 - 1964 Grand Prix, AMT #6654-200
#6 - 1974 Trans Am, ARII #31031-1500
- 1/24
#13 - 1972 GTO, MPC #1-1706-225
- 1/25
#20 - 1975 Ventura, MPC #1-7503 -
#27 - GP Superfly, MPC #1-0401 - 1/25
#34 - 1973 Firebird, MPC #1-7315-225
- 1/25
#41 - Hotwheels Kyle Petty Grand Prix,
Revell/Monogram #85-4117 - 1/24
- 1/25
- 1/25
#50 - 1964 GTO, AMT #5624-150 -
- 1/25
The Pontiac Vintage Press - Pontiac, Illinois 2015
The location for the photo shoot of the Roundport Racers took place on an abandoned section
of Route 66 just outside of Pontiac, Illinois
Roundport Racers
Longtime Friends Get Their Kicks on 66
With a Rare Pair of 455HO GTOs
rowing up on Route 66 in the heart of Illinois farm
country, Jody Traylor and Ron Schneeman thought
little of the route’s significance. Unbeknownst to them the
world was literally passing through their small community
every day. Families on vacation, business men, trucks moving products, farmers on their tractors — virtually everyone
— traveled Route 66, a major east-west road.
And of course nobody had any idea of the future significance the route would take on as it became “Historic
Route 66,” one of the top tourism destinations in the Unit-
story & photos by Tim Dye
ed States. What Jody and Ron did know,
as did so many other young men that
grew up in the 1960s and ‘70s, is that
they loved cars!
The town of Pontiac, Illinois, though
small, had a very active car culture, and
still does. Much of this interest has roots
in the Pontiac family of muscle cars. Oh
sure, like any community there was a
certain number of Chevys and Fords running around along with a stray Mopar or
Don Erschen was not only an
astute Pontiac salesman at Jones
Pontiac-Buick, he was — and still
is — a Pontiac enthusiast and certified gearhead. He was responsible
for ordering nearly all of the high
performance Pontiacs that would
be distributed throughout this central Illinois community. At one point
in the early 1970s, Don opened his
own speed shop where local car guys
could hang out and buy their gofast upgrades. Don even ordered-up
for himself a lightweight 1971 T-37
equipped with the top-of-the-line
455HO which he proudly raced as a
way of promoting his business.
two, but the Pontiac marque rules here.
One might think this was because of
the town’s name. And to be sure, there
is indeed a connection as both the town
and the car are named after the famed
Chief of the Ottawa, Chief Pontiac.
But a more likely explanation of the
preponderance of Pontiacs in Pontiac
can perhaps be traced back to a single
car salesperson at the local dealership
(see sidebar, left) who kept the Pontiac
performance flame burning so brightly
in this community.
Meanwhile, Jody and Ron grew
up fully influenced by the local Pontiac performance scene. As best friends
since the age of 14, they still share that
interest today. And just like local salesman/racer Don Erschen all those years
ago, they’ve both figured out that Pontiac’s roundport 455HO motor is a great
engine to go racing with.
Race they will, anxiously looking
forward to competing in the Pure Stock
Drags program next year. Stay tuned
for those adventures. Meanwhile, let’s
learn more about their beautiful Ponchos that have been tastefully prepared
for both street and strip action!
1971 GTO
For 1971, GTOs styling was pretty
much a direct carryover of the 1970 design from the firewall back. However,
the front clip was all-new with a flushmounted grille and functional frontmounted hood scoops that took advantage of an inherent high pressure zone.
Under the hood, the base GTO mo-
Early ‘70s newspaper ad for Don
Erschen’s Speed Shop in Pontiac, Illinois.
tor was still 400 cubic inches, but now
with lower compression to comply with
Federal unleaded gasoline requirements. Two optional 455 motors with
greater horsepower were now available,
including the stump-pulling roundport
455HO (“high output”) powerplant rated at 335 hp.
1971 GTO
2-Door Hardtop...................... 9,497
Convertible.............................. 661
Judge Hardtop........................ 357
Judge Convertible.................... 17
Total 1971 GTO Production 10,532
400ci - 300hp - Manual 2,011
Auto 6,421
455ci - 325hp - Manual 0
Auto 534
455 HO - 335hp - Manual 476
Auto 412
400ci - 300hp - Manual 79
Auto 508
455ci - 325hp - Manual 0
Auto 43
455 HO - 335hp - Manual 21
Auto 27
In 2008, Ron’s intense passion for
Pontiacs was piqued while watching
his buddy Jody race a 1968 350 HO
Firebird in the Pure Stock Drag (PSD)
series. Not wanting to miss out on the
fun, Ron started searching for his very
1971, racing enthusiasts worried that a Federally-mandated
switch to lower compression motors for
unleaded gasoline use would spell the
end to high performance from the factory. To address this concern, Pontiac
produced a film that seemed
to offer proof to the contrary.
In it, Pontiac Chief Engineer
Steve Malone lined-up his
new 455HO-equipped 1971
GTO on the drag strip against
Bill Collins (Assistant Chief Engineer) in a 1970 GTO powered
by a mystery motor Malone
calls an SD. Of course the NEW
car won…but just barely!
Castillian Bronze was a one-year-only color. Offered only on the “G” Body Grand Prix,
“F” Body Firebirds and “A” Body cars such as our featured GTO.
own Pontiac — but one that would be
very competitive. Through an internet
ad, he found the ideal candidate offered in New Jersey. This Castillian
Bronze 1971 GTO 455HO is one of
412 produced with the 455HO and
automatic transmission combination.
Ron does not know much about the
car’s history other than it sold new at
a Florida dealership.
Ron brought the car back to central Illinois, had it re-painted, engine
rebuilt, and prepared for racing by removing unnecessary items such as the
radio. (For Pure Stock Drags all vehicles
must reflect how they could have come
from the factory. In the case of the radio, GTOs could have been ordered
new without a radio in 1971, so Ron
could “legally” delete his radio and stay
within the program’s “stock” requirements. As another example, if a car was
originally built with 14” wheels, but 15”
inch wheels were available as a factory
option for that particular year and model, it is permissible for racers to run either
size wheels in competition.)
Ron recently ran his best quarter mile
time of a 12.31 seconds at 109
MPH. He very much looks forward to racing with Jody and his
new GTO in the coming months.
1972 GTO
Appearance-wise, there are
only a few changes that differentiate a 1972 GTO from the previous year. Most noticeably are
the addition of air extractors on
the front fenders. Up front, the
grilles are deeply inset, whereas
the ’71’s were flush fitting and
Inside, Dark Siena was a commonly ordered interior mimic the “woven fence” motif
first seen on 1967 GTOs. Out
color on cars with the Castillian Bronze exterior.
Ron’s engine compartment is free of any
accessories that could rob power or add
weight to his car. Note that this is a non
-Ram Air 455HO.
back, the ’72 features exhaust splitters exiting the side of the car directly
behind the rear wheels (similar to those
1972 GTO
2-Door Hardtop...................... 5,673
2-Door Post............................... 134
Total 1972 GTO Production 5,807
400ci - 250hp - Manual 1,519
Auto 3,284
455ci - 250hp - Manual 0
Auto 235
455 HO - 300hp - Manual 310
Auto 325
400ci - 250hp - Manual 59
Auto 60
455ci -250hp - Manual 0
Auto 5
455 HO - 300hp - Manual 3
Auto 7
used in 1964). Compare this to the
chromed splitters which exited the
rear valance panel underneath the
rear bumper in 1971.
Another important change to note
for ‘72 was the loss of unique model
designation status for the GTO, reverting to simply an option package on the
LeMans, just as it was back in 1964’65. In addition to all this, Pontiac of-
Under the hood Jody’s ‘72 is super clean,
having just completed a restoration. Like
Ron’s ‘71 there is no excess weight. No
frills... just power brakes.
Inside, no console was ordered to go
with the four speed shifter, but the original owner chose a steering wheel upgrade with the Formula Wheel.
fered the T-41 option — “The $41 Nose
Job” — on the LeMans which essentially gave a LeMans the GTO’s front clip,
fenders, hood, and nose. Combine this
with the fact that you could order any
engine, including the 455HO in a gar-
den-variety LeMans or T-37, and suddenly the GTO did not seem as unique
or special to buyers.
Jody drove a 1966 GTO in high
school and has owned a string of Pontiacs ever since. As previously mentioned, he raced a 1968 Firebird in
Pure Stock Drag events. After that he
ran a 1974 GTO, but his son Nathan
wanted his dad to go even faster. So,
the ‘74 was sold and replaced in 2015
with the Lucerne Blue 455HO 1972
GTO featured here.
Like Ron, Jody restored his car with
the intention of racing it under PSD
rules. While documenting the GTO,
Jody was surprised to discover that the
455HO option did not show up on his
car’s original invoice. This was puzzling, but luckily, the “X” designation
found in his car’s Vehicle Identification Number helps authenticate that
his car indeed left the factory with the
desirable 455HO engine.
Other options that do appear on
the invoice include the GTO option,
Safe-T-Track differential, 4-speed transmission, Ram Air, unitized ignition,
gauges with tachometer and the rare
sport stripe that only 150 buyers chose
to adorn their GTO with back in the day.
Having just finished the car’s restoration. Jody has not yet had a chance
to test its performance.
Both “Roundport Racers” are soon
looking forward to hitting the track
together with their 455HO GTOs.
Pontiac (both the Route 66 city and
the car brand!) will certainly be well
represented at the Pure Stock Drags
in 2016!
Pontiac pioneered the use of
polyurethane castings to create
tough, dent-resistant front bumpers beginning with the 1968
GTO. Though beautiful, these
“Endura” bumpers grew to be
rather bulky, especially in 1970.
Pontiac’s Chief Designer at the
time was Bill Porter (above). In
a recent interview Bill noted that
not only was Endura heavy, it was
expensive. In retrospect, he is
quite proud of his ‘70 GTO Endura bumper design, but for ‘71 they
were looking to save both weight
and money. Designing a slimmer
bumper with less material would
take care of both issues. Porter
went on to say that the new bumper (ultimately used for both the
1971 and ’72 GTOs) weighed approximately half of what the ‘70
GTO bumper weighed!
Story by Derik Olfield • Photos by Tim Dye
This one got right by me back in the ‘70s.
I consider myself quite an astute observer
of all sorts of rolling stock (I even knew what a Levi’s Gremlin
was!) but I never heard of a GMC “Street Coupe” before. So,
how did I miss this one?
During the 1970s, pickup trucks were becoming a viable
alternative to passenger cars. They went from being a roughriding, sparsely-optioned utilitarian vehicle to a more car-like
way to haul or pull your stuff. The ride got smoother, the cab
quieter, the seats cushier and it was more common to see a few
“luxury” items associated with a trim level offering.
This truck seems to follow that line of thought and puts it
all together in a package called a Street Coupe. It has plush
carpeting, nice seats, a tachometer, and even air conditioning. Now, just because it has all these creature comforts
doesn’t mean it’s some city slicker “wannabe” truck! It may
not have been intended for heavy labor, but it will still get the
job done. Our featured GMC has the miles, scuffs and
scrapes to prove it.
Ron “Bump” Steidinger
found our featured truck
while driving through
Montecello, Indiana in
2010. It wasn’t advertised
for sale; he simply happened upon it, parked in
A unique hood ornament lets you know
a yard along his route. this is a “Street Coupe” edition.
The red pickup intrigued
him so much that he had to inquire about. As luck would have
it, the owner was in need of money and a deal was struck.
Bump brought the truck home, adding it to his ever-growing collection of classic trucks in central Illinois. Further
intrigued by its unique graphics, Bump began a search for
information which led him to GMC expert Don Meyer. Turns
out, Don’s help was limited because there is simply not much
information available on these trucks.
What we have learned is that the Street Coupe appears to
have first been offered as RPO-Z77 (Regular Production
Option) beginning in 1978. Two paint
and trim combinations were found in the
official showroom sales brochure. Buyers
could choose either a two-tone red or a
two-tone blue scheme that included
matching tri-colored decal striping on the
hood, tailgate and body sides. The front
and rear bumpers were also painted to
match the primary body color.
The Street Coupe option was offered
only on the Sierra Grande models
through 1980, and could be ordered
with either the Fenderside or Wideside
6 ½’ box. Typical Sierra Grande badges
were affixed to the front fenders while a
special “Street Coupe” ornament graced
the leading edge of the hood. The brochures all seem to show impact strips
on the front bumpers, however, Bump’s
bumper appears to have never received
them. We have learned a long time ago
that what you see in the brochures is
not always how a production model
hits the street!
Throughout the three years of production, the Street Coupe package seemed to
vary o. The 1980 brochure, however, lists
a new-style chromed grille with black
Our featured Street Coupe is a 1979
model equipped with a 350-V8 and an
automatic transmission. There is no
mention of engine/transmission options
in the Street Coupe brochures, so one
can only assume that any engine avail-
able in a regular
Sierra Grande halfton was available
with this package.
The one big question remains, “Just
how rare is this
truck?” Production statistics simply don’t
exist. When one considers that the survival
percentage of work
trucks is typically low,
and based on how
many of these we
never saw back in the
day, one can safely
assume that they are
at least scarce if not
outright rare.
I’ll bet from now on you’ll be taking
a second look at those late ‘70s GMCs
to see if they have Street Coupe graphics. While you’re at it, keep an eye
open for its companion model, the
“Street Sedan” Van! But, we’ll save that
story for another time.
Stripes wrapped around the fenders on the “Fenderside” model
with the Street Coupe lettering prominently displayed. Street
Coupe lettering was also featured on the tailgate. Note the sliding rear window, yet another option on Bump’s truck.
The entire interior of the Street Coupe features colors that were color-keyed to the exterior colors. Note the Tilt Steering column.
painted air intake areas. Two new color
combinations were offered, including
White with Dark Carmine and Silver
Metallic with Black.
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
Merle Green, Jr.
September I decided to make a
trip to the Pontiac-Oakland Museum in Pontiac, Illinois. I had
a couple of reasons for making the trip.
First, I have heard on many occasions
that the All Pontiac Show and Cruise,
hosted by the Gateway, Heart of Illinois,
and Windy City Chapters of the GTOAA
in Pontiac, is a great event. Second, I
could spend some time with Tim Dye,
our new editor, to discuss the vision and
direction he plans for Smoke Signals.
On Friday afternoon, Pontiac aficionados began arriving in the city of
Pontiac in anticipation of a great weekend of fun. The weather was forecast
to be nearly perfect and sunny with
temperatures in the mid 70s. Vintage
Pontiacs could be seen all around the
county courthouse and in front of the
Pontiac-Oakland Museum. Many people
stopped in the museum as the staff was
stocking shelves and preparing for a very
busy weekend.
Saturday morning dawned with a
bright sky and cool temperatures. As
people began to register for the show, the
sky turned to overcast with low clouds.
However, this did not seem to dampen
the spirits of those who had signed up
for the first activity of the weekend, the
poker run. At 10:00am over fifty cars
lined-up to begin the run. The first stop
was in Pontiac at the huge Route 66
mural where we received our first poker
card. I had the honor of driving a 1967
Bonneville Brougham that was donated
to the museum in memory of Ron
Panzer by his wife Gail. It is a car loaded
with options, originally given away as
the grand prize in a contest sponsored
by Pontiac.
The poker run was designed to stop
at various car collections in the area to
pick up cards. The second stop was at a
farm that contained three large buildings. The first building had nicely displayed rooms containing furniture and
possessions of the family, dating back
to the 1800s. It also contained many restored tractors and farm equipment from
the early 1900s. There were a number of
cars as well, including a 1937 Pontiac. The
other two buildings were crammed full
of old farm equipment, tractors, trucks
and cars. We could only look through
the doors because the buildings were so
tightly packed!
Our next stop was a small collection
of muscle cars in a very comfortable
garage with some nice memorabilia. As
lunch time was rapidly approaching, our
next stop was a car show sponsored by a
local fire department. Fortunately for our
hungry group of Pontiac enthusiasts, the
fire department was also serving lunch.
We enjoyed a leisurely lunch while viewing a variety of nice show cars.
After lunch we drove around the
corner and down the street to a large
garage that contained a sizable collection of muscle cars of the Bowtie variety.
This was a nice mix of old and new, from
Corvette to Camaro. Probably the most
interesting car was an original-paint 1968
Camaro sitting next to a 1969 Camaro
Pace Car. After this stop we were back on
the road for a few miles to the next town.
Our sixth stop appeared to be stores
on the street, but they turned out to be
a string of three large warehouse-type
buildings. This stop turned out to be
the second largest collection of the run.
The owner had a soft spot for 1935 Ford
trucks. There were at least a half dozen
different models. He also had a GMC
motorhome and a beautiful 1956 GMC
pickup. Three other vehicles caught my
interest as well. There was an original
1961 Imperial with 44,000 miles on the
odometer, a 1951 Ford concrete mixer
truck (which looked tiny next to today’s
concrete trucks), and finally an International Travelall with a 1930s-era Oldtown
canoe on its roof rack.
The final stop on the poker run was
the museum back in the city of Pontiac.
Saturday evening consisted of a presentation by Jim Luikens (discussing his
re-creation of the #50 1963 Super Duty
Tempest coupe driven by Paul Goldsmith
for a Daytona 250 win back in 1963) followed by a tasty fried chicken buffet, an
ice cream social, and lively entertainment
by Pontiac’s own Vermillion Players. Neat!
Sunday turned out to be an ideal day
for the main event. Nearly 250 Pontiacs
were parked around the courthouse
square in Pontiac. It was the perfect ending to a very well-planned and executed
weekend. If you are in the area, this show
is definitely worth your time.
During the days before the show
weekend, Tim Dye and I had some time
to discuss Smoke Signals. With a change
of editor, this was the perfect time to
review the publication. First we agreed
that the Classified Ads section is in
need of updating. The instructions are
scattered throughout and often hard to
understand. In fact, many of the instructions are being ignored. At the convention in Louisville, the Board of Directors
had already formed a committee to
review both classified and display ad
procedures. Until the committee has time
to formulate new instructions, we have
consolidated and simplified the classified
ad procedures for the November issue of
Smoke Signals.
Tim previewed some of the articles
he has planned for this first issue. He
also covered some of the ideas he has to
freshen the cover and the layout of the
magazine. I believe that everyone will be
impressed with this first issue and enjoy
the articles in it. SSN
time to start thinking
about winter time storage
for our Pontiacs, Oaklands,
GMC Trucks, and whatever else we have
in our collections. As I write this, the
weather here in northern Illinois is still
in “Construction.” Last week, it took me
over an hour to drive to a cruise night/car
show less than ten miles from home. I
can’t wait for “Winter.”
I store my cars here in my garage
(heated and air conditioned), plus in a
another rented garage a short distance
from home. This year, I’m going to put
some rigid insulation against the side
of the car at the rental garage to mini-
Wayne Beran
mize the chance of “rental rash” inside
the garage. (Remember “Jimmy Ding,” the
paintless dent repairman?)
Most local chapters are now winding
down their cruise nights, car shows, and
other fall events, and are making their
plans for holiday parties. I’m looking forward to the Illinois and Cruisin’ Tigers
parties. They’ll be here before you know
it! Great food, good company, and fun for
all! Both chapters make a nice donation
to the Pontiac-Oakland Museum And Resource Center at their respective events.
This issue of Smoke Signals is the first
for our new editor, Tim Dye. I have no
idea of what Tim has in store for us, and
I’m as eager as everyone else to see what
he has for us.
As the POCI Publications Chair, I am
involved in all the publications of POCI.
If you haven’t already done so, please add
the following to your chapter’s newsletter distribution list as soon as possible:
POCI President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Office, and Smoke
Signals Editor. Their information can all
be found on Page 5 of this issue. (Be sure
to pass this information along to your
local chapter Newsletter Editors in case
they don’t see this!)
It is also important to note that the
Vice President and Secretary are respon-
Silver Streak News
sible for the Chapter Newsletter Awards
at the annual conventions. If we don’t
receive your newsletters, they won’t be
eligible for awards!
I’ve received several complaints about
lack of special interest articles in Smoke
Signals... “More old stuff, Oaklands and the
like,” “Too many GTOs,” and “I wanna see
articles similar to the ‘Shoot Outs’” from
the now-defunct High Performance Pontiac.
An answer to this is simple. If our
editor doesn’t get any input from the
members, he’s on his own to fill the pages
of Smoke Signals. The various chapter
newsletter editors can certainly identify
with this. Try and help us out here, and
submit a short item or two to the editors!
It would go a long way towards helping
out. Perhaps a photo of a Pontiac sinking
into the ground in your hometown “bone
yard,” or maybe a list of car show winners and some photos from a chapter car
show, or even a “tech tip” on something
you learned while working on your car.
Well, you get the idea.
My winter plans include working on
my beige Pontiacs. The engine in the ‘65
and the brakes on the ‘61 need my attention. I’m still filling the “shopping lists,”
and I hope to at least put a dent in things
this winter. We shall see. I’ll keep you
posted. SSN
POCI Club History... from the archives
Pontiac fans, we have for
years focused on uncovering
as much history as possible
from the Oakland Motor Car Company,
the Pontiac Motor Division, and more
recently, GMC.
This club ­— formed by like-minded
enthusiasts who banded together to share
the passion for their vehicles, to help
each other find needed parts and how-to
information for restoration projects, and
for the camaraderie that such an organization brings — also has a history.
Our club has existed nearly 45 years,
and as space permits we would like to present brief snapshots of its past. Memories
for our long-time members; new information for our more recent members.
Reid Williamson is an early member
of the club, holding membership #128.
Among the many careers he
has held throughout his life
(including working at a Pontiac
dealer!) was a position in the
mid-1970s at Price Books &
Forms, Inc. This is the very
company that produced
those little Selling Facts and
Price Guides that Pontiac
salespersons used to carry in
their pockets. It may never
have occurred to Pontiac
fans just how much the early
POCI club rosters looked like
those Pontiac pocket guides
— from the Jersey Embossed
paper used for the cover to
the rounded corners. The rosters are
similar because Reid had them produced
at Price Books & Forms, Inc.! SSN
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
West Michigan
September 2015 Meeting Report
Over 33 WMPOCI members made it
out to Ottawa Beach for our annual picnic. The weather was definitely summerlike with sunshine and temps in the
80s! There seemed to be more than the
normal amount of beach-goers to watch
the sun set over the lake. You couldn’t
ask for better conditions. Plus, we had an
abundance of food, so no one went home
To start things off, Cary Hirdes presented two checks to Holland Hospice
representative Mark Lazarock. First
was a check from WMPOCI for $1000
(proceeds from our Elhart car show and
our treasury account), and $50 from the
popcorn vendor at our car show. Mark
reported that to date, the WMPOCI has
donated over $12,000 to Holland Hospice! That is something we can certainly
be proud about!
President Scott VanTamelen started
off our brief business meeting by asking
Treasurer Terri Miller to give us an update on our account. With income from
our car show, sponsors, donations, two
new members, assorted expenses from
the car show, and the check to Holland
Hospice, we still have a balance of $1,508.
I want to say thank you to all who
have signed up to help out at the upcoming Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race.
We pretty much have everything ready,
so all we need is good weather!
Scott updated us on our October
Color Tour plans. Everything is a “go”
with the John Force tour on Friday and
seeing the Steve Hamilton Firebird collection on Saturday.
November is our valve cover races
and officer elections.
Randy DeBoer won the 50/50 raffle of
$33! Scott Bouwman’s name was pulled
for the club lotto drawing, but he wasn’t
present, so the $58 kitty will grow for
next month’s meeting.
See you there!
— Dan Jensen
Early Times
September, 2015
It has been just three weeks since
we arrived home from the POCI Meet
in Louisville, and we leave in a little
under three weeks for the Flathead in
Muskegon... and Hershey will be three
weeks after we get home from that! By
the time you receive this, many of us will
be starting to pack the cars for the trip
to the Muskegon Arn Flathead Reunion.
Speaking with Lukey, the registration
numbers are looking good and we still
have 5 days before registration closes.
We have a small convoy coming from the
east. See you in Muskegon.
Hershey, as I mentioned, is right on
the heels of the Flathead. I’ve heard from
several members who have volunteered
to help, but we still need folks who will
give a half day of their time working on
the ETC vendor spots. The Mundells
have again offered to put their ’34 sedan
on the spot, and the Thomas’s will be
bringing their “new” 1941 Metropolitan
Torpedo sedan for the display. That
leaves me with one more spot to fill. I
would really like to find a 1949 to 1954 for
the last spot. If you will be driving such a
vehicle to Hershey, and would like a reserved parking space right on the vendor
field, please contact me.
Flathead Reunion West
April 13 – 16, 2016
Planning continues to move forward.
By September I should have the registration forms available for members. The
registration form, as well as the hotel
information, will be in the October
ETCetera. As I’ve stated earlier, if you
want further information for this event
contact Rob Guzzetta at (408) 265-7578,
e-mail [email protected] (California
time); or Arn Landvoigt (301) 498-0070,
e-mail [email protected] (East Coast
Parts for our Pontiacs. In the past
month I’ve had multiple communications
with members and non-members looking for parts for their cars. This can be
especially difficult for the 1932 and earlier
cars. There are various vendor resources
which can make the search for parts for
later vehicles easier, but there are fewer
resources for the earlier vehicles. That
said, many of us have been “stocking up”
on parts for our cars from flea markets,
eBay and other sources as we find them.
I make this point repeatedly when I hear
from a non-member. I tell them that the
only way I know of to possibly access
Silver Streak News
these parts collections is to become a
member and then place a free ‘want
ad’ in the ETCetera. So, please read the
“wanted” ads and consider if something
which you have could go to help get
another member on the road.
Your member information. Ron
Thomas, our Secretary, has been trying
to get our member database up to date.
He has been asking for updates to your
personal information when it is renewal
time. Please take the time to do this carefully. I have recently come across records
for members whose listed cars are way
out of date. Please help get the club
records up to date.
Thanks to all who have helped make
this year’s events thus far, and the members who have turned out. We hope to
see you before the summer winds down.
­—Arnie Landvoigt
Greater Ozarks
I would like to thank the club members that took the time to show up for the
Branson Show this year. Everyone that
was there helped out a lot. Our attendance
was definitely down this year but I think
we still had a good day. A number of cars
were there that we had not seen before and
we also got the chance to visit with some
of our old friends that we don’t get to see
often enough... And definitely made some
new ones!
Angel Inn did a good job of taking us in
at the last minute and I would personally
like to thank them and their staff.
As far as next year’s show goes, some
things were to be tabled until the next
meeting. It looks like we are getting a
pretty good start toward getting things
rolling, and I for one am looking forward
to finding out more.
I am adding some of the photos from
this year’s show, but Jeff has really put some
great ones on our Facebook page so I won’t
waste too much ink in this month’s newsletter. Thanks to Jeff Harper for the photos.
Any members that can help with
Apple Butter Days car show coming up
in a few weeks would be appreciated, just
let Arthur know .
— Frank Hicks
I’m back for a second go-around as
your Widetracker Club President. Thank
you for your confidence in my ability
by electing me to lead our club. After
holding the Vice-President position for
two years serving with John Calianno, I
was elected President in September of
2007 and served for another two years.
Linda and I have held various positions
since then. I feel refreshed and find it’s
an exciting time to be active in our club.
All Board of Directors positions are filled
as well as Committees, Membership,
Clothing, Webmaster and Tracker editor. Maybe this self-volunteering format
works since there seems to have been
little arm twisting to fill positions. That
is a good sign for the health of our club.
There is still room on committees for
those that have an interest in helping our
club. Ask any Board Member for information on how you can become more
active in the club.
On Thursday, September, 17, there
was a Board meeting of the newly-elected
officers in anticipation of our first meeting in October. We have a new Constitution and Bylaws to work from, and you
may notice some changes as we follow an
I want to make you aware of some
position changes within the Club. Dave
Bloch is our new Webmaster. Make sure
you log into to see a
very professional website. Everything is
not fully implemented yet, but we are
well ahead of a time line we established
several months ago. Thanks to all the
members that met in advance to work
out layout, colors, content, etc.
Bill Coombe will be taking over ordering name tags for new members. You
can contact him at a membership meeting or call him at (586) 293-0662 or email:
[email protected]
Where did the summer go? I think
fall is my favorite season even though it
means additional work winterizing cars,
the sprinkler system and the boat.
The Old M-27 Tour was a lot of fun,
and I believe we had eleven Widetrackers’ vehicles in the caravan. This was
our first trip on the tour. I have to say
the event was well organized and the
response from the public who came out
in each town we visited was amazing.
I am looking forward to the Widetracker Fall Color Tour and Poker Run
on October 10th. It looks like we will
begin and end at Golling with stops at
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
different locations to complete our seven
card poker hand. You should plan on arriving at 3:00 pm. On arrival, you’ll have
time for refreshments that are being generously provided by John Cooper. Sorry
guys... no potluck this meeting. In its
place our Social Committee has planned
a catered meal. A short meeting follows,
and the Progressive raffle is up to $30.00.
I hope to see all of you there.
Lastly, thank you to the past Board
Members for your work in keeping our
club strong.
— Rich Dabrowski, President
Indian Nations
Many chapter members have been
quite busy in these final months of
summer. Many have attended car shows
around the area either by themselves
or as a group, representing the Indian
Nations Pontiac Chapter. Nine people
in all headed to Branson on Labor Day
weekend for the Greater Ozark Pontiac
Regionals. Due to the hotel closing it’s
doors unannounced just before the
event, the Pontiac group was able to get
a backup plan organized and the show
went off without any problems.
The BOD’s want to remind everyone
we will be taking nominations for open
Board of Directors positions for our local
chapter the next two months, with elections being held in December. POCI is
also looking for good candidates for their
Board of Directors, check Smoke Signals
or contact a current BOD member for
all the requirements. Also, we are taking
suggestions for a new meeting place for
the upcoming year, voting for this will be
done in November.
The club would like your ideas for
our entertainment at the Year End Dinner and for any events we wish to host
for the upcoming year.
Please turn in all newsletter ads and
articles to Julie and David Bailey. They
would appreciate any help for adding
items to the newsletter.
Have you gotten your entry mailed
in for the 2016 POCI Convention? Don’t
procrastinate, as the host hotel is just
about full and the local chapter has
much planned for a fun-filled week in
Bettendorf IA, July 12-16, 2016.
Calendar of Events
Nov. 14, 2015 - Tucson, AZ. All Pontiac &
GMC Truck Day 2015, hosted by the Arizona Chapter POCI. 4801 E. Broadway
at Swan (Viscount Suite Hotel). 10:00am
- 2:00pm. FREE, fun vehicle display and
membership drive. All years/models; any
condition welcome. No judging! Dash
plaques, T-shirts by pre-registration only.
Info: Thom (520) 798-3200 or Bill (520)
Nov. 21 - 22, 2015 - Muscle Car & Corvette
Nationals. Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL. Information:
Bob Ashton - (586) 549-5291 or email:
[email protected]
July 12 - 16, 2016 - The 44th Annual
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
Convention located at the Isle Hotel &
Casino in Bettendorf, Iowa. Tours, guest
speakers, swap meet, car show and more.
For convention questions contact POCI
Club Office 877-368-3454 or local chapter
contact Keith Curry [email protected]
September 16-19, 2016 - The Fourth
Pontiac Celebration is being held at the
Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI; co-hosted
by the Little Rhody, Nutmeg, and Yankee
Chapters and the PVGTOAA. Friday
evening there is a meet and greet
and a cruise-in with local classic car
supporters. Music and food will be
available. Saturday is the car show,
swap meet, seminars, and awards dinner. Sunday is the getaway. Rooms at
the hotel are available at a discounted
price. In 2014, the rooms were sold out
by June. Pre-registration packages are
available. ALL proceeds donated to
charities that fight childhood cancer.
To date, over $24,000 donated. For
information and questions, please
contact Rick at 401-934-0663 or email:
[email protected]
September 17-18, 2016 - The Fifth
Annual All Pontiac Cruise & Show
in Pontiac, Illinois. Proceeds benefit
the Pontiac-Oakland Museum &
Resource Center. Hosted by the Heart
of Illinois GTO Club, Gateway GTO
Club, Windy City GTO Club and
the Pontiac-Oakland Museum. Fun
cruise, behind-the-scenes tours, free
entertainment. Over 230 Pontiacs last
year. Expanded car show classes this
year. DON’T MISS IT! For more info,
contact Mark Melrose at 314-807-2520
[email protected] or Brian Sorensen
630-991-1465, [email protected]
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR WORLD? Post your Comments, Photos, Notes and More!
this at the Trans
father/son car. We bought
This 1979 Trans Am is my
black, standard
bers-matching 400/4-spe
Am Nats in 2009. It’s a num
T/A since he rode
car. My son Jake had
Carmine interior, non-AC
ning, driving car
en years old. This was a run
in my ‘73 when he was sev
rt to find the build sheet
everything. We tore it apa
that needed pretty much
original! After about
realized it was completely
behind the rear seat and
well worth the blood,
the finished produc
two years of working on it,
footsteps and proudly
following in the old man’s
sweat and dollars! Jake is
e care of and exercise
ce. He’s allowing me to tak
serving in the US Air For
next to my ‘70 T/A in
is calling the shots. It sits
his beast while Uncle Sam
on a cruise!
decision which one
the garage. Sure is a tough
Cam Eckhardt, Farmersville, IL
If you have something for the Member’s
Bulletin Board send it to [email protected]
Things to do...
1. Mow the_______
From the desk of - Dr. Z’s Fleet
1968 Pontiac Grand Prix Registry
Grand Prixs
I’m creating a registry of 1968 Pontiac
engine and
that came from the facto
a 4-speed
Pontiac documentation indicates
only 195 of these cars
am wonderin
Please contact me by phone, email
will be given
Service. All who provide information
you provide
copies of the resp
honor that
not be shared further, I will of
be listed
request and your
Drop me a line at:
dy, GA 30338
Alan Ziglin, 5300 Cedar Chase, Dunwoo
[email protected]
Phone: (770) 399-
2. Buy Birthday
for Dad
3. Send Tim_______
for Bulletin Board
4. Meeting _______
3pm Fri.
While at a car show a stranger approached
me and asked if I might be interested in a
GTO he had parked in his garage. I declined
as I already had two Pontiacs, but learned
it was only two blocks from my house. After
very little negotiation, I towed the GTO home
and began a two year restoration. I discovered that I was just the third owner and
that it sold new right here in El Paso at Fred
Schneider Pontiac. Here in the desert southwest we are fortunate to be able to drive our
cars 12 months a year. This car has won
many awards but by no means is a trailer
queen, it is driven as it was meant to be!
Bob Dockendorf, El Paso, TX
5. Devon’s baseball
game Sat. 10am
R 2015 57
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
2016 POCI National Convention
are so pleased that you’ll
be coming to see us in the
Quad Cities next year! The
Blackhawk Chapter club members and
I share the pride in the QCA (as we often
call it) that we call home. We obviously
want you to remember your visit as the
best convention that you ever attended.
We heard that a few times after the last
time we held it here — back in 1996 —
some twenty years ago. We want to do it
even better this time!
I’m going to start enticing you to
come by talking about some of the tours,
both guided (complete with roundtrip
bus transportation) and self-guided
attractions that are close enough for attendees to do on their own.
As of right now, we’re proud to offer
something that we couldn’t back in 1996:
A very limited guided tour of Alcoa’s
Davenport/Bettendorf aluminum facility!
Only about 100 lucky people will be able
to go on this tour, with at least two club
members as your personal guides.
I’ve taken the liberty of going to their
website — saving you the trouble — to
learn a little bit about the company.
We’ll start our history lesson clear
back in 1917, when Alcoa initially developed and built the first all-aluminum
engine. “Automotively” speaking, Alcoa
has always been at the forefront in the
development of aluminum usage in the
industry. Their next most notable accomplishment — for our purpose —was
in 1942 when they built an all-aluminum
Pontiac Streamliner. They were the company that developed the alloys needed
to make aluminum pistons and they
perfected the anodization process used
in grilles and trim.
Since it opened in 1948, Alcoa’s
Davenport aluminum facility has been at
the forefront of American manufacturing. Nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, the plant employs over 2,500
people and is a focal point of the global
aluminum industry, with 20 percent of
revenues coming from exports.
Through continued modernization,
including a $300 million investment to
increase automotive sheet production,
Davenport has maintained its position
as the world’s premier aerospace supply
plant and is today a hub of Alcoa’s $4
billion aerospace business. And that’s not
even mentioning the new 2015 all-aluminum Ford F-150! All the metal for them
comes from Alcoa’s Davenport works.
Alcoa Davenport also produces
unique armor products for the U.S. military, including the HumVee and MRAP,
and delivers automotive solutions that
are enabling lighter, more fuel efficient
cars and trucks.
Davenport has produced metal for every space vehicle in America’s program,
contributing to the moon landing and
the U.S. victory in the Space Race. The
plant produces advanced products for
all major aircraft, including the Airbus
A380 (the world’s largest passenger plane),
and Boeing’s 747-8 and 777. Davenport
even helps keep the President moving,
producing the wings for Air Force One!
Alcoa has invented 95% of all aerospace alloys ever created. This manufacturing innovation leadership is home
grown, with the technology conceived in
Alcoa’s Research and Development center outside of Pittsburgh, manufactured
in Davenport, and sold to customers in
the U.S. and around the world.
Building on over 125 years of innovation, Alcoa is producing third generation,
aluminum-lithium alloy to make planes
lighter, corrosion resistant, and more cost
effective to build.
Alcoa has been part of the Quad Cities community fabric for over 66 years,
and in the last five years alone has invest-
ed more than $3 million in community
initiatives focused on STEM education,
skills development and environmental
sustainability. Last year over 20 percent
of employees actively volunteered.
The plant is at the forefront of sustainability leadership, and is the home to
a pair of American Bald Eagles. Log on to to follow their
progress via live webcam.
Circa ‘21 Playhouse
One of the self-guided opportunities is the Circa ‘21 Playhouse. Circa ’21
is housed in the historic Fort Armstrong
Theatre. As the name implies, it opened
in 1921. The theatre was originally a
vaudeville and silent movie house,
among one of the most popular and
unique of its day.
Walter Rosenfield and Joseph Hopp
were the two men who invested their
time and money in the theatre stating
that they had faith — not only in the film
Bettendorf, IA - July 12-16
Silver Streak News
The Smothers Brothers, The Lettermen,
Dennis Miller, and Roseanne.
In 2001, the historic theatre underwent a $225,000 renovation in conjunction with the start of its 25th Anniversary
Season. The renovations included repainting the entire interior of the theatre,
renovation of the restrooms. re-carpeting
the entire theatre, and a new marquee
which is a replica of the original design
from 1920.
The actors and artistic staff at Circa
‘21 hail from all parts of the country.
Semi-annual auditions are held in New
York and other major metropolitan areas.
In addition, local auditions are held for
every show.
It is our hope that you enjoy your
visit in the beautiful surroundings and
elegant atmosphere in which we proudly
serve you here at Circa ‘21. Log on to to learn more.
Pontiac - Oakland Museum
& Resource Center
industry — but in the area that eventually was to become the Quad Cities. The
$500,000 cost of the theatre’s construction was said to represent one dollar for
every brick used in the exterior structure
— an enormous sum in its day! Architect
Benjamin Horn drew heavily from Fox
and Sauk Indian symbols for his design.
(A fine example is the great warrior
Blackhawk’s countenance overlooking
the stage from the proscenium arch).
The theatre originally contained a
1,566 seat auditorium, a dance salon, a
photography studio, the Hickey Brothers
Cigar Store and Soda Fountain (located
where The Garden Shop is today), and
attractive green rooms for the actors.
The Fort Armstrong remained a movie theatre for the next 55 years, with each
successive operator adding individual
touches to modernize the building. Yet,
over the years as the film industry became more competitive, the older, more
grandiose movie houses, burdened with
high overhead expenses and skyrocketing utilities, were soon unable to keep up
with the sleek new mall theatres. Slumps
in ticket sales pushed the theatre even
closer to closing its doors forever.
In August of 1976, the theatre was
purchased for its present use as a dinner
theatre. The interior was remodeled with
Las Vegas-style seating and currently
seats 334 on the main floor.
After this extensive remodeling, Circa
‘21 Dinner Playhouse re-opened in June
of 1977 as the Quad Cities’ professional
theatre. In 1978, the Fort Armstrong Theatre was listed on the National Register
of Historic Places.
The concept of dinner theatre was
unique to the Quad Cities at the time and
has since provided the area with over 250
productions of comedies, dramas, musicals, mysteries, children’s shows and celebrity attractions such as Tony Bennett,
Mickey Rooney, Phyllis Diller, Pat Boone,
The Pontiac-Oakland Museum & Resource Center is not in the Quad Cities.
However, it is certainly close enough to
include as part of our convention agenda!
It is the only museum in the country
devoted to preserving the history of Pontiac and Oakland automobiles, and is an
important destination for anyone in our
hobby. We know there are many of you
who have yet to visit the museum, as well
as those who have been there and want
to go back. What better way to visit than
with a group of other Pontiac enthusiasts! Director Tim Dye will be on hand to
talk about the many collections and cars
on display.
We are planning a bus tour to the
museum. Watch for more details in a
future issue of Smoke Signals. SSN
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
2016 POCI National Convention
Pontiac Oakland Club International
Isle Casino Hotel, Bettendorf, IA
July 11-17, 2016
Name of
Sleeping Room
Distance from the
Isle Casino Hotel
Other Notes & Amenities
Isle Casino
$99.99 single king
or double-bedded
$169.99 jr. suite
Call: 1-800-8434753
Host Hotel
1777 Isle Parkway
Bettendorf, Iowa
Breakfast Buffet Available
for Purchase. Casino, 3
restaurants, free wi-fi &
parking. Indoor pool, hot
tub, fitness center.
Fairfield Inn
2.7 Miles
3206 E. Kimberly
Rd Davenport, IA
Continental breakfast
included. Free high speed
internet & parking. Indoor
pool, hot tub, fitness
Garden Inn
1.3 Miles
959 Middle Road
Bettendorf, IA
Restaurant & lounge onsite. Free high speed
internet & parking. Indoor
pool, hot tub, fitness
LaQuinta Inn
& Suites
2.5 Miles
3330 E. Kimberly
Rd. Davenport, IA
Hot breakfast buffet
included in room rate. Free
high speed internet &
parking. Indoor pool, hot
tub, fitness center, on-site
meeting space.
2.8 Miles
3020 Utica Ridge
Rd. Bettendorf, IA
Continental breakfast
included in room rate.
indoor pool, fitness center,
on-site. Free high speed
internet & parking.
Stoney Creek
Hotel &
2.8 Miles
101 18th Street
Moline, IL
Continental breakfast
included in room rate.
Lounge, indoor/outdoor
pool, fitness center, guest
laundry on-site. Free high
speed internet & parking.
(Brand New
in 2015)
2016 POCI Convention Registration Form
44th Annual
Of fice Use On ly
Order # _____________
Date ________________
Check # _____________
Pontiac Oakland Club International
Bettendorf, IA
Wichita, &
Isle Hotel
July 12-16, 2016
Registration is required for all members, even if not entering a vehicle.
Member Registration Fee: $65.00 ~ After July 1, 2016: $85.00
(Registration Fee Includes Member, Spouse and Children)
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For convention questions, call the POCI Club Office 877-368-3454 .
H ost H otel: Isle H otel & C asin o, B etten dorf, Iow a. For room reservations,
call (800) 843-4753, use Group Code “P O C 0616”
Information on other hotels is posted on Hotel reservations will be
cross-checked monthly with convention registrations, so make sure you are
Convention Coordinators: A rt B arrett (417) 737-1469 [email protected];
Larry C rider (918) 798-2765 [email protected]
Host Chapter Contact: K eith C u rry (309) 792-9551 [email protected]
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Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey,
New York, Rhode Island & Vermont
John Cappelmann, 1 Country Oaks Dr., Kings Park, NY 11754;
631.269.9489; [email protected]
Jim Patterson, 8951 Henry Clay Blvd., Clay, New York 13041;
315.652.5794; [email protected]
Merle R. Green, Jr., 4 Mt. Lebanon St., Pepperell, MA 01463;
978.433.6016; [email protected]
Garden State Chapter (NJ), c/o Stephen Kiellar, 118 Starr Place,
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Long Island Chapter (NY), c/o Dan Fiore, 617 S. 5th Street,
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Little Rhody Pontiac Chapter (RI), c/o John Pagliarini,
46 Chatsworth Ave., Warwick, RI 02886
Mohawk Valley Chapter (NY), c/o Ray Decrescenzo, 8 Marcel Road,
Clifton Park, NY 12065; 518.373.9489; [email protected]
NOR-Eastern Chapter, c/o Matt Turner, 28 Robin Hood Dr.,
Nottingham, NH 02190
Nutmeg Chapter (CT), c/o Starr F. Evans, 10 Church Hill Rd.,
Washington Depot, CT 06794
Six Nations Chapter (NY), c/o Jim Patterson, 8951 Henry Clay Blvd.,
Clay, New York 13041; 315.652.5794; [email protected]
South Jersey Pontiac Chapter (NJ), c/o Chuck Catalano, 112 Park Ct.,
Medford, NJ 08055; 856.596.0937
Western New York Chapter, c/o Barb Fuller, 20 Circle Court,
East Aurora, NY 14052
Yankee Chapter (MA/ME), c/o Anne Marie Mandarano, 145 Allston St.,
Cambridge, MA 02139; 617.547.4785; [email protected]
Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania,
South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
Mike Abernathy, 1400 Fortingale Cir., Sandston, VA 23150;
804.322.1070; [email protected]
Jack Anderson, 25 Renee Lane, Newark, DE 19711; 302.353.0244;
[email protected]
Richard Cook, 825 West Main St., Laurens, SC 29360; 684.871.1460;
[email protected]
Cape Fear Chapter, c/o Norm Miller, 6902 Daybreak Lane,
Wilmington NC 28411; 910.313.1191
DelMarVa Chapter, c/o Fred Homan, PO Box 417, Townsend, DE
19734-0417; 302.379.3868; [email protected];
Keystone State Chapter (PA), c/o Brenda Steinhauer, 48 Shillington Rd.,
Sinking Spring, PA 19608; 717.336.4530;
National Capital Area Chapter, c/o George Richardson,
1509 Baltimore Rd., Alexandria, VA 22308; 703.768.1569
[email protected]
Old Dominion Chapter (VA), c/o Michael L. Abernathy,
1400 Fortingale Cir., Sandston VA, 23150;
Palmetto Chapter, c/o Maxie Burns, 205 Bryson Dr., Laurens, SC
29360; [email protected];
Piedmont Chapter, c/o Larry Sprinkle, 34 Windsor Cir.,
Thomasville, NC 27360; 336.225.4570; [email protected]
Star City Chapter, c/o Bill Cullop, P.O. Box 853, Daleville, VA 24083;
Western Pennsylvania Chapter, c/o Gary Gordan,
4507 West Seventh Ave., Beaver Falls, PA 15010-2013
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio
Wayne F. Beran, 5128 Oak Center Dr., Oak Lawn, IL 60453;
708.425.2826; [email protected]
Doug Pulskamp, 22209 Vine St. Oldenburg, IN 47036; 812.212.6280;
humbler70gto[email protected]
Mark Tilson, 1104 Hillrock Dr., S. Eclid, OH 44121; 216.291.0202;
[email protected]
Blackhawk Chapter (IL, IA), c/o Chad Starbuck, 810 6th Ave.,
Fulton, IL 61252; [email protected]
Hoosier Chapter (IN), c/o Wanda Harris, 1001 Cedar Glen Dr. North,
Plainfield, IN 46168; 317.839.1656; [email protected]
Illinois Chapter, c/o Carla Knotek, 15456 Scott Court, Lockport, IL
Lincoln Highway Chapter of Ohio, c/o Bonnie White, P.O. Box 126
Sulphur Springs, OH 44881; [email protected]
Motor City Chapter (MI), c/o Gains McDonald, 626 W. Eighth St.,
Monroe, MI 48161; 586.943.2804; [email protected]
Michigan Widetrackers, c/o President Rich Dabrowski, 4032 Sunfish Dr.,
Lapeer, MI 48446; 586-242-7440; [email protected];
http://; Newsletter: Mike & Jenn Bartley;
[email protected]
Mid-Ohio Valley Widetrackers, c/o Art Lambert, 12089 Dupont Rd.,
Washington, WV 12089; [email protected]
North Coast Ohio Chapter, c/o Tony Webster, 159 Dorland Ave.,
Berea, OH 44017; [email protected]
Northwest Ohio Chapter, c/o Pete Lungulow, 829 Jean Road,
Toledo, Ohio 43615; [email protected]
Pontiacs of Central Illinois Chapter, c/o Roy Franklin, 1403 Highland
Place, Decatur IL; 217.877.5525
Pontiacs of Southeastern Indiana (POSI), Paul Freese, 130 N. Smith St.,
Batesville, IN 47006; [email protected]
Southern Ohio Buckeye Chapter, c/o Vincent Lasher, 3517 S. Rangeline
Rd, West Milton, OH 45383; 937.698.7351; [email protected];
Tri State Arrowhead Cruisers, c/o Mark A. Monroe, 601 E. Strain St.,
Fort Branch, IN 47648; [email protected]; 812.753.5985
West Michigan Chapter, c/o Club President Doug Troost,
[email protected];
Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota,
South Dakota, Wisconsin
Mike Darr, 107 Wright Valley Rd., Smithville, MO 64089; 816.532.4349;
(cell) 816.215.9280; [email protected]
Alan Fanning, 502 Johnson Rd., Fremont, NE 68025; [email protected]
John Gunnell, P.O. Box 87, Iola, WI 54945; 715.445.4262; [email protected]
Arch Chapter (MO), c/o Richard Locavich, 808 Carman Woods Dr.,
Manchester, MO 63011
Badger State Chapter (WI), c/o David Keach, 1155 N. 46th St.,
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Colorado Chapter, P.O. Box 56, Arvada, CO 80001;
Empire Chapter, c/o Russ Hoogendoorn, 1538 Dipper Ave., Larchwood,
IA 51241-7722; 712.478.4455;
God’s Country Chapter of Wisconsin, c/o Sheldon Hamilton,
603 7th St., Waunakee, WI 53597; 608.850.5185; [email protected]
Greater Ozarks Chapter (MO), c/o James R. Campbell, 6826 E. State Hwy C.,
Strafford, MO 65757; 417.736.2946; [email protected]
K.C. Arrowhead Chapter, c/o Mike Darr, 107 Wright Valley Rd.
Smithville, MO; 816.532.4349
Nebraskaland Chapter, c/o Claudia Mathes, 7304 Cty. Rd. 25,
Kennard, NE 68034-5002
Tomahawk Chapter (MN), Tony Miller; 651.786.1214;
[email protected];
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi,
Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas
Peggy Mullinax Cox, 7345 Old Springville Rd., Pinson, AL 35126;
205.602.6463; [email protected]
Larry Crider, 12510 West 67th St., Sapulpa, OK 74066; 918.798.2765;
[email protected]
Greg R. Kersul, P.O. Box 14612, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33302;
[email protected]; 954.448.0658
Alabama Chapter, Jim Ketchersid, 3456 Hurricane Rd., Hoover, AL
35226; 205.979.5387; [email protected]
Alamo Area Chapter, c/o P.O. Box 34654, San Antonio TX 78265-4654;
Arkansas River Chapter, c/o Louie Reed, 675 S. 28th St., Rogers, AR
72758; 479.631.0442
Central Oklahoma Pontiac Assn., Joel Mayhan, 1115 Prairie Hills Rd.,
Tuttle, OK 73089; 405.830.0320; [email protected]
Dixie Chapter (Jacksonville Area), c/o President, Gary Harrison,
904.868.9207; [email protected]
Everglades Chapter (SW FL), c/o Doug Swank,
2430 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., #108-393, Naples, FL 34109; 239.810.0156
Florida Chapter (Tampa/St. Pete), c/o Rich Fedor, 8110 West Dr.,
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544; 813.929.3405; [email protected]
Indian Nations Chapter, c/o Larry Crider, 12510 W. 67th St.,
Sapulpa, OK 74066; 918.798.2765; [email protected]
Lone Star Chapter (TX), c/o Tom Brackett, 7204 Randall Way,
Plano, TX 75025; [email protected]; 972.527.3167
Louisville Pontiac Club, c/o President, Rick Kaiser, 502.241.2253;
Pontiacs of Tennessee, c/o President, Bob Woodside, 2230 Oakleaf Dr.,
Franklin, TN 37064; [email protected]
Smokey Mountain Pontiacs of East Tennessee, c/o Jeffrey M. Widner,
6503 Hickory Creek Rd., Lenoir City, TN 37771
Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada,
New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Ron Berglund, 2101 West Spruce Ave., Fresno, CA 93711-0460;
559.259.2079; [email protected]
Dan Dickey, 1591 E. Island Lake Dr., Shelton, WA 98584; 360.426.3156;
[email protected]
Rick Gonser, 2452 Ostram Ave., Long Beach, CA 90815-2420;
562.596.2043; [email protected]
Arizona Chapter, c/o Thom Sherwood, 4348 E. Timrod Street,
Tucson, AZ 85711-4252; 520.798.3200; [email protected]
Desert Renegades of Arizona, c/o Bob Alling, 602.944.8811;
[email protected];
Emerald Valley Chapter, c/o Rosie Henderson, 2084 Lemuria,
Eugene, OR 97402
Great Salt Lake Chapter, c/o Kenny Gregrich, 324 N. Main St.,
Tooele, UT 84074-1657; 435.882.5560
New Mexico Pontiac Club, c/o Stanley Kravitz, 26 Aspen Rd.,
Placitas, NM 87043; 505.867.3676; [email protected]
Pontiacs of Central CA, c/o Bill Richards, 559.431.8742;
[email protected]
Puget Sound Chapter, c/o Pam Leslie, P.O. Box 5873, Lacey, WA
98509; [email protected]
Rim Country Chapter (AZ), c/o Jack Masheeco, 510 East Timber Dr.,
Payson AZ 85541; 928.474.4189
Sacramento Chapter, c/o Pasquale Cignarella, 9926 Ferragamo Way,
Elk Grove, CA 95757
San Diego Chapter, c/o Sergio DaSilva, 10424 Southern Pine Pl.,
San Diego, CA 92131; 858.271.6448 [email protected]
Silver State Chapter, c/o Dale Lowery, P.O. Box 4521,
Sparks, NV 89432; 775.745.8072
So. California Chapter, c/o Karl Keranen, P.O. Box 516 Silverado, CA
92676; 714.649.308; [email protected];
Channel Islands Chapter, c/o Thomas A. Maloney, 1690 Loma Dr.,
Camarillo, CA 93010-3713; 805.484.2981; [email protected];
eGroup address:
Lars-Ingvar Elofsson, Byastensvagen 10, Gards-Kopinge 29177 SE
(Sweden) Phone: 04644235031;
[email protected]
Verne Howard, 4400 Bittersweet Ln., Blue Springs, MO 64015;
816.739.1737; [email protected]
Graham Webber, Hillcrest Church Hill Farm, Church Rd.,
Upper Sundon, Bedfordshire, LU3 3PB, UK; Phone: 015.25873470;
[email protected]
All-American Oakland Chapter, c/o Steve Cook, 16565 Lancaster,
Grover, MO 63040; [email protected]
Canadian Pontiac Specialty Chapter, c/o Joe Lizon; 248.701.4396;
[email protected];
Cruisin’ Tigers GTO Club, c/o President, Randy Ray; 847.421.5744;
[email protected]
Custom Safari Chapter, c/o Robin Petry, 2806 Scarlett Dr.,
Augusta, GA 30909; [email protected]
Early Times Chapter, c/o Arnold Landvoigt, 8521 William St.,
Savage MD 20763; 301.498.0070; [email protected]
Grand Prix Chapter, c/o Ron Maurer 712.229.1974;
[email protected];
GMC Truck Chapter (GTC), c/o Paul Bergstrom;
[email protected];
Little Indians Chapter (’61-’63 Tempest/Lemans), c/o Jerry Bolton,
544 Christopher Circle, Jesup, IA 50648; 319.827.1943;
[email protected];
Pontiac Commercial & Professional Vehicle Chapter, Paul
Bergstrom, [email protected];
Overhead Cammers Chapter, c/o Jim Black, 307 Summerset Dr.,
Papillion, NE 68133; 402.597.8625; [email protected];
Pontiac Pacemakers (Pace Cars), c/o David Caldwell,
5735 Twshp Rd. 14, Mount Gilead, OH 43338; 614.570.6541
The purpose of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International is (1) to pool together as much information as possible to assist Pontiac, Oakland, and GMC owners
in the restoration and preservation of their vehicles, (2) to promote interest in Pontiac, Oakland, and GMC vehicles, their history and restoration and preservation
and, above all, (3) to make owning a Pontiac, Oakland, or GMC an enjoyable experience.
Club Founder & Director Emeritus: Donald A. Bougher, PO Box 5108, Salem, OR 97304-0108;
503-868-7500; [email protected]
DIRECTORS EMERITUS (In chronological Order of Presidency)
Don Barlup, 228 Old Oak Rd., New Bloomfield, PA 17068; 717-582-3209; [email protected]
Chaplain: Richard Erman, 7675 N. Walters Lake Rd., Fremont, IN 46737; 260-495-9167;
[email protected]
Historian: Bruce Rutherfurd, 1010 East Cleveland Ave., Monett, MO 65708; 417-235-1111
Convention Coordinator: Art Barrett, 211 West Alice, Mt. Vernon, MO 65712
Byron Joe Stout, 150 S. Old Manor Rd., Wichita, KS 67218; 316-686-6407; [email protected]
Assistant Convention Coordinator: Larry Crider, 12510 W. 67th St., Sapulpa, OK 74066
Arthur Ruscher, 4015 57th St. E, Bradenton, FL 34208; 941-745-2031; [email protected]
POCI Car Show Coordinator: Rick Gonser, 2452 Ostrom Ave., Long Beach, CA 90815-2420
Todd Schafer, 1020 NW 39th St., Topeka, KS 66618; 785-286-2443
New Chapter Coordinator: John Cappelmann, 1 Country Oaks Dr., Kings Park, NY 11754
Gale Menger, 1725 Chateau Way, Maple Plain, MN 55359; 952-472-1115; [email protected]
Legislative Affairs Coordinator: Ben Deutschman, Bldg. 11, Redfield Village Apts. A-1, Metuchen, NJ 08840
Technical Advisors: When requesting information from technical advisors, please enclose a business size (#10) self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE)
and your POCI membership number. Technical advisors DO NOT locate parts for members. Any information provided by any POCI source is intended only for
general knowledge You should seek professional mechanical advice for specific mechanical conditions.
Visit the Tech Forum at:
Australian Pontiacs/Imports: Dave Clee, P.O. Box 135, Oak Flats NSW Australia 2529.
Telephone: 011-61-42571230 Fax: 011-61-42571190; [email protected]
Auto Paint & Bodywork: Paul Freeze, 14279 North Morris East St., Batesville, IN 47006;
812-614-3332; [email protected]
Auto Woodwork: Jeff Heisler, 404 N. Fairview, Mt Prospect, IL 60056; 847-255-9429; [email protected]
Can Am Registry: Verne Howard, 4400 NW Bittersweet Ln, Blue Springs, MO 64015; 816-554-2099;
[email protected]
Canadian Pontiacs: Walter Campbell, 29 Hexham Dr., Scarboro, Ont. Canada, M1R 1J5; 416-757-5484
Commercial & Professional Pontiacs (Sedan Deliveries-Ambulance-Hearse): Paul Bergstrom, 1165
County Road 83, Independence, MN 55359 Ph/Fax: 763-479-2248; [email protected]
Drag Racing: Mike Cooper, 66 NW 85th St., El Dorado, KS 67042; 316-322-8818
Eight Lug Wheels: Les Kasten, 12501 Danbury Way, Rosemount, MN 55068; 651-280-9681
Fax: 651-322-1045
Electrical & Electronics (exc. radio): Chuck Conway, 303 N. Friendswood Dr., Friendswood, TX
77546; [email protected]
Fiero: Carl Harcourt, 4927 W. 900 S., Milroy, IN 46156; 765-629-2532; [email protected]
Fax: 765-629-2530
Firebird: Eric Vicker, P.O. Box 0033, South Park, PA 15129; [email protected]
Firebird (1977-79 W72): John M. Witzke, 5017 Providence Rd, Council Bluffs, IA 51503;
712-322-4697; [email protected]
Firebird/Trans Am 1993-2002: Tony Webster, 159 Dorland Ave., Berea, OH 44017; 440-263-5821;
[email protected]
GMC Motorhomes 1973-78: John Biwersi, 2938 Mary St., Maplewood, MN 55109; 651-779-6498;
[email protected]
Grand Prix (all): Mike Grippo, 584 Broomspun Street, Henderson, NV 89015; 702-568-5433
Fax: 702-568-5158
GT-37: Jeff Sawruk, 667 Oxhill Ct., White Lake, MI 48386; [email protected]
Clyde Rowley, 2222 Broad Oak Drive, Bandera, TX 78003; 210-305-9277; [email protected]
GTO & Intermediate (1964-79 Engine & Drivetrain): Jerry Boulay, 269 East Street, Wolcott, CT
06716; 203-879-0001
GTO & Intermediate (1964-72 Body & Interior): Richard Erman, 7675 N. Walters Lake Rd.,
Fremont, IN 46737; 260-495-9167
GTO/G8 2004-2009: Carl Palmquist, 1061 Hayward Circle, Milford, OH 45150; 513-348-2542;
[email protected]
High Performance: Mike Cooper, 66 NW 85th St., El Dorado, KS 67042; 316-322-8818
Interiors Soft Trim (1952-72): Harry Samuel, 18106 Dunblaine Ave., Beverly Hills, MI 48025;
248-258-6269; [email protected]
Judge 1969-71: Ray Herman, 512 Columbia Creek Dr., San Ramon, CA 94583; 925-829-4059;
[email protected]
Oakland 1909-31: David Green, 5020 Hutton, Kansas City, KS 66109; 913-626-6301;
[email protected]
Parts Interchange: David Silarski, 12715 Old Pine Lane, Houston, TX 77015; [email protected]
Pontiac 1926-27: Clark Adams, 277 Longbranch Trail, Lexington, NC 27295; 336-243-1336
Pontiac 1931: Jim Koenigsmark, 24348 S. 80th Ave. Frankfort, IL 60423-9726; 815-464-5929;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1932: Robert Guzzetta, 1410 Santa Inez Dr., San Jose, CA 95125; 408-265-7578
Pontiac 1933-34: Kurt Kelsey, 14083 P Ave., Iowa Falls, IA 50126; 641-648-9086; [email protected]
Pontiac 1935: Kerry Klotzman, 7460 Rollingbrook Trail, Solon, OH 44139; 440-349-1509;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1936: Robert Shafto, 451 Blackstrap Rd., Falmouth, ME 04105; 207-878-8933;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1937-38: Arnold Landvoigt, 8521 William St., Savage, MD 20763; 301-498-0070;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1939-42: James Patterson, 8951 Henry Clay Blvd., Clay, NY 13041; 315-652-5794;
[email protected]
Andrew Ameden, 27 W. Carbon St., Minersville, PA 17954; [email protected]
Pontiac 1946-48: Bill Harris, 7836 N. Gray Rd., Mooresville, IN 46158; 317-831-1568;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1949-52: John Harvey, 5256 Heritage Lane, Oakley, IL 62552; 217-763-5691;
Fax: 217-763-6107; [email protected]
Pontiac 1953: Charles Coker, PO Box 51, Taneyville, MO 65759; 417-693-5219; [email protected]
Pontiac 1954: Reid Williamson, 98 South 1970 West #1, Lehi, UT 84043; 801-768-2155
Pontiac 1955: Chuck Conway, 303 N. Friendswood Dr., Friendswood, TX 77546;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1956: Larry Gordon, 344 West Avenue, Palmdale, CA 93551; 661-622-2100;
Web Site:
Pontiac 1957-58 Fuel Injection: Don Keefe, 178 Crescent Rd., Fairport, NY 14450; 585-489-9826;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1957: Todd Crews, 160 Home Ave., Forsyth, IL 62535; [email protected]
Pontiac 1958: Rollie Pederson, 16819 Owatonna Circle, Ham Lake, MN 55304; 763-434-7400 (8pm to 11pm)
lars-Ingvar Elofsson, Byastensvagen 10, Gards-Kopinge 29177 SE (Sweden); Phone: 04644235031;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1959-64 (Full Size Except Grand Prix): Rick Gonser, 2452 Ostrom Ave., Long Beach, CA
90815-2420; 562-596-2043; [email protected]; Fax: 562-596-1160; Pager: 714-647-8116
Pontiac Super Duty 1960-63: Tom Schlauch, 393 Los Altos Ave., Long Beach, CA 90814;
562-243-0570; [email protected]
Pontiac Catalina 1962-63: John Mead, 1025 Dear Run Dr., Earlysville, VA 22936; 434-977-2671;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1965-66 (Full Size Except Grand Prix): John Pokryfky, 9215 Florida, Livonia, MI 48150;
734-776-6449; [email protected]
Pontiac 1967-70 (Full Size Except Grand Prix): Ron Berglund, 2101 West Spruce Ave., Fresno, CA
93711-0460; 559-259-2079; [email protected]
Pontiac 1967-85: Duane Stumpp, 301 Park Charles Blvd. North, St. Peters, MO 63376;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1968-69 A-Body: Paul Freese, 14279 North Morris East St., Batesville, IN 47006; 812-614-3332;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1970-72 A-Body: Doug Pulskamp, 22209 Vine St., Oldenburg, IN 47036;
[email protected]
Pontiac 1973-77 A-Body (including 1977 Can Am): Rick Lightfoot, 242 W. Williams St., Corning, NY
14830; [email protected]
Pontiac 1985-92 Tuned-Port Trans Ams & Formulas: Gene Werst, 8724 Castle View Ave.,
Las Vegas, NV 89129; 702-496-5870; [email protected]
Pontiac 1986-2010 (All Models): Don Keefe, 178 Crescent Rd., Fairport, NY 14450; 585-489-9826;
[email protected]
Pontiac 2+2 (not including 1986 GP) Larry Kosek, 104 Center Dr., Silver Lake, KS 66539;
Pontiac Astre/Sunbird 1975-80: Paul Bergstrom, 1165 County Road 83, Independence, MN 55359
Phone/Fax: 763-479-2248; [email protected]
Pontiac 265/301/301 Turbo V-8: Shawn Gurney, PO Box 1535, Point Roberts, WA 98281; 778-999-5235;
[email protected]
Ram Air V 303-428: Tom Schlauch, 393 Los Altos Ave., Long Beach, CA 90814; 562-243-0570;
[email protected]
Straight Eight Engine: Charles Bolten, 15607 N. 30th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85053; 602-375-0866;
[email protected]
Street Machine: Bob Cella, 31 Crissey Ave., Geneva, IL 60134, Phone/Fax: 630-232-0600;
[email protected]
Street Rods: Rex Bumgarner, 4928 Northcrest Street, Claremont, NC 28610; 828-241-4947;
[email protected]
Tempest/LeMans 1961-63: Keith A. Collier, 2007 N. 59th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85035; 602-315-8602;
[email protected]
Transmissions Automatic: POSITION OPEN
Transmissions Manual/Differentials: Brad Duerst, 800-208-8242
Tri-Power: Rick Gonser, 2452 Ostrom Ave., Long Beach, CA 90815-2420; 562-596-2043;
[email protected]; Fax: 562-596-1160; Pager: 714-647-8116
Volunteers for Open Positions and for New Categories are needed!
Please contact the Technical Advisor Coordinator (below) for details.
Technical Advisor Coordinator: Charles Coker, PO Box 51, Taneyville, MO 65759; 417-693-5219;
[email protected]
Pontiac-Oakland Club International
POCI CLASSIFIED ADS • Advertising Policy
The Pontiac-Oakland Club International, Inc. publishes the classified section of Smoke Signals magazine as a courtesy to its
active members. This is made possible through the members’ dues contributions. POCI makes no claims, either stated or implied, concerning the quality, authenticity or availability of any items offered. Furthermore, POCI claims no responsibility for
any transactions good or bad, as a result of the Smoke Signals Classifieds Ad section.
We discourage any member from submitting a “For Sale” Classified Ad when they have also submitted a “Feature Car”
contribution. Time delays between production of these two sections can result in an overlap in the same issue. Automobiles and
trucks featured in this magazine – current or past issues – neither claim nor can claim any endorsement by POCI as to their
quality or authenticity; they are featured strictly for entertainment purposes.
Advertisers or members will have three weeks to respond to any complaint received by the Pontiac-Oakland Club International. After three weeks, if the complaint goes unanswered and/or a satisfactory solution is not found, the member or company
listed in the complaint could lose all advertising privileges.
IMPORTANT CLASSIFIED AD RULES • Please read before placing an ad
The classified ad section of Smoke Signals magazine is reserved for our members seeking information, services, parts, cars,
etc. Display advertising is available for members and non-members alike at reasonable rates. Any ads submitted which do not
conform to the following rules will be set aside – they may not be sent back, and you may not be contacted. Please read and
follow these rules to avoid any inconvenience.
1) Please use the classified ad request form on the next page for your
ad submission. A photocopy or a facsimile is acceptable as long as it
includes the same data requested. Please type or print neatly. If we cannot read your ad, it will be published as best we can figure out. Please
check your ad immediately. Neither POCI nor Smoke Signals production company are liable for your ad content or the reproduction of it.
2) Classified ads will run for two months and then be pulled. The code
at the end of the ad will reflect the last issue the ad will appear. The
same ad can be renewed for an additional two months.
3) Each month, POCI members receive one free ad up to 50 words with
one free picture. Words over 50 cost 20 cents per word. Additional ads
are 20 cents per word and additional pictures are $5.00 each. The following do not count as words in the ad: name, business name, price,
address, email address, or telephone number.
4) Your POCI number and expiration date must be on the form.
5) Only one ad per form. Please check the category for the ad to
appear in.
6) Only Pontiac, Oakland, and GMC requests are allowed. The only
exceptions are the “Services” and “Other” classifications, but they must
be Pontiac/Oakland/GMC related (i.e.: car care services or products).
7) A POCI member name must be included in the ad, not just on
the form. A business name may be listed, but a member’s full name
must also be included in the ad.
8) Price must be included. All ads for any cars, parts or services must
have prices. The only exception is for the parting-out of a car.
9) No phone-in ads or ad renewals will be accepted. Only mailed,
faxed, or e-mailed ads will be accepted for publication.
10) All ads are subject to review.
EXTENDED ADS: Members who are vendors or permanent suppliers
and wish to place an Extended Ad for PARTS, LITERATURE, MEMORABILIA or SERVICES may do so. No other categories can have Extended Ads
placed. Ads are subject to review (and rejection) by the advertising committee. Extended Ads cannot exceed 50 words and just one picture is allowed.
These members may still place a personal ad without the 50 word limit being
affected. Extended Ads run for one year and are renewable.
SCHEDULE: All ads are placed in the next available Smoke Signals
issue after they are received. Expect a deadline around the 20th of each
month.Example; ads received by March 20 should appear in the May issue.
REVISIONS: Revisions to an ad already running must be mailed, faxed,
or e-mailed. No phone changes will be made.
• Mail to: Smoke Signals Editor, 205 N. Mill St., Pontiac, IL
• FAX to: 815-844-0282 (If there is no picture)
• Email to: [email protected]
SMOKE SIGNALS • Classified Ad Form
ways to submit
your classified ad:
Please read the important information on the
previous page before completing this form.
• Mail to: Smoke Signals Editor, 205 N. Mill St., Pontiac, IL 61764 (Photos will not be returned)
• Email to: [email protected] (attach a .jpeg photo if desired, with at least 800 x 640 resolution)
• Fax to: (815) 844-0282 (only if no picture required) PHONED-IN ADS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED!
EXTENDED (Vendors Only & Services, Memorabilia, Literature & Parts for Sale
Categories Only) Extended ads will run for one year and are renewable.
Today’s Date __________ POCI Number _____________ Exp. Date ___________ Name _____________________________________
Address ___________________________ City _______________________ State ______ ZIP _____________ Country _____________
Phone (
) _____ — _________ NOTE: Your ad MUST include your name and phone number. All items for sale must include prices
except when “parting out” a vehicle.
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POCI DISPLAY ADS •Advertising Policy
The Pontiac-Oakland Club International, Inc. publishes the Display Advertising section of Smoke Signals magazine as a service to Pontiac-oriented
businesses and organizations. POCI makes no claims, either stated or implied,
concerning the quality, authenticity or availability of any items or services
offered. Furthermore, POCI claims no responsibility for any transactions good
or bad, as a result of the Smoke Signals display ad section. Additionally, POCI
and/or the Smoke Signals advertising committee reserve the right to accept or
reject any advertisement from any person or organization for any reason and
without justification for any decision made.
Display advertisers in this magazine, current or past issues, shall neither
claim nor can claim any endorsement by POCI as to their quality or authenticity; they are featured strictly for informational purposes.
For Display Advertising questions/submissions, contact:
Paul Bergstrom, P.O. Box 68, Maple Plain, MN 55359
(877) 368-3454 or (763) 479-2111 • E-mail: [email protected]
POCI DISPLAY ADS •Ad Sizes and Rates
Cover (Outside, Back), CMYK, Full Bleed*.................. 8.75x11.25”......... $500.00
Cover (Inside, Front or Back), CMYK, Full Bleed*...... 8.75x11.25”......... $400.00
Interior Pages (B/W or CMYK):................................. width x height Monthly
Full Page
(Full Bleed)*................................ 8.75x11.25”......... $275.00
Full Page
(No Bleed).................................... 7.5x10”................ $275.00
2/3 Page
Vertical......................................... 4.93x10”.............. $200.00
1/3 Page
Vertical......................................... 2.36x10”.............. $100.00
1/3 Page
Square........................................... 4.93x4.9”............. $100.00
1/2 Page
Horizontal..................................... 7.5x4.9”............... $150.00
1/2 Page
Vertical......................................... 4.93x7.45”........... $150.00
1/4 Page
Vertical......................................... 3.65x4.9”............... $75.00
1/4 Page
Horizontal..................................... 7.5x2.35”............... $75.00
1/6 Page
Vertical......................................... 2.36x4.9”............... $50.00
1/6 Page
Horizontal..................................... 4.93x2.35”............. $50.00
1/12 Page
Square........................................... 2.36x2.35”............. $30.00
Ads should be submitted as either PDF (fonts embedded) or JPEGs built to proper
size and minimal compression. Editor reserves the right to adjust sizes as required.
* Full Page Bleed Display Ads trim to 8.5x11”. Do not use borders near trims.
All ads (except cover positions) are Run of Publication (ROP). Non-contracted,
monthly rates shown. Contact Display Ad Manager (at left) for contract rates.
DEADLINE: All new and updated advertisements must be received by the 1st of
the month prior to the publication date (Ex: January 1 for the February issue).
Do you need help producing a commercial Display Ad? Please inquire! We offer computer graphics services.
‘68 Pontiac Grand Prix Registry: Creating a
registry of ‘68 Pontiac Grand Prixs that came from
the factory with the 428 engine and a 4-speed
manual transmission (“4-on-the-floor”). Pontiac
documentation indicates there were only 195 of
these cars produced. I have one and am wondering
how many others have survived. Please contact
me by phone, e-mail or US Postal Service. All who
provide information will be given copies of the
responses. However if you provide information and
ask that your contact information not be shared
further, I will of course honor that request and your
car information will be listed without your name
and contact information. Please contact me at:
(770) 399-0694; or [email protected]; or Alan
Ziglin 5300 Cedar Chase, Dunwoody, GA 30338.
Thanks! (10/15)
‘69 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ Registry: Rare ‘69 Grand
Prix model SJ 428 HO NON A/C automatic. How many are
out there? I have never seen another one. I come up with
1 of 28 with these options. If you have one, e-mail or call
me-please. Leave tele. # or e-mail. David [email protected] (810) 796-3664 (07/16)
421/428/455 Station Wagon Registry: Register
your wagon and help us establish a current list to
exchange info and see how many of these special
vehicles are left. To get a form e-mail: erik_
[email protected] or send a SASE to Erik
Fleischner, 228 Santa Barbara Circle, Palm Desert,
CA 92260. (760) 776-6657 (CA) (07/16)
HELP: Looking for anyone that has a 1971 GTO H.O.
car built at or around Feb. ‘71 at the Framingham,
Mass. plant. Do not want your VIN or personal
information. Would like to know just how close your
date codes are to your built date. I understand GTOs
were first built in ‘71 and only LeMans Tempest
in ‘70 at Framingham. If you have a car built just
before or after Feb. ‘71, PLEASE CALL DO NOT TEXT
Bill (410) 952-2571. (04/16)
Automatic Headlamp Control: Searching
for field installation diagrams, instructions and
mounting template for 1963/1964 full size Pontiac
Guide-matic headlamp control. Please contact
John Colagiovanni at (860) 478-2630 or [email protected] (01/16)
Century Pontiac, Beaverton, OR: Looking for
any information, license plate frames, key fobs,
old ads, etc. If you have any info at all, please
contact Mike Brandt at (630) 842-3305 or e-mail to
[email protected] (12/15)
Chattanooga Custom Center (CCC): Need
information for a 1987 Firebird Pro/Am that I own.
Need dealer literature, advertisements, factory GM
authorization, CCC factory literature, etc. Any former
dealers out there have anything including their
recollections? CCC is the same company that made the
Choo Choo El Camino’s, Silverado’s, etc. Rodger Airey,
[email protected] (856) 596-9235 (NJ) (12/15)
INFORMATION WANTED: I am looking for
anything at all from MILLER MOTORS in Amsterdam,
NY (Pontiac Dealer 1936-86). Top Dollar Paid. Keith
Canary, [email protected] or (518) 2250070 (12/15)
‘66 GTO: VIN #242176P312106, wanting to know if
it is still around. Contact Audrey Spanjol [email protected] (12/15)
‘57 Chieftain 4-door HT: I am looking for the
blue and white with light blue vinyl and dark blue
velore interior. I sold it in 1990 in Long Beach, CA.
I would like to know if it is still around and would
like to buy it back. Vehicle ID is P757H69280.
Contact Doug Abner (317) 910-1584; [email protected] (12/15)
‘60 Ventura 2-door HT: Shoreline Gold, Shelltone
Ivory top. My dad traded in for a ‘71 for a ‘65
Bonneville 2-door, Teal Turqoise 2623375P135561.
The ‘60 was traded in at Mark Hefty Ford, Jersey
Shore, PA the ‘65 in Feelins Grove, PA. (570) 3242061 cell (570) 404-4095; [email protected]
‘61 Ventura: Back in 1965-1966 I owned a ‘61
Ventura, black with triple blue interior. I purchased
the car from a guy named Eddie who lived in Harper
Woods, Michigan. Later I understood that he used
to race for Royal Pontiac. The car was tagged with
“421” emblems and was a factory 4 speed. The front
fenders were new “e” coated and the front bumper
was very flimsy. Later I found out that the fenders
and bumper were aluminum. The fenders were
swapped out but the bumper was probably still
aluminum. I sold the car for $1000 to a friend when
I went in the Air Force and he doesn’t remember
who he sold it to. All I remember about the car is
that it was a rocket ship. I was just wondering if you
know if this car is still alive. [email protected]
‘61 and ‘64 Catalinas: I am curious if there is
any chance in the world that my parent’s blue and
white ‘61 Catalina hardtop sedan VIN#361L13641
might have survived. It was traded in the late
1960s in Gloversville, NY. I am also curious about
a maroon and white ‘64 Catalina Ventura 4 door
sedan, VIN# 834L108938 that I owned from 1988
to 2000. It had 70K original miles when I very
regrettably sold it to someone from near Boston,
MA. in a weak moment. Just interested in finding
them if they exist, might be interested if for sale.
Keith Canary, [email protected] or (518)
225-0070 (12/15)
‘62 Catalina: Looking for my first car, a red TriPower, 4-speed with Ventura trim. VIN#362P10944.
Car was located in Montana was still around in the
‘90’s. Ray Woody, (406); [email protected]
com (03/16)
‘64 Bonneville: Looking for information on
previous owners of my car, which was last
registered in Broward County, Florida, May of ‘79.
Plate#, FLW-169; VIN# 884D33312. Doug Williams
(705) 424-8892; Ontario, Canada. (12/15)
‘64 Bonneville Convertible: White with black top,
serial number 884K48931. I owned vehicle when new.
Roy Kessler (618) 531-7718 (01/16)
‘77 Ventura Sprint: White car, went from
Oklahoma to Kansas, where is it now? Contact Tim
815-510-8950 (01/16)
‘65 Grand Prix: Looking for the owner of a 1965
GP, VIN# 266575E104835. I have your build sheet
that I found under the back seat of my recently
acquired 1965 GP. Please contact Ted Segatti (586)
773-9282. [email protected] (07/16)
‘65 GTO: 2-door hardtop, teal turquoise, black
interior. 360 HP tri-power, close ratio 4 speed,
3:90 posi. Sun tach mounted in instrument panel.
Delivered new to Twin City Pontiac, Champaign,
Illinois during January 1965. Sold in Downers
Grove, IL. on August 30, 1968. Would like to know
current whereabouts, condition and if available
for sale. Bill Atlee (520) 721-0770 or e-mail to
[email protected] (5/16)
‘65 GTO: 2 door coupe (post), Tri-Power, close ratio
4 speed, 3:90 rear end, Maize with black interior.
Sold new at Johnson’s Pontiac in Clinton, IA in June
1965, traded in to McEleney Motors, Clinton, IA
while I was in boot camp in November 1966. Would
like to know current condition, whereabouts and if
it is available for sale. [email protected] (03/16)
‘67 GTO Convertible: VIN# 242677Z119781 Tyrol Blue, white top and parchment interior. I am
curious if the car may have survived. The car was
ordered in February, ‘67 from Bill Stuart Pontiac
in Los Gatos, CA. The car was purchased for Drag
Racing to run C/SA at the time (wanted to stay away
from B/SA). Base 335 HP, automatic, soft ray glass,
heater-deletion, ride & handling, ignition capacitor
and saf-T-track. Really stripped for a convertible.
Raced in N. California from’67 to ‘72. Just interested
if for sale. Dave Sliper, Placerville, CA. [email protected] or (530) 306-1551. (05/16)
‘67 Firebird: 400 Ram Air with power steering and
brakes, power windows, tilt wheel, fold-down back
seat, custom candy raspberry paint and custom
black and burgundy interior. 223377U163563.
Last seen and titled in Richmond, VA in 1992. Lark
Barker (804) 304-5505 (04/16)
‘68 GTO: I am the original owner of VIN#
242378P303351, purchased at Underwood
Chevrolet-Pontiac in Clinton, MI. The delivery date
was 6-20-68. I recently found the original Owner
Identification and New Vehicle Warranty document.
I traded it to a dealer in the Detroit area for a ‘65
Corvette, probably in late ‘68 or early ‘69. If this GTO
is still in existence, the person who has it would
probably like to have this document. I’d like to help
them out but I have no idea as to who that may be,
if anyone? If any info is known please contact me at
[email protected] (03/16)
‘68 LeMans w/Sprint Pkg: Purchased new in
Aug ‘68 from Escue Pontiac, Covington, KY; 2 door
hardtop coupe. Black vinyl top & interior, red
paint, OHC 6 with 4-bbl & 3 spd Hurst shift, HD
suspension, VIN# 237378P601680. Traded in ‘73
w/34K miles. I can’t imagine it stacked in a recycle
yard. Steve Gaible (513) 683-8845; [email protected]
com (07/16)
‘69 GTO: Original owner searching for 1969 GTO I
special ordered through ‘K Pontiac’ in Poughkeepsie,
NY, in early Spring and took delivery late May 1969.
Do not have the VIN#. Car was Espresso Brown
with Saddle interior. Some options were 4 speed,
console, rally gauges, Safe-T-trac, 3.55 rear, AM
radio, power rear antenna, rear speaker, hideaways,
ps, pb, Rally II wheels, base engine, etc. Looking to
buy back if for sale or just know what became of
it. Can provide current owner with early history of
car. Any info appreciated. Contact Joe at (845) 4643022 or e-mail [email protected] (02/16)
‘70 GTO: Looking for my old car. VIN#
242370P249231. Red w/red interior and white
vinyl top. 455 4-spd. I sold it in 1981 to a young
man from Edison, N.J. I would like to find out where
the car is even if it’s not for sale. Mike [email protected] or (973) 265-4752. (5/16)
‘70 Trans Am: Looking for the original WS Code
Ram Air III Block/Engine, and M20 4-speed
transmission from my ‘70 Trans Am. VIN# on block/
trans will be 20N1xx341. The engine and trans were
separated from the car in the Jackson, Michigan
area in the ‘80s or early ‘90s. Contact Keith at (313)
805-4250 or [email protected] (03/16)
‘80 Espirt Yellow Bird: Would like to contact
anyone in the Detroit area who may have known
the original owner. Delivering dealership was Jim
Causley in Detroit and was sold on October 30,
1979 to Addressing Machine Co. located on 945 E.
10 Mile Madison Hgts., MI 48071. I have found out
that a Sandy Lucas drove the car may have been
the owner’s wife and she also belonged to the
Detroit Golf Club. Her first name was hand painted
on the driver and passenger doors. There is some
evidence that the car may have been serviced by
L&M Service of Grosse Pointe Woods (no longer in
service). I also have the name of the person who
was in sales and service at the dealership, his name
is Wes Wiertel, who moved to Florida and died
May 2001 - his wife’s name is Elizabeth. There is a
unique feature on this car--after market air-horns
were installed. This car has no T-Top and 4 bbl301 C,.I. I bought the car from the second owner
who I have known since the 2nd Grade. Currently
the car has 36,000 miles on it and is basically still
original. If anyone can assist me, please contact me
at or (269) 375-3669 (06/16)
Brake Booster Rebuild: ‘64 - ‘90, $125,
‘59 - ‘63, $145, rebuild yours or exchange,
plating available. Call “Booster Dewey” www., 4335 SE 63rd Ave,
Portland, OR 97206 (503) 238-8882 (12/15)
’64-’67 GTOs: ‘60-’66 Full-Sized Pontiacs. This
kit is unlike others -will not bubble, crack, peel and
completely finished. Prices start at $109. ‘63-’64
Bonnevilles. The Wood Dashery (Daniel Pisarcik) 33
Birch St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702. (570) 823-8983 (PA)
‘68 Pontiac Grand Prix Registry: Creating a
registry of ‘68 Pontiac Grand Prixs that came from
the factory with the 428 engine and a 4- speed
manual transmission (“4-on-the-floor”). Pontiac
documentation indicates there were only 195 of
these cars produced. I have one and am wondering
how many others have survived. Please contact
me by phone, email or US Postal Service. All who
provide information will be given copies of the
responses. However, if you provide information and
ask that your contact information not be shared
further, I will of course honor that request and your
car informa- tion will be listed without your name
and contact information. Please contact me at:
(770) 399- 0694; or [email protected]; or Alan
Ziglin 5300 Cedar Chase, Dunwoody, GA 30338.
Thanks! (10/16E)
Appraisals: Professional appraisals from an
unbiased expert with over 30 years experience
in the collector car hobby. Based in CT, will travel,
reasonable rates with full writeup and market
analysis. (12/16E)
Attention ‘38-’58 U.S. and Canadian
Built Pontiac Sedan Delivery Owners and
Enthusiasts: there is a non-regional specialty
chapter that you should join: the Pontiac
Commercial and Professional Vehicle (PCPV)
Chapter. The PCPV Chapter is devoted to the truly
unique Pontiacs: sedan deliveries, hearses and
ambulances, limos, taxi, fire and police cars, station
wagons, Trans Sport, Montana, Aztek, Vibe, and
Torrent. For further information, contact Paul
Bergstrom, 1165 County Road 83, Independence,
MN 55359. (763) 479-2248 E- mail: [email protected] (MN) (O6/16E)
Carburetors Rebuilt: 30 years, Carter, Rochester,
2-bbl $85.00, 4-bbl $160.00 and up. Best quality
kits, new floats, and filter, restored and recolored.
Robert Campbell (248) 310-8740 (MI) (09/16E)
Distributer’s by Larry Rowe: 26 years of experience. Get your Pontiac points, HEI, MSD, or
Pertonix recurved by Larry. I also have Pontiac
HEIs in stock for $150. Call evenings 7-9 pm EST
(301) 7398320. Larry Rowe 10305 Mar Rock Drive
Hagerstown, MD. 21740 (01/16E)
Excello Machine & Welding Works Inc: Since
1921. Specialists in welding cast iron. Repairs on
gear teeth, castings, manifolds, worn surfaces &
cracked housings. No job too small or too big. You’re
not stuck! (973) 341-1673 (NJ) (08/16E)
Hood Hinge Restoration: Restore your hood
hinges to original condition by rebuilding your
sloppy worn-out hinges. Rebore rivet holes round
and assemble with new OEM type rivets. Finish
to your specs. Rowland Hall, 1901 Jackson Street,
Burbank, CA 91504. (818) 845-3574. Fax: (818)
845-2012 (CA) (01/16E)
Hurst SSJ Grand Prix Registry: Now is the
time to find out how many of these special Grand
Prixs really exist! They can be registered online at You can even email owners to
ask questions. If you do not have internet access,
you can mail your info & pictures to HOCO; 8080
Crowse-Willison Rd; Johnstown, OH 43031. Attn:
Mark. (03/16E)
Heat Controller: I will repair your ‘65-’66 dash
heat control for $150, includes return shipping. Don
Monroe (253) 566-8488 (03/16E)
Interior and Soft Trim Restoration: Complete
handcrafted interiors. Early convertible tops
made to your car. Hair stuffed tufting. Seat spring
repair. Late model kits installed. Owner has 25
years experience. Gary A. Martin. Goldfield Trim &
Upholstery. (785) 906-0125. Des Moines, IA. www. (07/16E)
Media Blasting: Mobile service for paint and rust
removal. We cover western PA and the tri-state area.
Medias we can use include baking soda, potassium,
crushed glass, black beauty and sand. Call for estimate.
G & S Enterprises (412) 861- 1571 (01/16E)
MEL’S Leather and Horsehair: Black and Most
Colors $3.75 sq. ft. PO Box 179, Jeromesville, OH
44840 (419) 368-3226 (02/16E)
National Firebird and T/A Club: For all year
Firebirds and Trans Ams including the Formula, GTA
and Firehawk. Offers color magazines, technical
advice, e-magazines, free classified ads that appear
in the member magazine, club website, message
board, Facebook and Twitter. Established 1984. $35
Annually, $45 outside USA, $25 e-membership.
NFTAC, Box 11238, Chicago, IL 60611 USA, (773)
769-7166, [email protected], www. (07/16E)
OHC Pontiac Registry For ‘66-’69 OHC-6;
Tempest, LeMans, and Firebird. Register your car
and help us establish a current owners list for the
exchange of information. Copies will be sent to
each registrant. Send SASE for registry form to:
James Black, 307 Summerset Dr, Papillion, NE.
68133. (402) 597-8625. (NE) (01/16E)
Pontiac 2+2 Registry: Dedicated to the preservation of the history & lore of the 2+2. All 196467, 1986 & Canadian-built 2+2’s are welcome! Car
Registry, Discussion Forum, Photo/Video Gallery,
Articles. Visit, or
contact Jack Anderson at (302) 353-0244. (10/16E) offers complete restoration services on 1961-1968 full size Pontiacs. Four
speed conversions, mechanical, electrical, glass,
interior and paint/body work. Located just south of
Minneapolis, mechanical, electrical, glass, interior
and paint/body work. We also have excellent core
cars to choose from. Contact Les (651) 280- 9681 or (05/16E)
Pontiac Restoration Services: $45 per hour
labor rate on restoration at Gunner’s Great Garage.
This shop opened by Pontiac historian and book
author John “Gunner” Gunnell operates on low
overhead. Restorations are $45 per hour plus
parts. Call: (715) 281-5925. Also Pontiac books, gifts
and appraisals. Gunner’s Great Garage, Manawa, WI.
Radio Repair Restorations & Sales: Expert
service & rapid turn-around on American-made
tube & transistorized car radios 1932-1982.
Bench testing & estimates available. Speaker reconing with your radio job. Original restorations.
No digital or CD’s, Barry Dalton - Antique Radio
Doctor, 1489 Rogue River Hwy, Grants Pass,
OR 97527 (541) 474 2524 Pacific time; Email:
[email protected] (02/16E)
Radio Repairs: Have been in business of repairing car radios since 1950. Still have several
restored car radios for sale in stock. Guy Filippelli
(847) 451-0787 (IL). (01/16E)
Repairs on Everything: From baby carriages to
locomotives, give us your breaks, broken in two,
missing sections, worn out, gear teeth, manifolds.
If you’ve got a problem, we’ll make it right. I weld
cast iron in all shapes and forms. We’re the home
of quality and integrity for 89 years, Remember,
the impossible takes a little longer. Excello Means
Business, specializing in cast iron welding, acetylene preheat and normalization work. Dennis
Bazaz, ship to 260-262 10th Ave, Paterson, NJ
07524 (973) 523-5852. (06/16E)
Restorations, Premium Quality: Premium
quality restoration services for all High Performance
and Classic Pontiacs from the 1950s-70s. We
specialize in frame-off concours and originality
based OEM certified restorations for full size,
GTO and Firebird. State of the Art professional
workshop located near beautiful Newport RI,
Contact Michael Mancini. Tel. (508) 932-1349
[email protected] (04/16E)
Speedometer Error Correction: For mechanical
cable-driven speedometers. All I need to build a
ratio adapter is your speedometer shown speed
at a known actual speed. You install the adapter
between your transmission outlet and your
speedometer cable in two minutes. (I don’t need
to know how you got into this predicament,
such as new transmission, axle ratio or tire size)
Call Ron anytime (727) 410 6352 (FL). Rowand
Speedometer Co, Clearwater. www speedcorrect.
Literature For Sale
Stainless Steel & Aluminum Trim Restoration:
Also, specializing in Custom Chrome Plating.
Diecast restoration specialists. Dents and
smashes pick and filed straight. All pieces
completely resurfaced followed by a four step
polishing procedure to ensure top show quality
results. (SG) (800) 403- 4545, The Finishing Touch,
Inc., (IL) (01/09E)
Steering Wheel Recasting and Restoration:
To concours quality, transparent and all colors,
fast turn around time, Lifetime Warranty. Pontiac
molds from ‘37-’68, Quality Restorations Inc.
(858) 271-7374. Visit our website at (09/16E)
Steering Wheel Restoration: Recasting and
hand finished, custom colors, clear, tinted clear,
pearls, metallics and marbles. Also small plastic
parts to match. See us at Charlotte and Hershey.
D&D Automobilia, North Carolina. (704) 748-3447;
[email protected] (09/16E)
Tri-Power Restoration: All years ‘57-’66, 25 years
experience can repair your unit. Also can build stock
or modified unit to your specifications. Jon Havens (314)
838-5533 (MO) [email protected] (10/16E)
- Mail to: Smoke Signals
Editor, 205 N. Mill St.,
Pontiac, IL 61764
- Email: [email protected]
‘72 Pontiac: Dealers Album - 1 sales manual
complete, 1 colors & Interior manual complete plus
1 partial, $350 for all three. Kent Forshee (785)
531-9389 (KS) (12/16)
‘57 Bonneville Authenticity and Restoration
Manual: New printing! The only source of history,
technical details, accounting of surviving cars,
and answers in one publication. 184 pages of
facts, figures, and illustrations based on review
of original cars, documentation, and inputs from
Pontiac employees. Still only $31.50 including
postage. To order contact [email protected]
Firehawk Book: Firehawk, Fiercest of the Firebirds
is the complete story on SLP’s creation. All years
described in detail with production breakdowns from
1992 through 2008 including the G8 version. Loads
of new photos, Hardcover, 220 pages in full color,
$69.99 incl shipping, (2/16)
Literature for Sale: Sales brochures from 1954
thru 1999. Please email your want list. Chris Roan,
(901) 678-5504; [email protected] (TN) (12/15)
Literature for Sale: ‘86 2+2 production
information manual; all models shown, upholstery,
paint chip interior color combos, accessories and
options. Sales and service bulletins in a brown
leather binder plus 2+2 literature. $75 plus shipping. Previous 2+2 owner. Dale Mussman, (563)
243-4932 (IA) (12/15)
Literature for Sale: Smoke Signals from August
1983 to present (missing 6/88 and 4/93), $400;
High Performance Pontiac from February 1992
to present (missing 10/93, 8/95, 6/10 and 8/10),
$300; Hot Rod Magazine from 12/95 to 11/97, and
12/05 to 2/13, $100. Dale Mueth (618) 939- 3015.
E-mail: [email protected] (12/15)
Pontiac Dealer Items: ‘70 Dealer Album, $350;
‘60 Dealer Album, $250; ‘63 Dealer Album, with
special equipment Super Duty catalog, $450;
Chief Pontiac print, original - $650; ‘58-’74 Promo
cars. Nick (734) 783-5643 or email [email protected] (12/15)
Pontiac Dealer Items: ‘58 Complete Dealer
album, $325; ‘60 Master parts catalog with binder
$175; ‘60s Pontiac Sales Training Kit- Putting
Yourself in Business, $100; ‘60s Pontiac Used Car
Conditioning Training Film Kit, $65; ‘61, ‘62, ‘64
Pontiac Sales Training Film and Record set- 24
different with case, $325, ‘70 Pontiac Lighting
Poster, $75; ‘72 Pontiac Fleet Buyers Guide, $50;
‘74 Colors and Interiors album, $75; ‘80s Pontiac
3 x 6 foot flag, $100; ‘86 Pontiac Press Kit, $35;
‘89 SALE Salesperson Product Guide, $35; ‘90
Salesperson Product Guide, $35; ‘90 Pontiac
showroom banner, $75; ‘93 Product Information
Guide, $35. Greg, (440) 254-4642; [email protected] (12/15)
Pontiac Hood Ornament Book: Second Edition.
Original 75-page book has been increased to 158
pages. 450 photos of ornamental radiator caps/
hood ornaments, emblems and cars. Detail photos
of every Pontiac mascot. Mascots mounted on cars.
14 Pontiac mascot patents. Price guide, fabrication &
authenticity. $52.10 including shipping in the U.S. AND
Canada. Walt Harris, 3454 Oakway Drive, Toledo, OH
43614. (419) 7 8 7 -2409; [email protected]
com (01/16E)
Pontiac Literature: ‘36 Sales, $40, ‘36 10-Minute
Ride, $40; Users Guide, $40; ‘39 Salesman
Presentation Album, $200; ‘40 Comparison Folder,
$10; ‘40 Dual Carb Reprint, $5; ‘46 Supplement
to ‘41-’42 Shop Manual, $20; ‘47 Sales Folder,
$20; ‘48 Hydramatic Shop Manual, $40; ‘50 Shop
Manual, $45; ‘50 Hydramatic Supplement; $15,
‘52, Salesman Presentation Album, $275; ‘55 Shop
Manual, $45; ‘55 Salesmans Facts Book, $75. All
prices include postage and insurance. Don Barlup
(717) 582-3209; [email protected] (PA)
Pontiac Literature: 1937-1938 Pontiac shop
manual $35; 1939 Pontiac Shop Manual $35; 1940
Pontiac Shop Manual $35. All three for $100. These
are original printings in good condition for their
age. Some spine wear and folded corners. They
are small format measuring 5.5”x8”. Prices include
standard 1st class US Postal Service. Rocco (201) 2251376 or email, [email protected] (12/16)
Pontiac/General Motors: Shop, owners, sales
literature, service bulletins from 1955-2000. Send
me a list of what you want, I will answer all. Rod
Brockman, 24862 Ridge, Elwood, IL 60421 (815) 4783633 (IL)(12/15E)
Smoke Signals: 20 issues of Smoke Signals from
June 2005 to June 2015. $20.00. One 2001 Firebird
dealer brochure $10.00. Thanks. Jerry Pawelek,
(630) 697-4755 or [email protected] (12/15)
Literature Wanted
‘36 Pontiac: Copies or originals of the Pontiac
Dealer Service Bulletins issued from Oct. 1, 1935
to December 31, 1936. Bob Shafto, 207-878-8933;
[email protected] (12/15)
‘65 Pontiac: Need long book binder for 1965
Pontiac showroom colors & interior album. Need
book binder for 1965 Pontiac showroom album
that covers models with options and accessory
sheets with paint dividers. Paul Accarpio, email:
[email protected]; (860) 966-3891 (03/16E)
GTO Poster: The Northern California GTO Club is
excited to offer a new 24” x 36” GTO Poster. This one
of a kind poster beautifully displays front and rear
angle shots of every model year of the Pontiac GTO
in two columns below the famous 6.5 Litre GTO
emblem. A great gift for the GTO Enthusiast! FREE
Shipping! Special 50th Anniversary price of $14.95
online at (05/13E)
Chief Pontiac: Dealer promotional painting, done
by Farnsworth, excellent condition, hard to find
a nicer one. 35” x 50” overall. As found, awesome
piece. $1,300. Buyer handles shipping or picks up
in Iowa. Dave Inmann, (712) 732-3372 (IA) (2/16)
Coffee Cups and Mouse Pad Pictures: Your
favorite pictures on two different size coffee cups, 11
oz or l5oz and two different size mouse pads, approx.
7” x 8” & 8” x 9”, both are 1/4” thick. Smaller cup &
mousepad, $11.95 each, larger cup and mousepad,
$13.95 each. Plus shipping. Up to 3 pictures on each
for this price. Make great presents.,
4928 Northcrest Street, Claremont, NC 28610. Rex at
(828) 241-4947. www.tigermadness .com. (06/16E)
Memorabilia For Sale
Authentic Model Paints & Resin Kits: Many
hand cast Pontiac models from the ‘50s & ‘60s.
Also, factory original colors for thousands of models.
Send $2 & large SASE for catalog. Web site: www.; MCW Automotive
Finishes, PO Box 0518, Burlington, NC 27216. (336)
228-0240 (01/16E)
Bring your Pontiac into the living room!
Personalized & hand-drawn illustrations of your
pride & joy. $200 for 11” x 17” illustration suitable
for framing. Please visit for more
info & to see examples of my work. Scott Robinson,
Tipton, IN; email: [email protected]; (317) 8748751. (02/16E)
Computer Mouse Pads: This Pontiac mouse
pad is professionally manufactured; the cloth
top is vulcanized to an open cell natural rubber
base; won’t slide easily; printing is screenprinted;
measures 8-1/2”x7-l/2”xl/4” thick. $10/ea, mailing
$4. Nina Belk, 616 College Ave, Culver, IN 46511;
(574) 767-0182.; E-mail: [email protected]
(IN) (04/16E)
Custom Showboards: for your Classic Vehicles. I
design & produce these using your digital photos
and data. 18” x 24” x 3/16”. Gloss Laminate.
Weather resistant. Versatile VELCRO attachments
to easels. Email me the data and photos you want
on the showboard. Digital photo files must be high
resolution. I will send you a layout for your review
and comments. Upon your approval & payment I will
produce the showboard and deliver it to you. Prices
start at $120.00 + tax & shipping. George Disque.
Contact me for more info. [email protected], (413) 221-6450 (MA) (11/16E)
“Factory Engineered Parts” Porcelain Pontiac
Dealership Sign: Limited-Edit. exact repro
licensed by GM, 20-in. diameter, $150 Terry Kriss,
203 AA University Dr., Lemont Furnace, PA 15456.
(724) 628-2905; [email protected] (03/16E)
Fender Covers: Dark blue border and Pontiac name.
Indian and arrow head logos in red on white background,
length 34 1/2”, width 24 1/2”, tool tray 5 1/8” wide.
Logo panel, 13 1/2 “ wide, including borders. $25, PPD.
Hoosier Pontiac- Oakland Club. Bill Harris, 7836 N. Gray
Rd., Mooresville, IN 46158 (317) 839-1656 (IN) (01/16E)
Indian Head 16x24 Solid Wood: All hand
carved. Three different types of wood made by
POCI member. Beautifully detailed. Picture doesn’t
do justice. Great gift for the Pontiac enthusiast.
$110 plus S&H. Call Cathy, (360) 452-4083, or
e-mail: [email protected] As each plaque
is individually made please allow two weeks for
delivery. (03/16E)
Now on DVD: Complete set of all 15 Jam Handy
59 Pontiac salesman training film strips and
records now converted to DVD video. They can
be played on your TV or computer (DVD+R format). Running time is approximately 3.5 hours.
Also included is a separate CD with copies of most
of the training materials that were given to the
salesman to educate them about the car’s features
and help persuade the customer to purchase a new
‘59 Pontiac! I just finished converting them to the
modern DVD format so everyone can enjoy them.
The quality of these DVDs, although made with a
modern digital video camera, is not up the standards
of a Hollywood movie. The price for the complete
two DVD set and CD containing the written training
materials is now $49.95. Shipping is free within the
United States. Please add $19.95 for priority mail to
Canada and $27.95 for International Priority Mail to
anywhere else. Payment can be mailed to the address
below or you can pay by PayPal. For payee, enter my
email address which is [email protected] and
be sure to add your shipping address in the comments
section. Donald Weston, 635 Sunfish Way, Port
Hueneme, CA 93041. Also please be sure to provide
your email address so I can send you a confirmation
and mail tracking number. (1/16E)
GTO Tri-Power Patch: Custom designed. This
Patch Measures 4” tall by 5 1/2” in width. $12.00
free shipping via PayPal. Contact; [email protected] (04/16E)
Pontiac Records: Judge- Paul Revere & Raiders$350 & $250; Billy Got a Goat-$75; GeeTo Tiger
Prowl- red label-$100; Li’l GTO- Daytonas-$15$60; Pontiac Theme-$35-$50; Little GTOBrunettes-12”-45-one side-$50; GeeTo Tiger & Big
Sounds-$50-$75; Li’l GTO- Mountbattens- 10”-45$50; WKNR oldies album- ‘65 Hurst GTO -$75. More.
Mike Swerbinsky (440) 585-1590. (08/16E)
All shown are 12” diameter. Hand cut and ground in
old world craftsmanship. Prices start at $129 plus
$20 Priority Shipping. Be a proud Pontiac owner.
More colors and designs. Call Rich Kroon at (773)
597-7714 or email [email protected] for more
details. Paypal accepted.(11/16E)
Nostalgic Neon Clocks: 20-inch neon, metal
band, glass face, electric movement, GTO, Judge,
Pontiac Service, Trans Am, other logos available,
$210. (724) 628-2905 Terry Kriss, (PA). (04/16E)
Pontiac Fans! Get your handmade sterling silver
and copper mini license plate hat or lapel pin.
Choose from a model in ad photo or personalize
one. Measurements 1 1/4” x 3/4”. Perfect gift for the
Pontiac lover who has everything! $30, shipping
$5. Email [email protected] or call (618)
284-3465. (05/16E)
Authentic Pontiac Indian Prints: Original
colorful Indian prints produced by Pontiac Motor
Division in the 1950s and ‘60s. These were a
promotion through the service department. We
have 18 different prints available depicting Indian
life in North America. They measure 12”x18” suitable
for framing. $12 each plus shipping. Ask about our
Indian Prints book. Pontiac-Oakland Museum (815)
842-2345 (IL) (03/16)
Pontiac Profiles: Now available, 13” x 19” color
prints of the Smoke Signals’ Pontiac Profiles. Only
profiles that have been published in the magazine
are available. Printed on 100 lb. Strathmore card
stock, these informative prints are suitable for
gift-giving, car show display or man-cave hanging.
$20 ea. + $8 shipping. Use Paypal ([email protected] or send check or money
order to: White House Graphics, 1858 Millville Rd.,
Lapeer, MI 48446. (06/16E)
Pontiac Stained Glass Suncatchers: Great gifts.
Pontiac License Plates: A perfect gift idea (for
yourself or other Pontiac friends!) Pontiac License
Plate, black embossed aluminum metal sign, size
6” x 12”, plastic shrink wrapped and pre-drilled
holes. $10.00 each including shipping (to US
address). Multiple quantities, shipping outside
US, inquire - call (763) 479-2248 or email [email protected] Check or money order, payable
to Ian Bergstrom, mail to 1165 County Road 83,
Maple Plain, MN 55359. (06/16E)
Original Pontiac Post Cards: 1969 LeMans
convertible, Firebird 400 convertible, 1970 GTO
convertible, Firebird Formula 400, Firebird Esprit. 1971
GTO, T-37, Bonneville Hardtop, Firebird Formula, LeMans
Station Wagon. 1972 GTO, 1974 GTO, $5 each plus $1
shipping, no extra shipping for quantities. PontiacOakland Museum (815) 842-2345 (IL) (03/16)
GRAND AM Dealership Sign: 36” x 50” lighted
$350.00 OBO. Original 1973 Grand Am dealership
poster 40” x 60” $200.00 OBO. Nick Mcinchak (734)
783-5643; [email protected] (12/15)
1983 Trans Am Showroom Poster: This is a poster
I had at my dealership in the early 1980s. I have now
had it mounted on poster board, but not trimmed to
the 48” x 18” poster size. There is some checking(?)
as the poster was stored rolled up for quite a while.
Price is $75 OBO and FOB Las Cruces, NM. (Dealership
yardstick not included.) Gerson Goldberg, [email protected]
com, (575) 521-9116. (12/15)
‘38 Pontiac All-Weather 4-door Convertible:
A very rare and spectacular auto! It is believed
that only 38 were built; few have survived. This
is a ground up, rotisserie restoration in true #1
condition. No effort spared to duplicate original
with custom factory color option, less than 200
test miles, ready to tour or show; Health forces sale.
Asking $49,500 Jan Edwards Call (360) 427-7071 or
(360) 427 2522 (OR) (12/15)
‘35 Pontiac Series 605: 8 cylinder, 2-door coupe.
Car History - Restored in the 70s. Won a Senior 1st
in 1977. Pictured in Crestline Pub. and Automobile
Quarterly. Recent work - new gas tank, radiator,
fuel pump, water pump, carburetor, all tires &
tubes. Asking price $23,900. Vaughn Skoog (610)
367-0554 (PA) (12/15)
‘39 Pontiac 4-Door: Style # 39-2619, Body # 9350.
Second owner, 27,500 original miles. Engine last
turned and started 5 years ago. All chrome parts
re-plated, new weather stripping. Extra radiator,
gas tank, left rear fender, ignition coil. Needs rewiring. $6,000 Call Eugene Ziegler (412) 751-2305
or E-mail [email protected] (12/15)
‘48 Pontiac Silver Streak 2dr Sedan: Same
owner since 1995, nice paint and new int, nice
chrome, 79,xxx on straight 8 cyl, 3 speed. $14,950.
Can deliver, over 600 cars in stock. (618) 635-7056 (12/15)
‘49 Pontiac Silver Streak 2dr Coupe: Factory
sun visor, 100% original including paint & interior.
Very good condition, solid body, everything works.
New carb, water pump, exhaust, battery and tuneup. 6 cylinder, auto with clear title. $7,600, contact
Bob (815) 228-3177 (IL) (12/15)
‘51 Pontiac Convertible: Complete but needing
restoration. Many extra parts. $12,500. Call Bob
Donath (203) 265-2530 (CT) (12/15)
‘51 Pontiac Silver Streak: original 8 engine, 6
volt system. Interior, chrome, transmission redone.
All new glass, brakes, king pins and tie rods.
Standard transmission, nice driver. Trophy winner.
Have over $30,000 invested. No reasonable offer
refused. Have original service book and parts book.
Way too much to list. Call (607) 749-7488. Email;
[email protected] (12/15)
‘52 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina Hardtop: Rare
Model -Loaded With Options. The Good: 1st YearDual Range Hydromatic Transmission Light up Hood
Ornament, Leather Interior, Two Tone Paint, Master
Bumper Guards Front & Rear including All Corner
Wing Guards, Clock, Radio with 1st Year offered
Power Antenna!, Emergency Brake Warning Light,
Door Edge Guards,Original Flash Light Holder On
Steering Column, Under Seat Heater, Pontiac Script
Vanity Mirror, 2nd Vanity Mirror Non Script, Day/
Night Rearview Mirror, Back Up Lights, Complete
Windshield Washer System, Under Hood Reel Out
Service Light, Under Trunk Lid Light, Gas Door Guard,
Dual Action Fuel Pump. ENGINE RUNS SWEET ! Front
& Back Windshields (All Curved Glass is GOOD!)
The Front Fenders, Hood, Trunk Lid and Doors are
Very Good Condition. The Bad: There is Rust in the
Front & Rear Floor Boards and back edge of Trunk
Floor. Rocker Panels have Rust and are missing the
Moldings. The car is missing the Front Skirt Clips from
the body along with no Fender Skirts. Both Sides of
the Roof at the Drip Edge are Rusted Off and missing
the Stainless trim edge piece. The Flippers are still in
place for the hardtop windows to seal to. All Chrome
Parts look to need Plating. Flat Side Window Glass is
Broken. Web Site $2,850.
cell (315) 420-2669 Email- [email protected]
com (11/15)
‘52 Pontiac 2 dr. sedan: $2,000, Jack Johnson
(602) 576-6512 (CA) (12/15)
‘52 Chieftain 2dr Sedan: Good body, nice paint,
re-chromed bumpers, nice redone tuck and roll
interior, straight 8, automatic trans, runs good.
$11,950. Can deliver, over 600 cars in stock. (618)
635-7056 (11/15)
‘53 Pontiac Convertible: A complete barn find.
Restoration needed. $12,500. Call Bob Donath
(203) 265-2530 (CT) (12/15)
‘54 Star Chief 2dr Hardtop: Top of the line in ‘54.
Needs restoration. Solid and complete. $7,550.
Call Bob Donath (203) 265-2530 (CT) (12/15)
‘55 Chieftain 2dr Hardtop: Complete but
disassembled for restoration. Solid original. Many
extra parts. $ 6,900 Call Bob Donath (203) 2652530 (CT) (11/15)
‘55 Chieftain 2dr HT: New correct int, new
paint, 68,xxx miles, 287 ci, V-8, Hydramatic trans,
nice chrome, runs good. $18,550. Can deliver,
over 600 cars in stock. (618) 635-7056 www. (12/15)
‘57 Pontiac Safari: $20,000, Jack Johnson (602)
576-6512 (CA) (12/15)
‘59 Bonneville Convertible: Power top, Power
leather bucket seats, Power windows, Power
antenna, P/S, P/B, Air conditioning, Wonder bar
radio, Rebuilt 389/low miles, Tri power, Carpet
kit, Trunk kit, New white wall tires,New white top
with boot,New paint, New padded dash, New dual
exhaust 2 1/4” tubing, Dealer album,accessory price
list, show room brochure and owner guide included.
$69,500. Call Ivan (801)571-0842 h, (801)580-0511
cell or e-mail [email protected] (12/15)
‘60 Bonneville Convertible: 389, auto, rare
beauty- pride of the Woodward Ave Dream Cruise!
All original, 60K miles, Skymist Blue exterior, tritone blue interior, white top. PS, PB, PW. Currently
in storage. Asking $49,000. Betty Kessel, (248) 7700994 (MI) (12/15)
‘61 Pontiac Catalina: Two door sedan (model
2311). Original engine (E-3) professionally rebuilt
4-bbl. long branch exhaust headers, dual exhaust.
Body work also performed by a professional shop.
Bought for $15,0000 and spent $30,000 on upgrades.
Have receipts. PHS print out. Have 14” rims with dog
dish caps with mounting clips. $45,000. Robert E.
Tetzloff, Minneapolis, Mn. [email protected] (952) 525
-2216. (12/15)
‘63 Catalina Wagon: 3-speed Manual $3,000,
Jack Johnson (602) 576-6512 (CA) (12/15)
‘64 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible: Solid frame
and body, numbers matching 389-2V engine, auto trans,
rear end. This great car is waiting for someone to do the
restoration. Your body man will love this car, dent on
passenger door and rear driver’s quarter easily repaired
without replacement. Floors and pans in good condition,
2”x12” piece on driver’s floor and passenger side pinholes
need repair. PS, PB. Needs a complete interior. 30K on
odometer, probably 130K. PHS documentation. CA black
plate car. Clear title on inop. More pics upon request.
Garage stored for the last 15 years. $4500. E-mail only,
[email protected] (12/15)
was rebuilt at the same time, the engine was replaced
and now this transmission was just resealed. Rebuilt
Carter 4bbl, factory air, new GM big 6cyl compressor
and new Old Air Products inside unit for AC, Heat
& Defrost. Now blows very strong and 134a cold.
Exterior had one repaint, a very dry rust free California
car with 8-lug wheels. Interior is original and looks
brand new. Has PS, PB, PSeat, courtesy lights, tinted
glass and 15’ trunk trouble light, The dash has been
redone original, new brakes. Stock Radio has been
redone, looks stock but has FM and a rear port for a
player. Drivers fender mounted remote mirror was
with the car new, and a very, very rare matching right
side fender mounted mirror was found ($500.00) and
installed. New wide white tires. You will not find a
nicer car, drive to all shows, meets and cruise-ins. I am
only asking $14,500.00. Reply to Fred Gramcko, email;
[email protected] (12/15)
‘65 Catalina 2+2 Convertible: 421 HO TriPower, 376 HP (code WJ) engine with Four-Speed
transmission, console, dash tach, and tilt. Correct
original western car, 98% rust free, excellent trunk
and floors. Nice straight body, chrome, nice paint and
interior. Original manuals, protecto-plate and PHS
documents. Runs and drives well. $38,500 or trade,
could deliver, possible payments. Contact Paul Pence
(847) 823-0808 (12/15)
‘66 Grand Prix: Matching numbers, 389 4-barrel,
auto., buckets, console, 8-lugs. Martinque bronze,
gold interior. Little filler in lower quarters, few splits
in seats, older repaint shines. Re-chromed bumpers,
bezels, grills, some lower trim are N.O.S., stainless
steel brake & fuel lines. Gold clad plated brake booster,
new carpet & weatherstripping, clean undercarriage,
very detailed under hood, 117K orig. miles. I added 4
factory options, tach, vacuum gauge, am/fm reverb
and wood wheel. Bought from second owner in 1996.
Have build sheet and P.O.P. very solid, very nice, not
perfect, mechanic owned, number 1 condition selling
at $30K. Come see in person, $13,500 negotiable,
serious only. call Fred (413) 281-9441. (12/15)
‘66 Catalina 4 door hardtop: 400 ci 4 bbl HEI,
TH400, 150k. Runs good, straight body, little rust,
needs restoration. $2500. Call Ken Lohrfink at (410)
440-5616. (12/15)
‘66 Grand Prix: YF 389, 092, AFB, Turbo 400,
Mission Beige, Bronze Interior, 2:41 Safe-TTrack, Dual Exhaust, Long Branch Manifolds,
Rear Power Antenna, R-12 AC, 1962 Eight-Lugs,
Factory Gauges, Harry Samuel NOS Headliner,
Bucket Seats. 1996 frame off restoration. Owned
since 1989. Featured in the October 1999 issue of
HPP. $18,000 (314) 825-8753 or [email protected] (12/15)
‘66 Pontiac 2+2 Convertible: 421-4spd-TriPower, P.S., P.B., Factory Tach & Gauges, AM/FM,
Buckets/Console 8-Lugs Redline radials, Original
intake & carb w/2+2 carb tag included, PHS
Docs. it’s “REAL”. #’s matching original drivetrain.
RARE 4spd 2+2 convertible! Nut & Bolt
restoration. CA. car. $45,900 B/O Call Tom
(773) 758-9229 (12/15)
‘64 Pontiac Bonneville 4 Dr HT: 67 Pontiac
GTO 400 engine, 50K on engine. 4 Speed original
Hydramatic works and shifts great. Transmission
‘67 Tempest Custom HT: Original owner. Nearperfect black interior. All original. Near-perfect
chrome. Great-running 326 V-8 engine, tinted
windows, AM radio. Garage-kept, 123,000 miles.
Unrestored. Original owner’s manual, maintenance
schedule booklet, and sales receipts. Dearborn,
Michigan. $7,000. Call Tom Bernick (313) 582-4416.
‘67 GTO: YZ 400 H.O., hurst shifter/wheels,vinyl
top, gauge package,Safe-T-Trac (3.55), bucket
seats-drivers electric, A/C, power windows,
steering, brakes(frt. disc), remote trunk release,
reclining passenger seat, head rests, soft ray glass,
tilt steering wheel, dual dome lights. Engine built
2005-Richmond 5 Speed. Many more options,
restored in 2003, VIN242177P122928 Ph (307) 7341923 Mike Shidner, Email; [email protected]
$38,900.00 OBO (12/15)
‘67 Firebird: Original 400, Turbo 400 trans., red
with parchment interior. Options include fold
down rear seat, console, tilt, hood tach, and white
vinyl top. Original engine, space saver tire, PHS
documented, runs and drives excellent. Can email
additional photos. $18,800.00 OBO Nick( 734) 7835643 [email protected] (12/15)
‘68 Firebird Drag Car: very rare car one of the
13 carrosel red promo cars. Only three known to
still exist. This is a one owner with original title and
protect-to plate. Car is full race 9 second drag car
with an IA-II 541 cu. in. motor. Only the very best
parts are in this motor. Kauffman high port heads,
eagle forged steel crank, Isky red zone lifters, 55 mm
LSM roller cam,Gutzram large tunnel ram with twin
1050 dominators.MSD ignition w/ crank trigger and
ATI dampener. This is just a few of the special parts
in this motor. Call for more info on the rest of parts as
the list is extensive. Car has less than 20 passes since
completely freshend. I have over $25,000.00 in motor
alone. Add four wheel disc brakes 8.50 second chassis
certification until 2017. 400 turbo w/ 9 in 5500 stall
converter. Mark Williams 9 in. ford rear ladder bar
suspension w/ajustable. coil over shocks. Asking
$30,000.00 for this very rare very fast Bird. Contact Ed
Robbins (937) 964-1428 (12/15)
‘68 GTO: Street legal convertible, maroon with
custom ghost flames, black soft top, 433ci V-8 motor,
BDS racing blower and intake, Dual Holley 650
CFM 4-barrel carburetors, competition camshaft,
Headman exhaust headers, MSD ignition system,
Hurst Quarter stick floor shifter, flame thrower
coil pack, Hi torque starter, BeCool aluminum
radiator, front disc brakes, Firewall mounted brake
booster, 3-speed automatic transmission, Sun
Super tachometer, Sun Pro gauge pod, Flowmaster
stainless steel exhaust, 10-bolt rear end, vinyl seat,
roll bar, approx 1,500 mi since modification. Highest
quality caliber work, highly detailed, extremely well
finished. $25,000 Leave message (760) 743-3809
Thank You, Lynn Naftel (12/15)
‘69 Pontiac GTO Convertible: Judge Package,
complete frame-off restoration in 2007. Stripped
to bare metal, numerous prime coats, block
sanding for laser straight body contour. Rebuilt
400 with 4 speed manual shift, Edelbrock 4 barrel
carburetor, chrome valve covers, replacement of
A/C lines, alternator, radiator, spark plug wires,
distributor, clutch fan and A/C condenser. Only
3,000 miles on rebuilt engine. Replacement
of clutch pressure plate, Hurst OEM-type-4speed shifter. BF Goodrich Silver Town RadialsP/225/70R15s, Red Line sidewalls, factory center
red caps and trim rings. All receipts are in owner’s
possession! Asking Price $107,900. Call Frank
Moauro (519) 990-2732 (12/15)
‘69 Grand Prix: Factory 3-speed, non-A/C car,
with 400 engine. Power brakes, steering and
windows. Restoration needs completed, suspension
done. Many new and good used extra parts. PHS
documentation. $1,800 call Harry Gorman (215)
855-0377 or (267) 664-4214. (12/15)
‘71 Firebird: Numbers matching drive train, XR
code block, new brake shoes and drums rear, new
pads and rotors front, new steering gear box and
power steering unit, new plugs/points/wires, 1411
Edelbrock electric choke carb, Edelbrock performer
manifold, Edelbrock signature series valve covers,
Flowmaster mufflers, KYB gas adjust shocks, new
BF Goodrich radial TA’s, air conditioning system
capable of working, needs new hoses before
recharged, transmission rebuild. This car is basically
original as I keep all my cars. 104K miles on original
engine - 350 cu. - have original intake manifold and
carburation. Offered at average retail of $15,000.
(303) 255- 1368; [email protected] - call or email
for more information/photos. (12/15)
‘71 GTO Judge: (YE) 455 engine, auto trans, PHS
documented. Production run of 357 Judge coupes,
1 of as few of 6 with Aztec Gold paint. Black interior,
well equipped. Asking $75,000 “or best offer, or
partial trade for ‘64-’65 GTO”. Richard Erman (260)
495-9167 (IN) (12/18)
‘72 Luxury LeMans: Original 350 automatic,
needs heater core, A/C, P.S., P.B., white interior with
bucket seats, tilt wheel. Rally II wheels. Current
mileage is 90,511. $12,900. Jerry, call (816) 8208284. (12/15)
‘72 Hurst SSJ Grand Prix: Car runs good but
needs complete restoration. $10,000 OBO Call Mark
Olender (772) 539-1874 (12/15)
‘73 Formula Firebird: 400 race motor and tube
racing exhaust, B&M Hydro trans. A real headturner, $40,000. Contact David Strickland, Box
R110, CMR 30612, APO AE 09020 Germany; email
[email protected] (12/15)
‘74 Firebird Formula 400: 4 speed, Ram Air,
factory A/C, outstanding 43,000 original mile
car with 1 repaint in gorgeous Admiralty Blue,
beautiful 100% original blue vinyl interior, numbermatching drivetrain, PS, PB, PDL, honeycomb
wheels, side accent stripes, custom trim group,
27 factory options, long-term AZ/CA car, PHS
documented, stunning and rare car, $32,000. Tom
Rubinate (480) 390-9058, [email protected]
‘75 Grand Prix LJ: 400, 4 BBL, Automatic, 82,000
original miles, 2 tone silver paint with Landau Vinyl
top, Maroon cloth interior, NO RUST, very clean
Loaded- PS, PB, PW, PL, tilt, CC, Power drivers
seat, console, dual exhaust. Very solid car, asking
$8,000 OBO. Located Western Illinois, Matt Wynn
(309)756-0736, [email protected] (12/15)
‘75 Grandville Brougham Convertible:
Augusta Green with a white/saddle interior.
Options include a rare rear window defogger,
455, working 8 track, hidden CD changer, PHS
documented, fully loaded, 33,700 original miles,
pristine, $18,500. Contact Brigitte Sutherland
(575) 744-5292 in New Mexico. (12/15)
‘76 Grand Prix: Matching #s 455, TH400 auto,
motor & trans never been out of car, original
interior, last year for the 455, 109,000 mi, this is
a Western Montana car, new paint, $8500. Call
Harry @ (406) 273-6071 (MT) (11/15)
‘77 GP PICK-UP: Last registered 1990. Believed
to have been built by the same Hollywood company
that built Cadillac pick-ups for movie stars. 90 percent
rust free, great construction and professionally done.
400 Pontiac engine complete and I drove it several
years ago, 67k miles. Parked and stored inside for
years. Floorboards were rusted due to water leak
and removed. Have new panel. Not running. 10k or
trade for something that I can use. Contact Dwight
Crawford, Sanger, Texas (940) 600-2418 (12/15)
‘78 Bonneville 4-door Sedan: Medium green
exterior, green velour interior, 301 V-8, AT, A/C, Ps,
PB, 6-way power bench seat, electric rear window
defroster, AM-FM radio, have shop and diagnostic
manuals, original owner, $5,000/BO. Anthony
Santulli (201) 505-1237 (NJ) (12/15)
‘79 Grand Prix LJ: 301 V8 with automatic
transmission. I am second owner, 29 years
never driven in winter and has always been
parked in my heated garage. New tires two
years ago (628 miles), transmission rebuilt
three years ago (1,400 miles), the engine had
a complete tune-up three years ago (1,409
miles). Has power steering, power brakes,
cruise, A/C, power seats (driver & passenger),
AM/FM cassette radio and collector plates.
After 29 years in my garage it is time for me to
sell it for someone else to enjoy. $6,950 contact
Jack Phillips (651) 236-7373, (651) 464-1149,
email: [email protected] (12/15)
‘79 Firebird: One owner, 301 V8, T350 automatic,
A/C. Cragar wheels with Gorilla locks, rear window
deicer, AM/FM digital radio, electric trunk release,
intermittent wipers. Drives straight and handles
well. Vintage Red exterior and Oyster interior in
very good shape. No rust. $6500 OBO. Contact
Patricia at (417) 881-0748 or [email protected]
com. (12/15)
than 10,000 miles because was replaced by factory
at 45,000 miles, real good interior, good body.Price
$8,000 contact Faith Houle (304) 566-7634 (12/15)
‘86 Trans Am: 52,000 miles One Owner Mint
Condition Garage Stored Air Conditioning, T- Top,
Power Steering & Windows, New Tires, New Brakes,
New Rotors, New Battery, Cooling system flushed.
$12,000. Contact Bob Pruce at (724) 745-7842
‘87 Pontiac Fiero GT: 5 speed 6 cyl. 49,500 miles
sun roof silver color ,grey interior California car very
clean AC works great 500 watt radio call John (413)
297-1715 price is $6,500 (12/15)
‘88 FIERO GT: Less than 4K miles on total
restoration. 5-Speed, cold A/C, leather, nicest
one in captivity, $9950....Call or E-mail for more
pictures. ED (954) 695-2873 (FL) [email protected]
com (12/15)
‘88 Fiero Formula: The final and most desirable
year. 95.8K miles, 2nd owner, V-6, 5-speed Getrag/
Muncie manual, sun roof, A/C, spoiler, 8.7K miles
on rebuilt engine, newer “sports car” tires, taut
suspension, tilt wheel, cruise. A responsive joy to
drive. Stored winters. New cooling tubes. Adult
driven, original interior. Aftermarket radio and CD
player. Some extras included: original radio with
tape deck, all maintenance records, cover, Chilton
Repair Manual, etc. 27-year POCI member. $1,800/
OBO. Highly motivated seller. More details, photos
available. Let’s talk. Contact Jerry Cummings (608)
326-2342; e-mail [email protected]
(WI) (12/15)
‘88 Sunbird GT Turbo Convertible: Original
owners, wife’s car, mostly garaged, no rust, did not
drive it in bad weather. Car has 120, 000 miles, but
only 20, 000 miles on Jasper rebuilt engine. Runs
good, dependable and reliable. Red with a white
top, no tears in top. Very nice gray interior (not
leather), accessories include A/C, power door locks
and power windows. Asking $8,000 contact Bill or
Marcia Rowe (513) 515-0156 (OH) (12/15)
‘92 Formula Firebird Racecar: 496 Pontiac
IA2 Block, Eagle rotating assembly/Ross Pistons,
Wenzler/Kauffman custom cyl. heads, T&D rocker
shaft, Kauffman sheet metal Intake, Quick Fuels, SFi
Powerglide w/brake, Custom Headers, Moser 9”. Runs
mid 9’s at 145 MPH. This car is show quality and has
all power options in working order. $27,500 OBO call
Tom (484) 883-7169. [email protected] (12/15)
‘02 Bonneville SLE Sedan: 3800 Series II V-6;
4-Speed Automatic Black with Dark Pewter Leather,
Power Drivers Seats, Moonroof, 17” Chrome Plated
Aluminum Wheels, New Air Conditioner Compressor,
‘80 Pontiac Trans Am: Good body, nice slick paint,
same owner for years, nice redone interior, rebuilt
original engine, 68,xxx miles, ps, pb, runs and drives
good, v8, auto. $13,650.00. Can deliver. (618) 6357056, (12/15)
‘86 Fiero GT: 54,000 miles on body engine has less
Oakland/Pontiac Cars
& GMC Trucks Wanted
Battery, and Head Liner. All Maintenance
Receipts, Manuals, etc. included. 1 Owner Bought
in Florida. Garaged, 54,000 Miles Asking $12,200/
AUGUSTINE, FL. Questions? (904) 940-1025;
[email protected] (11/15)
‘02 Daytona Pace Car Grand Prix: This is one
of four REAL Pace Cars! $25,000 contact Jim Smith
(715) 529-0898 (WI) (12/15)
‘02 Trans Am: Loaded 36,000 original miles,
$21,900 (937) 510-0729 (12/15)
‘02 Trans Am WS-6: With 3,148 miles. Car is
loaded, 6speed and still smells new. I’ve owned it
three years and put 21 miles on it. Health is
forcing me to down size. $29,500 obo-talk to me!
(740) 886-5085- home, (304) 633-2706- cell. Or
email [email protected] (11/15)
‘07 Solstice: Showroom Condition- Garage Stored
One Owner 2,300 Miles. Collectors Car, $25,000.
Contact Bob Pruce at (724) 745-7842 (12/15)
WANTED: ‘57-’61 Bonneville Convertible: Any
condition, but mostly complete. Also would consider highly optioned parts cars. Paying Cash. (IL)
Frank Karabetsos (630) 330-8522 (/08/14p)
‘62 Grand Prix: No rust, looking for a nice clean
driver- originality not important. Longtime Pontiac
guy looking for a cruiser. George Pappas (630) 5618713 (IL) (01/16)
‘65 Catalina 2+2 Hardtop: Will consider all cars
depending on condition. Jeff Leask New Zealand. Contact
details Email: [email protected]; Home number+6432174636; Mobile- +64210685177 (12/15)
‘67-’68 Firebird Hardtop: Looking for a nice driver.
Must have a manual trans. Mike (414) 581- 8733 (2/16)
’69 B-Body 2 door HT: Any model, looking for
nice clean reliable drivable car without significant
rust or deterioration, an older restoration is
acceptable. Todd Moore (419) 589-6976 evenings
and weekends, email: [email protected]
‘77 Can Am: Any condition and any location
considered. What do you have? Email
[email protected] com. Or call or text to
(734) 673-9581 (12/15)
‘78 or ‘79 Trans Am SE: Black on black. Factory
A/C (working), PS,PB,PW, T-Tops (not leaking) and
posi rear. Needs to have had a frame-off restoration
or in #2+ condition, everything needs to work.
Contact Gary Wright (509) 994-8010 (12/15)
’66 or ’67 Lemans, OHC 6: Sprint package OK.
Manual trans preferred. Must be a high end, norust-ever, good condition, driver car. Restomod
with improvements for safety and drivability
okay. Doesn’t have to be a strict, pristine, “as sold”
restoration but will consider a restored car. Will travel
to examine. Send pictures and asking price to Jim
Aylesworth at [email protected] (12/15)
‘74 Pontiac Grand Am Coupe: #2 condition or
better. Equipment wanted: 7.4 litre, NACA hood
scoops, AC, PW, PL, P-Trunk. Factory installed
moonroof and power driver’s seat would be nice.
Call me at (416) 291-5054 or email me at [email protected] (12/15)
Oakland/Pontiac Cars &
GMC Parts For Sale
‘20 -’81 Pontiac, Oakland and GMC: Original
lit- erature, most near mint, ‘28-’77 GMC, $3-75; All
parts are NOS, dog dish hubcaps, 3 ‘55-’56; 5 ‘57- ‘64,
each ‘$75; ‘41-’47 blue dot tail lamp lens, $65/pair;
Engine parts: main and connecting rod bearings, 8,
‘33-’54, ‘35-’54 six cylinder, $85- $150/set; piston
sets, pin-fitted, 8 cylinder, ‘33- ‘35, semi-machined,
finish to bore size, ‘36-49, .040-inch over; ‘50-’54,
semi-machined, $250/set; six cylinder ‘37-’40,
.030-inch over and semi- machined, ‘41-’54, .040inch over and semi- machined, $195/set; engine
valves, ‘35-’36 six cylinder, 6 for $85; ‘55-’56 V-8,
‘57-’60, 8 for $95; AC dual fuel pumps, ‘37-’58,
$125; singles, 8 cylinder ‘34, $85; ‘56-’65 V-8, $65;
six cylinder ‘66- ‘69, $50; parking lamp assemblies,
‘61-’62 Tempest, PN899719, $110; ‘66 P8, $140 PN
911097; ‘70 P8, PN5962810, $140. All prices plus
shipping, James Lee (941) 776-2265 (FL) (04/16E)
‘20s-’90s Antique Auto Parts: 35-year collection, NOS ‘30-’90s, large inventory, complete
variety including engines, fenders, hoods,
bumpers, windshields, mechanical, electrical,
accessories, chrome, hood ornaments, lamps,
skirts, mats, literature, signs. Send needs, year,
body style, #, SASE, Joe Curtis, 8 East Mountain
Way, Asheville NC 28805 (828) 298-8304; [email protected] (NC) (09/16E)
‘26 -’31 Pontiac New Reproduction Parts: ‘26’27 king pins $105/set; 28-33 $65/set; Firewall
oil can & hold $22; ‘26-28 rear brake drums,
$175/ea., ‘29-’31 windshield riser rebuild kit
w/ exchange handle, shaft $195; ‘27-31 trunk &
rumble seat lid latches. For free catalog of many
other parts, call or e-mail Gary Wallace, 600
Susan Rd., St. Louis, MO63129, (314) 293-1991,
e-mail: [email protected] (05/16E)
‘28-’58 Fuel Pump Kits: These are recently
manufactured and compatible with todays gas.
I have sold hundreds and use them in my own
cars. They are top quality. Double actions kits are
$69.50 and single action kits are $47.50. $8 shipping. Directions included. Paypal, Mastercard
or Visa. Kurt Kelsey (641) 648-9086 [email protected] (10/16E)
‘29-’31 Pontiac: Unused Ring & Pinion. 99266
Pinion #. 53-12 ratio. Pinion length 9 1/2” Splines
4. $35. Dennis Klubertanz (715) 732- 4647 (12/15)
‘30 to ‘70 Pontiac Parts: lenses, Lamp
assemblies, lamp bezels and housings. Thousands
of parts for vehicles from the 30s to the 70s. We also
carry door handles, window cranks, speedometers,
guages, script and emblems. Please call Al at (805)
482 9792. Mail to P O Box 3179, Camarillo, (CA)
93011 email [email protected] (05/16E)
‘30s to ‘70s NOS Parts and Accessories: I started
buying dealer’s obsolete inventory and selling
parts in 1974 and still have a large inventory even
though I am out of power antennas and lighted
hood ornaments. Send me your year, style # and
a specific wants list and I’ll respond if I have your
part. Kurt Kelsey Antique Pontiac Parts 14083 P
Ave., Iowa Falls, IA 50126-8686 (641) 648-9086
[email protected] (06/16E)
‘31 Pontiac: Aluminum running board molding
(may fit other years/models, write for details).
New repro; you get two 5-foot sections. $100,
postage paid. Rick Hofmyer (563) 425 3325 Email
[email protected] (IA) (09/16E)
‘33 Pontiac: new Borg-Warner overdrive unit,
complete set-up for 1933. Never used, includes
wiring, switches, shortened drive shaft, front
section, pumpkin built by Lloyd Young, $1,000. Call
Bob Roughton (757) 641-6484 (VA) (12/16) ( There’s no
shoutin at Roughton)
’34-’70 Pontiac: Wheel cylinders, $40; ‘36-’57
master cylinder, $125; King pins, $45; E-brake
cables, $25; pivot pins, $45/pr.; tube shocks, $35/
pr; fuel pumps, $25-$45; ignition, headlight &
stoplight switches, $10; piston rings, $35, front
wheel bearings, $25; ‘39-59 idler arm $65; brake
shoes, $45;. Don Nowak (716) 824-2292. (NY)
‘39-’48 Pontiac Fuel Pump: Fits 6 cyl, also fits
‘39-’40 Model 28 8 cyl. Factory Rebuilt. AC Fuel
Pump #496. $75 plus $12.85 ship. B. Kendziorski
(989) 892-2652; [email protected] (12/15)
‘37-’60s Parts: ‘39-’40 rebuilt 6 cyl water pump,
$50; ‘37-’70 tie rod ends, $20; ‘42-’70 brake shoes,
the good kind, $45; ‘36 and up E-brake cables,
$25; tube shocks, $35/pr; front wheel bearings,
$25; drum seals, ingnition, headlight, stoplight
switches, “37-’57 wheel cylinders; ‘63 Tempest
NOS lower control arm, with ball joint, $65; ‘37- up
rebuilt carburetors, $125; ‘50s-’70s, fuel pumps,
$25-$45; ‘37 rebuilt starter, $125; ‘50s- ’60s
hubcaps, $65/set. Don Nowak, (716) 824- 2292,
(NY) (12/15)
‘39-’52 Pontiac: Excellent reproduction of the
GM 1512015 temperature sending unit. $48 & $7
postage Visa, Mastercard, Paypal Kurt Kelsey (641)
648-9086 [email protected] (10/13p) ‘40 GMC
100 Pickup: Front springs $100; front shocks with
arms $100; spare tire slide rail $200; brake cylinder
& pedal assy. $100; wiper motor, arm & cover over
controls $90; starter pedal $50; offers/all. Dale
(608) 214-9500 (WI) (06/16E)
‘40 Pontiac 627B Business Coupe: Original front
bench seat, $125: rear bumper, $250; glass parking
lap lens, $250; running boards, bare, $200/pair. Sue
Poe (937) 408-2807 (E12/15)
‘41 Pontiac Outside Window Trim: Fits model
2607/2807 Streamliner Coupe, needs polishing,
no dents or wrong bends; Front windshield, 2
halves -grp 10.093; rh 4131029, lh 4131030; Left
rear side window -grp 11.031; 4114144; Right rear
side window -grp 11.031; 4114143; Rear window
-grp 11.208; 4113805; Left front door window -grp
10.707; 4114135; Right front door window -grp
10.707; 4114136. $300 + shipping from Eastern
PA. Dick Stover [email protected] (11/15)
‘48 Pontiac 2 door Sedan: Bumpers with guards
$100 ea.; Front seat with seat tracks & chrome adj.
handle $150; Chrome around side windows $300
set; Chrome spears on front fenders & doors $200
set; chrome center windshield $100; glass except
rear $100; inside frames side windows $200 set;
glove box door $100; parking lenses NOS in boxes
$50 pair; Oil bath air cleaner $50; fan $25; water
pump/generator $100; outside door handles $25
ea. head light trim $50; Tail lamp housings $50:
rear ash tray $20; rear springs $100. Dale (608)
214-9500 (WI) (06/16E)
‘49-’52 Pontiac Parts: 2 complete rear ends, 2
heater cores, defrost core, vent cables set, hood
cable, 8 cyl water pump in box, heater fans and
duct work, heater/defrost controls and fan switch
panel, brake drums, wiring harness for reference, clock
parts, heater tubes, drive shaft yokes and U- Joints, and
more. All for $300. Call (308) 440- 7303 (11/15)
’49-’52 Dash Panels: Custom brushed aluminum
panels fit into the factory recess. They come with
the word “Pontiac” engraved over the center hole.
Mounting holes are pre-drilled & edges have been
smoothed. The 4 small holes accept 2 1/16” gauges.
The large holes 3 3/8” gauge. Gauges not included.
Money order or cashier’s check to: Danny Miller, 9528
Pershing Ave., Orangevale, CA, 95662. Free shipping.
(916) 847-8341. Money back guarantee. (09/16E)
‘53-54 Pontiac: 4 door NORS door edge guards.
$30 Dennis Klubertanz (715) 732-4647 (12/15)
switch, $40; ‘67 P8, GP ignition switch, $35; ‘71 all
400 2-barrel distributor, $75. Add 15% postage.
Bob Graves, (978) 463-0715 eves. (MA) (12/15)
‘55-’76 Boxed “Cage & Nut” Assembly: introduces it’s newest
reproduction part. This is the Cage and Nut Assembly
that your body bolts screw into. Most B body cars have
18 of these and are 7/16” NC thread. If your body bolt
either spins or breaks off, you have to dig this part out
and replace. You just can’t weld a nut in its place as this
part allows the movement of the nut to line the bolt
back up with the body. May fit other B body cars like
full size Chevys and more. US made! $7.95 each (both
pieces) shipped USPS Priority for $5.80 in the US only.
World-Wide at cost. Call at (651)
280-9681 to order. PayPal and all major credit cards
accepted (4/16E)
‘55-’59 GMC/Chevy 100 Pickup: Left rear fender
with spare opening $500; right rear fender (very
nice) $300; right rear fender (with little rust) $200;
box steps (running boards) for 8 ft box (both sides)
with step hanger brackets $90 each; box steps 6 ft
box left side with step hanger $90; right side without
step hanger bracket $50. Dale (608) 214-9500 (WI)
‘55-’56 GMC 100 Pickup: Hood $200. Dale (608)
214-9500 (WI) (06/16P)
‘55-’56-’57 Pontiac Parts: Two ‘55 287 cu. in.
engines and automatic transmissions (Engines will
turn and trans. are good.) Random trim moldings
for ‘55 and ‘56. Front clip for ‘56 Numerous other
‘55 and’56 parts. Complete set of ‘57 trim moldings.
Take all for $500 or best offer. Call Tim: (763) 7535384 (12/15)
‘56 experimental 2 x 4 intake: Not the correct
water neck or linkage. $800 firm plus shipping. Jim
Moffett. [email protected] (12/15)
‘56-’71 NOS Except as Noted: ‘56 AC manual,
used, $20; ‘63-’66 P8, ‘67 all except GP, headlight
‘57-’64 Fuel Tank Filler Neck “O” Ring: Our very
first reproduction item almost 7 years ago! This is
the “O” ring that goes over your filler neck on ‘57’64 big cars. A “must” when removing or changing
your fuel tank. Comes with detailed instructions. US
made from a superior material that resists gas, oil
and even holds up to ethanol! $6.85 each shipped
USPS Priority for $5.15 in the US only. World-Wide
at cost. Coming soon...molded ‘65-’68 fuel tank
sender “O” rings! Call at (651)
280-9681 to order. PayPal and all major credit cards
accepted. (4/16E)
‘57 Pontiac Exhaust Tips: CNC machine
reproduction in aluminum. $1,200 a pair. Chrome
where you have your chrome work done. Ed Kropa,
(319) 385-2119. E-mail [email protected] with TIPS in
subject line for details. (10/16E)
‘57 Pontiac: Front Lower Bumper Face Bar in
nice shape. Replated in the 90’s and a great
driver. Asking $125.00 shipping is extra. Call me
for more info. Will ship but pick-up is better. More
pictures available. Jim Humlong (810) 231-9676 (
[email protected]) (12/15)
‘58-’59 GMC 100 Pickup: ‘58-’59 GMC 100
Pickup: Hood $100; hood emblem $75; hood latch
panel with latch $50; head lamp assembles with
bezels $100; front bumper (painted) $100; bumper
brackets $40 pr.; left door step (new) $50; radiator
core support $100; inner fenders $100 pr. Dale,
(608) 214-9500 (WI) (01/16P)
‘58-’65 Bonneville, Catalina, Grand Prix, 2+2,
Ventura: Seat Upholstery, Door Panels, Headliners,
Trunk Kits and more. ‘61-64 NOS Carpets,’52-72 NOS
cloth,vinyl,headliner for all models. ’58-59 Trinidad
Carpets w/ silver threads.Seat Belts, Package Trays,
Convertible Tops and Boots. Harry Samuel, 18106
Dunblaine Ave., Beverly Hills, MI 48025-3110. Phone:
[248] 258-6269; samuelint[email protected] (07/16E)
‘58 Tri-Power: Restored with all of the vacuum
parts and also has progressive linkage. Can run
either way you want it. Comes with all of the vacuum
lines, carb tags and the big air cleaner. More pictures
available. $3,500+ shipping. Jon Havens, (314) 8385533, email [email protected] (11/15)
‘59-’63 Full Size: Power steering pressure hoses
for full size Pontiacs. These new hoses are exact
reproductions of the originals that I tooled up for
because I couldn’t find any originals for my own
restorations. Pressure Hose $85.00, Return Hose
with clamps $15.00 plus shipping. Martin Hirsch
(845) 753-5025 (04/16E)
‘59 Bonneville: Used trim and mechanical parts,
body trim, bumper ends, floorboards, emblems,
etc; ‘60 389 engine, block #053429, A1 code, will
sell whole or part out. Prices $20 and up Send
needs and SASE to Bob Heath, 2331 Otisco Valley
Rd., Marietta, NY 13110. (315) 636-8143 (11/15)
‘59 GMC: Hood with chrome & emblem, no rust.
Beige. $200, plus shipping if not local. Ralph
Wescott, (727) 430-3599 (FL) (12/15)
‘59 to ‘65: NOS AC Fuel Pump. Std. Eqpt. High
Capicity for 59-65 Pontiac V-8 and 63-65 Tempest
V-8 AC # 40455 and GM # 6416531. $30 Dennis
Klubertanz [715]-732-4647 (12/15)
‘60 to ‘64 Full Size: Bench Seat Chrome Shifter
Retainer Ring for full size.
announces it’s correct chrome plated Bench Seat
Shifter Boot Retainer Ring. Comes with correct
mounting screws. $34.95 + 5.80 USPS Priority
Mail in the US, World-Wide at cost. We also carry
the correct shifter boot and have shifter porches for
all 61-68 full size Pontiacs. Contact Les at 651-2809681 or [email protected] (06/16E)
‘60 Pontiac Catalina: 4 door and 60 Safari NOS
door edge guards. $35. Dennis Klubertanz [715]732-4647 (12/15)
‘61-’64 Full Size Pontiac Gas Tanks! has in stock new reproduction
Gas Tanks, Strap Kits and Senders, both single and
dual line. The tanks are galvanized and come with
a three year warranty for $259.00. The strap kits are
exceptional with clip-on rubber insulators and sell
for $49.00. Senders are $100 for the single line and
$125 for the dual line and come with the mounting
gasket. All are in stock and ready to ship Fed Ex
Ground. We have sold in excess of 150 of these
with NO problems whatsoever. Complete package
price available too. Remember we also have the
filler neck “O” ring and separate sender gaskets as
well. Coming soon: ‘65 and ‘66 full size fuel tanks
and senders! Please contact Les at (651) 280-9681
to order and be sure to visit our website at www. (07/16E)
‘60 Bonneville: Back light (rear window), $150;
all stainless trim for roof, $200. Prices plus shipping, Roy Crane (573) 324-0078 (MO) (12/15)
‘61-’64 Full Size Trunk Mounts: Pontiac Paradise.
com introduces our first reproduction. Made in the
USA using US made 14 gauge steel and are identical
to originals. In stock and ready to ship. $119.95
+ $5.80 USPS Priority shipping in the US. Call at (651) 280- 9681 to order.
PayPal and all major credit cards accepted. (02/16E)
‘61-‘64 & ‘65-‘68 Pontiac Full Size Crossmember
Brackets: New from, these are
exact reproductions. Replace those rusted and bowed
brackets now. Made here in Minnesota from US made
steel. Cost is $29.95 per pair plus $5.80 USPS Priority
Mail. World-Wide at cost. Please specify year wanted.
Call at (651) 280-9681 to order.
PayPal and all major credit cards accepted. (07/16E)
‘61-’62 Pontiac: Fiberglass Parts now available
at discounted prices. You can now deal direct with
the manufacture and SAVE! Lightweight entire
front ends & decklid, both bumpers and support
brackets. Highest quality made from perfect
originals. Hood & Decklid use hinges & latch,
no pins required. Deck & inner fenders for 1961.
Lightweight, never rust parts, Call for prices.
Crites Restoration Products/ Jessica or Charles at
(740) 983-4777 or (740) 983-2273; [email protected]
net (OH) (4/16E)
‘61-’64 Fuel Tank Sender Gasket: Ever
tried making one of these? What a nightmare. now has reproduction 61
to 64 big car Fuel Tank Sender Gaskets. US made
from a superior material that resists gas, oil and
even holds up to ethanol! $4.95 each shipped USPS
Priority for $5.80 in the US only. World- Wide at
cost. Coming soon...65 to 68 B body reproduction
fuel tank senders! also stocks
new reproduction 61 to 64 fuel tanks, filler neck “O”
rings,senders and strap kits. Call PontiacParadise.
com at (651) 280-9681 to order. PayPal and all
major credit cards accepted. (6/16E)
‘61 Tempest: Original hubcaps, 3 are in excellent
condition,1 took a hard hit in the center,all 4 for
$100.00 + shipping from 89431 Gary (775) 3551185 or [email protected] (12/15)
‘61-’62 Full Size: Ventura, Catalina, Bonneville
wagon convertible SPORT MIRRORS LH & RH. New
Reproduction. Perfect reproduction Mounting
bracket, hardware, Template and instructions
included. $185 shipping included per mirror to the
lower 48. ships World-Wide. [email protected]
Todd (920) 526-3454 (05/16E)
‘61-’62: 8-Lugs, 1 complete set ‘61-64, rims sand
blasted & painted $1,550 plus S&H. ‘61 -’62 stick
change-over complete $2,500. ‘61 bench seat
shifter w/linkage, white ball $800. 2, 8-Lug rims
for slicks $300. Contact Pete Mlot (630) 205-2838
(IL) (12/15)
‘62 Pontiac 389 Engine: J16 casting C262 complete, $300; ‘62 538177X, C262 casting date, $200/
pr. Dale Mussman, (563) 243-4932 (IA) (06/16E)
‘62 Grand Prix: Driver door rust free $175 pick up
only. Steering column $100, steering wheel with
horn ring $200. ‘61 steering wheel with horn ring
& button $150.’62 4:88 rear end $225. ‘63 complete
wire harness carefully removed from car 30 years
ago $50. ‘64 8-lug wheel & drum set $975 pick up
only. ‘65 8-lug wheel & drum set $975 pick up only.
Roll bar made for GTO $35 pick-up only. Contact
Rich Lussow (630) 530-2895 (IL) (12/15)
Bucket seats, both (f/r) need recovering, $225
front, convt rear, $200. ‘63 Tempest rims 5, $150 (2
painted), ‘63 326 Alt & bracket $100. Set red seat
belts, set green, make offer. ‘63 fan guards (3) $20
ea. Nose cone $85, header $50. More just give me a
call. Robin Triplett (217) 414-3360 cell. (IL) (12/15)
‘62 Full Size Lower Front Fender Patch Panels!
Our latest reproduction item! You can now save that
rusted fender. Does not include the inner brace.
May also fit 61’s but we don’t have one to try it out
on! Made from US steel. Your choice, either side
$59.95 or both sides for $115.95. Postage in the
lower 48 states will be $20.00. World-Wide shipping
at cost. Thanks to all that keep this hobby alive! Call at (651) 280-9681 to order.
PayPal and all major credit cards accepted. (2/16E)
‘62 through ‘66 FULL SIZE Dismantling:
Western sheet metal, cancer free frames including
convertibles, complete shells, complete 421’s
(338, 356, 376), 389’s (and an occasional 455),
convertible parts & tubs, trim, good bumper cores.
You name it! “If it was a stock part on a ‘62-’66 Full
Size, we probably have it.” Pontiac Parts West (541)
480-9200 [email protected] (06/16E)
‘63 Tempest Parts: Convt doors only $175 ea, HT
doors $150 ea, complete. Trunk lid, good shape, off
Olds $85, convt top frame $200, top motor $50.
‘63-’64 Full Size Pontiac Clutch Rod Boot: Next
in the line of long awaited and severely needed
reproduction parts. Made from the same material
as our popular 63-64 Bellhousing Boot. This is the
last line of defense for keeping all the under-thehood drafts and smells out of the inside of your
stick Pontiac. This is an exact reproduction using
a NOS unit as the pattern. Replace your cracked or
missing boot or get for that upcoming swap to a
stick from an automatic. $43.95 plus $5.80 USPS
Priority Mail shipping in the US, World-Wide at
cost. Coming soon: 61- 62 Cluch Rod Boot with
wiper and Clutch Rod Boot Retainer Bracket! Call at (651) 280-9681 to order.
PayPal and all major credit cards accepted. (05/16E)
‘63-’64 Full Size Pontiac Clutch Boot Retainer:
This is the bracket that holds your clutch boot to the
firewall plates. Made from our NOS piece with a far
superior rubber than original. A perfect mate to
our already released reproduction ‘63-’64 Clutch
Boot. Made in the US as are all our products. Photos
shows both sides. Price is $19.95 each plus $5.80
USPS Priority Mail, world-wide at cost. Contact Les
at to order. (651) 280-9681 or
go to [email protected] (5/16E)
‘63-’64 Grand Prix, Bonneville, Catalina:
Parting several cars in Arizona- Steve Barcak,
Best to email me direct with a list of your needs.
or, call me (480) 899-7873. Packing and shipping
available. Minimum part price is $45 (05/16E)
if you like. Call Gary at (716) 481-0631or e- mail;
[email protected] (12/15)
‘63-’64 Full Size Pontiac Foam Firewall
Steering Column Seal: This is the foam seal that
goes under your firewall plates at the base of your
column. Originals usually are filthy and stink! Made
in the US as are all our products. Photos shows both
automatic and stick versions. Your choice: $10.95
each plus $5.80 USPS Priority Mail, world-wide at
cost. Contact Les at to order.
651-280-9681 or go to [email protected]
com (4/16E)
‘63 Tempest/LeMans: NOS fender to radiator
supports. Part #545497 and #545496. One still has
the original GM parts sticker attached. $75.00 plus
shipping for the pair. I can e-mail you a large jpeg
image if you like. Call Gary at (716) 481- 0631 or
e-mail; [email protected] (11/15)
‘63 Tempest/LeMans Headlight Bezels: Good
used condition. $30.00 for the pair plus shipping.
I can send you a jpeg image to better see the
condition if you like. Call Gary at (716) 481- 0631 or
e-mail at [email protected] (11/15)
’63 Tempest/LeMans NOS 15 inch Wheels: GM
part number 544738. Both have the original GM
part tags and stickers attached. $50.00 each plus
shipping. I can send you additional photo jpegs
‘64 Reproduction F/S Lower Quarters: We have
IN STOCK, brand new 63-64 Full Length Lower
Quarter Panels. Made using my NOS 64 Catalina
Rear Quarter as the pattern. These run the full
length for Catalinas and Grand Prixs. Bonnevilles
will need 2” added at the rear. They run just
below the belt line and are about 3” above the
wheel opening. Made from US steel. Available in
pairs or either side. $189 each plus Fed Ex Ground
shipping. Please remember these are VERY LONG.
Call at (651) 280-9681 to
order. PayPal and all major credit cards accepted.
‘64 Tempest: 6 cyl. power steering hose. Pressure
line. Weather head #11932.Gm # 5691972. $25
Dennis Klubertanz(715)-732-4647 (12/15)
‘64 Grand Prix: Bare doors $100 each, rear
defogger $50, tail lamps $50 for the pair, trunk
latch $20, many other misc. parts. plus shipping.
Andre Spanjol (440) 647-668. (11/15)
‘64 389 4-barrel Engine: 716 heads, $800; ‘77
400 Engine out of Trans Am, should run, $600;
‘64 GP automatic transmission, Slim Jim Roto
Hydramatic, $150; GP engine parts Too much to list
call with needs. Greg (772) 418-1693 (FL) (11/15)
‘64 GTO: Bucket seats, $250/pair; ‘70 GTO bucket
seats, $200/pair; ‘70-’72 NOS rear quarter panels,
$1,800/pair; ‘64 wood wheel, $1,200; Many more other
items available for ‘64 GTO, call to inquire, too much to
list. James Witowski (219) 879-2195 (IN) (1/16E)
‘64 Full Size Pontiac Tachometer Bracket:
New from, this is an exact
reproduction of the die cast tachometer mounting
bracket (Univex-9774565) used to mount your
tach in the upper LH corner of your dash. NOT THE
SAME AS ‘63 (we have these also). Photos of correct
mounting location on the blog. First run of 50
pieces only. In stock and ready to ship. Made here in
Minnesota. Cost is $119.95 plus $5.80 USPS Priority
Mail. World -Wide at cost. Call
at (651) 280-9681 to order. PayPal and all major
credit cards accepted. (06/16E)
‘64 GTO Seats: Original, perfect chrome, excellent condition, climate controlled storage since
1980. missing lower of drivers side, $1200; gas
tank, in storage since, the ‘80s, $150. Mike. (304)
389-4930, (PA) (12/15)
- Mail to: Smoke Signals
Editor, 205 N. Mill St.,
Pontiac, IL 61764
- Email: [email protected]
‘64-’66 GTO: Four wire wheel covers. Very rare
with new red checked caps, $1,500 plus shipping,
Tony (908) 755-8023 (NJ) (2/16E)
‘64-’68 Grand Prix/Bonneville: Power antenna
$300, nice remote mirror $150, dome swivel map
light $75, rear defogger $125, excellent Black seat
belts $150, reel-out trunk light $75, reverb box
$100, nice day-night mirror $50, excellent remote
fender mirror $150; ‘64-’65 GTO- Nice remote mirror
$150, rear window moldings $125, door edge
guards $100, mint grab bar $125, rear defogger
$100, reel-out trunk light $75, reverb $100, Rally
clock $75; ‘68 GTO- Dash tachometer $150, mint
AM radio $100, chrome snorkel air cleaner $175,
excellent exhaust manifolds $150, rear window
moldings $125, excellent Black seat belts $150,
nice grills $200, complete rear defogger $150, AC/
heater dash controls $75, nice inside mirror $50.
Scott (616) 481-6612. (11/15)
‘65-’66 Fullsize, ‘67-’69 Firebird, ‘65 GTO: I
am reproducing the plastic plungers, springs, and
rubber boots for the TH400 and ST300 transmission downshift switches for these cars. They are
made to original specs using modern materials.
Prices are: plunger $20, rubber boot $30, spring
$20 (plus $5 postage). Buy all three for $60 and
you install or send me your switch and I will install,
clean, test, and return in the U.S.A. for that price.
Quantities are limited! Tim Doonan, 86 Crabapple
Ln., Odenville, AL 35120. (205) 381- 1890;
[email protected] (08/16E)
‘65 &’66 Pontiac Engine Compartment Items:
Engine fan & crank pulleys $25.00ea, Power
steering/brake bracket $35.00, alternator support
brackets $10,00ea , A/C Items: Compressor support
Bracket $45.00(Alum), engine block bracket
$40.00, intake mfd bracket $45.00, shipping extra,
call Pete Lungulow @ )419) 965-7858 or e-mail at
[email protected] (12/15)
‘65 Full Size Battery Trays:
introduces its latest reproduction. These are made
right here in Minnesota (as are all our reproduction
parts) from US made steel. Same thickness as
original. $79.95 + $11.80 shipping USPS in US
only. World-Wide at cost. Call
at (651) 280-9681 to order. PayPal and all major
credit cards accepted. (02/16E)
‘65-’68 Full Size Stick Shift Console: Nice but
not perfect. Chrome part has been sand blasted
and painted. Lock works and has a key. 12V power
supply has been installed in box. Flocking is nice.
Light and switch work great. $650/BO. Robert
(262) 506-8661 (1/16)
‘65-’68 Full Size Bellhousing Z-Bar Brackets: announces its next reproduction part. This is the bracket that holds up the
Z-Bar. Made in USA using US steel. Exact reproduction. Available with or without Ball Stud. $64.95
without, $81.95 with NOS Ball Stud. Shipping is
$5.80 USPS Priority. Call at
(651) 280-9681 to order. PayPal and all major
credit cards accepted. ‘(05/16E)
‘65-’68 Full Size Pontiac: Ring & Pinions (2:41,
2.56, 2.73), $50; Differentials (open); $40; Drive
shafts (Cat), $70; (Bonn), $90; Upper Control Arm,
$10; Lower Control Arm, $15; Axles, $75; Rear and
Front Brake Backing Plates $15/ea; Front Spindles,
$25. Shipping extra, call Pete @ (419) 865-7858 or
e-mail at [email protected] (11/15)
Bonneville Parts: Rear tail lamp panel part #
5718114 $200, hubcaps 4 for $50, Catalina parts;
LH and RH tail lamps $40 pair, GP parts; LH and RH
doors $100 ea., tail lamps $50 pair, RH extension
part # 9790963, LH extension 9790964, LH extension
part# 482184 $20 ea., Many other B-body parts PLUS
shipping, Andre (440) 865-5688 (12/15)
‘65 GTO/Tempest Convertible Rolling Frame:
Very complete with all front end rear suspension,
stering and rear end. Comes with wheels and tires,
needs only minor repair, $900. Also have ‘65 GTO/
Tempest convertible or coupe trunk lid, very good
condition, came off of 30,000-mile car. Rare to find
one this nice, $300. Herb Howes (616) 866-1806
(MI) (11/15)
Upland, CA66 YJ block bored .040. Date Code A-186. Ported 092 heads with screw-in rocker studs;
Clevite bearings; Moly rings; Custom forged 9.5:1
Pistons; ARP main studs; Forged H- Beam rods;
Chrome Moly Push Rods; HD Oil Pump and drive;
Polished and shot-peened Crank; Comp Roller Cam
and Comp roller tipped 1.52 rockers; True roller
timing chain; MSG electronic distributor, Stainless
Steel 8 bolt water pump separator plate. 403 hp
and 460 ft/lbs of torque on Dyno. Test time only.
Will help with shipping. Price reduced to $8,500/
BO. Bill Giolma, e-mail, [email protected] (760)
737- 8627 (12/15)
‘66 Parts: 389-4dbl. engine from Bonneville
convertible. 63K original miles, ran great, one
cyl. head, needs work, or bolt on a head and ride.
$1,200.00 call for details, pick up only, also have
2 th400 trans. 1 short tail and 1 long tail. also a
Chevy TH400 short tail. All worked well when
pulled. $200 each. 66 Bonne. conv. doors, $100
each., and a pair of grills from same, $150 plus
shipping. Also have a pair of composite headlights
for a 98 Transport Montana, bought from GM only
used 6 months, mint condition, $125 includes
shipping. Call Fred (413) 281-9441. (12/15)
‘66 Pontiac Wagon: Used right and left tailite
assemblies. Good housings and chrome. One
lens good. One has tiny chip. $29 pair. Dennis
Klubertanz (715) 732-4647 (12/15)
‘65 LeMans/GTO: A/C system, Complete system except for the condenser in front of radiator.
Needs refurbishing, includes ducting, mounting
brackets & wiring harness. $500 plus shipping;
Power steering pump with mounting bracket. $100
plus shipping; Rear window defogger with switch.
7663; [email protected] (12/15)
‘66 Catalina Safari: Tail lights, includes the
housings,the chrome trim pieces, lenses and the
rubber gaskets, all for $100. Gary. E-mail: [email protected] or (775) 355-1185. (12/15)
‘66 Pontiac 421: With 1965 Tri-Power. Engine
has been completely rebuilt by Andy Mitchell of
‘66 421: All rebuilt, restored .030 over .010-.010,
balanced to 1/2 gram WJ code, very rare, $10,500.
Ed Mcclain (810) 836-6102 (12/15)
‘65-’66 Pontiac: Radiator cover $15, Heater core
box $35(Non A/C), Blower motor cover $15, Blower
Motor $40, Windshield wiper arms $15 each,
Windshield wiper mechanism $50, Wiper Motor
$40, Wiper Motor Pump assembly $20, Shipping
extra, call Pete Lungulow @ (419) 865- 7858 or
E-Mail at [email protected] (12/15)
‘66 Performance Tri-Power: For those of you
than want the original show ready look with a little
more power. This is a CAST IRON manifold with
the runners straightened. The carbs were plated
and enlarged by the Carb Shop with #85 jets. This
does not have a choke-no need for performance.
Repro correct fuel lines, linkage and air cleaners. 1”
phenolic spacers included. Shipped in 2 boxes for
only $100. $1900 including shipping. Contact Ken
Ondrejko email; [email protected] (602) 6927492 (AZ) (12/15)
‘66 GTO: Jack usage and stowage decal for GTO,
LeMans and Tempest car and station wagon.
Two versions were used by factory. this is the
version which includes views of both cars and
station wagon. Send $5 per decal to: Disque
Reproductions, 23 Sherwood Drive, Belchertown,
MA 01007 (MA) (02/16E)
‘66-’69 OHC-6 DVD: ‘66-’69 OHC-6 DVD: $40 for
40 mpg. From OHC6RUS, this DVD features OHC-6
rebuilding T-5 overdrive transmissions, traction
control rearend renewal, and rebuilding any GM
distributor better than new. Send $35.00 (POCI
member price) payable to Richard McDonough.
Mail to: OHC6 R US, 4540 Laute Dr., Pahrump, NV
89061 call (775) 727-0881 for more information.
Parts, engines and trans. also. (4/16E)
‘66 Full Size: Fender skirts and brackets for a
Catalina or possibly other models too, real nice
$90/BO. Valley cover for a ‘57 347 Blasted and
painted $ 45/BO Prices plus ship. Please contact
Irban Aumann (715) 387-8830 (WI) (12/15)
’67-’68 Full Size: We at Piscazzi Auto Body Inc.
are offering a quality hand made rear quarter
patch panels for ‘67- ’68 B-bodied Pontiacs (Grand
Prix, Catalina, Bonneville) Several sold online
already, with 100% feedback. $280 per pair
includes shipping (US). Piscazzi Auto Body Inc.
Joe Piscazzi Jr. (President) (330) 253-0715 www. (5/16)
‘67: 400 engine & 400 transmission for sale. Lowmileage re-build, mild cam in engine. Rebuilt
transmission with shift kit. Still in car, runs & drives
excellent, have video of motor running in car. Only
reason for selling - installing LS engine in car. Call
Dale at (605) 770-9263 (SD) (12/15)
‘68 Firebird RA1 Carb: #7028276 Firebird Ram
Air 400 w/auto trans, date code 1667, 750 cfm, like
new Rochester Quadra-Jet Carb for sale, Ready to
bolt on and GO. REDUCED to $850/BO + shipping,
additional pictures available, Email questions &/or
offers to [email protected] (02/16P)
‘68-’71 Tempest/GTO: Restored convertible top
frame to fit 68-72 GM ‘A’ body convertibles. Unit
was completely disassembled, bead blasted, and
powder coated semi-gloss black. All new correct
hardware was purchased. Misc rivets, bushing,
nylon washers etc were manufactured in my shop.
Includes latches, header trim, and trim plates
to cover the cylinder rams in the rear seat area.
This is a show quality unit complete and ready to
be bolted in. Can be supplied fully assembled or
partially assembled with instructions, $850. Gary
Derner (507) 202-0806, [email protected]
(MN) (12/15)
‘68 Pontiac V8 Engines: 1968 400 2bbl engine,
complete w/turbo 400 $800; 301 4 bbl complete w/
tranny. James Crater (330) 466-4907 (OH) (12/15)
Pontiac Quadrajets: 7028265-68 Firebird
4 speed--$500; 7028267-68 GTO 4 speedHO-$800;
7028276-68-Firebird-auto-R/A1-$400;702926269-P/8-auto-$500; 7029270(restamp)-69 GTO
auto-R/A-$400;7040263-70 GTO-4 speed-$600;
7040264-70 GTO-auto-$500; 7041264-71 GTOauto-$500; 7042264-72 Firebird(GTO)-auto-$250.
Contact Mike (440) 585-1590 (12/15)
‘68-’72 GTO/LeMans: Engines, rearends, interior,
sheet metal, glass and trim. (414) 581-8733 Mike
‘69 Firebird: Upper and lower control arms for
front disk brakes, $200, gas tank, in storage since,
the ‘80s, $150. Mike (304) 389-4930, (PA) (12/15)
‘69-’70 Grand Prix Rear Bumper Closeout
Panel: Well known parts companies are selling
our part and we have decided to offer them for a
limited time directly to our fellow POCI Members
at the greatly reduced price of $200 plus $7.95
for shipping with a money back satisfaction
guarantee. For questions or orders Jack (201) 2188662 or Resto-Perfect (802) 522-6201.(3/16E)
‘69-’72 Grand Prix Parts: Large collection plus
‘69 parts car, carburetors, some carbs rebuilt, auto
and 4-speed versions, (845) 359-1736, (845) 4804697 (cell) (NY) (12/16)
‘69 Tempest/LeMans: Parting out. Contact Harry
Wolfe (828) 684-7440 (12/15)
‘69 GTO: Right and Left Door Shells for 1969
Pontiac GTO. Dynacorn part#s 1556L and 1556R
new in original boxes. $450.00 for the pair (fits
coupe or convertible) Jon Stevens, (409) 584- 2044;
[email protected] (12/15)
‘70-’81 Firebird: Red rear package tray. It is new,
never installed, and still in original box. I would
prefer to sell this part to someone in the Chicago
area who can pick it up. Shipping charges are too
high. I am asking $25. Thanks, Jerry Pawelek, (630)
697-4755, or [email protected] (12/15)
‘71 Catalina, Bonneville, & Grandville: NOS
left and right Headlite Bezels. Left # 480720. $45
Pair Dennis Klubertanz (715) 732-4647 (12/15)
‘71-72 Grand Prix: Right & left rear quarter
extensions with side marker lenses. Good used.
Cast # 7799174-5. $35 pair. Dennis Klubertanz
(715) 732-4647 (12/15)
‘73-’75 Grand Am: New fiberglass noses $689$729. ‘73 turn signal housings $169, outer window
sweeps $129, rear bumper fillers $189. ‘73- ‘77
A-body air dams $129. Used parts. Call MOTOREALM
at (310) 549-1389 or visit
‘73-’77 Pontiac A-body: (GTO, LeMans, Grand Am,
Can Am) Wheel well moldings $399/set of 4, Air Dams
$129. ‘73-’75 Grand Am: Fiberglass noses $704-$744,
‘73 turn signal housings $169, outer window sweeps
$129, rear bumper filler $189. Call MOTOREALM at (310)
549-1389; (7/16E)
‘73 Pontiac 455: Code YY, bored to 464, complete
from carb to pan, #16 heads, Ram Air Long Branch
headers, balanced, never installed. $3250. Al
Young (308) 440-7303 (NE) (11/15)
‘74 Trans Am/Formula: NOS SD 455 exhaust
system. Pipes and muffler only. Chicago area.
$2,200. Contact Ken Steffensen email; [email protected] (708) 403-4875 (IL) (12/15)
‘85-’86 Parisienne: Skirts, LH (blue), LH (White),
RH & LH (gray) very nice original paint $30 each,
A/C parts, interior and trim parts, tail light housing
RH $30, nice hubcaps $25 each, working radios $30
and $40 w/cassette, shop manual $40. Doug Baxter
(412) 292-0457. (12/15)
‘86 Grand Prix 2+2 Aerocoupe: Front Bumper
Molding Trim (New In Original Packaging - Never
Used); 1 Heater Control Valve (New In Original
Packaging - Never Used); 1 GM Pontiac Grand
Prix 2+2 Radiator Overflow Bottle (Never Used);
1 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Decal (New In Original
Packaging - Never Used); 1 Pontiac Decal & Grand
Prix Decal (New In Original Packaging - Never
Used); 4 1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Center Caps
(Slightly Used w/ Flaws) & 8 Black Plastic Lug
Nut Caps (Never Used); Richard Petty Collectable
Race Cards Pt. 2. Cards 25-50 of 50 (TAS013399)
Autographed on back by John Sawruk. Also includes
Reproduction Lower Side Decals (New In Original
Packaging - Never Used). Selling only as a bundle
package- will not separate. Asking $200+ shipping
for all. No emails - phone calls only (563) 243-4932
or (563) 357-8964 or leave message. (12/15)
‘77-’80 Bonneville: Finned wheel covers, like
new, $360 firm plus shipping Tony Pisaniello (908)
755-8023 (NJ) (12/16)
‘77 Grand Prix: Steering column, good condition
$50. 1977 Grand Prix radiator needs repairing
$50 plus shipping. Harold (641) 424-2663 [email protected] (12/15)
‘78 Trans Am 400: 4-15X7 Rally II wheels with
trim rings, intake manifold d.c. H177 with restrictor
plate, intake manifold from 69 Judge d.c. H198, set
complete 6X-8 heads, set 8 pistons w/connecting
rods, exhaust manifolds with heat valve and stove,
2-7 blade clutch fans with clutch, water pump w/
divider plate (like new), valve covers, valley cover
(some pitting), A/C evaporator box with coil and
blower motor (runs), A/C delete heater box with
coils, gaskets and blower motor (never used),
under dask ducting for A/C and heat, misc hoses,
fittings, emission controls and brackets. Must take
all, lot price $1800, Steve Pompella, (570) 4437757, [email protected] (PA)(12/15)
‘83–’87 GMC Brigadier 8-9 Series: New Grille for
tilt hood $500. Dale (608) 214-9500 (WI) (06/16)
‘00 GMC Jimmy Diamond Edition: Front bumper
guard with driving lights $399. Dale (608) 2149500 (WI) (03/16E)
‘04-’06 GTO: NOS factory hood, includes the
insulation pad and scoops, $1,100; blue leather
seat covers for ‘04-’06, used, driver condition, $500.
James Witowski (219) 879-2195 (IN) (6/16E)
Aluminum Brake Drum Relining: Specializing
in Buick, Pontiac, GM, A,F,G body Drums. We
can Install New Cast Iron Liners, Repair Broken
Aluminum Fins and can provide a variety of
services for your Aluminum Brake Drums. We also
sell relined Pontiac & Buick Aluminum Drums
J&G Drum Relining, McHenry, IL. (815) 276-2578,
[email protected] or (03/16E)
Aluminum Backed Wood Dash Kits: ‘64-’67
GTO’s; ‘60 -’66 full-sized Pontiacs. This kit is unlike
others -will not bubble, crack, peel and completely
finished. Prices start at $109. ‘63 -’64 Bonnevilles.
The Wood Dashery (Daniel Pisarcik) 33 Birch St,
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702. (570) 823- 8983 (PA)
Bonneville Tail Panel Letters: New product
$15 per letter or $140 per set of 10. Your One Stop
Shop- CPR. Credit cards accepted (909) 884-6980/
Fax (909) 884-7872 (NC) (04/16E)
Carburetors: 1910-80s, car, truck all makes large
inventory of new rebuilt reasonable prices John
Steffins (908) 216-5775 [email protected]
Convertible Tops at Special Prices: All brand
new. ’50-’52 beige pinpoint vinyl complete with
window, pads and trim sold for $235 – special:
$100. ’55-’57 blue stayfast complete with pads,
plastic window, trim sold for $550 – special $200.
’87-’89 Firebird ASC black pinpoint vinyl complete
with rear window, pads, trim sold for $235 - special
$100. Bill Hirsch Auto (800) 828-2061 www. (09/16E)
4th Gen Trans Am Parts: We are parting out
several 98-02 Trans Ams. Mechanical, Interior and
Exterior Parts Available. Complete LS1 Donor Cars
also available usually. Robbie & Cecilia Lewis (229)
894-0165 [email protected]
Frank’s Pontiac Parts & Auto Dismantling:
Located in the heart of the California desert. Acres
of parts for classic Pontiacs. Complete online
inventory with images and prices. Log onto our
website, www. We are
located at 75992 Baseline Rd, Twentynine Palms,
CA 92277. Call before stopping by (760) 361-3242.
Hours are M-F 8am-5pm. (05/16E)
GMC Kent Moore Tools: GMC Kent Moore tools:
Dealer closed after 61 years. Hundreds of tools.
Have listed by Kent Moore numbers. Request
complete list or individual numbers. Call Dale (608)
214-9500 (WI) (03/16E)
GTO ‘64-72 GTO/LeMans restored
and refinished parts. Seat belts-all colors, grills,
tail lights, stainless trim, gauges, dash bezels, Rally
wheels, four speed and auto consoles. Plus, three
warehouses full of original used parts to help with
your restoration. [email protected] (307)
472-0574, (307) 259-8194. (06/16PE)
GTO/Pontiac Parts: I’m setting up a website
to liquidate 30+ years of parts for Pontiacs
from about 1957–1972 including Grand Prix,
Bonneville, Catalina, 2+2, GTO, Lemans and
Tempest. Along the way a few early Firebird and
Trans Am parts snuck in, but you won’t find many
unless the part interchanges with “A” or “B” body
cars. Visit or call (360) 6937487 (3/16E)
Halogen Bulbs: To replace most 6-volt bulbs- A
must if you plan to drive your car at night. Gives
almost twice the light of the old bulbs with hardly any additional current drain. You’ll be able to
see your instruments, see the road safely and be
seen by others at night. Call me with your bulb
number. If you don’t know it, call me and I’ll let
you know what it should be and supply you with
the corresponding halogen bulb. Call Billl Hirsch
for prices, (800) 828-2061. Ask for Eric. E-mail:
[email protected] (4/16E)
Heater Valves: NOS and rebuilding, 1941-1985.
Rebuilding prices $85.00 - $135.00. Free return
shipping in the USA. NOS Delco switches, headlight, ignition, heater, wiper, neutral safety,
dim- mer, ect. (715) 392-6169 Joe Hudacek, 6606
Banks Avenue, Superior, WI 54880-5721 E-mail
[email protected] (01/16E)
Hot Starting Problems? ‘64- up A body V-8 +
‘65- up big car. Your problems are over. Megatorque
starter works every time. $169.95 plus core
change, plus shipping. Ask about ‘61- ‘64 full size.
Steve Peluso (617) 327-2122 days, (617) 327-2269
fax. Nights until 9 pm EST (781) 329-9462 (MA)
Keys: Original NOS stock 1967-83, A, B, C, D, J, K, E,
H, rare $14.00/pair; $7.00 post pair. Rod Brockman,
(815) 478-3633. (IL) (05/16E)
Late ‘80s GMC Medium Duty: New take-off grille
from GMC dealer for yellow municipal dump truck
(sold one fits 1989 7000 & have one left) Would
look good hanging in your garage. $200; Dale (608)
214-9500 (WI). (02/16E)
Lenses, Lamp Assemblies, Lamp Bezels &
Housings: Thousands of parts for vehicles from
the 30’s to the 70’s. We also carry door handles,
window cranks, script, emblems and other misc.
parts. Please visit our website at,, or call Al at (805) 482-9792. Mail
inquiries to PO BOX 3179 Camarillo, CA 93011.
Email [email protected] (04/16E)
New Hard to Find Early Pontiac Parts: Super
Duty ‘61-’63 Lightweight Components. Aluminum
Door Hinges; Aluminum Exhaust Collectors, Core
Support Mounts, Rear Bumper Bracket, Starter
Snout, Large Diameter Generator & Alternator
Pulley, Alternator Mounting Bracket. 425A &
395 Elbows. Brand new 4-speed Super T-10 and
5-speed Overdrive Transmissions & Custom Axles.
‘63-’64 Complete Clutch Linkage Assembly,
including Z- Bar, Frame Bracket, Clutch Pedal
Assembly, Rods, Bushings, Felts, etc. ‘59-’64 Full
Size Rear Sway Bar Kits. Many other hard to find
pre-’64 factory race parts. Fabcraft Metal Works,
(800) 208-8242. (07/16E)
NOS: ‘55-’56 Pontiac back up lamp assembly. This
NOS Back-up lamp Includes glass back up lense,
bulb socket and housing, and both the housing to
fender and lense to housing gaskets. I have five of
these NOS back up lamps in stock, priced at $100
each. Fedex shipping within the 48 States is $15.
We will ship worldwide. Please contact Al Schioppi
at [email protected], or phone/fax (805) 4829792, cell phone (805) 444- 6020. PO Box 3179,
Camarillo, CA 93011 (06/16E)
NOS Pontiac Parts: Large supply of new old stock
parts available for Pontiac’s from the early ‘40s to
the mid ‘70s. Emblems, trim, moldings, mechanical,
electrical, lenses, switches, suspension, grills, bezels,
etc. etc. Send email with specific needs to: [email protected] Robert Christanell, 202 Thorpe Park,
Duluth, GA. 30097. (770) 476-4665 (05/16E)
Oakland Owners with Marvel A2 Carburetor:
Replacement float bowls are available. Exact
duplicates made by metal spinner. Marvel A2 used
on ‘26-’28 6 cylinder. $90 each. John A. Elliott (610)
278-2916 (07/16E)
OHC-6: ‘66 and ‘67 engines as well as extra cylinder
heads, crank shafts, and miscellaneous parts.
$950 for all. Open to reasonable offers. Contact
Steve for casting numbers or date codes. (618)
284-8752 (5/16E)
OHC-6 Parts: New & used for ’66-’69 Firebirds,
Tempest/LeMans: Hood tachs (6500 red line) $215;
oil pump gear kit $65; motor mounts $160+,
Followers $10; water pumps; plus much more. ‘The
OHC Source’ Jerry Woodland, 11361 N. 2000 E.,
Richmond, UT 84333 (435) 258- 5660 (07/16E)
Parting Out: ‘57 Star Chief parts car with complete
factory air. Have other Pontiac parts (mostly ‘57)
re- chrome & NOS parts. Ed Hustad (763) 786-1934
(MN) (04/15E)
Parting Out: ‘65 Tempest, ‘67 GTO, ‘67 Firebird.
No sheetmetal, many hard to find parts are
available. Call with needs. Herb Howes (616)
866-1806 (MI) (6/16E)
Parting out a ‘68 Grand Prix: This was a 1
owner original car, with numbers matching
motor and trans. Also have parts for ‘66 & ’68
Full size cars. Have a 1 owner ‘77 Grand Prix, ‘72
Grand Prix (3rd owner). Lots of other Pontiac
parts available. For more information call
Edmond at (256) 477- 0336. (02/16E)
Parting Several Hundred Pontiacs 1955-1981:
Catalina, Bonneville, Tempest, Firebird, Executive,
LeMans, Custom S, Star Chief, Grand Prix, Trans
Am. Nothing newer than 1981. Good selection of
sheet metal, floors, chassis, susp, interior, trim,
drive line, engine parts and more. Parts prices start
at $45. Packing and shipping avail. Two locations
in Arizona. Contact- Steve Barcak, E-mail is [email protected] or, if no access to the net,
call (480) 899-7873, no texts. Thank you! (5/16E)
Parting Out ‘73-’77 Grand Prixs and ‘73-’75
Grand Ams: Have low-mileage engines, body
parts, trim and interior, etc. Call for specifics. Mike
Russo (914) 649-2106 (NY) (01/16E)
Parting Out: Over 40 years of Pontiac parts, GTO,
Trans Am, Grand Am, LeMans, heads, engines,
trans, pulleys, chrome, interior, alternators, startes,
manifolds, distributors, gauge clustors, consoles,
shifters, tailights, rearends, glass, spoilers, HVAC.
Jerry Smith (228) 355-9554. (MS) (08/16E)
Pontiac Aluminum 8-Lug Drum Relining: Also
for the Buick front 45 and 90 fin drum.We can reline
your drums by installing new CAST IRON liners just
like the factory did. Our method has proved to be
the best out there by using a Heat shrink method
along with a superior bonding agent from Loctite
Corp. I can also repair damaged bearings that
have came loose or spun, by rebushing them and
installing new races and bearings. Repair broken
or damaged fins.Other services include media
blasting, painting, powder coating and polishing
the fins.We also make the Balance plate which is
needed to balance your wheels and tires, it can
also be used to hold down your spare tire after
balancing. Call or email Larry, (815) 735-4002,
[email protected] (6/16E)
Pontiac Engine Enamels: Hi temp, hi gloss, won’t
burn off; ’30-’77. Convertible tops for all Pontiacs
from ’36 up: Available in American stayfast canvas
and original heavy weight pinpoint vinyl. Both w/
pads. Gasoline Preservative & stabilizer: Will keep your
gas fresh for 3 years. Gas tank sealer: totally alcohol/
ethanol resistant. Exhaust manifold paints: black,
bright aluminum, or cast iron gray; 1800 degree.
Miracle paint: in silver, black and clear. Seals rust
permanently. Super black semi-gloss chassis and
undercarriage paint: Nothing like it on the market.
Optima batteries: The world’s finest battery. Totally
dry. Uses no water. 6 & 12 volt available. Bill Hirsch
Auto (800) 828-2061 (06/16E)
Pontiac Heads: ‘65 GTO 77 heads, K294 casting
date, $300/pr; ‘62 538177X, C262 casting date,
$200/pr; ‘62 389 engine, K16, C262 casting date,
all need rebuilding, $300. Dale Mussman, (563)
243-4932 (IA) (2/16E)
Pontiac 8-Lug Wheel Balancing Plate: 1/4”
steel Plate w grade 8 bolt/lugs. $79 plus shipping
USA only. Bill Colburn (303) 906-4663. (03/16E)
Pontiac Parts For Sale: Wire wheel hubcaps, (late
20’s-early 30’s) 2 - 6 3/4” D and 1 - 7 1/4” D @$25.00
ea.; (DelCo Rebuilt) Starters 1107957 & 1107994
49-54 8cyl. $50.00 ea; Generator-1102665 4052 (6v) @ $75.00. Paul TerHorst, (h,off,fax) (847)
949-1030, cell (847) 558-9732. [email protected] (12/15)
Pontiac Parts For Sale: New Reproduction; ‘2627 king pins $75. pair, ‘28-29 Windshield sun visor
mounting brackets $110, Rear Window shades w/
mounting hardware $45. Rumble seat step pad rims
$45. Firewall oilier can holder $12. & oilier can $10.,
‘26-29 Windshield wiper control valve $95. ‘29-31
Windshield riser rebuild kit, call. Gary Wallace, 600
Susan Rd., St. Louis, MO 63129. Phone: (314) 2931991 E-mail: [email protected] (4/16E)
Pontiac Engine: 223 cubic-inch straight flat
head flat head with 3 speed manual transmission,
rebuild in ‘80s from a ‘40 Pontiac Bus Coupe
Deluxe Six, style 2627B, can be used in 19371940 Pontiac and 1938 GMC truck. $900. Sue Poe
(937) 408-2807 (04/16E)
Pontiac: NOS parts & accessories from obsolete
dealer inventory covering 30’s-70’s. Mechanical,
pistons, gaskets, suspension, electrical, switches,
mouldings, lenses, chrome, sheet metal,
literature, manuals, new fuel pump kits, etc Kurt
Kelsey 14083 P Ave Iowa Falls, IA 50126 (641)
648- 9086. Please check my eBay auctions under
Kornkurt. Thanks! (03/16E)
Rear End Rings and Pinions: Now on sale, the
fabled ‘57-’64 Pontiac rear ring & pinion sets, high
quality 8620 alloy steel, made in the USA., brand
new in the box, available in 3.42, 3.64, 3.90. 4.10,
4.30, 4.56, & 4.88 ratios, race proven, super tough
large 9.3-inch ring gear, Timkin bearing installation
kits available. Call Brad at Fabcraft Metalworks
(800) 208-8242 (02/16E)
Thousands of Pontiac Parts & Tools: 1980 to
2009. Call John (845) 856-0860 email dgjohn [email protected] (04/16E)
Upper & Lower Door Hinges: + all the bolts; 3
headlights-2 high beam and 1 low & high beam + 2
chrome mounting rings. Many different rubber pads
for doors, trunk & hood; $100, for ‘67- ’68 Firebird/
Camaro. Mel Moyer (352) 245-1835 (3/16E)
Wheel Studs: Left Handed Wheel Studs.
Missing or damaged Left handed studs? We have
them. J&G Aluminum Drum Relining. (815) 2762578 (06/16E)
Parts For Sale: ‘66 NOS hazzard flasher $400, ‘64
#5464866 master cylinder 12/26/63 date-rebuilt
$50, ‘65 GTO dash speaker-needs redone-with
brackets and bolts $25, ‘69 Firebird park lamp fillers
#9796072 RH & 073 LH in great shape $75. 25 years
of parting out and swap meet hunting, mostly GTO,
NOS and used. Date code request welcome. Contact
Mike (979) 277-2959 email; [email protected] (12/15)
Oakland/Pontiac Cars &
GMC Parts Wanted
Wanted: ‘30-’36 Pontiac roadster with roll-up
windows in any condition. Even just a body (or
most of it !). A title would be nice but not necessary.
Richard in Jacksonville Fl (800) 453-9804. (904) 3847042. (11/15)
Wanted: ‘55-’57 Pontiac outside sunvisor. Jesse Mota
(909) 910-0828; [email protected] (3/16E)
Wanted: Looking for ‘58 A/C parts in any condition.
Parts needed to complete a factory ac equipped car.
Need compressor mounts, fresh air box, condenser,
and dryer. Contact Troy @ [email protected] or
(864) 561-2832 (11/15)
‘58 Bonneville: Searching the world for a foot
well courtesy light for a 1958 Bonneville. Dennis
Montgomery (253) 756-7938 (WA) (12/15)
Wanted: Shift linkage for ‘58 Pontiac manual 3speed column shift. Also looking for information on
parts interchange with other GM full-size cars from
that era. David Rogalla, (701) 746- 9553, (800)
437-0167 (work) [email protected] (2/16E)
Wanted: ‘59 Catalina power brake set up or parts.
Dusty Smith (763) 972-3540 (MN) (02/16E)
Wanted: Fan shroud for either ‘59 or ‘60 Pontiac.
Call Fred at (330) 683-3223 (OH) (12/15)
Wanted: ‘61 four-door Bonneville passenger
fender. Doesn’t have to be perfect but would like
one ad nice as possible. Chuck Catalano (856) 9044843 or [email protected] (3/16)
Wanted: Pair of upper door jamb caps for a 1963
LeMans/Tempest convertible. Bill (828) 891- 7288
or [email protected] (11/15)
Wanted for ‘61 Bonneville: Both parking lamp/
turn signal lamp housings for the front bumper.
Jim Hinds, POCI#28895, [email protected], (281) 3424895 (TX) (12/15E)
‘63 LeMans Coupe: Need back window. Must be
tinted. Also need rear valance panel for same. Ken
Kist (440) 257-3446. (5/16E)
Wanted for ‘62 Bonneville: Tail lamp housings,
NOS or perfect used NO REPROS! Contact Wayne
Sparks (928) 468-2130 (12/15)
Wanted for ‘63 or ‘64: Speed alert speedometer
head cluster for full size Bonneville or Catalina.
Would take with or without gauges. Contact James
Sylvester (773) 631-4777 (12/15)
Wanted for ‘64 Bonneville 4 Dr HT: Throttle
Return Check, NOS or excellent used in working order
(Vacuum unit). Also, front drivers door lower hinge
check spring. Contact Fred Gramcko, Tel: (760) 7493097, E Mail to: [email protected] (12/15)
‘64 Bonneville 2 dr Coupe or Conv: Interior door
& rear qtr panels in two tone aqua, Bonn conv.
rear seat top chrome molding, any good surviving
aqua floor mats ‘64 -’72 style, ‘64 outside fender
mounted rear view mirror RH (the companion for
the left hand remote), ‘63-’64 full size 2dr door
edge guards.Please e-mail John at [email protected]
com or text at (860) 478-2630 (3/16E)
Wanted: ‘67 correct, usable, numbers matching 400
block for GTO, 4-speed, WT. bare core to complete, ok.
Must be priced reasonably. Bob Ruby, (360) 708-2369;
[email protected] (2/15E)
Wanted: ‘69 WW code Ram Air IV motor, block or
parts. Also a 7029273 Carburetor. (414) 581- 8733
Mike. (11/15)
Wanted: ‘70 GTO rear end wanted with one of the
following axle identification codes: WF, XF, WH, or
XH. It must have a date code between 15 Nov - 15
Dec 1969. Milton Staton (540) 891-8350; [email protected] (12/15)
‘79 Trans Am 10th Anniversary: I need a complete interior from dash to package tray, and
everything in between including wiring harnesses.
Only thing I have is seat frames. Car is completely
gutted. Help! Please reply to: Phone - (315) 7354488 Mon - Fri, 8 AM - 4:30 PM, or email [email protected] (11/15)
‘88 Trans Am GTA Notchback: Need rear
decklid shock absorbers, GM part #10070768.
Looking for NOS, good used or info on whether
they can be rebuilt or overhauled? Part has been
long discontinued. Joe Bush (410) 592-7926
(MD) (03/16E)
Wanted: For ‘67 - ‘72 GMC Suburban, upper
handle on upper tailgate. Contact David Cassidy
(845) 735-7463 (12/15)
Car Show Software: Ballot Counting Software.
Best in Show runs under Excel, Popular Voting,
Participant Voting, Judged Events. Class Voting
(up to 75 classes) $35; www.CarShowSoftware.
com (06/16E)