Bastiaan Arler works with visual arts, and on occasion

Bastiaan Arler (1972, The Netherlands / Italy)
Bastiaan Arler works with visual arts, and on occasion, performances. He grew up between the Netherlands, Japan,
Sweden and Italy. He studied Industrial Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design and at Futurarium in Milano. He has
worked as concept designer for numerous studios and his own design atelier Britefuture. His designs were distributed in
Milano, Berlin, Tokyo, and by the MoMA in New York. He lives and works in Torino, Italy.
Today he works exclusively with art. His work revolves around the mechanisms and systems that make up our societies.
He studies contemporary man as a natural element in an artificial context. His interests have taken him to explore traffic,
infrastructure, relationary mapping, behavioural loops, and cosmography. He has a systematic approach to art and theory
and employs various media in his ongoing research into micro and macroscopic realms and their correlation.
He has shown at Gallery VBM 20.10 in Berlin (2011), the Studi Aperti Arts Festival in Ameno and Neon Campobase, Bologna (2009) at the Vanabbe Museum in Eindhoven during the Be[com]ing Dutch symposium and Natura Naturans 12 in
Trieste (2007), O, Youth and Beauty (2006) at the Accademia Albertina di Belli Arti in Torino, in Milano at O’ Artoteca with
My Name is Gilgamesh (2005), in Amsterdam, Luxemburg and Paris with the nomadic project Songliner (2004), at the
Diesel StyleLab in Milano with the performance Metroscope (2003), and at the Biennale International de Design in St.
Etienne (2002).
Via Bidone, 14B Torino 10125, Italy
+39 349 6937175
[email protected]
Solo Exhibitions
2011 _ Autobahn. Studies in road infrastucture and the consequences of human interaction with it.
Gallery VBM 20.10, Berlin. Curated by Valentina Benedetta Marinone.
2010 _ Superstuctures. Studies into the underlying mechanics that govern daily life.
Adelinquere Arte Contemporanea project room, Berlin. Curated by Alessandro Quaregna.
2009 _ Shadowplay. Series of 12 painted and printed puzzles depicting entropy. Also on show As an Origin Unfolds.
Adelinquere Arte Contemporanea project room, Torino. Curated by Alessandro Quaregna.
2008 _ Big Endless Bang. Diagramatic functional Installation for Regione Piemonte at Artissima 15 fair, Torino.
Curated by a.titolo.
_ The Big Picture. A map of interlinked cosmographies explores human knowledge. OLS, Torino.
Curated by Donatella Galasso.
2007 _ Bomb Threat Generator. Audio project that claims autonomy for art which was broadcast on museum
radio. Vanabbe Museum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
_ Multiplayer. Corpographic performance for an unlimited number of participants where each person represents
a pixel. Natura Naturans 12, Trieste. Curated by Maria Campitelli.
2006 _ You Are Here. Pictorial installation in which a flow-chart becomes cosmography.
Adelinquere Arte Contemporanea project room, Torino. Curated by Alessandro Quaregna.
2005 _ My Name is Gilgamesh. 6-day public performance and transposition of the epic of Gilgamesh. Video and
installation. O’ Artoteca art space, Milano (in collaboration with Socrates Sculpure Park, New York).
Curated by Sara Serighelli.
2003 _ Metroscope. Installation and series of drawings that record the flow of people and traffic in Milano.
Diesel StyleLab store, Milano. Curated by Raffaella Guidobono.
_ Syntax Error. Guerilla performance on the daily behavioural loops of urban man. On occasion of the European
Forum for Emerging Creation conference in Graz, Austria.
Group Exhibitions
2011 _ Studio Aperti Arts Festival. On show installation and studies for Lifelines of the Electric Collective.
2009 _ Roaming: Cantieri. On show installation with The End of Duality.
Neon>Campobase, Bologna. Curated by Alessandro Castiglione.
_ Studio Aperti Arts Festival. On show As an Origin Unfolds installation.
Sala Operaia di Ameno (NO). Curated by Giorgio Caione.
2008_ Public Art a Trieste e Dintorni. On show Syntax Error video and stills.
Neon Campobase, Bologna and Art in Town, Torino. Curated by Maria Campitelli.
2007 _ Public Art a Trieste e Dintorni. On show Syntax Error video and stills.
Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste. Curated by Maria Campitelli.
2006 _ In Sede - Qui Si Sta Bene. On show Everybody, Everything, Everywhere photos and The End of Duality.
art object. Assessorato alla Cultura, Torino. Curated by Francesco Poli.
_ O,Youth and Beauty. On show Nowhere Fast mobile installation.
Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, Torino. Curated by Vedovamazzei.
_ Video: Suono e Tempo. On show My Name is Gilgamesh and Syntax Error videos.
Centro Sardo Studi e Ricerche, Cagliari. Curated by Franco Torriani.
2004 _ Songliner – Audio Visual Expedition. Galerie Outline (Amsterdam), Kultur Fabrik (Luxemburg), and Espace
En Cours (Paris). On show chronotopograhic photos and travel logues.
2002 _ Biennale International de Design. St. Etienne.
Residencies, Workshops and Forums
2008 _ Kim Jones. Participant in a workshop with Kim Jones organized by Via Farini, Milano.
Curated by Milovan Faronato.
2007 _ Be[com]ing Dutch. Participant in symposium, lectures and workshops at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL).
Curated by Charles Esch.
2006 _ Proposte XXI. Workshop conducted by art duo Vedovamazzei at the Accademia Albertina di Belli Arti, Torino.
2004 _ Arch/Art. Workshop organized by Polytechnic of Torino in Bardonecchia, Italy.
2003 _ Institut d’Arts Visuels. Two month residency in Orléans for the development of Chromatron project.
European Forum for Emerging Creation. Organized by Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes and
Culture 2000 in Graz, Austria.
Merits and Activities
2005 _ Financing for My Name is Gilgamesh from the Dutch Consulate, Milano.
2004 _ Financing for Songliner – AudioVisual Expedition from Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes, Paris.
2003 _ Financing for Chromatron, artist in residence and visiting professor at the Istitut d’Arts Visuels, Orléans.
2001 _ Honorary mention at the Young & Design prize, Milano.
1999 _ Sale of a license for a Britefuture product to the Museum of Modern Art, New York.