Remote Digital Line Unit - Digital Voice Corporation

Remote Digital Line Unit
The Remote Digital Line Unit (RDLU) provides the
ability to locate the port sections of the switching system at a remote site. It can be equipped
with its own batteries and chargers and
can be located up to 30 miles from the
switching equipment. The RDLU is
designed to operate in hostile ambient
temperature environments, so installation in an equipment closet is acceptable.
The RDLU is an economically sound
way to avoid cable access nightmares
and reduce the overall footprint of the
switching system for large installations
and campus environments.
There are no limitations to the number
of RDLUs that can be equipped and
supported, up to the maximum system
size. Each RDLU requires only fiber
optic or microwave connectivity.
The RDLU and the switching equipment use many of the same circuit
boards, providing easy access to spare
• Provides full feature transparency
• Self-contained
• Very small size
• Low power consumption
• Complete voice and data services
• Self-contained batteries and charger
• Can be located more that 30 miles from
switching equipment
• Fiber optic and microwave connectivity
• Unlimited number of RDLUs supported (up to maximum number of
• Line increments of 24 users
• Up to 384 users per rack
• Analog/Digital lines
• Rugged package
• Operates in hostile environments
• Flexible power options
• Up to 384 ports
• Unmanned operation
• Voice and data
• Less than 1 in 100 million chances of a
bit error
• Battery back-up
• Low current requirements
• 48-volt power
• 20 to 90 percent non-condensing operating humidity range
• AC or DC power operates up to 120
degrees ambient temperature