South St / Murdoch Dr Int

Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
St John of God Hospital, Function Room 2
South Street Murdoch
5:00pm, Monday 6th May 2013
Linton Pike (workshop facilitator) welcomed participants to the workshop, outlined the
process and explained that the workshop purpose was to:
Provide a Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade project update; and
Identify and respond to the priority considerations for the group.
The workshop agenda is provided at Attachment One.
A list of workshop participants and apologies is provided at Attachment Two.
Linton thanked all CRG members for taking the time to continue their involvement in the
Comment was invited on the minutes of the previous CRG Meeting.
No changes were requested
The following actions arising from the previous meeting were reported.
Action identified at March
2013 Meeting
Response Recorded at May 2013 Meeting
Opportunities to include school
children in the public art
Alison will contact Murdoch
College and St Ives around
July 2013 to get that input.
ACTION: Alison
This is an ongoing action.
There has not been any contact with St Ives at this time with
advanced notice needed – July or August suit.
ACTION: Louise
Children still cross cut through
Wesfarmers and there is an
emerging safety issue at the
crossing point especially as
winter approaches.
Highway Construction will
continue the bunting in place to
the new Barry Marshall Drive
intersection and install extra
bunting along South Street to
prevent children entering the
roadway at all.
ACTION: Andrew
The additional bunting was not installed.
No issues or concerns have arisen on the site.
Murdoch College advised that they have not had any
feedback from parents or students on the recent bus
changes, nor the road works but it seem to be going well.
Changing pedestrian movement patterns have resulted.
Bus rerouting may have changed this need with fewer buses
on this route.
We will ask PTA to check route modifications.
ACTION: Carolyn
Further follow up is needed with Murdoch College to monitor
the impacts for them.
ACTION: Louise
Barry Marshall bus route in now open and bus stop may be
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 1
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
Action identified at March
2013 Meeting
Response Recorded at May 2013 Meeting
Bus routes will change in the
future with some information
communicated as part of the
opening of Fiona Stanley
Hospital (FSH).
Carolyn will seek PTA
information on planned future
routes post opening of FSH.
ACTION: Carolyn
PTA information was distributed by email to CRG members
and other key stakeholders and can now be distributed to
broader communication networks.
It can be included on the project website when PTA advises
that the changes have been implemented.
Interim and transitional arrangement information will be
sought and included if available.
ACTION: Carolyn
Highways will contact Robin
Scott at Murdoch University to
work with Friends of Quenda via
Murdoch University and Robin.
We will contact Robin prior to
landscaping seeking stakeholder
ACTION: Andrew
This is an ongoing matter and the project will be reaching a
point where that input is needed soon.
The scope of work is fairly tightly defined and we will not be
going in the Quenda wetland.
Input and involvement in the proposed treatment – species
selection, replanting process, etc may be possible.
Highways will contact Robin Scott of Murdoch University to
arrange an initial meeting.
ACTION: Cameron
Carolyn to provide contact information for Robin.
ACTION: Carolyn
There are also Detention Centre work experience
opportunities as well if of value to the project.
ACTION: Cameron
There are opportunities to quarantine and handover the
Quenda replanting process to Murdoch Uni or other group/s.
ACTION: Cameron
Consider opportunity to relocate
the existing Murdoch College
sign further west on South
Street with changing road
conditions with MRWA and City
of Melville input to a suitable
location out of the road reserve.
As a result it will be some time
before this issue can be
resolved. We need to set up a
meeting between Main Roads,
City of Melville, Murdoch
College and Murdoch University
to discuss where the sign can
be relocated.
ACTION: Yaqoob/Carolyn
A very productive meeting was held with various parties
providing input into the preferred location. City of Melville
and Murdoch University were particularly helpful and
informative and their help is greatly appreciated.
Murdoch College will meet with signage contractor.
Main Roads to provide final approval of location.
ACTION: Yaqoob
MRWA service information has been provided and a
preferred location has been identified.
Murdoch College is now progressing this subject to formal
approval stage by MRWA.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 2
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
Action identified at March
2013 Meeting
Is there likely to be sufficient
stacking room for turning traffic
with delays experienced at the
Murdoch Drive intersection?
We are confident that the
proposed solution is a valid one
and the detour is most suited
from an intersection visibility
sight distance perspective. We
will also have traffic controllers
at this intersection to respond to
any backup of traffic.
Louise will advise local residents
including St Ives of the proposed
ACTION: Louise
Response Recorded at May 2013 Meeting
Advice was provided with a supporting map. Wilma
Gardiner expressed her appreciation adding that no adverse
comments have been noted amongst St Ives residents.
Some comment and interest about traffic noted by City of
Melville but no major complaints.
SJoG is noting some stacking of traffic in peak conditions.
Traffic is backing up to the service station on South Street to
the west for east bound traffic.
Louise has spoken with the Caltex service station operator to
include relevant information with concern expressed at
impacts for their business. Louise to check the situation
regularly (two weekly).
ACTION: Louise
MRWA has installed cameras for a short period of time (April
2013) to monitor and respond to changing traffic flows and
patterns. MRWA has tried to manually intervene with
changing phase times but impacts quickly result for Murdoch
We will seek to arrange a future CRG meeting at Main
Roads’ Traffic Operations Centre to help in the
understanding how metropolitan wide traffic management
ACTION: Carolyn
The layout and traffic management solutions will be very fluid
in the next few months and station parking arrangements
have changed and we need to acknowledge this to identify
trends and respond accordingly.
ACTION: Cameron/Louise
Any other changes noticed by CRG members should be
reported to Carolyn please.
ACTION: CRG members
SJoG is waiting on a cost estimate to be provided for
reimbursement for noise wall works undertaken by SJoG.
The footpath work cannot proceed without noise wall design
The noisewall along Fiona Wood
Road has a footpath on the
western side. Is the planning in
place to reinstate that?
The path will be retained as part
of the Kwinana Freeway works.
Andrew will provide further
information at the next meeting
of this group.
ACTION: Andrew
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
The following was agreed:
MRWA will design the southern-most section of noise wall
with SJoG input.
MRWA will provide a reimbursement amount for works to be
completed by SJoG.
ACTION: Yaqoob
SJoG will construct the southern section of noise wall with a
written agreement in place.
Alastair Cowan will resolve the pathway and other details in
the area with SJoG input
ACTION: Carolyn
Highway Construction will potentially complete the resultant
works identified by Alastair at MRWA discretion.
6 May 2013
Page 3
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
Action identified at March
2013 Meeting
Response Recorded at May 2013 Meeting
Vehicles leaving Murdoch
University have difficulty
crossing 3 lanes of traffic when
turning right. There is also
visibility and window of
opportunity with vehicles inching
into the South Street roadway.
Can something be done to
improve this?
We will seek Traffic Operations
Centre (TOC) advice with regard
to possible phasing changes.
ACTION: Yaqoob
This has been addressed and signals have been modified.
There are likely to be ongoing difficulties in a busy location
until the works is completed.
City of Melville hasn’t seen this as a black spot as it is
currently understood.
We need to understand the impacts of this project in the
context of normal operations in the future.
Extend the 60kph speed zoning associated with the works to
a point further west of the Murdoch University entry/egress
ACTION: Cameron
Then if necessary MRWA will conduct a Road Safety Audit
of the intersection. Any subsequent improvements required
will not be funded by this project.
ACTION: Yaqoob
Seek to reinstate the full left turn slip lane into the university
before the end of May 2013.
ACTION: Cameron
The erection and painting of
walls will be done fairly quickly
economies of scale.
We will adopt the Kwinana
Freeway colour palette subject
to comment of the public artist
on the South Street side.
On the local road side a single
colour will be used as selected
by MRWA other than at the end
of the cul de sac.
ACTION: Andrew
Include information on resident side.
Walls have now been primed.
First final colours will be applied when pending rain is
finished and uses the Kwinana Freeway palette.
On the non road side it will be Ecru.
Cameron Lochran provided a construction update noting the following:
Current and Completed Works - SW Quadrant
Pavement Construction
Asphalt along South St
Murdoch Uni Access Path
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 4
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
Current and Completed Works - NW Quadrant
Relocate Water & Sewer
Drainage Works
Pavement including Asphalt
Amenity Walls
Current and Completed Works - NE Quadrant
Earthworks in Progress
Amenity Walls in Progress
Current and Completed Works - E Median
Remove Street lighting
Remove kerb & concrete median
Pavement Construction including
Current and Completed Works - SE Quadrant
ATCO Gas Relocation
Topsoil Removal
Retaining Wall Under Construction
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 5
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
Upcoming Works:
SW Quadrant – Drainage & Pavement Construction along Murdoch Drive
Kerb and Footpath Construction
Weekend Closure of Murdoch Dve Northbound – End of May
NW Quadrant – Basin Wall Re-Construction
o Kerb and Footpath Construction
o NE Quadrant - Weekend Closure of Murdoch Dve Northbound – End of May
o Drainage and Pavement Works
SE Quadrant – Earthworks
o Drainage and Pavement Works
Along South St - Amenity Wall Construction at Urbahns Crescent and SJOG
o Concrete Barrier Installation for Pedestrians – Mid/End of May
o Pavements Works
Questions and answers arising from this session are summarised below.
The retention of trees is of greater priority for SJoG at Fiona Wood Drive and
further discussion is needed with SJoG
Carolyn to seek Alastair’s input.
ACTION: Carolyn
Louise Richardson provided a Community Engagement update noting that:
A Project Newsletter has been prepared and distributed as shown below.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 6
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
A notice of parking restrictions on Urbahns Crescent and Calder Way has also been
distributed as shown below.
The St Ives Alternative detour advice has also been circulated as shown below.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 7
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
A nightworks notification has also been provided as shown below.
Planned nightworks and pedestrian changes for April was circulated as shown below.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 8
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
An amenity wall advice was circulated to residents as shown below.
An asbestos removal and nightworks circular was also distributed as shown below.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 9
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
A lane closure advertisement was also placed in relevant newspapers as shown below.
Community Enquiries
14 enquiries have been received between 19 March and 6 May 2013
o Amenity walls (3)
o Traffic signals (5)
o Temporary footpath (1)
o Tree removal (1)
o Calder Way (1)
o Noise (1)
o Location of bus shelter (1)
o Access for parking truck (1)
Liaison with College/University
Murdoch College
o Liaison with College to check when students return to school after school
holidays (Tuesday 7 May). Notify project team, advise extra caution.
o Enquire about plans for ‘National Walk Safety to School Day’ (Friday 24 May).
Not promoting due to road works/ongoing pedestrian changes.
Murdoch College/University
o Enquired about exam dates, project team to avoid disruptive works during
exam periods.
 College exam period: NAPLAN 14-16 May, Year 10/11/12 exams 27
May - 7 June.
 University exam period: 1 - 14 June.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 10
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
Communication of planned upcoming works will be done soon are shown below.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 11
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
As always CRG and other community members are encouraged to contact us with any
questions or concerns via:
Louise and/or Hannah
[email protected]
0423 220 353
Questions and answers arising from this session are summarised below.
Is action needed to respond to the media article dealing with local area traffic –
refer Attachment Three?
SJoG advised that:
Additional traffic has been reported on Fiona Wood Road and Barry
Marshall Parade.
It is difficult to get from SJoG entry/egress to Barry Marshall Parade.
As a result people are turning left from SJoG at peak times to avoid the
The car park changes may have impacted upon this more.
The administration building on Fiona Stanley Hospital site is now occupied
and this may also be a factor. Include the new occupants of Fiona Stanley
Hospital in our communications database and in future newsletter
ACTION: Louise
Wilma noted that movements along Murdoch Drive south bound into Discovery
Drive seemed busier than usual. Murdoch University advised that they haven’t
noticed any change but will monitor future trends.
SJoG will report any future trends and take up the issue with Dept of Transport.
This initiative is intended to address the increase in traffic to this destination.
Carolyn will assist with contact details.
ACTION: Leanne
Early completion of the works will help to restabilise traffic flows to a new point of
equilibrium. It was also noted that Barry Marshall Drive is still a Department of
Health asset with further remediation required.
Are further road closures required in the future?
Information will be provided outlining works for the next 4 to 6 weeks as shown
above with website and phone information also available.
The first planned detour was well signed but the second detour was comparatively
poor signage wise with no “left arrow” directional sign to guide drivers.
This is noted
A number of approaches have been to Main Roads requesting noise well
extensions in the area of Raffaele Place. Is any change planned
It is proceeding as originally communicated with no further extensions planned
with mixed opinions on the need to do so amongst local residents.
Cameron explained that Andrew Keane has moved on to other Highway Construction
projects and Cameron will take on the Project Manager role to ensure continuity of project
knowledge and relationships.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 12
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
Discussion identified the following issues/opportunities:
MRWA happy to support SJoG with contact and other details including attending
meetings with DoT if that is helpful in resolving local area traffic issues associated
with the Fiona Stanley Hospital project; and
A combined noise wall and retaining wall solution could be sufficient to address the
issue at SJoG/Fiona Wood Road. Carolyn to arrange for Alastair Cowan to meet
with Chris Raykos and/or Yaqoob Siddiqui and then with Leanne to resolve this
ACTION: Carolyn
The next steps in the process include:
The next meeting of the CRG will be held on Monday 1st July 2013 at St John of God
Murdoch meeting room.
ACTION: Carolyn
The workshop closed at 6:45pm.
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 13
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
Mark Presland
Community member
Wilma Gardiner
Community - St Ives Retirement Village
Martin Spencer (until 6:15)
City of Melville
Leanne Milligan
SJOG Hospital
Linton Pike
(Facilitator) Estill & Associates
Project Team
Phil Barker
Highway Construction
Cameron Lochran
Highway Construction
Chris Raykos
Louise Richardson
Highway Construction
Yaqoob Siddiqui
Carolyn Walker
(CWPR - Community Relations Manager)
Francis Hobday
Murdoch University
John Cameron
City of Melville
Gavin Ponton
City of Melville
John Logan
Community member
Jenny Croucher
Community member
Dorree Rogers
Murdoch College
Robin Scott
Murdoch University Environmental Science Association
(MUENSA) (representing William Fowler)
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 14
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 15
Murdoch Drive / South Street Intersection Upgrade Project
CRG #7 Workshop Summary
6 May 2013
Page 16