1 Assignments for The Awakening The Awakening The Awakening

Assignments for The Awakening
The Awakening
The Awakening is assigned on 10/21/2014
There will be 8 grades for this novel.
Questions for Understanding 1-5 (will equal an assignment grade under each
A) Symbols, Images and their meaning: it means what?
B) Characters: let’s talk about someone other than the main character
C) Title: What’s up with the title and the ending of the book?
AP Q3 Essay Question
See Pacing Guide
Pacing Guide
Book Assigned
Read these chapters by the date below:
Chapters and Quiz
Week 1 Chapters 1-9; Quiz
Week 2 Chapters 10-16; Quiz
Week 3 Chapters 17-24; Quiz
Week 4 Chapters 25-end; Quiz
*Quizzes will be from AP practice tests.
Questions for Understanding on The Awakening by Kate Chopin
The easiest method to understand these questions is to take notes along the way noting page
numbers and examples that will help you understand the response that you will need to
Grades: Sections A, B, C are individual grades.
Sections 1-3 must be typed.
A) Symbols, Images and their meanings: it means what? (Assignment Grade)
1. What are the main images and symbols in the novel? Pay attention to details emphasized
at the beginning and end and other recurring objects (symbol: something which stands for
something else, yet has a meaning of its own). Include the following:
a. The ocean/water-swimming,
b. Houses,
c. Birds,
d. Clothing
B) Characters: let’s talk about someone other than the main character (Assignment Grade)
2. How do Mlle. Reisz and Mme. Ratignolle function in relation to Edna and the novel's
view of women as mothers and artists? What is the view of woman in the novel?
a. For what purpose does Chopin include minor characters such as Adele Ratignolle
and Madamoiselle Reisz?
b. Is Edna similar to the minor characters? If so, how? Is she different? If so, how?
c. What kind of mother is Edna? What is Edna's attitude toward her children? How
do we know? What behavior does she engage in that supports your analysis?
3. Compare and contrast Robert Lebrun, Alcee Arobin and Leonce? Why does Edna get
involved with each of these characters?
C) Title: What’s up with the title and the ending? (Assignment Grade)
4. What is the "awakening" referred to in the title? Is it an emotional awakening? An
intellectual awakening? A physical awakening? All of these? Point to examples to
support your answer.
5. What is your reaction to the end of the novel? Do you agree or disagree with the reasons
for Edna's final action? Is the ending of the novel a victory or a defeat for Edna? Point to
examples in the text to support your answer.
D) Advance Placement Open Ended Questions 3 is administered after the completion of the
Novel (Assessment Grade)
The Awakening characters
Edna Pontellier
Léonce Pontellier, husband of Edna
Etienne and Raoul Pontellier, children of Edna and Léonce
A quadroon who cares for Etienne and Raoul
Madame Aline Lebrun, owner of a pension on Grand Isle
Robert Lebrun, son of Madame Lebrun
Victor Lebrun, brother of Robert Lebrun
Mariequita, woman of Spanish descent who lives on Grand Isle
Adèle Ratignolle, guest at the pension on Grand Isle
Alphonse Ratignolle, a pharmacist, husband of Adèle
Mademoiselle Reisz, a pianist, guest at the pension on Grand Isle
Others on Grand Isle--two lovers, a lady in black, the Farival twins, old Monsieur Farival,
Beaudelet. . . .
Madame Antoine, woman of Chênière Caminada across the bay from Grand Isle
Tonie, son of Madame Antoine; he and his mother appear in the Chopin short story "At Chênière
Old Celestine, Ellen, Joe, and other servants in the Pontellier's house in New Orleans
Doctor Mandelet, the Pontellier's physician
Edna's father, a former colonel in the Confederate army
Alcée Arobin, a young man of fashion in New Orleans
Mrs. Highcamp, friend of Alcée Arobin
James Highcamp, husband of Mrs. Highcamp; the Highcamp's daughter
Mrs. Merrimam and Miss Mayblunt, guests at Edna's part in Chapter XXX of the novel
Gouvernail, a journalist, also a guest at the party; he plays a central role in the Chopin stories "A
Respectable Woman" and "Athénaîse"
Madame Pontellier, mother of Léonce
The Awakening Vocabulary
Vocabulary consists of two sets. Each set consist of 20 words. A test will be given over each
set, so count on two tests over 20 words each (got it? Nod your head yes or no.)
Set 1: Test on 11/6
1. Countenance
2. Infusion
3. Languor
4. Composure
5. Dispelling
6. Monotonous
7. Indiscriminately
8. Upbraiding
9. Atonement
10. Droll
11. Efface
12. Embodiment
13. Esteemed
14. Impervious
15. Insidious
16. Iota
17. Inconsolable
18. Naiveté
19. Remonstrate
20. Acme
Set 2: Test on 11/18
1. Effusive
2. Enamored
3. Propensity
4. Resounding
5. Vehemently
6. Capricious
7. Demure
8. Effulgence
9. Tempered
10. Weazened
11. Pathos
12. Supercilious
13. Ungovernable
14. Voluptuous
15. Deprecatory
16. Piquant
17. Alacrity
18. Ennui
19. Inutility
20. Emphatic