Step 1. Go to You can enter


Step 1. Go to

You can enter “Quiz Star Student Site” into Google, and it will give you a link, or copy and paste this

URL into the browser. Or, try clicking on this link if you are looking at this document on a computer.

Step 2. Click on the big yellow arrow that looks like this:

Step 3. Enter in your first and last name. Then, make your user name

– First name_LastName followed by your student ID number.

Choose the name you go by in my class, not necessarily the entire formal name listed on the official roster. Just one first name, one last name, and your student ID number. Caps or no caps

– it doesn’t matter.

User name: FirstName_LastNameStudentID

Example: Susy_Samuelson1234

Step 4. Click on “Click here to search for a new class”

Step 5. Search for my class 3 rd


– type in: missgohead 3

4 th


– type in: missgohead 4 5 th


– type in: missgohead 5

There is a space between missgohead and the number. All lower case.

Then click on “Exact Match”

Step 6. Check the box and click on “Register”

Step 7. Go to your class

Step 8: Click on where it says “1 untaken Quizzes”

Step 9: Click on where it says “Take” next to the James Baldwin quiz.

Step 10: Take the quiz. You have 10 minutes to complete it.