Second Year ASL Study Guide for Language Development

Second Year ASL
Study Guide for Language Development & Audiology
Count up all the individual items, authors, etc. If you are able to utilize your notes
(.ppt) and readings, to come up with `definitions' to all, then you will have a clear
idea of what is on your final exam.
Audiogram Audiologist Audiometer Speech/Language Therapist
X 0 Blue Red
Mild Moderate Normal Severe
Profound dB Hertz Frequency
Pitch Tinnitus Hair Cells Regeneration
Possessive Personal Role Shifting Impairment
Handicap Disability
What is the range for high, medium and low frequency sounds?
What are some letter/sound word combinations as they apply to frequencies?
What is a speech banana?
Identify the ranges of hearing loss for the following:
Normal hearing loss
Identify the three areas that the research from your reading packet with regards to
“UW Tackling the Growing Trend of Hearing Loss.”
Match authors to the following stories:
Tinnitus Sufferers….. UW Tackling…
Sound of Silence Breaking the Silence
Noise causes hearing to….. House Divided
I know How to Ask… Rush Limbaugh
Grasp at least three main points provided by each of the articles.
Be able to identify a simplified audiogram and tell me some information about it.
Exam breakdown. It is your largest exam to date. 8 pages
long, 11 fill in the blanks, 7 true/false, 33 multiple choice and
3 audiogram analysis. You will be asked to write on two
Essays, each two pages long. They are as follows…..
1. What is the University of Washington doing with
regards to the study birds? How might the Deaf
Community frown upon this research?
2. Construct a running, sequential narrative of the story
“The Sounds of Silence,” with Penny Allen. Tie
into the research that takes place with the
University of Washington (See item # 1). What
are the three areas the UW is doing with regards
to hearing restoration? Expand on each of these
3. Examine how the greater the degree of Deafness,
the greater it impacts both language and speech
development. Identify, showing a speech banana,
how a person's speech can be impacted,
depending on the following two factors: A. dB
loss of hearing
B. Hz (Frequency-high vs.
low frequency)
An audiogram analyzes information that pertains
to hearing loss. Trace the steps one might go through to
determine the `how's” and `why's' of a hearing loss. Use
charts, numbers, definitions underlined, etc., to explain
the concepts (as if you were teaching this stuff to a person
who doesn't understand a single thing about Audiology).